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Well there's a lot us outsiders don't know, ain't there? It's a workplace, a team, a business. Maybe The Maniac isn't a character that works well in that environment. Fast, but fiery and fragile. As a rider to develop a bike, it sounds like last year's engine choice has cost him dearly. 
Spies didn't know any of the tracks either...
Growing a team requires hard team work. Suzuki now have a solid bike to move forward on, no major handling issues, just getting more top speed and Rins learning more this season. Love the comments on Crazy Joe... I think in January Rins will go well straight away.  
Time will tell but it looks like they were pretty lucky to get Mir. Rins is no rookie anymore and when they went with the highly experienced Iannone's choice of engine direction it didn't exactly go well.
You're being a bit kind there. Instead of HRC vs LCR it was more like Repsol Honda vs Honda WSBK, because at least the LCR has a small chance of winning without having to rely on reliability problems from the Repsol boys. It was a hollow win, there's no two ways about it. However, let's not forget about the heartbreak that Toyota suffered a couple of years ago in the last few minutes of the race, it was unbelievable. They 'beat' the competition fair and square, only they didn't.. So anyway, they deserve to finally get this this result.