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lol I like Metal's reply (for blunt entertainment value) but I think the prospect raised by 46 is interesting - MM v Dovi on the duke. If Dovi can win the odd race on the Duke, I would be happy to put money on Marquez being able to at least match that effort. Maybe MM would be as uncompetitive on the Duke as Lorenzo, or even as hapless as Rossi was on the Duke, but I doubt it. MM and Stoner have a rare trait, that leads to both glory and misadventure - if the bike is not competitive in its own right, they'll still attempt to ride it at the pace needed to win. God love them. Rossi was not willing to ride the Duke in that way, which is understandable (given the stage of his career at that time, with nine championships already under his belt), and I can't tell if Lorenzo is attempting to do so or not. For certain, MM and Stoner are special in this regard. I think Cal is of a similar mindset but does not have their talent (hence more misadventures than glory). Each year it's interesting to see how different riders go adapting to to the changes beneath them. At a minimum, they've all got the annual changes in tyre construction to deal with, they've all got the updated machine to deal with, with some dealing with a change of make. Looking back over the past 12 years, MM and Stoner have been the standouts in adapting to what is underneath them when it doesn't suit them and still regularly turning up at the pointy end. Many, Crutchlow's a great example, have a good year when the annual changes suit them, but have a sh*t when the changes don't suit them. With MM and Stoner, they can make what doesn't suit them (or doesn't suit winning) work to an extent that others can't. In Stoner's case, winning races the bike shouldn't have won, in MM's case winning championships the bike should not have won. For that reason, I'd back MM to at least match Dovi's efforts on the Duke. I could be wrong but I'd take a wager on it and feel my money was pretty safe.  We're not going to see that any time soon I don't think. MM will stay will Honda until he gets his 10th championship. Then he'll gun for a couple of championships on two other makes. That's my guess. He's looking to smash all the records. That path will take him there.
I think the trend is set...Mav did 1 year in moto2 and he is a top rider....Jack jump the class altogether and is a MotoGP winner and did well on the Honda at the end of last year and now on the Ducati he is doing even better. For sure Mir is a talent because to me so far...if he continues on this path...he is going to show up Alex Marquez on the same bike...AM needed 3 years to get his head around this moto2 bike and Mir is standing on the podium in his 5th race and his ride at COTA was really good outperforming many of the stalwarts of Moto2. I am still shocked how fast MotoGP teams are jumping to sign these young not get me wrong I was caught up in the same game at race 2 when I suggested that someone should sign Mir in MotoGP...but as the silly season plays out I have taken a step back and believe they should all do like Marc Marquez and press for that title staying at least 2 years in Moto2. Prove their mettle then step up. This way, I believe you would weed out the hype.
So..everyone's take on Lorenzo to full factory satellite Yamaha? Any word or news of this? Any suggestion how he would sponsor this? Is MVDS out or in at Yamaha? Please share if you are in the know...thx
It's always something with Tom.
METALYOSHI What's wrong! Everything I said is true! Marquez did move from KTM to Derbi, and Marquez did have a whole Moto 2 team to himself and Marquez does have and always did have the best Motorcycle  and with  weak teammate he is king on the hill. You must be blind or dumb to not have figured that out, if Marquez thought he could have won on the Ducati he would have moved already. But he knows the Ducati is a serious challenge and he is playing it safe with Honda. Not fictional about anything I have said child. Cry somewhere else.