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I admite Petrux for his hard work and determination but he needs to win a race asap for his own sake.
I gotta be honest; good comment and you're right on the money. I think Iannone needs to rethink his life goals
I know Codger I meant the sarcasm in my original post. Reading it back it was a "Hmmm that could be taken seriously" moment I generally agree about the decline. Use to be hundreds of posts after a race weekend sharing various different views. Along with posts containing different links to articles i hadnt seen and peiple change views based on what they had. Now days, well...
Defrostedjay my response to Honest I was speaking generally about the sites' decline, not specifically about this thread. Accept my apology that I unfortunately included you in the ( and a couple of others ) comment. Nothing wrong with your posts in my view, keep them coming.
Mir just panicked a little bit... Abraham rides the bike cause he' s got nothing better to do... Daddy pays...