The Malaysian MotoGP at Sepang has been chosen as the best Grand Prix of 2017 by the Grand Prix Commission, which consists of Dorna, FIM, MSMA (manufacturers' association) and IRTA (teams' association).

Factors such as organisation, facilities and atmosphere are typically taken into account when the 'best Grand Prix' vote is made.

Sepang International Circuit Chief Executive Officer Dato' Razlan Razali said it was a great honour to receive the recognition, which SIC previously won in 2012.

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"This shows the dedication of our team, our competency and our ability to organise an international event that is recognised by international bodies such as FIM and Dorna," he said.

"There are 18 circuits and promoters this season, and we have been selected. It is great news for Malaysia especially the fans, and of course lifted the spirits of all SIC staff."

Razali added that the win reiterated the fact that the Motorcycle Grand Prix is the biggest international event for SIC and the country.

A record-breaking 166,486 fans turned out at the circuit over the three days in October, surpassing the 161,533-mark of last year - despite a wet race, which saw a memorable one-two for Ducati riders Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo.

The timing of the 'best Grand Prix' award is also particularly significant for SIC, which has chosen to make MotoGP its undisputed number one event, after hosting F1 for the final time.

The Malaysian MotoGP contract runs until at least 2021.

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I think most people will vote for the track where their rider won or did his best.  Sepang was a decent race that provided some battles, but not terribly exciting, perhaps due to the amount of time the riders are basically upright with the throttles pinned, in the saddle listening to the bike semi-automatically go up through the gears and letting traction control do the rest.

That said, I think there are several tracks that make for great races, one that comes to mind every year is Phillip Island.  Several that follow as great GP tracks would be Aragon, Mugello, Brno, & Germany.  Valencia does have some close races, but it's such a tight track, I don't think the racing is even close to the level of excitement as those others.

And there are a bunch I'd remove from the schedule.  I'd label them featurless or not having enough S-turns to make for decent MC tracks.  Bikes on their sides makes for great races.  The more they are upright, the less interesting it is. Oh wait, that would be describing Sepang.  Ooops!

Philip Island by a mile.

After visiting Sepang for MotoGP in 2015, in my opinion the award is well-deserved.  A tremendous venue, with great organisation throughout. A reflection on the Malaysian way of doing things. An example being completely re-surfacting the road outside my hotel in KL, overnight. From start to finish.  In the UK, it would have taken at least two weeks...

tremendous? donald is that you? "great people, wonderful people of Malaysia have come toghther to cheer for me donald in this tremendous venue .. and the motorcyle riders i hear are great too.. especially that guy Mavrick Rossi.. Mavrick was in a hollywood movie top gear.. "