Former World Superbike star Gregorio Lavilla has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the sporting facets of the World Superbike Championship as Dorna attempts to overhaul the series in 2013.

Lavilla, who made his WSBK debut in 1994, will be a permanent member of the three-man Race Direction Committee.

Dorna's management team is beginning to take shape following the announcement last year that Dorna Sports and Infront Sports & Media - respective organisers of the MotoGP and World Superbike championships - would merge their interests under the same umbrella organisation.

Daniel Carriera and Javier Alonso - one of Dorna's most experienced figures - are tasked with leading the transition, with Lavilla's focus on the racing aspects of the series.

In an interview with, Lavilla said: "My specific role is oriented toward the sporting side: handing relations with the teams, rules, circuit homologation. I'll also be a part of Race Direction.

"It will be important to find a formula that allows all the teams, riders and manufacturers to be competitive," he added. "If we are able to do this, the racing in the future will be even better than it was in the past."

One of the biggest changes in 2013 is the introduction of pit stops for tyre changes in inclement weather conditions, a development Lavilla feels will benefit the riders.

"Perhaps in the past, when it started to rain, there would have been someone who preferred to stay out on slicks, but the red flag was shown," said Lavilla, who won the British Superbike title in 2005.

"Now each rider can decide what strategy is best for them."