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It's good that Valentino got to feel like a real F1 driver, After all I imagine it's been a while since he felt like a real Moto GP rider.....
They were pushing as evidenced by 3 falls and 2 run offs for Hammy and 2 spins for Rossi.
"100 percent left turn" Written by a master of geometry. I wonder though whether it is 100% of a 90 degree turn or 100% of a 45 degree turn. Either way, I do hope it wasn't Tilke who came out with this garbage.
There have been plenty in the past who have switched from bikes to cars and done well. Its a speed thing. Eg Hailwood, Agostini, Cecotto, Surtees, Lawson, Stoner. Not heard of anyone going from cars to bikes as such.
@ JUSTPEOPLE.  Its just how it is.  I'm just calling a spade, a spade. Everyone (including VR fans) would be posting asking questions as to why a rider with Rossi's stats, GOT his 2nd Yamaha career after first Lorenzo outperformed him on an M1, and then the Ducati backed-up that Rossi wasn't anything like the level of Stoner, and more on a par with riders that the Yamaha M1 made Rossi look way better than. If it wasn't Valentino Rossi - we wouldn't be arguing over a rider with this performance level  - you'd be demanding he was replaced. I'm applying a single performance based standard.  You're using dual-standards and giving Rossi concessions and a free pass - because it is VR46. Not my problem if Rossi's under-performing on a No1 Factory Ride, but getting continuing No1 support and a No1 factory Bike/Team/Support.  It's up to Rossi to perform (because he has the tools, and with Mav as well as Fabio showing those tools are top-notch - so all of a sudden its got twice as hard for VR46 to throw Yamaha to the wolves by blaming his tools).  There is an old phrase "a bad workman always blames his tools".  Its clearly NOT the bike/team/crew/support - so that just leaves the rider as the weak link. Thats just the way it is.
Sky Sports says Rossi 1. 5 seconds off Hamilton's best time. Lewis 4 seconds off Vale. Quite impressive from both if true, and if they were actually pushing in their respective machines..