Andrea Iannone pulled himself away from his sickbed on Wednesday to assess some parts that may find their way onto Suzuki’s 2018 machine, and concluded a series of ‘small differences’ led to an improvement in the Italian’s pace.

Like young team-mate Alex Rins, the 28-year old was struck down by a virus on Tuesday, meaning no Suzukis were on track at Valencia of the first day of testing for the ’18 season.

Still nursing a fairly fragile physical condition on Wednesday, Iannone put a new Suzuki engine and chassis through their paces and posted the ninth fastest time of the day, 0.8s back of pace setter Marc Marquez.

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“I try a different engine but it’s very close to the ’17 [spec]. Sincerely we confirmed the same feeling we had in Brno because in Brno we use more or less this new engine.

“We confirmed the same feeling; it’s a little bit better. It’s interesting. At the moment we have some different things but we’re waiting to put it all together in the next test and prepare the whole 2018 bike.

“The bike is very similar from 2017,” he explained. “Only a little parts, small differences in the chassis and small differences in engine. This is the Suzuki philosophy. I think the Japanese philosophy don’t change a lot. It’s always small steps, small steps, small steps and at the end it’s a big step.

“At the moment I’m very happy. Today for sure I don’t have a good energy for this test. Yesterday me and Alex remained in the motorhome and I had a big pain. But today it’s important for me to try the new things and some things we have in the garage. I’m happy because my pace is much better compared to the race.”

Iannone repeatedly complained of issues entering turns throughout 2017 as the character of the GSX-RR keeping him from pitching into the corner at speed with the front brake engaged.

The situation was often made worse when grip deteriorated on Sunday thanks to the Moto2 and Moto3 rubber laid down. And Iannone feels Suzuki’s new chassis improves most areas except this one. Corner entry will be a focus for factory technicians over the winter months.

“So the chassis improves in all areas apart from the entry,” he said. “Suzuki is a very good factory with the chassis. The bike is fantastic. It has a very good agility. It turns very well. From a straight position it reduces the speed very well. I struggle a little bit on the front position at angle. I want to improve this area.

“This area is important for the race. On Sunday compared to Saturday, on Saturday I have a very good pace but on Sunday always we have less grip on the rear and on the front. And on the rear also when we have less grip I struggle a little bit more but we don’t lose a lot on the lap time.

“But when it’s not possible to brake like in practice, I lose a lot in the lap time. And this is a bad situation for us. We don’t remain with the best riders and the best manufacturers.

“For example, at Phillip Island we stay all the race with the best riders because it’s a track without braking points; all fast corners, and we don’t brake very strong, no entry with the brake at an angle… So this is for us always better. But we’ll focus on this area and I hope we arrive ready next season with a small improvement.”

Both Iannone and Rins will be present at Jerez next week to do further comparisons between the ’17 and ’18 machines. “For sure in Jerez we start to get everything together; engine, chassis, maybe we have new forks from Ohlins. All these things and we start to compare and to try the ’17 and ’18 bikes,” he said.


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With their 4th position at the final race and no 2017 podiums, they elevate their bike's potential for next season.  Without concessions, Suzuki will have two riders they can put up at the front of the field.  Look for a light blue bike in parc ferme next season.

Maybe Rins bike on podium. Iannone bike will be retrieved from kitty litter

You would say that because he's Italian. They choose a engine with the wrong characteristics and were stuck with it. Suzuki with both Ianonne and Rins will be competitive next season.

So piss off with your hate for Italian riders you know nothing about motorcycle racing so stop embarrassing yourself. Ianonne won on a inferior Ducati than Lorenzo had this season and I would bet anything Iannone would have won on the Ducati this season not only once but a few times. Lorenzo will never win on the Ducati. In 2019 Lorenzo will be in Suzuki blue and I bet he will win on it. 

Ducati ain't the place for Lorenzo.

We have Lorhay's personal secretary here bootlicker

If Iannone had stayed with Ducati Dovi would have been with a satelite team and Iannone would probably have won races but fallen more so Marc would have been crowned champion at least one race earlier.  

Maybe but I said he would have won a few races I didn't say he would have won 6 races. Lorenzo didn't win one race on arguably the most versatile Ducati Gp ever, even the satellite teams lead laps and faught for wins. 

Like I said I predict Lorenzo to be on a Suzuki for 2019 season. That numpty head SENNAFTW & UCCIO IS STILL just hate Italians that's obvious. What's going to be their response?? Ohh Flopsy, flossi or grandpa never won on the Ducati, or he got beat by Zarco or some brainless shit like that.



Dovi was plainly the best choice as partner for Jorge.

I didn't say he wasn't, I'm just pointing out Iannone would have won races this year with Lorenzo's Ducati. But ya Dovi was a better team mate to Lorenzo although I've a feeling Lorenzo didn't expect Dovi to get 6 wins and he won nothing. Surprise to everyone but Dovi was always strong in Qatar with last few years but just fell short.

I reckon Dovi will win in Qatar next season, he was only whiskers away last few years.

I am pretty sure all will agree, Iannone was passed up for taking out Dovi and dumping the bike on a few occassions when the line was in sight. I like the maniac, he's a great rider hope he stands himself on the podiums next year, that will add spice to the mix with Zarco fighting for places...

So Suzuki have finally caught up to the level of the other manufacturers 2017 bikes with their updates for 2018.This looks to me that they are still behind as the other manufacturers are improving their 2017 bikes for 2018