Jonathan Rea has finished runner-up in 2017 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award behind winner Sir Mo Farah, with Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton also nominated for the honour.

In a glamorous ceremony at Liverpool’s Echo arena, Rea shone on stage by riding his Kawasaki ZX-10RR on to the stage to emulate the previous motorcycle nomination James Toseland in 2007. Hamilton appeared via video link from Los Angeles having received his fifth nomination and winning it on one occasion in 2014 thanks to his second F1 world title triumph.

With the motorsport community supporting the three-time World Superbike champion, Rea claimed second place behind Farah with Para athlete Jonnie Peacock in third place. Rea, a relative outsider on the betting predictions, has secured motorcycle sport’s best result at the prestigious award since John Surtees won in 1959.

The triple World Superbike champion has created history in 2017 by becoming the first rider to secure three consecutive world titles in a stretch where the Northern Irish rider has dominated his rivals with an 80% podium rate and 50% victory rate.

The full breakdown of the results is yet to be announced by the BBC but Hamilton was considered a strong favourite alongside boxer Anthony Joshua but neither made the top three in the public vote. It marks the second time Hamilton has been nominated but failed to reach the top two having finished as runner-up in 2007 and 2008 plus his victory in 2014 with his only previous miss being fifth place in 2015.

Elsewhere the Mercedes Formula 1 team was nominated for the Team of the Year award which was won by the England women’s cricket team for winning the World Cup on home soil.


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Must be a fix, no-one knows who Rea is, we have the most successful F1 driver the country has ever known & the papers have gone out to destroy him. They didn’t do this to tax dodging Mansell, Button, or Coulthard. Do what is the difference?

Hamilton has virtually always had the best car. Imagine how many championships Rea would have had he had even a half decent bike before joining Kawasaki. Oh and Hamilton is also a tax dodger even on his private aircraft

Lewis has always been in a good car granted. This year id argue the Ferrari was better at times (not all the time), likewise in 08. His two other titles when there is no question hes in the best car hes had to overcome a very fast and competative team mate.

Who was the last driver to win the title without the best car? You'd be going back decades!

Regarding the "tax" issue... you do realise that Johnny Rea lives on the Isle of Mann don't you? Can't imagine why!

Still, well deserved Johnny. Well chuffed. He got my vote. Brilliant result for him and for motorcycle racing.

Rea also has the best bike on the grid. There isn't a single bike outside of the 2 Kawasakis and a Ducati of Chaz remotely capable of winning the WSBK races. WSBK today is a joke with 2 full factory teams fighting independent teams with minimum backing from other manufacturers. Only 3 bikes can win and 1 of those wins only if the other 2 have a bad day. Its no different than Lewis in F1 where the performance disparity between the Mercs and the rest is just as hilarious as the Kawasakis and the rest. Ferrari and Ducati respectively act as an intermediate between the high and low ranking teams respectively. 

The semi-factory backed Yamahas in WSBK are equivalent to RBR in F1 where they luck out on podiums and or victories when the top 2 teams have a bad bad day. 

I know who Jonathan Rea is, as do many others, obviously, just because you are stuck in an F1 rut Dr Thompson & know nothing else, then wind your bottom lip back in & dry your eyes loser.

Well I never suspected that. Thoroughly deserved for Jonathan. Thought he’d struggle to get top 5. 

Well done Jonathan Rea, I thought you should have won it, being 3 time World Champion and all.

Anyway great result for Motorcycle Racing.


We done Mr Rea, nice to see my vote was useful. Motorcyclist in the top 3! This may show that motorcycling is still popular, more than people reaslise!

It's a good job Froome didn't win, it would have been a bit awkward. Looks like Rea was a close second. Well done fella and well deserved. The question is will he get first place  retroactively when Farah eventually gets found out for doping?