Jonathan Rea says he wants to relish in the moment of dominating the World Superbike championship after capping a phenomenal 2017 with a double victory in Qatar to rewrite the record book.

The triple World Superbike champion equalled the most double wins in a single season with Carl Fogarty and Troy Bayliss while setting a new points record in a campaign with 556 to surpass Colin Edwards’ 552 points haul scored in 2002.

Such has been Rea’s control in 2017 the Northern Irish rider was never off the podium in a race he reached the finish, while he just two DNFs all season, on his way to 16 race wins out of 26 races – including seven wins from the final eight races.

Rea is eager to enjoy the moment having faced previous struggles before joining Kawasaki in 2015 and isn’t taking any of it for granted heading into next year ahead of the regulation changes.

“The points tally is nice but the championship is the main thing,” Rea said. “To win 16 races in a season, more than 50% of the races, is not normal. That’s the biggest thing I take away.

“This year, like I keep saying, I have no words. It has been feeling normal to be here on the podium and that is kind of scary. Right now is my time, so I really am enjoying the moment.

“Next year it could easily be somebody else so we really need to enjoy this and celebrate an incredible year. I know how difficult it is when things are not coming naturally, and it is an uphill struggle, so that is why I am so grateful to Kawasaki for this opportunity. It is a huge team effort. In a few weeks’ time we can start turning our attention to 2018.”


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Two classes of Superbike riders, JR then everyone else!  Just my opinion but domination seems to back it up........


Its easy to become superbike world champion, all you have to do is ride a works kawasaki. When Rea was with Honda he won races but not championchips because the honda was crap and there was so much competition. 

It might help the championship and competition if Rea had a highly competitive teammate and someone who really took it to him. Sykes finished a limp 183 points behind and that's just not good enough when you're on the best bike.

agreed. sykes is over-rated. that kawasaki is so good and there is no competition out there.

what you talking about,kawk one of the slowest bikes down the straight,its not that good of bike,can i go back to what JR done on the honda,compared to moto world champ nicky hayden etc and all the team mates he ever had,he finnished 3rd with multipy wins,no one getting anywhere near that on honda.and JR has got even better since joining kawk, 

It’s high time he test his skills against the beat in Motogp 

Grats. But sort of sorry to see Colin's old record go

And WSBK, no matter how good Rea is seriously do something about the Kawas. It's worse on par with or worse than F1 for the last couple of years

Why is it not the others who need to up their game to keep up? Jonathan is so good and has dominated the series for the last 3 years shows their is a lot lacking in other teams so they need to get their finger out! No need to blame Jonathan for making the racing boring as he can't help being brilliant! You can try to make the bikes more competitive but if you haven't got Jonathan Rea in your team you are wasting your time!!!

Rea is great, a multiple world champion. But he's no Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez. If he was he would have had better finishes when he got a chance on the then best bike in MotoGP

Ok what about his competition?

Sykes is good, but has had more gremlins and injuries. Chaz is very good, but hasn't got an equally competitive bike. The rest – nowhere to be seen because Kawasaki is so far ahead.

Yeah, there is a problem. And yeah, it makes it so that we can't really put Rea ahead of the old timers in the class either

You can't say he would have had better finishes when he was on the best bike in MotoGP. When Honda let JR have a go in MotoGP he wasn't allowed to "race". He was told to just take it easy, take no risks, and bring the bike home without crashing it. He did as Honda instructed, and still beat several established Motogp riders. He didn't get a MotoGP ride with Honda because he was their only rider capable of getting results in WSBK at that time. Being loyal to Honda, and believing they would reward him with a move to MotoGP was the factor which held him back. the old fireblade was a clunker then, just as the new 'Blade is now.