On the eve of the Monza rally, Valentino Rossi has aired his views on Italian radio on a variety of topics, with Johann Zarco, his future and Yamaha’s 2018 chief among them.

Speaking on the Deejay Chiama Italia radio show, Rossi jokingly compared Zarco, a rider with whom he has endured several close calls in the past year, to Formula1’s Max Verstappen, who has been the subject of several complaints from the class’ leading names.

“Verstappen is like Zarco,” Rossi said, his translated words appearing on the Italian GP One website. “Neither one of them ever brakes. You have to move to the side with him, because the danger is that both of you will end up going out.”

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The topic of Rossi’s future was also broached. The 38-year old admitted he was “afraid” to quit racing in MotoGP but will continue to do so as long as he is competitive.

However, it won’t end there. Rossi foresees a future competing in cars thereafter, with the Le Mans 24 Hours event among his dreams.

“I am afraid to quit,” he said. “When I stop racing on the MotoGP bike, I’ll still have 10 years to race cars, for example in rally racing, but on the track too.”

“I would like to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As long as I am competitive, I will definitely want to race, since it is a great commitment.”

Rossi also alluded to 2018. Aside from stating he could have won the ’16 MotoGP title, Rossi feels Yamaha must “make a leap forward” so as to be capable of challenging Marc Marquez and others for the main crown next November.

“In 2016 I could have done it, but this year it was more difficult,” he said. “It will all depend on me and on the bike. Now Yamaha needs to make a leap forward in quality.

“Maverick and I did a lot of hard work and now the ball is in their court and the Japanese will have to work on the frame and the engine.”


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Quite remember you not braking when Gibernau was in the lead at the last corner in Jerez 2005. 
Knocking Gibernau off the track and then smirking about the victory and saying "its racing". 

Anyway, funny how Yamaha went back to the 2016 M1 as base. That must be embarrasing for Yamaha as a manufacturer who always talk of the evolution of the M1 going forwards. Even more proof that Jorge was the one developing the bike all those years, no wonder he won more titles in the team. 

 Marquez went back to the 2014 RCV frame during the 2015 season and continued to use it into the 2016 season. That must have been embarrasing for the mighty Honda too, no ??!

Chassis swaps are common. Whole package swaps are not. Yamaha is using 2016 bike which means engine and frame as base for 2018.

MM went back to use his own developed chassis from 14. Not Stoner chassis from 2012.

That's the difference.


Meant frame not chassis.

Also DP and Cal rode with the newer different frames each because frame swaps are allowed in a season.

Engine is not swappable. Which is the embarrassing bit.

Honda ditched screamer for Big Bang and went forward after 2015 dead end. Yamaha is going 2 years behind to go forward. Its like that song..

"One step forward and 2 steps back ... nobody gets too far like that".

I see the point you're making. However, in the article that you have provided, it states that they are merely using the 2016 as a base/starting point only. And accordingly, Johann, Mav and VR are all in agreement that it's superior to the 2017 variant.

I remember this time last year Rossi did not like very much the 2017 bike that was unveiled to him. As we all know, Mav did on the other hand. My take on it is that Yamaha made changes or upgrades thinking that they were all good but clearly they did not suit VR. Is it possible that he developed a bike that he clearly did not like ?? I wouldn't have thought so but hey, I could be wrong !

If indeed Marc was to have actually developed the 2014 frame, bike or chassis then he cannot claim all the credit. Casey Stoner was Honda's test rider to help with the RCV's development from 2013 to the end of the 2015 season. However, I believe that the engineers are the men behind the real development work with the rider giving their feedback on how effective the new components or upgrades really are.

The fact that all three Yamaha riders agreed that the 2016 M1 was better than the 2017 bike suggests to me that Yamaha engineers dropped the ball somewhere.

Zarco who rode the 17 bike at Valencia test said he had no issues with it. And yes Yamaha dropped the ball when they let go off the wrong rider in 2016. 

As for Stoner when he went to Ducati he said he knew what was wrong with 15 RCV but he didn't tell them. MM won 4 races after reverting to 14 frame. And in 16 he rode a modified frame which won the title.

At no point did Honda go back and reuse a prototype package. They risked big with all new big bang engine and though they were on backfoot for most season they won at the end

Yamaha are not going back an reusing a package either. The term package suggests an entire bike. In recents tests, Rossi tested a new engine.

You cannot say they are using the 2016 package when you cannot know what engine they are definitely going with. Rossi has just tested a new engine which "gave him lots of confidence". If they use this engine for 2018 then it's not the 2016 package. Between now and next season, they may have even have a frame resdesign, who knows.

All we can say for certain is that for now, the 2016 bike is being looked at as some basis for next year's bike. How much of it will be used ? Only time will tell.

And MM did the same to JL in Jerez, but that's ok I suppose. Where do you get your info from VR won 4 titles for Yamaha JL won two and was gifted the other from MM so technically 2.5 titles because the 2015 title is half MMs. You told me in another article nobody wants to race a Suter in 2018 and there are leaving guess what? Kalex are changing to Suter! 

You said Derbi didn't win since 1988 yet Mike di Melio won a title for them in 2008 then MM quit KTM because he couldn't win on it and got On a Derbi in 2010 that Derbi had taken the title in 2008. So no wonder KTM didn't bid for him as they stated!

Iv a feeling you have shit for brains!!! Give the trolling a rest mate! Because Santa Claus won't come to little shits!!! ;-).