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Source please of this super objective comment?
You could also say Rainey's 1992 title was slightly handed to him after doing crashed with a double leg fracture putting him out of 5 races... he'd won 5 of the first 7 whereas Rainey won 2 but crashed 3 of them...
I propose a new series for spoilt brats like Leclerc and Verstappen. Pram racing. They will be allowed to throw their toys out 3 times over the course of a race and cry and scream 4 times. Early bedtime if they break the rules
Hello Yossarian...can you define "a miserable fuck" and under what circustances you can add for example  "yellow" or "red" or "green" and in fact be allowed to use it anon without censoring? 
Saying Marquez needs to win on another manufacturers bike before he can be called a great is like saying Valentino needs to go back to Ducati and win on that before he can... Its an arguement without much sense, they both are great riders.
Good post. My thoughts exactly and everything they missed out above.