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European styled racecars are vanilla (read: boring) across the board compared to American styling / signwriting / colourschemes.  Yanks more willing to take risks; bold colours, and they brand the number not the paint-scheme, which they can then change; F1 hasnt quite caught up with that yet., and really only MotoGP has something close to the number branding on their top guys.
Dickens oops...didn't read your post properly, I thought you said win. ( I've only just got out of bed, I'm still half asleep )
A confident assessment there Dickens. I hope that you are right in what you say but I can't see Marc letting that happen. Jorge is a tough and stubborn little sod but to win he'll have to bolt away at the front and Marc will just hunt him down. Besides....I'm hoping that Dovi will have something to say about it.
Who ever to blame , the fact is that ducati people are playing wrong cards to win the title , all the time after Casey, throwing away a hell of a money if we look it that way. It is a shame and funny to wach them today AD and DP in the race. Mission winnow , oh yea  The one investing all that should ask them if they know what they are doing as it is wery questionable if the they do know. VR was wrong investment , AD will newer win the title , but Jorge if he would be respected and stay ?  I would bet on him and I believe many would agree. How come people heawily paid in there position in the team, doesn't take right decission. 
Interesting perspective. Im not questioning anything you said. And I've never been a Bradley Smith fan at all. But after reading this article I found myself wondering if he'd make a good team manager? Nothing wrong with telling engineers what their job is. I liked his upbeat attitude in this article and positive outlook for Aprilia. It's good PR and the right way to be approaching the situation (if he's being honest about the current situation at Aprilia). Aleix is plenty "honest" also and he paints a very different picture. But both Bradley and Iannone seem upbeat about the future.