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I think that`s about the size of it Talentfan.
I concur with you and all those that have exacted that same point. We have an example of what happens during socker games. When the players attempt to obtain a penalty shoot by falling down on purpose....
Hi Codger, lol , i think he's pulled his neck in a bit now he's been exposed !!!!  Undercover trolls O normal posters 1.   I hope the battle for 2nd is a good one but looks like top spot is beyond the reach of the others.
There's a difference between a rider taking another one out due to what's normally called a racing incident and one where a rider has barged through when there wasn't room and he then makes a rider crash out. That will be a something race direction will have to deliberate on and judging by their previous record it isn't going to go well is it!
Agree with above comments. But, "All punishments will continue to be decided by a three-man panel of FIM Stewards."
I miss the Andrea of old...a bit mental, not the smartest bu t with balls of steel, torpedoing everyone left and right. Now this gay-model thing of his I just don’t get. Hope he gets sacked and Zarco takes his place