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Haha. Put a prime 25 year old Rossi on that Repsol Honda & he would make these young guys look like pushovers too.  An awful thing to call riders like Max, Sete, Barros, Lori's, Stoner, Lorenzo etc pushovers.  Stoner would wipe the floor with MM & JLo will do the same very soon, as long as his team mate isn't sabotaging his Honda out of fear.  I mean he forced Honda to drop CS because he was afraid Honda would offer CS a wildcard & expose MM. Lol. 
He was still missing traction when he beat Stoner at Laguna! Remember how Casey would drive past him coming off the last corner onto the little home straight.which makes that result even more spectacular 
Yes, we have to admit that MM93 digs deeper to find the performance he needs, and HRC delivers... Look at Yamaha - they didn't solve the top speed problems for almost 20 years! Honda is the beast to ride - but it's Marc's beast. Even plus 20 crashes per year won't stop him. Dovi needs determination... Not just waiting for MM to slip.. 
Yes and the turd got the tires and engine and beat stoner nicely special tje lagina fight was amazing. 
Insid job so  what are you trying to say that ducatis have better corner speed than yamahas. Like your boyfriend just blah blah blah. Please try with your other account. 
And he finished in 8 place