Scott Redding is aiming to at least match last year's best result for the Aprilia RS-GP during his debut 2018 season with the factory team.

"I want to put the Aprilia in the top six, last year Aleix [Espargaro] has shown that it is a result within our reach and I think the new bike has even more potential, there are still some new parts coming like the new engine," said the Englishman.

"We still have some testing to do, after that my main priority will be to keep improving the bike race by race and try to be as competitive as possible".

Redding - joining Aprilia after stints at Gresini Honda (2014), Marc VDS Honda (2015) and Pramac Ducati(2016-2017) - got this first taste of the new Aprilia during the recent Sepang test.

The former Moto2 title runner-up left Malaysia just 23rd on the timesheets, nine places and 0.887s behind the best lap by Espargaro.

"The test in Malaysia has been a sort of shakedown. At the beginning, when we simply put the 2017 setting on the 2018 bike, it didn't work for me.

"For Aleix it wasn't a big difference, but he has a lot more experience on this bike. We started to work on that, even experimenting, to make me feel comfortable on the bike.

"At the end of the three days I was happy, we found some solutions that we'll keep using and, most important, we found the direction to work on for the future.

"I've been faster every day, cutting the gap with the front guys and I feel there's still a lot of room for improvements".

Espargaro claimed the RS-GP's best MotoGP result of sixth at both Qatar and Aragon last season.


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Here we go.

I wish he'd just stop. 

His best year was with the Gresini RCV1000R, a numb underpowered bike with a heavy rider yet he managed to outperform his team mate a lot of the time who was on a proper RC213V.

Since then he's been all talk and no performance.

Don't know about you, but I see a lot of similar points between RCV1000R and RS-GP, so he might be on to something after all.. As for top 6, he is just expressed his wish, nothing more than that.. For sure he is willing to work for that really hard, so why not? It can happen :D

Let's look at some of the riders he beat on a GP16 last season:

15 Aleix ESPARGARO    Aprilia

16 Alex RINS   Suzuki (obviously less than fair, since Rins was injured and missed a few rounds)


18 Loris BAZ    Ducati

19 Tito RABAT    Honda

20 Karel ABRAHAM    Ducati

21 Bradley SMITH    KTM

22 Hector BARBERA    Ducati

25 Sam LOWES    Aprilia

No stellar names in there, but at the end of the day, he was getting decent results...  After so many people crying over Lowes' getting the boot from Aprilia, I bet Redding gets better results.

I don't think Redding is on the same bike as Aleix yet (correct me if I'm wrong) so I think he's already doing better than Lowes did all of 2017.

They are on same spec bike this year, as Scott demanded that before he signed the contract.. Didn't like what happened to Sam last year at all and didn't want to suffer same fate.. Only difference so far was that Aleix spent whole 3 days at Sepang on 2018 bike and Scott 2 days, as he used 2017 RS-GP on first day of the test.. But gap is already smaller yeah, as it was expected that it will be.. Should get even smaller by quite a lot until Qatar..

Its really good to have goals or targets, but sometimes i wish Scott would tone down things as it only hurts him later on in some ways! But i have always fully supported him all through his career and this will be a defining year as to what happens in 2019. With all the riders out of contract and looking for rides in the 2019 season i hope and pray he has a really good season. LETS RIDE THAT APRILIA SCOTT.



Shouldn't he be aiming to win....last year in Moto gp, same goes for Bradley smith. Both back to Moto 2 or BSB.

People have been telling that for both for years now and still they are here.. Every year we hear the same and every year we saw the same result, it's getting boring to be honest.. Teams see things we don't, that is why both stayed that long in MotoGP.. Just saying :D

Scott just doesn’t have the ambition to be a success in MotoGp can you imagine Marquez responding like this if he had the Aprilia ride wanting to Just better his team mates performance last year. No ambition Scott if you don’t I buck your ideas up you won’t have a ride next year 6th place is no good in my opinion. Shoot for the stars and lay it all on the line because if you don’t you will be lucky to secure a BSB ride at best in 2019 best of luck Scott your going to need it Youngun!!

No ambition? That last statement he made about his desire for top 6 shows he and Aprilia have plenty of ambitions.. They are just going step by step, as they know that bike is still not quite there yet to battle for regular podiums and wins, which is obvious next step.. If they can fullfill Scott's wish and battle for top 6 regulary, then they will already made a massive step forward compared to last year.. As let's be honest, Aprilia is not that much behind others, only thing that it really needs bike wise is more power and acceleration, so that they can hold the slipstream..