Carmelo Ezpeleta has discussed the possibility of holding a new MotoGP race within a city, with part of the track making use of a public road for the main straight.

In a wide-ranging interview with Spanish publication Expansion, the Dorna CEO revealed the race could be hosted by a “warm city” and said these plans are based on a “solid project.”

The MotoGP paddock could be housed in a nearby “exhibition centre”, he said, with the facility open for use by other events throughout the year.

“There is a solid project in a warm city,” Ezpeleta is quoted as saying.

“In theory, the main straight of the track would be held on a street and the paddock would be covered, integrated in an exhibition centre.

“For the grand prix weekend it will be used for the race, and many other things during the rest of the year."

The busiest season in grand prix history will start on the 18th March in Qatar, which hosts the first of 19 races. With Finland marked on the provisional calendar for 2019, the possibility of a 20-race season is a very real one.

Speaking to last Septmeber, Ezpeleta said there were a host of countries inquiring about the possibility of hosting a race in coming years.

“Honestly, more than 20 [races] at the moment is difficult,” Ezpeleta told “I say always that the ideal number of races is 22, but not yet.

“We need to see how is gradually interested but if we were able to offer today 24 Grand Prix, there are countries ready to do 24 Grand Prix.”


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Barcelona, fast down that great big long diagonal street then up into Montjuic. Classic grand prix in Dorna's back yard, got a convention centre as well. 

Perhaps there is a suitable track next to a city that could incorporate a straight road through a city with wide run off verges but I think it unlikely. Otherwise, I think this is madness. If this were to happen, I would recommend all MotoGP riders have something doubtful to eat a day or two before practice.

To those that think that an "isle of man" type race would be good, I suggest that you examin the number of fatalities that have happened (and still happen) over the years.

i am sure this suggestion will be greeted with a thumbs down from all the teams.

I'm pretty sure the proposal is the *create* a track with a straight that uses the public road?


Has to be warm.

Dundee, with its micro-climate. 

Actually, San Francisco, so they can go up and down all those ramps. And the music from Bullitt playing on loop. 

Must include S-turns.  90 degree city block racing will be a borefest.  MotoGP thrives at tracks where the bikes are on their sides.


This is insane.... Not a good idea at all. There are still some closed circuits on the calendar that have safety concerns. My vote would be to address those concerns before adding some type of road course. But het that's just my 2 cents