Red Bull Formula 1 chief Christian Horner feels that FIA race director Charlie Whiting was "too conservative" in his decision-making during the rain-hit qualifying session for the Italian Grand Prix, having delayed the resumption of running for two-and-a-half hours.

Heavy rain overnight and in the lead-up to qualifying at Monza left the track drenched, with a crash for Romain Grosjean after five minutes resulting in a red flag delay that would continue throughout the afternoon.

After missing one break in the weather due to concerns about standing water, Whiting eventually deemed conditions to be safe for running over two hours after the red flag was thrown, only for drivers to be able to move onto intermediate tyres within 10 minutes of heading out.

While qualifying was eventually completed, the delays left both the teams and fans frustrated, with Horner believing that Whiting played it too safe.

"He was a bit conservative to be honest, both in Formula 1 and in Formula 2. It seemed a little too conservative," Horner said, making reference to the F2 race that started behind the safety car due to the weather.

"Formula 1 isn’t a fair-weather sport, and I think you can understand from a safety perspective why there was an awful lot of debate about it.

"But I think we could’ve run sooner than we did."

When asked if it was an issue the F1 Strategy Group would raise at its next meeting, Horner said: "I think it’s more an FIA internal issue than a Strategy Group issue."


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They saddled us with dull as dish washer engines for the so called purpose of being "road relevant" and yet they often can't run in relatively tame conditions that cars of 30 years ago could safely.


The full wets have no reason to exist because it seems as though once it gets too wet for inters they pack up and pee off to the beer tent.

And if they had gone out earlier and both RBR cars aquaplaned off into a wall, Hindsight Horner would have been up there on his soapbox bellowing out how Charlie was reckless for not waiting.....

horner is of course right on this.  these are supposed to be the "best" 22 drivers in the world, and they should be able to drive in whatever conditions are prevailing.  after all, they all have to deal with the same conditions.

Too many cranky old men running motorsport as always. Let's get some more young blood in management that understand how to make racing exciting for the 21st century, not guys who were already set in their ways 30 years ago...