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Will be interesting to see how Max goes this weekend if his Dad, Jos is there again.
Luke Spook
Not as long as daddy is there to do it.
Mark _
Mir is a good bet. Maverick made the bike win and Mir will do the same.  The Suzuki is a good bike. It has been from the beginning. It just needs the right rider. It is true about some of the comments above. Suzuki brings in the young guns and then they leave for other teams. Suzuki will need to up the salaries if they are going to keep Mir long term.
And rightly so. He's a 5 times World Champion and the only person to beat Marc Marquez to a title...
Le Mans would do better without all the hyper expensive stuff as clearly even the manufacturers can't be bothered with it any more.   
Why don't you stay home and let Robert have a go.