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You're the only one here who makes any sense.
I just read VR46 will be taking over Tech3's spot with Yamaha and Rossi and Lorenzo will be team mates again on VR46! Sorry, had to throw that in with some of the other nonsense being posted here! Lol. 
As someone who has huge respect for Ayrton Senna, I cringe whenever I see one of your comments...  it's okay to have an opinion, but you're so negative and insulting.  Before someone throws in that I'm a 'snowflake', I am nothing of the sort, but I have a huge respect for these heros who risk their life for our entertainment.  Even the ones I dislike, I do not insult.   Get a grip man. 
We will see, wait for ARG
He always looks scary to me! Probably not the reason he wasnt kept on though.
Lorenzo is NOT going to WSBK. They cannot afford him either.