Mika Hakkinen believes Lewis Hamilton should apologise to his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in the wake of what happened in Monaco, and the Finn has added that 'one of the characteristics of a good winner is he also knows how to lose'.

Hamilton had to settle for second in Monte Carlo last weekend and he made clear he believes Rosberg deliberately went off in qualifying at the Principality in order to secure pole position, with Rosberg of course then going on to win the race. Rosberg was cleared of any wrongdoing by the stewards but Hamilton said after Sunday's race that the data was very telling to him.

Hakkinen, however, believes the Briton needs to be a more dignified or else he risks coming across as a bit of a sore loser.

"It's hard to tell if something is going to change significantly [between Lewis and Nico]," the 1998 and 1999 F1 World Champion said in his column for Hermes. "I don't know if Lewis would even consider apologising for his behaviour. It is a very individual thing.

"But in my opinion, one of the characteristics of a good winner is he also knows how to lose."

Britain's John Surtees, the only man to have won the World title on both two and four wheels, meanwhile was also unimpressed with how Hamilton acted over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

"I have no doubt about Lewis Hamilton's driving ability, but I didn't like what I saw and heard from Monaco," Surtees said in his column in Motor Sport magazine. "I can understand the frustration Lewis must have felt in not having that opportunity on the last lap of qualifying to get pole position. But I think his reaction to his team-mate and team was wrong."


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talk about a bad attitude lets remember how Lewis won his championship when Timo Glock let him by to win the championship over Massa ! Senna Prost F1 has had too many championships won that way and I cannot remember any of the results being changed when the winner won by a VERY QUESTIONABLE PASS or CRASH by an opponent .it is what it is .ataboy Mika

Googol - your comment is spot-on.

Trouble is that most of the Hamilton fanboys have no knowledge of F1 before 2007. I remember watching the TV footage of that awful incident - and, sadly, I have too many personal memories of the dark side of the sport.

The comment by another that it is acceptable to do "questionable" things is laughable. Did Fangio? or Clark, or Stewart for that matter? In their times, acts that Senna and Schumacher have pulled would have resulted in injury or worse - and would not have been contemplated. Obviously he has no knowledge of (or interest in) the earlier years.

None of drivers like losing (well who does?). But sh*t happens, to quote another driver. It's how you deal with it that counts.

Interestingly, this year we have seen two very different reactions to just such a situation - one from the current WDC to yet another race-ending problem, and, of course, the one that everyone is talking about. The maturity shown by one, is "balanced" by the total lack of that by the other.

In many ways, this year, Vettel is showing "class" in reacting to, and dealing with, the many issues he has been faced with. Kudos to him (surprised myself by saying that).

Let's hope that Hamilton, should he actually manage to win this year's WDC will behave in similar fashion. Something tells me he will not.......