Valentino Rossi's early MotoGP return from a broken leg, at the age of 38, proved the Italian legend has lost none of his passion for racing.

That's the opinion of Davide Brivio, Rossi's team manager at Yamaha when the Italian suffered his first broken leg in 2010, who also hopes the #46's level of motivation will serve as an example to the younger generation.

Rossi broke his right tibia and fibula in an enduro accident on August 31, undergoing surgery in the early hours of September 1. The Italian missed Misano, but was back on his M1 at Aragon, just 22 days after suffering the injury.

The nine-time world champion sensationally qualified on the front row and held second place for half of the race, eventually finishing a fraction behind Movistar Yamaha team-mate (and pole sitter) Maverick Vinales, in fifth.

Rossi went on to claim his first podium since the leg injury with a fighting second place at Phillip Island.

Brivio, now running Suzuki's MotoGP team, told "Valentino has always surprised me, but on this occasion what surprised me most was the motivation he had to come back early.

"I mean, you would think after such a long career, winning everything that he has won, missing one more race shouldn't make a big difference, no? "But instead he worked very hard and made a big effort to be back one race early.

"I always say Valentino is a model that should be studied and I hope that the younger generation of riders look at what he did and try to get some motivation.

"They should take example from the passion and motivation he has in wanting to ride a bike. "I was happy for that. I hope many other riders will look at it and follow!"


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Yamaha need to focus on zarco he is the first french championship material in this era he is the rider aiming for title there is no doubt rossi still has the potential to win races but that is not enough for winning championship and this year zarco have offers from every manufacturer on his table if yamaha continues with rossi and zarco bagging another ride it will be enormous  mistake of yamaha loosing championship material

It makes me laugh when people make it so easy what manufacturers should be doing with there selected riders. With the likes of Honda and Danny Pedrosa and Yamaha with Valentino Rossi. Running a team is not always about having the fastest riders or having two riders with championship potential. If this is possible taking everything else in to account that’s great. With Danny and Valentino they bring enormous amounts to there respective teams in sponsership money which helps the team fund there development. I believe having two rookie riders with little or no opportunity to drive funding in the team would be a massive mistake for a manufacturer like Yamaha the risk with this strategy is if the rookies have poor results the manufacturer has low leveles of monetary sponsership and poor results which means a great big hole in development the following season. I agree teams should develop younger potential championship contenders but this can be done via a factory supported ride in a satellite team. It’s not perfect but it’s also a business they don’t do this just to have fun and go for titles it needs to make money and lots of it. Not fair but there’s an old saying there is a reason it’s called Showbusiness not a Showfriends! 

Why still Yamaha circulating around Rossi??? Agree that he bought 4 titles..But yamaha should also prefer 2nd rider unlike impossing Rossi's development on 2nd rider...Yamaha can do as much as they wanted...But also they need to focus pcoming riders...

 stupid emphasis of the article. It's not the young people that need motivating. Rossi's an example to older folks who are losing their motivation.  I can't tell you how many of my friends are just losing their energy and wanting to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of getting out and enjoying life

YZFR1.....Good post, and you are brave to risk being called a 'yellow panty wearer' ( or other peurile name calling )

I'll risk it too by concurring and add that Rossi hasn't been that far away from winning the Title in the latter years ( eg. missing it by 5 points ).

In 2017 he had the feeling that he needs to win taken away from him by a change in tyre construction, followed by Yamahas' unworkable frame changes to help his team to get him further up finishing order. Of course it strangled Mavericks efforts too.

He's not finished yet....just give him the tools that he needs.

Bloody Tyres :)

So, what seems to be the trouble Doctor? Let's check your results. Hmmm, nothing to worry about here. Except for that bad bout of Ducati-itis in 2011-12 and a lowly 4th (tut tut) on your return to Yamaha the following season, according to the records, you've never been out of the the top three in any championship, on any bike since 1997. In fact, you were runner up for three consecutive years prior to this season's 5th place. Also, your popularity and merch sales are by far and away the healthiest of any rider. Come back in 6 months and let us know how you're gettting on.

So no comments against Rossi??? Yamaha won't change untill they prefer young riders...I bet...


I think the argument everyone is trying to make is that until Rossi is consistantly finishing outside the top 6 or 7 in a race, and outside the top 4 or 5 in the championship, that there is no reason to prefer the younger riders.

I agree development needs to be focused on what works for the team as a whole, rather than just 1 rider, but at the end of the day VR46 is still arguably getting the results, so there's no reason to just write him off (much as it pains me to say).

Also I agree with the comments about merchandising - whether you like VR46 or not, he's one hell of a marketing tool.

I agree that...Motogp and Yamaha needs Rossi...I am not hitting at Vale,,,I say that Yamaha needs to do for younger riders unlike just doing only for Rossi,,,And its not that Rossi is impossing his development on Other rider,,,Yamaha is doing that...So no blames on Mr. Great...I say just Yamaha need to find work for young rider if they wanted to be Champions...I too know that Rossi still has capabilities of fighting for top 3 and sometimes even better than that like in 2015...

What rubbish people write!  Zarco has not proved he has what it takes to win a championship yet. He has ridden moto 3 & 2 and not won either.  So where is your confidence in him come from?  Let's see another season first.  Rossi has another championship to come!