Ducati’s technical chief Gigi Dall’Igna has insisted the dashboard messages sent to Jorge Lorenzo through the second half of the 2017 MotoGP finale at Valencia were ‘a suggestion’ rather than ‘an order’.

Engaged in a thrilling five-way fight for the win during Sunday’s final grand prix of the year, Lorenzo, fourth, led team-mate and title hopeful Andrea Dovizioso with the trio of Johann Zarco, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa just ahead.

Sensing the Italian may possess the quicker pace, Ducati management signalled for Lorenzo to allow Dovizioso through. But the Majorcan felt he could best aid his team-mate by staying in front, pulling him ever closer toward the leaders.

Speaking on Monday, Dall’Igna backed his rider, explaining he had “more information” on the bike than the team “sitting on the chair, watching on the TV” and said he and others in Ducati management had misunderstood the situation.

“This was a suggestion, not an order,” Dall’Igna said. “This year we have some races you can win if you are fast. And there are some races you can win if you are able to control and not destroy above all the rear tyre until the end of the race. And yesterday’s race was the second one. You have to be on the final part of the race really close to the first riders and with the best possible rear tyre.

“You know, the wear of the rear tyre yesterday was a problem. So our suggestion is that the fastest riders have to stay in front to stay in contact with the first riders to have the possibilities for Dovi to win the race. This is our goal during the race.

“Our opinion watching the TV was Dovi was the fastest rider and so we would like him to be in front of Lorenzo. The riders have a different opinion. Lorenzo, when he saw our signal on the dashboard tried to be a little bit more fast so that Dovi cannot catch him and so that he was the fastest rider and he continued in front. I think it was our misunderstanding watching the TV and so that’s it.”

Clarifying his comments, the Italian added, “You know, at the end the rider on the bike for sure have more information than us sitting on the chair and watching the TV. For sure, apart from when it’s absolutely logical [he should follow directly].

"I know Jorge very well and for sure if he had to leave Dovi in front because Dovi could win the championship for sure he would do this. I’m quite confident and sure about that.”


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End of debate for all you Lorenzo haters.

Ducati are embarrassed and probably a little pissed but after all JL was suppose to bring them wins and a championship, but it turned out to be Dovi. They are protecting him to some degree, I would too if was paying him that type of money.  I afraid it doesn't mean he didn't hold AD up. Look it plain to see JL was holding him up early on in the race, take off the winkers dude! Nothing to do with loving or hating JL. Bottom line he helped MM once again. Tell me if the penny drops!! I can't explain any clearer.

you are such a negative and sour person, and actually out of line. i don't know what more evidence do you want other than every single ducati stake holder confirming the same message!

a rossi fan cry baby, sad that marc is gonna surpass rossi's records in a handful of years, really pathetic

''Shh! That's enough out of you''

First season. 3 podiums and ahead of Petrucci, a guy who is on the same bike and has been at Ducati longer. As the season has gone on Lorenzo has finished higher up the order, qualified better and led more and more laps.

He's a patient rider who steadily develops and adapts, that way the progress is stronger. Compared to how Yamaha have handled their development this season, changing chassis every 2 minutes and hoping for the best... 

Lorenzo will be at the front next year whether you like it or not. You're just proving yourself to be a fan of 1 rider and not MotoGP. You're a phony.

Anyone who hates any of these riders is a petty little fool. They're ALL incredible. Can you like one more than aother? Absolutely. But to hate some of them? That just shows the "hater" has a character flaw. 

We saw what happened ,we saw staff members typical italian  gesticulation and now this Ducati corporate statements for the sake of intercompany peace and assets protection. Same as Yamahas 2 years ago.  But we know ,you know! 

2 years ago it was clear Yamaha wanted VR to win the title despite JL being the better rider with more wins, poles etc etc... Used to be a Yamaha fan but that Factory garage much be a toxic place to work when everything you do or suggest is dismissed.

Yearb...I think we need to factor in the fact that Jorge went behind his team manager's back and visited Race Direction to get his team mate's penalty increased. Things were never the same after that, for whatever reason.

Now everyone is trying to minimize the incident to avoid creating tension within the team. However Dovi was visibily faster than Lorenzo in the first half of the race and the team knew. Did you watch the race? Did you see the faces and body language in the Ducati box? They could see from the telemetry who was faster.

We can argue that the point is moot because Dovi crashed and Marquez managed a third place, but what would have happened if Dovi had gotten closer and put pressure on MM? We all know that MM is not the calculating type, we saw that again yesterday. Now we will never know.