2009 WSBK rookie Brendan Roberts is still recuperating from injuries sustained during the first turn accident at Monza.

Roberts was tagged from behind as the field began braking for turn one of race one, causing the Australian to fall heavily before his rider-less Guandalini Ducati slid across the grass and torpedoed Suzuki's Max Neukirchner.

The 2008 FIM Superstock champion was one of five riders to fall and one of three to require medical attention. Although he avoided any broken bones, his injuries were severe enough to see him replaced by Gregorio Lavilla for the Kyalami and Miller Motorsport Park rounds.

Roberts, who is certain to be sidelined for several more rounds, has provided the following update regarding his condition:

"Well where do I start? Since the crash at Monza I've been recovering at home in Europe. I would have liked to go back home to Australia but due to my leg injury, flying wasn't possible," Roberts began.

"Besides all the odd bumps and bruises I received, there were a lot of them; the major on going problem is a torn or punctured left quad muscle, which now has a pocket of blood which doesn't seem to want to clear.

"A week ago I had one of the biggest needles known to man kind stuck in me; it went into my leg and through the muscle trying to drain what it could but this was to no avail.

"They have to keep an eye on this and may need to do a small operation if it doesn't clear on its own. The muscle is slowly repairing itself and this week I have been able to start cycling along with the swimming exercises I've been doing at the beach.

"I hope to return to racing as soon as possible, although it depends on the movement and strength as walking is still an effort at the moment. I'll be going to Donington [after the forthcoming Misano round] as a spectator, catching up with everyone I haven't seen for while... anything to get out of the house and close to the action."

Roberts also sent his best wishes to Neukirchner, who suffered a fractured femur, and stated that the first turn at Monza should be re-designed to help avoid such accidents.

"I would also like to Max a very speedy recovery and just sorry that my bike hit him so hard, it was a very scary crash and I think something should be done with the first turn," he said.

"I was struck from behind and the side which sent me onto the grass, I was trying desperately to try and slow down but nothing was happening, I laid the bike down but knew it would be crossing the path of the other riders and sadly it did.

"I hope everyone who was involved will be fit and back racing soon."

PBM Kawasaki's Makoto Tamada has also been absent since the incident, having suffered a broken wrist.