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then why would marc even say fabio ... is a threat he showed way more then anyone else last season for agressiveness and speed
Top speed is for marketing only, without it Ducati wouldn't have any significant marketing leverage over any of the other brands on the circuit. The top speed differential is the only "positive" talking point that commentators have about Ducati.
Also can't fault the Rossi PR marketing machine in action gaining traction with the fans prior to the following season. 
Dear Eagle, the BSB teams who race there paid for it, as there is no start money, no prize money, they buy tyres at full price from designated supplier, same with the fuel. The circuit keeps everything TV money, gate money, concessions, and probably a sweetener from the designated suppliers allegedly. Its the only show where the actors or there companies don't get paid. Why the monopoly and mergers commission are not involved I don't know.
If Ducati feels the need, the need for speed, maybe the safest way they will get it in 2021 is with Maverick? I suppose it will only be a few months before things start falling in place one way or the other...