A week may have passed since the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, but Kyle Busch remains far from happy with the incident on the final lap of the race which saw him lose out on victory to Tony Stewart.

Busch was leading the field in the run to the flag when contact with Stewart's car saw him spin into the wall, before he was collected by a number of cars including that of Kasey Kahne.

Stewart went on to take the victory while Busch was clearly unhappy following the race, although Stewart said earlier this week that the two drivers were 'on the same page' following a discussion about the incident.

However, speaking to the press ahead of the Lifelock.com 400 at Chicagoland Speedway, Busch was still riled by the incident and laid the blame firmly at Stewart's door.

"I really don't have feelings, so it really doesn't mean a whole lot," he said when quizzed on Stewart contacting him to discuss what happened. "I thank him for I guess checking on me to see if I was alive.

"NASCAR can take a step in looking at it and if the second place driver - quote, unquote - dumps the leader, then black flag his ass. He doesn't get the win, you know. If he's on him from behind and moves him out of the way and there's no wreck then fine he can win the race but if you're up along side the guy and you dump him then I say black flag him and give the win the third-place driver."

"[Stewart's move] would be considered a dump."

Stewart himself was keen to play down the incident and refused to be drawn into a public argument when he then faced the press.

"I know before we even get started that everybody is going to ask about Kyle and yes, I have talked to Kyle this week and had a very good conversation," he said. "We talked for about 30 minutes on the phone and I was very pleased with the conversation that we had. That's all I've got on the Kyle Busch topic and Daytona last week was fun, but we're on the Chicago this week.

"I've already seen the transcripts [from Busch's interview]. Like I said a second ago, I talked to Kyle and had a good conversation with him. That's the conversation I'm going off of. That's all I'm going to talk about Kyle."