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It is indeed. It is also a bugger to get as it wants to spend all of its time combining with other elements - you can't just dig a hole and pump it out. We currently use fossil fuels to produce virtually all commercial hydrogen and that isn't really viable in the long term. Whoever cracks it will become the richest person in the world.
Talentfan's comments are intelligent, yours not.
They are leased and the maximum price is fixed by Dorna at 2.2m€, although older machinery will be less - c1m€ for a 2 year old one. Presumably a year old one would be c1.5m€ so Ducati will lose about 2.5m€ income. However, they won't have to pay Lorenzo's 12.5m€, so will be well up overall .
Wow a seat fitting! Im so excited I think Im going for a lie down
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe - Solar Sytem - Planet.
Battery powered electric vehicles are just a stop gap until someone comes up with a better power source. Currently, the favoured one is the hydrogen cell but then, just like petrol cars when they started, it needs infrastructure to work. It is also currently difficult to capture hydrogen but again, the same was true in early oil days. Now they explore in near impossible places. It may take 20 -30 years to become globally feasible but once the $$$s start to roll, it will happen fast. Then all we will have is the problem of how to dispose of millions of clapped out batteries....