An FIA accredited photographer was injured this morning during the shakedown for Rally Sweden.

The incident happened 38 minutes in, near the end of the 4.30 km Rada test, when Ford privateer Michal Solowow went off the road in his Fiesta RS WRC car and hit said member of the media.

Organisers have since confirmed that the photographer suffered no serious injuries, although he has been taken to hospital in Karlstad for observation and checks.

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The shakedown was halted for around 40-50 minutes as a result.

The full statement from the organisers read:

"At 08.38 [hours - local time] Polish competitor Michal Solowow (start #18) went off road shortly before the finish of the stage and hit an accredited photographer. The organisers rescue vehicle and an ambulance was on scene at 08.53 [hours - local time] and could establish that the man was conscious and had no serious injuries.

"The photographer was taken to the hospital in Karlstad for observation and further examination.

"Our initial assessment of the situation is that all safety procedures and routines have worked as planned.

"We will continue to monitor the situation."