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@Codger My 2 cents. Marc...Superb under FB's constant presence. Medium rear looked like a mistake given low and dropping temperatures. Turned out to be an excellent decision. FB...Top effort. There's a massive does of courage and self-reliance that's getting that bike to do what he's doing with it. Reminds me of Stoner in that regard. Dovi...Great ride, great rear tyre choice. His defensive riding under pressure was brilliant.  Vinales...His approach to the race was the complete opposite of what his rear tyre choice demanded. Post race, FB spelled out his strategy - his strategy was built around his tyre choice. MV regularly seems to be out of step with the racing context. With that said, have to applaud the way he has put his head down and got into the business of doing better over the past 6 to 8 rounds. Cal...Surprise result. Capatalised on Morbidelli's tyre choice nicely. Rossi...Wow. He'll want to hang in there until he's had time on next year's bike and, more importantly, next year's tires, in the hope of a miracle turn-around. At this rate though, he may actually get pushed before he gets that chance. Lorenzo...The last 3-4 races feel like a protest to me. "Made me come back too early from injury. Making me ride this POS bike. Puig, the donkey, questioning my courage. Well, here you go. It's this or pay me out." 
So Lewis Hamilton, is wanting to take the M1 for a spin... I mean, a Moto 2 machine would scare the living daylights out of most... 4 wheels on the ground is one thing, and 2 is another. As a trial I doubt he would gas it faster than 200kph, the M1 to 200kph is about 4.8s, the F1 car is around 5.2ish, does Lewis know how to use the brakes of a motogp bike, hope so... because the F1 car stops in half the same space of the bike... good luck
Why 'rush'? The title's his already
I just love how Fabio comes by, basically laughs with Marquez and then goes on to do a big wheelie down the back straight ;)
all down hill from here Codge, give Quatty a Ducati and get a championship ????????
give him a ducati, and they'll get a championship