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If this guys gives Marc a run for his money, it will be awesome too see my favourites fighting with each other. Unfortunate Zarco cracks and Marc does not under pressure. Hope he gets some training and therapy for that and he will be rock solid.
Soon Hamilton will statistically be the GOAT and already is in most respects. Whatever you think of Hamilton I think he'd have done better in other eras than someone like Vettel who can't race wheel to wheel. How did Vettel get 4!!!!titles? 
Typical Cal. Crutchlow risks walking with a limp for the rest of his days. Lorenzo risked never walking again. You did it Cal, you found that inner strength to carry on that Lorenzo was lacking....
Doubtful,  very doubtful that happened..  
I recall Logan's Run well NLD.  I'm not on the warpath on age.... it's just a fact that at the peak of physical and cognitive ability blended with experience, means that the peak for a sportsman is around 30yo.  I don't make the rules here.  However, the performance stats of racers (inc Rossi ploughing on at 40+) are the proof that it's the case.  Some a bit sooner, others a bit longer, but on average 30ish is the beginning of the end. That's just the hard truth of it.
Read the posts over again.  There's your answer as to why Ezpeleta & Dorna lobbied for Zarco and brokered the Ducati deal.  Ducati can't really lose out of the deal. Zarco's presence on the grid, on yet another bike, adds spice to the show, raises interest, gets people talkng about MotoGP WAY more than if Karel Abraham hadn't been given the big E. Zarco pull a bigger crowd for the show with his extra side-story plot-line, to add with Rossi's struggle to compete with guys half his age, Marquez's return from surgery etc. Tune in for next week's exciting episode!