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Yeah he was off line - but why was he off line in the first place? It was obvious when Lorenzo's front tye went and he couldnt hold the line and drifted wide on many occasions in the latter stages of the race. Marquez doesnt have the same issue as he is either not behind anyone and even when he is, its less people than Cal.
MB retiring from mgp to wsbk doesn't magically make him startover as a youngster. He won two titles aged 39 and 41. Bayliss won his wsbk titles aged 31, 37 and 39.  And there were many makes of bikes winning and on podium back then. Hondas Aprilias Ducatis Suzukis Yamahas etc. Biaggi won against Rea, Cal, Camier, Haga, Haslam and the whole talented field of youngsters.   Find a better excuse now than age.
In 2000 and 2001 Rossi was in a one man team on the Nastro Azzurro Honda. After that he always had a team mateIn 2004 on the Yamaha Rossi's team mate was Carlos Checa. 2005 to 2007 it was Colin Edwards. Rossi has never been in a one man team on the Yamaha. The wall first appeared in 2008 due to Rossi running Bridgestones and Lorenzo still with Michellin. It reappeared in 2010 due to the decline in there relationship. Rossi prevented any sharing of data during those two seasons.    Get your facts right David.      
"at the moment if only because of the fact that tyres and setups play such a big part in races"????   As opposed to Overnight special era where despite having huge machine advantage it was deemed necessary to give golden boy illegal tyres to win races against much weaker competition? 
Rossi has always been a true gentlemen. Always telling it as it is and acknowledging others for their efforts. That a true champion. SennaFTW. Where do you get your information from? Did rossi tell you himself that he wont let Tech 3 have a factory bike? Also prior to Lorenzo coming into Yamaha for his Motogp debut season, Rossi had always been in a one man team and during all of those years, he never had access to anyones data which is probably why he never wanted to share his data the first time he ever received a team mate. Did you know that Senna? Also in Rossi's second season with Lorenzo as his team mate, the wall was pulled down and both riders shared each others data which is what happens in every form of motor racing where a team has multiple riders/drivers. Just thought you might like to know that before you keep squirting out all of your stupid comments.  
Mb retired from motogp to wsbk and would be the first to agree his best years were in motogp in his 20s,as for jl,let's see now how old was he when he won his titles.oh and Casey,it's the same for f1,generally champions are in their 20s.i think it's fantastic when there is an exception to the rule and someone like max or Carlos win a championship at 40 sadly not in motogp though.todays racers have to be absolute athletes to tolerate the forces and extremes of 260 horsepower not like the pipe smoking champions of yesteryear.