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The man is still bitter, that is obvious.  He'll take his concocted story to the grave, how he had nothing to do with him losing the fight  way way back in Sepang, even though it was he who was penalised... sad really, you would expect a little more maturity from a guy who is nearly 41...  obviously it takes a little longer for a few to grow up and look at the facts in who started the nonsense in the first place,  no doubt... Then again, karma is a bitch...
Anymore WSBK watching & I might get them on speed dial!
I'm so glad I watched the BTCC package today rather than other alternatives...  
he shoulda just driven the icecream truck,same result
Doesn't count. Rossi needed to win with a non-Japanese manufacturer. Like Stoner. When he tried he failed. Miserably. Rossi's manufacturer changes are highlighted by failure. 
No such thing as a boring motorcycle race, you miserable fucks would be safer checking out the Samaritans.