Off the back of the success of WRC 5, Kylotonn Racing Games has refined its expertise with the help of feedback from the community to step up the 2016 version, WRC 6, into an all-new challenging and dramatic experience.

As its first rally game, WRC 5 was considered a big challenge for Kylotonn and its team of developers who have now completed the new edition, with the help of an active community of racing gamers and WRC fans.

"We spent the last 8 months, since the release of WRC 5, collecting and studying all the feedback from the community to improve the experience and take it to a new level," Alain Jarniou, Game Director at Kylotonn, said. "The experience gained from WRC 5 helped the team to completely understand the expectations of racing fans when it comes to rallying.

"Roads were too wide in WRC 5? They will be narrower and bumpier in WRC 6. Stages were sometimes too short? We created new longer stages and reworked everything to make them longer and more challenging."

WRC 6 features all 14 rounds of the 2016 WRC season, including the cancelled Rally China round, all the star WRC drivers and also a wide selection of WRC 2 teams and competitors from the Junior WRC category.

eSports WRC, the first international online competition of the WRC, which was launched in January 2016 with WRC 5, will continue in WRC 6 with amendments in terms of access, rules, and format which will be unveiled nearer the release of the game.

WRC 6 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM. For the full information and further videos on the new release follow this link.


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