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Fabio will be out to make amends for last year. He'll be going for the win.
Not caught cheating. One tyre was 0.3psi under the limit, which is nothing, but still against the rules. Could have been correct at the start of the race, or a not 100% pressure gauge reading.
I think it's time to let the Honda go.  Not signing with the Petronas team was a mistake (hell, leaving Yamaha was a mistake). He'll never get anywhere on the Honda.  It's too setup for Marquez and Honda will NOT do anything to upset Marc (without him Honda has NOTHING).   Lorenzo is best served with Yamaha ... he's rich.  At this point it's about being competitive and he'll never be so on a Honda.  Either Yamaha or Ducati is the ticket.  When the bike was right, he was unstoppable, even for Marc.
An interesting article there Insidejob.It's exactly the way I and several others see things.I dare say others will come here and call it bullshit,but you can't argue with facts.
Forgot they were caught cheating last year. 
FANN - how do you know Honda wouldn’t be so obliging? You have no idea what the terms of Zarco leaving KTM early so just to assume Honda wouldn’t do the same is poor. In recent times, the only manufacturer that wouldn’t let a rider on another bike before the end of the year were Yamaha when JL left to join Ducati.