Jorge Lorenzo signed off from Valencia with the fourth fastest lap time on the final day of official 2017 MotoGP testing.

The factory Ducati rider's main task, alongside team-mate Andrea Dovizioso, was to evaluate a 'semi-new' bike, understood to involve some new chassis parts fitted to the present GP17.

"Today we tried again the semi-new bike. For the moment it doesn't work better than the current one," Lorenzo declared. "And many little things, the same things as yesterday, to be really sure of the way the engineers must follow for the new bike."

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Like title runner-up Dovizioso, Lorenzo's main wish is to make the next Desmosedici more effective in mid-corner.

"We need the bike to turn better to be faster in the middle of the corner, in general terms. And also, if the engine can be a little bit more progressive, more docile, more smooth, it will also be fine."

The triple MotoGP champion, who finished his first Ducati season with seventh place in the world championship, confirmed that he would be willing to compromise on top speed if it helped cornering.

"I already did with the new fairing," he said. "So I am one of the riders who believes that you make more of the time in the corners than in the straights."

But the Spaniard emphasised that the bike doesn’t need major changes, given the success of his team-mate this season.

"To be honest, Dovi got a lot out of the bike. He knows the bike for five years, and he made an unbelievable championship, it looks like he understands the bike and he can get the maximum.

"Also it's true that he was very fast, but maybe in some races the management of the tyres was good, he was very good at that, and this also helped him to win some races.

"Maybe in just pure speed we will need some tenths, especially in the middle of the corners to really try to win races, a lot of races in a constant way."

Ducati will take part in a further private test at Jerez next week before deciding on the final design for the GP18.


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I think 2017 humbled JL, and hasn't broken his will to win at all.  It's good to hear him be inclusive and supportive of his teammate's success.  He realizes their collective potential to ride at the front together.  2018 will be an awesome season.

I know 'if' doesnt count, but lets play it just for fun. At Brno Lorenzo with the right decision he woulv ve won, at Misano he crashed on first place, at Sepang he let Dovi win. That are 3 races he could ve won and the season would look totally different. 

I think Dovi still will be faster at season opening 2018, but he has to be careful, lorenzo is definitely closing up. He have beaten Dovi on a technial track like aragon terribly, lorenzo is coming closer and at some point he will overtake hamster Dovi.

Doesn't JL go well around Qatar? 


Yes he does newbie! 11th place over 20 seconds off the leader on a Ducati!! LOL!!!

Idiots like you should get lost. You know piss all about this sport, moron.

Still better than Flopsy who finished more than 1 minute behind winner on Ducati in a race not once but twice. Lmfao. Stoner won 3 races on that and had more podiums than Flossi did in his 2 years which JL surpassed in just his first year with no CRT bikes and a grid that's hailed as the most competitive in history.

Rossi was not too good with the ducatti that is true but stop the Stoner nonsense pls!. Dont compare 2010 to 2011. Its totally different. Stoner would have won jack shit on the 2011 Ducatti. Mind you Hondas seamless gearbox intruduced for the 2011 season. Just sayin!

Stoner battling his stomach illness finished no less than fifth in his final year. Won 3 races too. So the only one who didn't win jackshit on the Ducati was Flopsy.

senna ftw

Yes he usually does... on yamaha. Let's see next year... also ducati usually good at Qatar (specially stoner)... maybe JL can win at Qatar

Hamster Dovi!!! And 6 up votes, the hate for Italian riders is just wrong on here. Hamster, 6 wins is a hamster. Dovi was catching JL in sepang and JL made a mistake due to pressure, we all saw Valencia, that was proof JL was never going to let Dovi win any race. Your delusional if you think otherwise. 

Keep trolling UCCIO IS STILL... and keep dreaming of JL beating Dovi. Remember the Ducati isn't a yamaha and JL can't adjust to it and it's the most versatile Ducati to date. 

JL will be lucky to keep Miller of his back next season, sure Abraham beat JL in Philip Island.

Give it rest dude and don't make me laugh.

Come on now, Lorenzo did not let Dovi win in Sepang. Please do not rewrite history. Dovi was inching closer lap by lap, JL almost crashed, and once Dovi passed him, JL was struggling to keep up.