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funny. the only person who tarnished their reputation was that scooter burnout doing idiot who was caught on cam back in 2004 Qatar before raceday. Then he knocked Gibernau off lead into the gravel at Jerez 05 and mocked him. Then he did his kickboxing on another rider on the very track he killed another Italian racer barely 4 years ago.   Nobody has tarnished their image more than that person whose own country fans turned up in hordes to watch actual racing when he wasn't racing with a broken foot back at his ranch.
I have conflicting views of the subject. On one hand, F1 is the only sport that allows participants to join irrespective of their ability to be competitive. On the other hand, the money should trickle down farther than it does today. It's as if F1 owned a chain of restaurants. The chain consists of a number of franchise owners. These owners bought into the franchise based on their belief that they had the time, money, and resources to be competitive. When franchise owner does not have the resources to remain competitive, they are forced to shut down and the franchise makes an effort to conduct due diligence on all perspective franchise owners. Now, substitute the chain of restaurants for F1 and the franchise owners are the teams. As it stands, anybody can go racing as long as they have the time, resources, and money to do so. However, the expectation seems to be that teams who have limited resources should be propped up from the proceeds of the franchise.  F1 needs to ask itself whether they have done their due diligence on the bottom rung teams. F1 also needs to ask itself why or even what they could do to attract teams with more resources without diluting the sport. During Bernie's rule, there really was not a concerted effort to bring in more factory teams. The popular belief is that the contractors won't come in because of cost. I think the real reason has been that nobody has demonstrated to perspective teams how they can benefit from the cost. If the risk v. reward factor is appropriately explained, it might bring in new blood. If it can't be explained, then F1 needs to continue down the path of racing welfare that looks more like it’s trying to prop up a dying sport. This is only my opinion and based on nothing more than what I think.
I knew Bagnaia was going to win it, great race. Bagnaia will hopefully be a consistent title contender.
Bagnaia is a real score for Ducati cant wait to see him on the Ducati.happy for baldassari a real fighter. tough luck for marc. like in moto3 Mir is a beast on raceday he will be a real force soon. Though not on grid Mahindra should be happy too both their moto3 proteges winning and fighting for title in different classes. KTM has underestimated kalex
I should of put money on him, Congrats Bagnaia awesome race.
I know falling down a lot is a part of the mass amateur lobotomy you have to go through to be in the yellow fan club. But I'll try and explain. Standard electronics hardware was mandated by Dorna in 2014. In 2016, they switched to standard electronics software as well. That's what people talk about when they say "spec electronics". Every single bike on the grid uses this.  Now nobody said morbidelli gets a factory Honda. Marc VDS is a 2017 spec Honda that comes with the standard Magnetti Marelli software. Marc VDS doesn't get access to the full revs from the engine. Interestingly this is what zarco kind of gets from the Yamaha as well. What cal and petrux get is a full factory spec bike (as said by cal and petrux themselves).  Zarco gets a two-year-old frame with a one-year-old engine with the full revs not accessible. Now go back to your yellow crowd since you have nothing to argue with.