A furious Sebastian Vettel has vented his anger towards Pirelli after being denied a podium finish in the Belgian Grand Prix by a tyre failure on the penultimate lap.

The German had risked a one-stop strategy to get as high as third with two laps remaining, but was coming under pressure from Romain Grosjean when the right-rear tyre on the Ferrari failed down the Kemmel Straight.

Marking his first non-score of the season, Vettel aired his anger in a candid interview with the BBC directly after the race, saying if it had happened '200m earlier, he wouldn't be standing here' and calling 'bulls**t' on Pirelli's suggestion Nico Rosberg's similarly dramatic failure in FP2 was caused by him going off-track.

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"Things like that are not allowed to happen - full stop," he said. "If it happens 200 metres earlier I'm not standing here now, I'm with 300 [hmh] stuck in Eau Rouge, so I don't know what else needs to happen.

"I tell you what is upsetting. One thing is the result, this racing and for sure we deserved to finish on the podium. But if this happened earlier, I don't.... it's the sort of theme that keeps going around and nobody is mentioning it, but it's unacceptable.

"What's the answer? Same as every time, 'yeah there was a cut, debris, bodywork, the driver went wide' - bulls**t. If Nico tells us that he didn't go off the track then he didn't go off the track, same with me I didn't go out of the track. Just out of the blue it explodes and I as I said, if this happens earlier.... It's probably not as bad as it was in Silverstone a few years ago but it's not acceptable."

When asked whether he felt he was being 'too greedy' to attempt a one-stop strategy, Vettel insisted he wasn't.

"No. Well how many laps was I missing? Not many..."

Vettel, meanwhile, could find himself in further hot water with the stewards after failing to enter the weighbridge after the race.


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you don't belong on this site my friend, thats far too logical,
anyway I thought the directive from the FIA to Pirelli was to make compounds of tyres that WOULDN'T last for too many laps to throw in another element into the racing ?!!!
behind you all the way there