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My wife had it one as I passed through the living room but 'whir, whir. faint tyre scream' doesn't grab your attention.  They are in a hell of their own making anyway. This nonsense about only running on circuits where people don't drive to basically rules out anything but slapstick ruler and setsquare street circuits. It they were that green they wouldn't even run the series and save everyone the electricity. 
It matters not, - the 'landscape' will be as it always was, the top teams will always have the money and resources to squeeze the most out of their package
There are too many feeder series in Europe for F1. They should go the IndyCar route, Indy Lights - just one feeder series is needed
A hallmark if idiocy is to fail to notice that every time you point invective at another with a cretinous finger, the other three are pointing at oneself.
We shall see, won't we?!