Giacomo Agostini has revealed he is ’scared’ that Marc Marquez will surpass his achievements after the Spaniard claimed his fourth world MotoGP championship at the weekend, adding that “he’s still very young and has a long career ahead of him" - Motorcycle Sports

Jorge Lorenzo believes that Ducati are “running behind with the new bike” after this week’s testing, claiming that “Honda is already ahead". - GP One

Valentino Rossi ‘demanded’ a change in his Japanese team engineers ahead of 2018 days before crashing out earlier this week. The Doctor claimed that “they are worried as I am". - Daily Star

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Tech3 crew chief Nicolas Goyon revealed that Jonas Folger’s illness became apparent in Aragon, stating that “He was so fast before … in Aragon we did not see the true Jonas Folger. Something was wrong." - Speed Week

Valentino Rossi understands that he is “able to go faster with the old bike” but claims the Yamaha team 'need to work’ and priorities the engine. - Daily Star


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No need to be "scared". Even if Marquez or somebody else may beat his records (the number of victories in the major class was already beaten by Valentino) they won't be taken away and his battles against Read and Hailwood will remain forever.

V46R bet your idolo will live to see MM take his 10th title in the next 6 years. I await all your salty tears.

Valentino's demanding the changing of engineers now?

i bet the only reason he lost the title this year is because of those engineers. Everyone consipiring againast valentino. Dude would've been 15 thimes world champion by now if everything was fair and spaniards didn't cheat

The comes back are pathetic kids, nothing interesting to say, Yawn!! 

Hey everyone YEARBY23, UCCIO IS STILL..., SENNAFTW, POLDARN are all on Google as we speak trying to educate themselves on who AGO is & who Hailwood was. It's funny, they don't know!! Ha ha. 

Dont worry V46R, in a couple of years you will be old enough to ride a moped.

Comment removed due to violation of the terms of use.

Flopsy will never reach Ago... nor will he get title 10

V46R I was asking a question. 

How do you know these named posters are Googling this search? Otherwise it sounds like a 7 year old's argument...based things you made up.