After discussing fundamental factors in his title triumph earlier this week, Marc Marquez has claimed that his “elbow is worth a World Cup” as it was key to his incredible save in the Valencia GP. - AS

Casey Stoner will remain with Ducati after Gigi Dall’Igna confirmed “It’s already clear that Casey will be testing in Sepang before the factory riders get down for their official test. Casey will remain part of the Ducati family in 2018". - Speed Week

Valentino Rossi believes momentum is crucial and that races like Phillip Island ‘energise’ the Italian. The MotoGP legend went on to explain “what drains me is doing something I don’t like, going to a place I don’t want to be in”, when discussing speculation about a potential retirement" - GP One

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Former Spanish rider Sete Gibernau has claimed that his “best victory is seeing Dani Pedrosa smile”. He also believes that Pedrosa ‘has a journey’ and his countryman enters his 13th MotoGP season. - Marca

Marc Marquez has explained his gravity-defying save in the Valencia GP that ultimately allowed him to claim his fourth title. The world champion said “I used my elbow and knee as a level, and I think that with the help of the fans, I got back up". - Crash


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Are you referring to yourself? Because the only one who blows a trumpet on crash dot net on every MM article is you. 
Well atleast you've acknowledged yourself as a Loser. Its the first step in rehabilitation. Good luck. 


Losers who win multiple world titles that is. Coming from a guy who can't spell the word "trumpet", that's kinda rich don't you think?

Only losers like to blow one's own trumphet...... When you save a fall by using one's own limbs for picking one's bike back up. To then steer the bike through a sand trap to rejoin the race and yet still finish on the podium in front of the main competition that challenged the championship. Only then are you entitled  "To blow one's own trumphet"  Ask Dovi how hard riding a gp bike through sand is!.....  

The little plank reckons the world champion is a loser...

The thing about trolls James... if people don't respond, they soon get bored and move on.

Actually I don't think his elbow is worth a world cup, it is more to do with how Marc thinks. His mind is saying we can get upright, we can save this and it all happens in a nanosecond.  He pulls off moves and saves never seen before in Motogp and at speed, that's the scary bit about his saves...