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Completely unsurprising that it got knocked on the head. Honda, Yamaha etc spend tens of millions developing a prototype just so Kawasaki can swing by and potentially beat them with a glorified streetbike? After Kawasaki themselves have dedicated their entire racing budget to wiping the floor with the WSBK field while other manufacturers have to split their resources. They should grow some balls and play with the big boys properly in GP, rather than building a pseudo GP bike for WSBK
You're both appear to be correct. The swoosh looks like it starts on white and end on a sort of metalic grey. Regardless, the lines of the KTM are quite nice. Fine looking race bike.
Well the cans you can buy have silver on so I'm just basing it off that. Might be wrong of course, my eyes aren't what they used to be!
Pretty sure that's white? :)
So the factory KTM is still the best looking bike on the grid then! The tech 3 looks a little bit Suzuki with the silver stripe on the side, but still a good looking bike in its own right. Hopefully we'll see it nearer to the front this year 
I guess he will make the team drivers look quick when they take it out. Kubica was an excellent driver before his accident. He must regret his foray into rallying