Never has so much been at stake in a Marc Marquez miracle save.

When the Spaniard lost the front of his Repsol Honda at Turn 1 of the Valencia season finale, he was just seven laps away from securing his fourth MotoGP title.

The only way Marquez could lose the crown was if he failed to finish inside the top 11 and Andrea Dovizioso won the race.

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Marquez's huge turn one moment could easily have ended with his RCV somersaulting through the gravel and Dovizioso being promoted to third, behind Johann Zarco and Dani Pedrosa, assuming team-mate Jorge Lorenzo would have let him past.

Instead Marquez somehow hung on, despite smoke pouring from his front Michelin, and rejoined in fifth place - while both Lorenzo and Dovizioso crashed out.

Of course, Marquez had no way of knowing the impending Ducati downfall at the time of his save, which Repsol Honda has now revealed some jaw dropping data for.

Marquez reached the end of the main straight and braked 30 metres later than usual. He took the corner at 153km/h, in third gear. When losing the front end, the front wheel slid for more than 50 metres and his lean angle reached 64º - but he did not go down.

“When I got to the corner I saw that I had entered too fast, but I thought ‘I’ll brake it and I’ll go in’, said Marquez. “But then, ‘boom!’ I supported my weight with my elbow!

"I used my elbow and knee as a level, and I think that with the help of the fans, I got the bike back up.”

Valencia was the latest in a growing line of gravity-defying moments by Marquez. Others include Brno 2014 and 2016, plus Turn 1 at Sepang this season.


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Is he in a classroom? Is he a supply teacher during the off-season? Is that the '18 spec Honda? He'd still probably win on it.

Can't figure out why he even tried that pass. It made no sense at all. OK, maybe on the last lap, if Dovizioso is out of contention you go for the win but not at that point. Also, he is really pushing his luck with the crashes. One of these days he is going to run out of luck and end up seriously hurt. That said, the save was really amazing. The other riders need to learn how to save crashes like he does.

Is probably one reason -> he is a true racer

It's not luck its a skill now. Read what Kevin Cameron had to quote a former racer about MM "saves"

Agree it's not luck, but it is more likely to be a technique which other riders can actually learn, though very difficul, but not impossible

Yes, a lot skill, but still also luck. The other 26 crashes are when the skills/luck ran out.

Fair enough, but i think you forget something that those crashes were on the practices not in the race, which Marc said it over and over that he was looking for the limit, so he can manage the risk while on the actual race. 

I guess that's why he's a 4x MotoGP WC and you're a middling at best keyboard jockey

All his saves are unbelievable, the one in Sepang you can see him open his leg to suport the bike, (looks like the bike is pushing his leg back but it's him opening it, from the camera view from the front can be seen better).

Last year alone he saved the championship at least 5 times with the elbow during races, but this last save was kind of iconic because it was the deciding race in Valencia,  and there was that contrast with Lorenzo who lost front and went down,  Dovi who run off in the gravel and fell down, while Márquez lost the front for 50 meters, saved it, went in the gravel, rejoined and finished third to take the title lol. Unique rider, unreal skill. 


couldnt said it better. 100% true.