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Everyone's entitled to their opinions even the 'haters'! Fact is Alonso is basically still a competitive driver doing LeMans, Dakar, IndyCar even if I concede he hasnt got the guts nor balls to do it [IndyCar] full time , only to milk the famous race [Indy500] for all its worth . It maybe that Alonso wants to return to F1 in an ambassador role for McLaren, if he wants to so be it, but I care not.
I wasent realy comenting on rookie of the year,just that I dont think he is fast enough,I think Lando looks promising and Russel might be very good in a decent car,cant say driving that bag of shit and competing against a guy that should not have bean in an f1 car.
Pinched from an article over on MotoSport :- "The 500 two-strokes were the pinnacle of motorcycle racing until the larger-capacity MotoGP bikes arrived in 2002, but the development of engines, chassis, tyres and electronics has been so fast that Moto2 bikes – powered by Honda CBR600 streetbike engines – were lapping faster than the 500s in 2010." Shows the development escalation over the years that can reduce laptimes to that degree. It almost makes you wonder why we found the 2stroke era so exciting, being slower than 600cc road engines. ( Old ferts like me found 50bhp on treaded tyres exciting :) ) Maybe the ever increasing chasing of power of modern engines isn't needed. Perhaps TalentFan has any thoughts on that. How you would restrict and put a ceiling on engine power is the question though. I'd go for 3 cylinder 999s if it was down to me. An interesting article that includes Cal's thoughts after riding a 1980s Eddie Lawson bike at Hondas 'Thankyou Day'  
Howdy Codger, I choose my moments !  :-) "Un Bonjour"  to you from a roasting 15C Sète !  
Often dont agree with Ecclestone but hes gone up in my estimation. The honors system is a load of crap. Giving knighthoods to overpaid actors for example. People who get paid ridiculous amounts of money for pretending to be other people. 
Personally I would have said Russell. No big deal thrashing his well past it team mate but he drove that rubbish car really well.