Team BOC's Andrew Jones has hit out at Greg Murphy following race 1 of the City of Ipswich 400 on Saturday at Queensland Raceway, the latest round in the 2008 V8 Supercar Championship.

Jones, who started 16th, eventually finished the opening race in 25th after being turned around by Greg Murphy on the first lap at turn 6 in a move that later earned the Tasman-Holden man a penalty from the race stewards.

"I made a good start then there was a heap of jostling into Turns 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the opening lap. By the time I got to Turn 6 Murphy was trying to push me off the road in a straight line. He achieved his goal though he managed to turn me around," said Jones.

"It ruined my day and the Stewards made sure they ruined his too a bit later in the day and he deserved it."

Team BOC co-owner Bradley Jones meanwhile was also disappointed by what happened: "It was a disheartening start when Greg Murphy turned Andrew around on lap 1 at turn 6," he added.

"Good progress was made through the field but after he stalled in the pits he fell to the rear of the field. He had good race pace on the first tyre set but struggled for balance on Set 2."