Marc Marquez says he has no friends in MotoGP once he pulls his helmet on, even though this year’s championship battle with chief rival Andrea Dovizioso was characterised by mutual respect and good sportsmanship.

Marquez won the premier class crown for the fourth time at Valencia in Spain as the title race went down to the wire, but while the Spaniard admits he has a lot of time for Dovizioso, he believes there is no room for sentiment on the track.

“You see with Dovi, we have a really good relationship and he is a really good guy, but when we were on the track the fights were there – in Austria, Motegi, and during the races – this is normal,” he said.

“We respect each other and we have a good relationship, but when you are in the track you are fighting for what you want and everybody wants to be the top.

“Some riders accept better, some worse – it’s different characters also – but I understand this is racing and with the helmet on you have no friends. When you are outside the track you can have friends but inside the track, you are pushing for your goal.”

Marquez brushed aside suggestions that he allowed the pressure of the final race to get to him on Sunday more than on previous occasions, saying he felt everything was ‘under control’ until he made a mistake at Turn 1, almost sliding off as he attempted to put some daylight between himself and Johann Zarco after taking the lead.

“I was not very stressed because from the warm-up, everything was under control and honestly if not, I would say. I was relaxed and convinced that everything would go well, but the problem was that during the race I was so comfortable behind Johann that I was losing the concentration a little bit because I was able to ride much faster,” said Marquez.

“Sometimes it happens because when you ride too slow, it’s so difficult, so maybe the way was to lead the race and push until the end, but when I tried to push it was because I was scared about Johann. I tried to push too much to try to open a small gap because I know that he wants to try [a pass], and for that reason it was a mistake. Apart from that, I think the race was under control and I was doing a really good race.”

Asked to give himself a mark out of ten for his performance in the final race on Sunday, Marquez added: “Nine – I was able to go out, close the gas, be fifth and finish the race easy, but it is not my style and it will never be my style.”


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Good show, no hard feeling. What a year!

Off course there are some fans that can't enjoy this year, because they are poison to motogp with their ill thinking.

Two years ago a non championship contender is disrupting a championship contender. This year the same thing is happening again and cause MM to make a mistake. 

When will you realise that carrying on about something that never happened is not going to win Rossi a tenth title?

So everyone should j just move over and let them through? No overtaking them? No fighting with them for the win? If you (want to) win the championship that way then you are not a real champion

I guess the point is that MM showed us on Sunday there is no "honor code for not interfering", it is racing. Yamaha didn't have a part to play in the championship but Zarco was still dicing at the lead. Marc is a true champion for not complainig at all.

There was a 21 point gap for gods sake... Dovi never had pace to win at Valencia so he wouldn't have won the title even if Marquez crashed. 
Read the Dovi article on Autosport, he says Lorenzo did nothing wrong and if anything monitored pace to catch Pedrosa and Zarco... 

Are we suggesting, that as the year goes on, as it becomes mathematically imposensible for the riders at the tail of the table to win, they should not be allowed to race those still in with a chance? Some of you morons would rather watch an f1 style race, zero overtakes, no tension, as long as your favoured rider wins? How sad for you. I really like valentino,nd have supported him since his first year, but I almost wish he would retire, so you haters will go away and ruin some other chat boards. Talking of  spoiling championship contenders races by those who are out of the hunt; M.V. and vr in oz this very year!

It's not good for the sport if F1-alike team orders creep into MotoGP. 

And why should anyone bet on somebody to win a race if any teamorder can overrule the sport??

Great point, if you've backed someone to win, and they don't try, that's hardly fair

Yeah let's bring up the same old 2015 again. Rossi started a mind game he couldn't win with that silly comment, and wasn't strong enough to challenge Lorenzo. That's it, so simple.