Randy Mamola is to be inducted into the MotoGP Hall of Fame this season, with the ceremony set for round three in Austin.

13-times a 500cc race winner and four-times title runner-up, with three different factories, Mamola is one of the most successful riders not to claim a premier-class world championship.

Since retiring in 1992, Mamola has remained in the paddock through various roles for riders and teams, while also being heavily involved in the Riders for Health charity.

"I didn't expect it, but it was a pleasant surprise to start my day when I got the call!" Mamola said. "When I told my wife and son, as you can imagine it was huge congratulations, but then 'Oh no! Now we have to live with a legend!'

"MotoGP is my life and I've been in the paddock for 39 years. I've seen so many things from when I was first in the paddock at 19 and it's an honour and a privilege for me to be included in such a high level group of riders.

"I'm also excited I'll be inducted in Texas with my family and friends coming. After the 'wow!', eventually you have to absorb what it is, and then you think about how this is such an honour to be accepted by your peers as well as the people who have run Dorna for the past 25 years.

"I hope somewhere along the line I am able to pay this back even more with the work I continue to do in the paddock.

"I believe I'm the first Legend who has never been a World Champion. I think the accomplishments I've had and being such a part of charity work is another part to add.

"Spreading the sport, supporting the sport... you are an ambassador whether that's the title you have or not.

"It's a privilege to work in the paddock and I don't take it lightly."

The American began his career on the world stage in 1979, bursting onto the scene with podiums in both the 250 and 500 World Championships.

The following season, Mamola took his first wins – two 500 Grand Prix victories for Suzuki – and added a further pair of podiums in the premier class to end the year runner up in the title fight. 1981 saw Mamola on the top step twice more with even more visits to the podium, once more second in the Championship, before a slightly more difficult 1982.

In 1983 Mamola took third overall as Freddie Spencer and Kenny Roberts dueled at the top, before a switch to Honda for the 1984 season saw him back in the fight and runner up in the Championship once again.

After another win in 1985 and one of the most spectacular saves in history, Mamola then moved to Yamaha for 1986 and took yet more wins and podiums – before another impressive 1987 campaign saw the American crowned runner up for the fourth time.

Mamola finally retired from Grand Prix racing at the end of 1992, after another two podiums, with 13 wins and 57 podiums accrued in his career.

Mamola will join a long list of greats that have been made MotoGP Legends, including Giacomo Agostini, Mick Doohan, Geoff Duke, Wayne Gardner, Mike Hailwood, Daijiro Kato, Eddie Lawson, Anton Mang, Angel Nieto, Wayne Rainey, Phil Read, Jim Redman, Kenny Roberts, Jarno Saarinen, Kevin Schwantz, Barry Sheene, Marco Simoncelli, Freddie Spencer, Casey Stoner, John Surtees, Carlo Ubbiali, Alex Crivillé, Franco Uncini, Marco Lucchinelli and the late Nicky Hayden.


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Ah Randy...one of my all time favourites, so unlucky not get a Title.

And on the subject of riders from the U.S of A......what about 20yr old Joe Roberts coming in Moto2. Let's hope the lad does well, we need a guy from the other side of the pond.

I believe that the picture is of Randy showboating the Cagiva, ( best looking bike ever IMO ), because the Pirrelli tyres weren't good enough for him to compete for a good result, he gave the crowd some fun and earned his Sponsers some exposure. Great bloke.

The number 2 is back when you were given a number to show where you finished in the previous years Championship. Randy earned that number :)

this "legend" BS is a dumb pr and marketing move .. motorcycling fans know who he is and the others dont care. there is no need for "hall of fame". just adds politics and behind the scene manipulation. great riders will always be remembered as greats and paid respect. no need for made up titles. the only real title is a well earned WC. that should be the ultimate club riders would want to join. next thing you know they make Nick Harris a legend.. smh 

Mamola and Schwantz are "Legends" for ,,what exactly? I dont recall any World Titles, Mamola was known for his clowning and Schwantz was known for his Evel Knievel crashes.   One person who never got credit for his services to racing was Nigel Mansell for his contribution to IndyCar (formerly CART) and F1. . 

Schwantz was WC in the 500cc 1993 - still doesnt make him a legend

Doh !!!

Schwantz not a legend?What planet are you on?The guy was the epitomy of balls to the wall.Won more races than Rainey.And more times than not,that Suzuki was not competitive,it was only him pushing it beyond its limits that made it win.One of the nicest,most humble people iver ever had the pleasure to meet.The guy is an out and out legend,Himself and Rainey summed up the 80s and 90s.Learn something about the sport,if you can trecognize this.

A. 1988 to 1993: WR has 24 wins , 3 WC,  2 runner up and one 3rd 

                            KS had 23 wins and  only one of each

- at best he was second best of the era.. makes him a legend?

B. i think legend is a dumb title (much like the GOAT) - it should be a very small list of legends. riders who DOMINATED their era. riders who MADE the sport what it is. Held Record achievements of their time - nostalgia is a hell of a drug .. but it doesnt make it true

C. they added NH69 to the legends .. i love the guy and had real tears for him when he won and when he passed but thats not legends material. great rider and awesome dude, very popular on all levels but a motoGP legend? its just a PR move. he was shocked to get it.. Carmelo Ezpeleta:".. for your behaviour over all those years, your sportmanship and your friendship" - really? when they add VR46 and MM93 everyone will know why.

D. how did Marco Simoncelli get in? if it wasnt for the accident  would he be considered? he had potential but so does CC35 and DP26 (who is a 250 WC ) - are they legends too?  

if everyone who retired / tragically died and had any class WC is a legend - whats the point in having a legend title? and if you include ppl with no WC title - how fast before a legend is someone who didnt even race? some mechanic? team owner? how about safty car driver ?

Nigel Mansell,pffft,arrogance personified,go back to the car page joat.

And people give Dani Pedrosa flack... with 31 MotoGP victories, 54 across all categories... 112 MotoGP podiums, 153 combined.