Sebastian Vettel will start the Singapore Grand Prix from last position on the grid after mechanical problems with his Ferrari would strike in Q1.

A stark contrast the joy of last year's qualifying session around the Marina Bay Circuit when he qualified on pole position for Ferrari - setting up a dominant win come race day -, Vettel found himself contending with a suspected broken anti-roll bar at the start of qualifying.

Pitching one front of the corner up around each bend, though Ferrari attempted to fix the issue, the problem would continue on his second and final lap, forcing him to abort to the pit lane. As a result, he will start on the back row of the grid.

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX - Qualifying results

A sizable setback for the former champion around what he had hoped would be a favourable circuit for Ferrari, Vettel admits the missed opportunity is a 'shame'.

"It felt like one of the anti-roll bars broke and I was going around in three wheels," he lamented. "There was no time to fix it and we decided to stay out. Then I came in because it was just hopeless, we were not quick enough, but there was no time in three or four minutes to fix it.

"Initially I thought the problem was at the front of the car but it looks like it was at the rear. It was quite obvious to see - going around on three wheels doesn't work around here...

"The team is having a look to make sure the second car doesn't break down as well. That's the biggest priority now but I think it was a big shame, because the car was pretty good now, good to put it on the first two rows."

A street circuit named desire... or disaster - F1's best and worst city endeavours...

With overtaking tricky around the twisty street circuit, Vettel says he isn't making predictions for a result but is hopeful a safety car - which have been a fixture of each Singapore GP since 2008 - do work in his favour.

"Tomorrow is a long race and we now have plenty of tyres. Let's see what we can do with strategy. But now I should be in the car but I'm here. It's very annoying and disappointing but it is what it is. We have to deal with it and do our best tomorrow."

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