Having finished as MotoGP title runner-up during a stellar 2017 season with Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso thinks he needs just one small improvement to be competitive every weekend in 2018.

And, unsurprisingly, it's to make the Desmosedici turn a little better.

"I think that will be enough! If we can improve a little bit. I don't want to say we have to fix it, because for sure we have some other advantages," said the Italian, speaking at the end of the official Valencia test.

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"So I don’t want to say our bike is bad, and the turning is so bad. I think we have good points on the bike now, but the turning - for me and from my experience with different teams and bikes - is very important.

"If we are able to improve a little bit, it will be enough to be competitive in every weekend."

Dovi was speaking after setting the seventh and 15th fastest lap times, respectively, over the two days. The eight-time MotoGP race winner was relaxed about his position on the timesheet, but admitted it's not easy to keep calm and focus on bike development.

"In the test you can see a lot of fast riders, but in the races it is always the same riders in the front, more or less," he said. "Because there is a way to make a test, without taking a lot of risks and trying to understand all the pieces that you try.

"It's not easy [to do that]. Like today, you can see a lot of riders are fast so you can feel 'it’s not the best day for me'. But you have to stay calm and continue to work in your box because the details [you are working on] will make a difference in the weekend race."

For Dovizioso and team-mate Jorge Lorenzo those details involved trying some new chassis parts to help finalise the design of the 2018 Ducati.

"We tried small things. Unfortunately, we didn't have the ‘18 bike here to really start for the next season. So we just wanted to try different things to decide in which way it will be the ‘18 bike. But also we will test in Jerez [next week]. Still we have to try a few things to make a decision."


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If anyone is interested in the moto2 Jerez test today, with Mir, Fenati, Lowes, etc.




Funny how you Brits are such fanboyz Lowes got beaten up by all top Moto2 riders did nothing on MotoGP but just like Macphee and Smith are treated like heros. No wonder nothing serious come out of Britain stop worshiping shit riders and back up young riders with real talent. 

What was the point of your post?!! Geez, man.  Join another forum


It's his turn. 

Man, I wish Ducati, or somebody, would give a detailed technical briefing about why the bike suffers mid turn, but as well as what advantage they are gaining at the sacrifice for turning.  Some of us tech heads want to know what the challenge is since the riders have been asking for it for years...it must be due to a serious compromise.

That explanation is nonsense, there are several ways around the problem of "having too much power" at any throttle or lean-angle, and the Hondas have that same problem.

Dovi still won 6 races this year.

I highly rate Mat Oxley as a journo.. I think it makes sense. Maybe not the whole problem crude but offers some insight. We’re talking such minute detail for tiny gains that add up, things like throttle response at the roll on wd have an effect.


yiuve slightly contracted yourself there, to point out that Dovi won 6 races despite this issue, and that Ducati “knew” they wouldn’t get anywhere with Dovi. He came pretty damn close!

Damn typos... writing from a phone. No idea how the word “crude” snuck in there

ok I'm not sure how many points Marquez was leading by going into Valencia, but I think without actually looking it up that he was leading by 23 points. To win the championship, Dovi had to win and Marquez had to finish out of the points.

Marquez could easily have not raced at all and forced Dovi to choose between finishing the race and accepting second or lower but still scoring points and closing the gap at the end, or going for the championship and risk falling out and scoring no points. He chose to try to win the race knowing that he already pretty-much had the championship in the bag. So maybe the difference would have been only 10 points, if Dovi had won but Marquez at least finished in the points. But as you can see clearly before you if you watch the video, Dovi did fall out but Marquez did not. It might have technically come down to the last race, but quite practically and obviously technically the last race was no contest. And that is because despite having arguably the fastest bike on the track with the best acceleration, the combination of Dovi and the Ducati still was not competitive for the championship over the course of the season. Did they come "close"? Sure, 2nd is as close to 1st as you can get. Was the difference Marquez over Dovi? Undoubtedly. Is Dovi going to say its because the bike doesn't turn well enough? What the hell else do you expect him to say? Obviously the bike was not good enough for him to win the championship on it over Marquez on the Honda. I think it's an open question of whether he would have beaten Marquez if Marquez had been riding the KTM, Aprillia or even the Suzuki. And try not to forget that Dovi used to race the same Honda that Stoner rode to 3 successive MotoGP championships with Pedrosa trailing him on the same bike. Try not to forget that it has taken Dovi 6 seasons, a wholesale designer change, a team-manager change and several blatantly-favorable rules-changes to get competitive on the Ducati. He's good but still not good enough to beat Marquez on a Honda, and I am sure that the "problem" is much deeper than some motorcycle-racing journalist can put his finger on. Or will.