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Aprilia on the other hand still has a ways to go before any of the private teams will even want to use their equipment. Aprilia will have to have a good bike AND be willing to give current factory spec bikes and not leftovers. That's the only way a private team is going to take the offer. The packages being offered by Ducati are just too good at the moment.  Especially since Aprilia's factory supported effort is already sub-contracted to Gresini. Any other private team is going to feel they should get equal support as to what Gresini gets. Aprilia doesnt have money to offer. So what they need is a very competitive bike that allows another private team the ability to bring in sponsorship to cover their costs.
You can probably get away with allocating resources towards your test team & wild cards as the most efficient approach to getting the bike competitive enough to lose your concessions. But once you reach the level Suzuki is at, you must have a satellite team in order to keep up with development and make the most of each test session & race weekend. Suzuki caught up quickly but they're about to learn what Yamaha is still struggling to accept: YOU NEED TO GIVE FACTORY BIKES TO YOUR SATELLITES TO SPEED UP DEVELOPMENT Honda reluctantly started doing so with LCR and it saved the RCV. KTM is 100% onboard and they will start making rapid advancements as a result. Ducati showed the way and it's why the bike went from the worst to the best on the grid in short time. Suzuki continues to prove why they are the joke of all jokes. They have great sales worldwide, are a huge company, and are very profitable. Yet they continue to pretend they are some small manufacturer operating on a non-self imposed shoe string budget. Spare me the lies Davide. 
bottom line is they still have tons of issues to sort out, don't expect anything special from them any time soon.. forget another podium, it's already an excellent result for them to constantly finished inside top-10.
agree - 20 one on one races .. and they should be running to the bikes from pit lane - old style.. maybe without boots.. and put the boots on once they get to the bike..  its just a mess. smh
I meant longback* 
Hmm same problem Ducati had long backs.   For Ducati the problem was less weight at the front causing them not to be able to use the grip of front tyre which also lead to the invention of wings to hold the front wheel down while acclamating. This also caused problem as the front loses grip when entering corner at a steep angle due to lack of heat on the front tyre.