Update 04/11/2014 - Loris Baz responds to Tom Sykes' earlier tweets. See below

Tom Sykes and Loris Baz's fall-out during the final round of the World Superbike Championship has spilled out onto social media after the deposed champion gave a candid response to Baz's assertion that he helped him in Magny-Cours.

Baz courted controversy by refusing to abide by team orders and yield his second place finish to Sykes during the first WSBK race in Qatar, a move that the Englishman felt needlessly put the pressure on both himself and team heading into the final race.

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With Sykes going on to lose the WSBK title to Sylvain Guintoli, Sykes was fierce in his criticism of his team-mate, branding him 'disrespectful' for ignoring team orders, while Baz was unrepentant, insisting he owed it to his mechanics to get the best result possible.

However, the war of words has continued to bubble on social media, with Baz - who moves to MotoGP in 2015 - taking to Twitter to say:

"About team orders. At least I've helped him once in my life, in Magny-Cours. Not sure he can say the same."

The comments drew the ire from Sykes, who took to his own Twitter account to post a series of tweets responding to Baz directly, stating:

With Baz yet to respond, Sykes did take the time to congratulate new WSBK champion Guintoli.

Loris Baz did later respond back to Sykes directly with the a tweet pointing out the points lost in that race would not have changed the overall outcome.


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Simon Cartledge: And Baz can confidently reply "Thanks Tom, good to know that when you were my age you finished 6th in the championship... but it was the British super sport championship, not World super bikes."[\blockquote]
And when he was a little older/mature he was disqualified at Silverstone for a stupid move on Haslem and Crutchlow.

Neither of them are doing themselves any good at all with all this.
Baz comes across as immature, petulant and selfish whilst Sykes comes across as a bitter & sore loser.
Accept defeat with a bit of grace, dignity and sportmanship and focus on doing better next year.