Mercedes were called to the stewards for a breach of Article 12.2.1.i of the International Sporting Code, which states: “Failure to follow the instructions of the relevant officials for the safe and orderly conduct of the Event.”

This was in relation to physios attending to their drivers before being weighed in parc ferme.

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After a meeting with the stewards, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell's physiotherapists, and a Mercedes team representative, they have been handed a fine.

The stewards concluded: "The Stewards received a report from the Media Delegate, which was subsequently confirmed by video evidence, that the physios / drivers’ assistants of Cars 44 and 63 entered parc ferme in violation of the Post Race Interview and Podium Ceremony Procedure that was published prior to the race “for the orderly conduct of the event.”

Mercedes were ultimately fined because ahead of the weekend, the following was outlined: "Other than the team mechanics (with cooling fans if necessary), officials and FIA pre-approved television crews and FIA approved photographers, no one else will be allowed in the designated area once the cars are in the Parc Ferme area (no team PR personnel.

“Driver physios must wait outside the cool-down room behind the podium until the podium ceremony has concluded following the instructions given to all teams by the Media Delegate.”

Mercedes' double-podium finish remains unaffected.