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You've got a lot of nerve , coming into the comments section and posting rational, factual statements.  ;-) :-D   
the problem is that with wsbk getting less competitive and motogp getting more competitive the gap between the two championchips is getting bigger each year. its getting more difdicult for wsbk guys to go over to motogp. dorna is creating a big problem here. 
I think it's about time Motogp introduced a Worldsbk style superpole, that would mean an end to this waiting around for a tow bullshit. Makes for good entertainment too and the sponsor get some good tv coverage. Hey they could even play it back before the race instead of having to listen to all the banal crap the presenters go on about.
It's not as simple as just knowing way the problem is. Knowing how to fix it (electronics wise) is a different ball game. For example If you go to a race and stand on any corner its completely obvious why the Aprilia and KTM struggle, the rear end is squirming all over the place on the exit of the corner under acceleration. Whereas a Honda, Ducati and Yamaha is firmly planted. You cant see this on TV though. 
the start was Audi buying Ducati half way through 2012. simple as that really.
Zarco maybe, Vinales didn't get penalized from hard work.