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You can't help it, can you eh?  Jorge felt he had to leave Yamaha (its no secret why) and worked his arse off to prove that he could win on a Ducati.  And he did so and earned respect on performance merit.  No-one gave him any free passes, he had to dig-deep and earn it with results. Too late though, and JL99 met the fate that hits just about every rider (with one very rare and notable exception) and his overall results in 1.5 seasons had meant he was to be replaced at Ducati. So - he is picked up by HRC.  Already injured, he gets a wrist and then aspinal injury FFS.  Yes his results are dire, but there are clear and obvious reasons as to why Lorenzo is struggling so badly.  And once again, as he has to operate in the performance meritocracy of Racing (unlike one notable exception who gets chance after chance, just so long as the tills keep ringing) - which means JL99 is again under the threat of losing his seat. Lorenzo is a complex character and can be hard-to-like, but its a lot easier to have a lot of respect for his performances and his determination with Ducati as well as Honda. Jorge has shown some steel and adaptability and that he's a tough character. This is why you don't see anyone out for Lorenzo's head on a plate V46R.  Lorenzo is having a tough time as it is, and his career is under serious threat - and MotoGP isn't cutting JL99 any slack.  That's tough, but also its how it ought to be as well.  Racing is a hard game and takes no prosoners, and shouldn't be giving anyone a free ride.  Hear what I'm saying here?
Sorry Dickens.....I was talking about the fact that I've pencilled in Jack's name for me to support when Dovi calls it a day. If you read this article it'll show why I've always followed Dovi :- Jack is different, I rate him because he's a character and tries hard in every race. I feel that he was treated unfairly in that race where he was the only one to choose the right tyre, all the other riders should have started from pit lane. 
@Aland, Youve got a point, Fangio won races and 5 WC titles in F1 for Alfa Romeo, Maseerati, Mercedes , Ferrari in cars that were absolutely death traps back in that era. He was nicknamed El Maestro ['The Master'] and for good reason.  For me that marks him out totally from todays drivers.  As for Coulthard, he's just like the F1 drivers, trained what to say [and what not to say either] for his employers and sponsors .  Yes he is as irritating as gnats. 
@ HOPPY.  Agreed.  I said on here probably years back, that (due to huge machine disparity and advantages to a very select handful) it was next to impossible to truly know which rider was truly the best.  Simply of course because 80+% of the field cannot get a package of machine & support to give them a hope in hell of competing. I said that (for all anyone knew) that the best rider in MotoGP, could actually be the unfancied Aleix Espagaro.  This of course created much scoffing and derision (from many Yellow-Fever Sufferers as you might expect, but from others too) - but the overall point is a valid one.  We can say that MM93 is almost certainly the best rider there is in MotoGP - but the truth is that we can never be 100% sure, as the rules allow a lot of equipment & performance disparity through the field.
I don't agree, Ducati need Dovi at the helm.  I think if Jack can lift his game he will be a walk-in to Petrucci's seat. Petrucci can't put on a show the way Dovi did on Sunday, he is being outclassed by the Italian, and Fabio was about to get mauled by Dovi within two more laps.
Wow! I thought I was on the wrong site, all these love notes for Lorenzo makes a change, instead of all the bitter, jealous comments on other threads. Keep it up guys.