Georgie Thompson speaks exclusively to's Dan Connor about her new role at Lotus, the 2013 season and the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone...
Explain a little about your new role with Lotus and what exactly it involves.

Georgie Thompson:
It's very exciting actually. Lotus F1 Team and Suremen have partnered up and are giving fans an opportunity to do something no-one has offered before. Basically, they are taking the winner to the South of France to drive the single-seated Lotus F1 Team car. I've only ever been a passenger in a converted car at Silverstone with Nigel Mansell a few years ago. But I don't think anyone from outside the world of F1 has ever had this opportunity before, so it's very exciting. It's the fans chance to get to be a Kimi Raikkonen for the day.
A very different role from the one you're used to, how do you feel you have adapted?

Georgie Thompson:
Well it's totally different. There's no comparison with this and what I have done in TV in the past. For me it's a really great opportunity to stay rigid in Formula One because it is a world I've been involved in and grown really fond of in the last year or so. It's great to be involved in some way even though I'm no longer presenting with Sky.
Have you been getting to Grand Prix's regularly this season?

Georgie Thompson:
No I've not been to one yet because most of them have been fly-away races with the exception of Barcelona and Monaco. But I will be going to Texas. I loved Austin last year; it was a fantastic Grand Prix. It had been a while since Formula One had been to America, but the Americans welcomed it with open arms and it was the most fantastic thing. It'd be great to go back there again because they made quite a spectacle of it.
And how about Silverstone in a few weeks' time, will you be attending?

Georgie Thompson:
Unfortunately I'm not around for that, but my main memories of that are fairly mud-filled. Because of the weather it can be one of those races ideal for sitting back in your armchair and watching from home!
From what you have gathered in your short time with the team, what would you say the British Grand Prix means to Lotus?

Georgie Thompson:
It means a lot. Silverstone is the home of motorsport, so it means a lot to every team. I think it's something like eight out of the twelve teams that compete in Formula One are based there, including Lotus. So it's a huge deal to win it because it is effectively a home circuit. It always brings out the best fans, it is steeped in history, the drivers' love it, the media love it. It has so much to offer. It would mean an awful lot to a driver to win it and especially to a team who are based in the UK like Lotus.
Let's talk a little bit about events on the track so far this year, not quite seven different winners in as many races this time, but still an interesting season. What have you made of it?

Georgie Thompson:
Yeah it's still been very interesting; a lot of storylines have continued to develop. Lotus were very quick off the mark with Kimi and took that early opportunity. It's good to see that they've built on that and not faded away. It showed that the win in Abu Dhabi last year wasn't a fluke and that the success they had there has been built upon this year.

It's good to see Lewis has had a good start with Mercedes. Everyone was speculating how that would go in the early part of the season and it seems to have gone quite well. That's been an interesting story to watch develop. Also with what's going on at McLaren, we can't be sure what's going on there really. It's an interesting one. It's a case of how quickly can they get back on track and we hope that Jenson can do that at Silverstone. I don't know what upgrades they are taking to Silverstone so whether that represents a better opportunity for improvement or not, we'll have to wait and see. It'll definitely be the place where all eyes will be on Jenson and on McLaren to see what they can do.

Force India, quite literally, have been a force to be reckoned with so far. And Fernando (Alonso) as ever has been up there; he's sitting nicely in second in the championship and may be able to spring a surprise.
It's still very early in the season, but would you go as far as mentioning a championship winner yet?

Georgie Thompson:
I think it's hard to look past Red Bull and Vettel again. I think it's probably the most viable choice at this point.
From a British point of view, Hamilton has done surprisingly well in the Mercedes, Button not so in his McLaren. Is there any chance of a shock win from either of them at Silverstone?

Georgie Thompson:
It'll be interesting to see. Lewis could spring a surprise, but I don't see it at this stage of the season. With McLaren, it's hard to say but I think it'll more likely be a battle on track between Paul Di Resta and Jenson than Lewis and Jenson.
With regard to Lotus, it's been a tough few races for the team. Can they rediscover some form at the British Grand Prix?

Georgie Thompson:
Yeah I hope so. They did well there last season, with Romain Grosjean doing particularly well. He managed to get himself well up the grid after starting further down. It'd be nice to see him get some confidence back and finish somewhere decent.
And finally, will we be seeing you back on our TV screens anytime soon?

Georgie Thompson:
Watch this space. All will become clear in due time.

Georgie Thompson is the face of the Suremen official partnership with the Lotus F1(R) Team. To discover what lies behind the perfect lap of an F1 track and for the chance to drive the official Lotus F1(R) Team car, visit the Suremen YouTube Channel

Georgie was speaking exclusively to's Dan Connor.