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Alv on top and Sykes getting up to speed on the BMW (right behind Rea), exciting stuff in the world of SBK. It's time for some shake-ups and change.
Well said STONED  I believe the wind came up during the day so the times may not show everyones potential though.
I don't think there's any real team plan or orders, bar that Dovi is a known quantity for them, and Danilo isn't. Iannone didn't get the arse because he didn't "play their game".....he got the arse because he kept taking one, or both, bikes out on a regular basis. They didn't favour Dovi over Lorenzo. Sure, they did the usual manufacturer thing of "It's not the bike, it's you." thing to Lorenzo....but a conspiracy about some great plan to have Dovi win and Lorenzo as wing man ??!!  C'mon ! They payed $25 million for a wing man ??!! Don't be silly. He got the map 8 nonsense, because Dovi was in with a shot, and Lorenzo was miles from it. Honda would have done the same thing between Dani and Marq. Yamaha with Vinales and Rossi.....and don't start stating nonsense like "yeah, Vinales would have to pull over because Yamaha does what Rossi says.."....They'd throw out a "suggestion" to which ever rider was furthest from the lead of the championship, regardless of the name. As for Danilo not being in with a shot.....who can say ?  Look at last season.  Maybe shoulders won't be healed and Yamahas' will still be bad. Maybe the Ducati'shave some woes and it ends up being Rins leading as they head to Europe......or Morbs, or Bags, or Cal, or Miller. Great thing about racing. Who knows ?
Well, To hark back nearly 30 years ( to the tyre "wars" that most have some conveluded opinion on), we're nowhere near as bad as that. And in reality, the only bad thing about the "war" was Micelins' ability to a) have overnight specials made and delivered, which usually were only allocated to b) The top one or two qualifiers on that brand. Tyres that could be worth up to a second a lap. So. As for multi-tye suppliers.Not so bad. Ducati did quite alright out of having bridgestone as their chosen supplier up to around '07. Seemed to upset the applecart for them when that stopped. Swings and round-abouts....or null and void subject matter if governed correctly. As for tyre performance. For as long as I can remember, tyres have never lasted the race distance.....with the exception of the last season or two of the previous bridgestone contract. And the racing was nowhere near as good as what it has been since they left. Riders should have to manage what they've got. Why not ? Again back to the 500 days, a race was this....... 5 laps as hard as you dare off the start to see if you could make a break. Settle it down for 10 to 12/15 laps to look after what you had, 5 laps of insanity at the end ( if you hadn't cleared out) and see who's got what left. What's wrong with that ? Isn't that what racing is all about ? A multi-faceted skill set, and who's the best at it ? Seeing as every single team/rider has the same tyres to pick from, and barring the odd QA issue with a random tyre here or there ( of which there's been how many ? ), what exactly is the beef with Michelin ? Has the racing been boring ? Has someone been predjudiced or impacted more greatly than their rivals by tyre performance ? I didn't think so either. Michelin's been working hard. New tyres and compounds every season, sometimes even mid, addressing as best they can whatever common issues the riders and teams voice in unison. Good job Michelin.  The racing has been great.
OliverG can you see this?
Here you go V46R now run along and cry in the mirror, how was Márquez slowing him down......Rossi fastest laps were the ones duelling with Márquez you numpty