Fernando Alonso says he is not paying any attention to the trouble Red Bull has been suffering at the first test of the season.

Red Bull has completed just 14 laps of pre-season testing at Jerez across the opening three days, with issues to do with the Renault power unit allied to other reliability problems specific to the RB10. After getting his first taste of Ferrari's F14-T - and completing 58 laps on Thursday - Alonso said there was little that could be read in to any of this week's running.

"Obviously is not our main focus at the moment what the others are doing," Alonso said. "We have a lot of things going on inside our garage, so I'm not looking too much outside. So, they've had little running so far, but there is plenty of time until Australia, so I'm sure they will quickly put things in place."

Asked if it was a chance for Ferrari to crack Red Bull's domination, Alonso replied: "It's very early to say or think about this.

"With only three tests before the first race, these tests become like a race, with a lot of media intensity and focus. So it's normal that everything becomes bigger whether you have a good day or a bad day.

"But in terms of preparation and approach for the Australian Grand Prix - which is the first thing we need to prepare for - we are in a completely blind situation. There are so many things that have to be developed and learned before the race in Australia, just on our side.

"If you want to see the complete picture of the grid that's going to be very difficult, so we will need to wait more than any other year after Australia to learn about this."

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