Four-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez revelling in the moment as the Honda rider continues to realise his boyhood dreams.

The 24-year-old Spaniard longed to be a world champion since he was a young kid and admits life couldn’t be much better right now after he secured a fourth premier class crown in five years at Valencia on Sunday.

It was his sixth world championship success in only ten years, but Marquez is refusing to put a number on what he feels is possible in the future, preferring instead to in the moment.

“I don’t want to think about numbers, or names, or about the limit, I just want to enjoy it and I’m in a dream. I want to keep continuing on this dream, this sweet moment, because I am 24, I’m in the world that I dreamed since I was five years old, I’m very happy and very proud,” he said.

“I have a very good team and everything is really nice in my life, so I want to just keep on enjoying. At the end of the season if you can celebrate the championship then of course it is much better, but we are world champion until the end of December and then it will be a new season. I hope to fight again one more year and [go on] like this.”

During the post-race press conference, it was claimed that fellow Honda rider Cal Crutchlow said that while there had been four ‘aliens’ capable of winning the MotoGP world championship in the past, now there was only one, ‘and then the rest’.

Marquez, though, said runner-up Andrea Dovizioso proved this season that no-one can be overlooked as the Italian emerged as a surprise contender for the title.

“I appreciate Cal and thanks for these words but in the end it is all about situations: we are living today and I won the championship, and of course now I feel unbeatable, but on Tuesday we will be on the bike again and if there is a new rider who is faster than me, it will be him,” he said.

“I remember the pre-season, Maverick [Vinales] was very fast and we saw that he will be the champion, then in the middle of the season I was 35 points behind the lead, so we need to be realistic. We are in the world championship and like Dovi demonstrated this year, you can not forget nobody, anybody can win.”


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I recommend Maverick take classes from Marc on how to carry himself in paddock and media. 
Marc sounds very humble despite tumbling records. Marc also tries to be jolly & fun to be with, but not sure if Marc has Rossi kind of flamboyance in attracting fans unconditionally, apart from that he really is serious raw talent grown from childishly crazy rider to a matured tough racer. 

Never heard Marc or Rossi say before the start of any season in their carrier like title fight will be between me & him or someone. But Maverick did, every race he talks highly confident tipping himself to win/podium as if it's given is a forgone conclusion. There is difference between sounding optimistically confident & sounding like something is automatically granted even before it happened. 
I think he is perfectly filling into the space of unhumbled version of Lorenzo. May be he will also need a Ducati season soon but hope 2016 has already gave him enough to stay foot grounded. At the same time I fear it hasn't yet given him enough. 

By the way when will Cal stop licking Marc's back. I wish Honda sign Zarco or Petrucci after Dani just to see that f*ck look expressions on Cal's face. 


I agree. Vinales was trying too hard at the season start to impress Marquez. He was talking about himself too much and about the championship. I think vinales learned a lot this year. I hope he will shut his mouth at Losail and just work.

Extremely talented and humble! Love this guy! 

Supreme talent and ambassador for the sport. 

A joy to watch on and off the track and always makes every session and race entertaining. 

Deserves all the success he has and will continue to amount!

This kid is just a freak on a motorcycle, a prodigious talent like no other seen before.

When he arrived in moto gp all I could think of was how long before he smashes himself to bits, he came close a couple of times but it never happened, I honestly don't think it now will.

Happy, fun, humble, sincere and well mannered you can't fake that, the little scamp has it all, how anyone can not like and appreciate his abillity and character is beyond me.

He is a once in a life time phenomenon and is re writing the record books in the most equal and fair era of motorcycle gp machinery ever seen and against a quality grid of other riders including one who he is taking the records from. Remarkable.

How long will it be before he is recognised and refered to as the GOAT?

I can't see it being too far away, sit back and enjoy, I know I do.



the funny thing is, everyone sees it like you, everyone know it, they re out of excuses, but some people are just too frustrated to accept it so they act like they dont believe these words, but we all now everyone knows that he is the talent of the century, if you admit or not doesnt matter. he schooled the "goat" easily and keeps schooling guys on faster bikes.

One thing I learned from this season is that no matter how invisible some other rider may appear to be, they all have their faults.  In fact, I think he and some other riders were trying too hard, when they didn't need to.  It sounded like Marc picked up on some of that in mid-season and settled down after some wins of his own.

The dream of being a WC was fulfilled, but racing and winning is now in his blood.  It looks like he's having a blast doing it too.  How surreal it must be to be living history and being the record breaker at so young an age. 

Enjoy living the dream. 

You've earned you place in the record books and as a role model for the younger generations of riders.

Agree with all , it is so nice to here nice words about Mark after a lot of damage has been made to his name , which was very unfair.

Ended he is such a talent , a great sportiest, great man ,with all he did achieve in so short time, he is still humble and friendly to other riders. I like the guy , he is writing moto sport history in the best possible way.

For the whole Honda team it is so nice to see how happy they are for each title , like they would won it after 15 years for the first time ,happiness , tears in there eyes, so touchy.

Hope new page is open in moto GP and will continue going right direction as it goes now, it is really nice to watch every each race , hardly waiting next one.

Bravo Dani , Dovi , Mark , Johan and all other rider for incredible season you made and given it to us

Was in Valencia , what a great show , what an atmosphere , unforgettable