THE Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club has decided to honour the riders that have hit the magical 130mph lap timing around Dundrod by presenting them with a 130 Club medal at the Ulster Grand Prix Bike Week (9th- 14th August) 2010.

Noel Johnston, Clerk of the Course, stated, "The Ulster Grand Prix is renowned for being the world's fastest road race. Last year, Conor Cummins, the Manxman, shattered the record lap timing by over 1.5 seconds with a record speed of 133.284mph.

"It was just phenomenal, we knew that John McGuiness's record could be crushed, but we really didn't think it would happen on Thursday of Bike Week. It really goes to show that all the action doesn't just take place on Saturday.

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"Everyone was in awe of Conor, and to think that Ian Hutchison and Gary Johnson were hot on his heels to break his record, with timings of 133.232 and 133.129 respectively, was equally unbelievable.

"The Ulster Grand Prix truly lived up to its name in 2009 as the world's fastest road race and the Dundrod Club thought it appropriate and timely to honour those men who have achieved the elite status of the 130 Club. It will be incredibly exciting to see Conor return to defend his title and to see who else, if anyone, will join it."

Conor Cummins said, "The 130 Club is a great idea, I'm delighted to be part of it and look forward to receiving my medal with great pride. The Ulster Grand Prix is one of my favourite international road races and I was overjoyed to get a win in 2009.

"I couldn't believe the speed on the circuit, the course is just fantastic, it has everything a road racer would want. It's a must in anyone's road racing calendar. I'm extremely proud of the title 'the world's fastest man in road racing', I always like a challenge and I'm looking forward to defending it this August."

Noel continued, "Before the Prix last year there were only three men in the 130 Club, John McGuiness, Cameron Donald and Raymond Porter. 2009 changed that with Conor Cummins, Ian Hutchison, Gary Johnston, Guy Martin, Bruce Anstey, Ryan Farquhar, Ian Lougher and Michael Dunlop joining the ranks.

"We are delighted to be the world's fastest road race and to witness riders breaking records but I am mindful we also have a duty of care to ensure that the course is as safe as possible for the riders and for the spectators by adhering to appropriate strict guidelines and regulations. Safety is paramount."

Planning for this year's Ulster Grand Prix in August 2010 is well under way.

Noel Johnston concluded, "We were absolutely thrilled with 2009's racing. We were extremely lucky with the weather, with the rain clearing mid morning on the Saturday, to give us a fantastic day's racing. The crowd was absolutely spellbound as they watched the racing unfold.

"The Club intends to build on 2009's success and to make 2010's event bigger and better. This is a great opportunity to see international road racing at its best. It is fast, furious, thrilling and it is really and truly 'back by popular demand'."

The 130 Club:

1 Conor Cummins 133.284
Dundrod 150 SBK 2009

2 Ian Hutchison 133.232
UGP SBK 1 2009

3 Gary Johnston 133.129
UGP SBK 1 2009

4 Guy Martin 132.725
UGP SBK 1 2009

5 Bruce Anstey 132.543
Dundrod 150 SBK 2009

6 Ryan Farquhar 132.402
Dundrod 150 SBK 2009

7 John McGuinness 131.717
Dundrod 150 SBK 2007

8 Cameron Donald 131.066
Dundrod 150 SBK 2007

9 Raymond Porter 130.510
UGP SBK 1 2006

10 Ian Lougher 130.409
Dundrod 150 SBK 2009

11 Michael Dunlop 130.343
UGP SBK 1 2009