After being the subject of startlingly frank criticism from Simon Buckmaster, popular road racer Guy Martin has brushed the attack aside saying 'I deal in facts'.

Martin was recovering from leg, chest and back injuries following a 170mph crash at the 2010 Isle of Man TT when Buckmaster, whose Performance Technology Racing concern runs the Parkalgar machines in World Supersport, launched his scathing critique [see separate story - click here].

The summary of Martin's attitude angered many fans and led to a strong reaction from readers of The reaction led to another statement from Buckmaster, this time attacking 'so-called race fans', denying he had slated the 29-year-old racer and claiming Martin had 'no problem' with the assessment.

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Now Martin, who is still waiting for the all-clear to return to racing having missed last week's Southern 100 on medical grounds, has tried to draw a line under the simmering row.

In his regular monthly column for Irish Racer magazine the Kirmington star dedicates just a single paragraph of his four-page spread to the affair.

He writes:

"I understand Simon Buckmaster sent out a press release/blog with a few choice words about various things. I honestly haven't read it nor do I want to. All I know is that the lads in my team did a mega job. Three were my pick and then Wilson brought in Alistair and they're the four guys I want with me in the future. I deal in facts and whilst the engines were Parkalgar's, the bikes were all built in the workshops of Ian Martin Engineers and that's who deserves the most credit. We proved that our way was a good way. I know we didn't get a win, but we didn't have one breakdown and the method I adopted during TT2010 worked for me."

In the same piece, Martin questioned claims he had shown disrespect during the TT by turnin up to the winner's enclosure late and walking off the podium before the ceremony was complete.

He finished second in the opening Monster Energy Supersport race, but was still seething for a time penalty imposed during the PokerStars Superbike race, which prevented him challenging for a podium finish.

While winner Ian Hutchinson and third placed Michael Dunlop pulled up for media interviews and photos, Martin missed the enclosure and had to be persuaded to attend. He attended the podium celebration, but stepped down before the champagne was sprayed and, while he did attend the post-race press conference, he made little secret of the fact he didn't want to be there.

The behaviour led to criticism for several quarters, but Martin has answered his critics.

He writes:

"I don't think I was disrespectful to Hutchy or Michael on the Supersport podium as I clapped them on and shook thier hands, saying well done - I told Hutchy he'd rode brilliantly."

"It was the organisers that I was angry with and it was only because of Wilson (Craig) and the boys that I went to the podium and press conference - they deserved to see me there."

Martin attended the Southern 100 as a spectator and is hoping to be back in action at Dundrod for the Ulster Grand Prix.