Ducati Xerox have confirmed that Noriyuki Haga's suspected fractured vertebra could in fact be an injury from an earlier accident, a revelation that could well see him on the bike again by the next round at Brno.

Haga was airlifted to Derby Hospital following his vicious accident during the second World Superbike race of the day at Donington Park, with initial results in the medical centre showing a fracture to his T8 and T9 vertebrae.

However, a further CT scan suggests these may be remains of a previous accident instead, thus negating any need for an operation.

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Nonetheless, Haga will still undergo an operation for a displaced fracture in his right wrist, while a suspected fracture in his shoulder has also been diagnosed.

"This is good news" said team manager Davide Tardozzi. "Of course it needs to be confirmed tomorrow, Monday. Nori will for sure undergo an operation on the ulna bone of his right forearm, because it is a displaced fracture and there is also a suspected fracture of the scapula (shoulder blade) bone. It is clear however that if he really doesn't need to have an operation to the vertebrae he could get away with a month's rest."