1st - Daniel Ricciardo Average poll score out of ten: 8.6 Team: Infiniti Red Bull Racing Car: Red Bull Renault RB10 Wins: 3 Podiums: 8 Poles: 0 Fastest Laps: 1 Best Finish 1st Championship points: 238 Championship position: 3rd out of 23

Expected to face a stern test of his abilities up against the four-time world champion, Daniel Ricciardo stepped up to Red Bull at the start of the season as an unproven talent and ended the year in the world class category.

Following a dismal pre-season, Ricciardo qualified a hugely unexpected second at his home race in Australia and proceeded to thrive under the pressure of expectation to finish second on the road, though he was later excluded for fuel flow issues. The team and car let him down in Malaysia - leaving Ricciardo scoreless after two races - but he soon hit back in spectacular fashion.

Having comfortably beaten Sebastian Vettel to finish fourth in Bahrain, Ricciardo repeated the trick in China as his qualifying performances caught the eye. The first podium followed in Spain and Ricciardo challenged Hamilton for second in Monaco but was left disappointed having not been able to fight for pole.

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The disappointment was short-lived as Canada saw Ricciardo start sixth - his lowest grid slot of the year at the time - but deliver a ruthless drive to take his maiden victory as he carved through the chasing pack which was squabbling behind the ailing Nico Rosberg.

Better was to follow in Hungary, when Ricciardo passed Lewis Hamilton late in the race around the outside of Turn 3 and then Fernando Alonso a lap later as the Australian displayed exemplary race-craft. With the Mercedes' tripping over each other at Spa, Ricciardo eased to his most dominant win and ignited hopes of a title challenge.

While those hopes ultimately faded as the season drew to a close, Ricciardo still outshone Vettel in the majority of races and will have the full confidence and respect of Red Bull to lead the team in to 2015.

Daniel Ricciardo in the Crash.net F1 Driver of the Year Top 10 F1 Driver of the Year 2013: 10th Top 10 F1 Driver of the Year 2012: 16th Top 10 F1 Driver of the Year 2011: 19th Top 10 F1 Driver of the Year 2010: N/A Top 10 F1 Driver of the Year 2009: N/A

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Rather than repeat the Drivers' World Championship standings, the F1 Driver of the Year poll asks viewers to take into account factors such as machinery, performance relative to a team-mate, driving style, experience, injuries, progress and personality just as much as race results.

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Totally deserved.
In my opinion Lewis lost first spot by a thin margin, he could not beat Rosberg on Saturday. And he did not, despite his many wins, outscore him very badly either.

But the old song about Merc dominating without competition is getting boring now... They had the same time, followed the same spec, and did a better job. If Ferrari had made the best PU, they would be the one pushing for the freeze to stay. There was a set of rules, and everybody knew it well in advance.
Is that fact sad for us fan? Yup it is.
Does that take from Merc success, making them less deserved? Not in a world where people are sane...

Enough With The REVISIONIST History.

Funny that Dennis mentions Hamilton NOW in connection with the Alonso difficulties. What was he waiting for? 7 years later makes what he said tainted. Alonso, de la Rosa and their engineers were USING the Ferrari data. They kept is from Hamilton's side of the garage. Alonso was looking for ANY advantage because he realized that Hamilton was as quick, or quicker, than he was. Dennis never granted Alonso #1 status as promised. Alonso threatened Dennis with going the to tell the FIA that McLaren had the Ferrari documents. Dennis had NO choice but to go to Mosley first. Alonso cost McLaren $100,000,000 but the net was maybe around $30,000,000.

Those are the FACTS. Taipan: anything else is fabrication on your part.

Would those who "disagree" with my account of Alonso's tenure at McLaren please state where I am in error. What I stated in the information that is in the public domain.

Don Hopings:
107SS2009: greatness was exaggerated by the restrictions on others preventing them in trying to catch-up. [\blockquote]

Then you MUST claim the same for McLaren in '88 and Red Bull in '13. If there are opportunities to catch up and NO ONE did, the effect is the same and perhaps even worse as there were no excuses.[\blockquote]

In 88 and 13 there was all the opportunities to catch-up, in 14 (this year) for the first time I can remember (and that goes a long time back) the opportunity to catch-up was negated by the rules, so there is no way that the effect of winning the championship can be said to be the same.
one thing is for sure, with your Persistent unreasonable reasoning you pushes a forum to the point of exasperation.

When the SAME RESULT happens for a different reason, it works to invalidate, or at least detract from, your original premise.

Further, Ron Dennis said (I believe) that Hamilton "played a part" in the Alonso difficulties. I don't not believe he said Hamilton "started" it, as Taipan asserts.

Pat Symonds has said that basically he took the fall for CrashGate. Who would he have been protecting? My money would be on Alonso as it appears everyone else was punished or granted immunity. And remember, all the FIA can attest to is that they could find no evidence that Alonso was a participant. That does NOT guarantee that he had no part.

Crumbles? Wolff has said that he was very impressed that however badly things went for Hamilton, the next race he always came back in good spirits. Contrast that with Rosberg who was STILL fuming over Hungary when they came back from the break almost a month later. Also note how Rosberg's demeanor changed after Spa when Wolff and Lauda drop kicked his ass. Hamilton's come back from 3 DNF's, a burned out car and an exploding brake disk contributed a lot to how the season went. yes, cr

107SS2009: Anybody from on the 2014 grid would have been in with a good chance of winning the 2014 championship.
The WO5 rendered it's drivers irrelevant. [\blockquote]

irrelevant, ha ha. pretty good scrabble word though.[\blockquote]

Do you think it would have made any difference to the WO5 dominance with anybody from on the present grid in the driving seat?[\blockquote]

Or Vettel in 2013?

EDIT by CRASH.NET! Final warning! Please stop these continuous stirring comments, and attacks

107SS2009: greatness was exaggerated by the restrictions on others preventing them in trying to catch-up. [\blockquote]

Then you MUST claim the same for McLaren in '88 and Red Bull in '13. If there are opportunities to catch up and NO ONE did, the effect is the same and perhaps even worse as there were no excuses.

EDIT by CRASH.NET! Please stop your persistent trolling and attacks on others opinions.

Don Hopings:

Your bias is showing. You forget that Alonso brings baggage. He seems to have a very polarizing effect at places where he's been. He cost McLaren a bunch of money and he was the only one who benefitted from CrashGate. As much as I respect his abilities, I wouldn't have him.[\blockquote]

I agree with Tai on that, and so would most readers here. The funny thing is that while most people dont like or are not fans of Ferdi - Most people recognize him as the best all rounder. He always gives 100% and bats the car above its weight. Only the die hard Lulu or Bieber fans disagree.
So yeah in fantasy pick most people would go for Alonos first.
Lulu also comes with baggage ! Just mentally destabilize him and he crumbles. [\blockquote]

Sure, he definitely crumbled to those 11 wins, didn't he? 4 straight and 5 straight and the best Rosberg could do was 1 in a row.