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If you can't see the humour in his post, maybe you should stay off the internet, it's clearly too much for you.
Hmm. How many "Renault" failures have there been for other Renault engine teams recently? Or could it be a RedBull integration issue?
I love this "Rossi matched Stoner's race pace" comparison. Of course bikes and tyres evolve. That was the third year of control tyres.  If you want real comparison, here is one. Hayden who got absolutely destroyed by stoner pretty much matched Rossi in 2011.  Hayden, stoner and Lorenzo beat him. So he wasn't that unbeatable. The talent on the grid wasn't that good. The only premier class champion on the grid was KR Jr. In his first year Rossi finished 2nd with 3 wins and a few podium places and a bunch of DNFs. This year you do that, you are Lorenzo holding on to 4th place. 
Oh, but i thought it was all Rossi's fault,  and Yamaha should just listen to Vinales? Isn't that the narrative? C'mon Rossi haters,  you have to be consistent,  otherwise you're just being trolls. Oh wait...