Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene says the Italian manufacturer is open and willing to negotiate its current deal in Formula 1 with new owners Liberty Media as a quit threat overhangs the squad.

President Sergio Marchionne issued a threat to withdraw Ferrari from F1 following the release of the potential engine blueprint for the 2021 regulation changes, as well as its financial distribution share which would be potentially altered in a new deal with Liberty.

Speaking before Marchionne’s quit statement at the Mexican Grand Prix, Arrivabene says Ferrari is keen to discuss its future financial package with Liberty but doesn’t expect any quick fixes.

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Ferrari received the biggest payout of any F1 team in 2017 despite finishing third in last year’s world constructors’ championship, a figure boosted by an estimated $60-70million payment as a ‘long-standing team’ as the only squad to contest every F1 season in history.

“At the moment we have a contract with the commercial owner of Formula One and it’s quite clear on how we have the distribution, the financial distribution in the future,” Arrivabene said. “It’s something that we need to discuss.

“Distribution also means commitment to Formula One. The first thing is to commit to do this sport and to do it well and not to come in for one or two years and then disappear and close the factory.

“This is not what we have done because since the beginning we have been here and we would like to continue to be here. The discussion is going to be long and complicated.”

Arrivabene also laced a small dig at Liberty and the FIA by insisting it is they who run the sport rather than Ferrari after the Italian manufacturer had been accused of wielding too much power in F1 with a potential veto against rule changes.

“Our job is to build cars and to manufacture the engine,” he said. “Their job is to run the business so we don’t have to mix this up otherwise it’s going to be a nightmare.”


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Ha! He undermines his own position with his final quote. Liberty will establish the business plan and Ferrari can decide whether to participate or not. In theory, they should have no greater influence than say Sauber. But of course we all know this is not the case and so does Sergio. 

Well, no other team has been on every single since GP since #1, so there is no bench mark.

We know and they know F1+SF is larger than F1 or SF alone, so let's enjoy the 3 year show. 

My hope is that Liberty Media will get their act together. They recently announced that as of 2018 they will broadcast the races on ESPN. ESPN is losing tens of thousands of susbribers every month. I have been watching F1 for 30 years. I recently dropped ESPN and will not sign up again.

I am not alone. Liberty is in for a rough ride if they want to build an F1 fan base in the US on the back of ESPN.

Ferrari are in a srtong position, imagine all those empty seats where fans wearing red used to be at ALL the races.

Trouble is you are assuming that the US market is the only path for them to make money in.  I simply Liberty continues to show that it has balls and simply offers all teams an equal deal that they can either take or leave... If Ferrari leaves, so what.  Bernie might have been willing to cow down to Ferrari but lets not forget that Liberty is the company that basically told Bernie to sod off when he forgot who the new owners were. 

RedcarFan how do drop ESPN without dropping NBC Sports?  ESPN seems to be on just about every package.