Maverick Vinales says he is facing a ‘big problem’ this weekend at Valencia after struggling during free practice on Friday, when he finished 12th fastest on the Movistar Yamaha on the combined MotoGP time sheets.

Vinales, whose team-mate Valentino Rossi also encountered difficulties with the M1 as the Italian ended the day 11th overall, was left frustrated by turning issues with the Yamaha at the Spanish circuit.

“We are working to try and do a good weekend and mentally it is going to be difficult because the bike is not working,” he said.

“The rear tyre is working really good and let’s see tomorrow, we will try to make the maximum. I tried both, front and rear medium and soft; with both I felt good and I feel the tyres have a good potential to push, but the problem is from our bike, not the tyres. With the medium I can be faster for sure than the soft.

“This problem, we have at previous races, but here the corners are very narrow and the problems are much higher. We were struggling on the brakes, and trying to make the bike turn in the corners was difficult,” added Vinales.

“In Malaysia we had the problems in the slowest corner and in the fast corners the bike was really good. Here, all the corners are 90 degrees or more, so we have a big problem for all the weekend.”

Despite the issues, Vinales is hopeful he can fight for the top five in Sunday’s final race of the season.

“It's hard to understand what the situation is, I just try to ride the bike in the best way I can. This was the result and we will try to improve. I think we have the level to reach the top-five. Let's see tomorrow, so far it seems to be quite a difficult weekend.”


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It is Rossis fault right UCCIO IS STILL, SENNAFTW, DICKENS, YEARBY23?  He personally destroyed the super race winning magic frame with a hammer. Right?  Please spread your bullshit! Cant wait!

see the difference between 2016 and 2017 M1. M1 magic was high speed corner and sharp turning. The M1 always has some top end speed deficiencies. the 2017 M1 was tested and developed with VR input. JL in 2016 was not allowed to test the 2017 M1. out goes JL plus out goes the M1 magic... and this is what they got now. VR is the one been asking for more top end speed but no doubt JL excepted that as a weakness but he said, we still have our (2016 M1) strengths. The way I see it, VR got what he wants… that’s full control of development after JL left. Now MV is stuck with this situation and I believe he’ll won’t have his say in the development until VR leaves.

Why reply? He didn't mention your name

Because it is nothing to do with the hate for VR, but opening logic for VR's fans.

Yes and Yamaha let VR destroy a winning bike you must be using some heavy drugs.

Totally agree but the thing is they don't believe what they actually say! I mean those 4 you mentioned are just so hurt over 2015 season, they blaming Rossi for what Marquez did! They just don't want to admit it! 

I suppose every place has nasty critics but these boys are delusional and blinded with hate. If the Yamaha wasn't in trouble and both MV & VR were up there, they would just wait until MV got the better of VR then they pounce. On with the Rossi bashing.

The armchair experts and nasty Rossi critics just want too see him retire, because every time he gets a podium or a win its just another record that will be hard to beat. Plain and simple!

Marquez got a lot of favourable circumstances throughout his career, one that comes to mind is he always had the best bike!

By keeping Dani we will never really know just how good the Repsol Honda is?!


Can you yellow guys get any more pathetic? not sure it's possible. Just let the man retire in peace

Back then he made contract and didn't have knowledge or balls to say Yamaha at the begining that something is not right. But f the  season, who cares,he was the fastest on all tests !

All they have to do is put four 2018 M1 on the grid next year. No excuse.

Like LEK25 said.  There is no way Yamaha would ditch a possible wc winning frame even if it fits Vinales much more.  But the poor haters here think otherwise here. 

See 2015. They didnt "sabotage" JL either. Yes VR sells bikes but podium finishes and some race wins for Rossi is more than enough for Yamaha while his teammate can take the WC. (Like with Lorenzo). Saying that VR killed Vinales chances is stupid. And this bs pops up here faaar to often.