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Thanks for that. I can see the resemblance now. 
A 25yo Rossi would be riding around mid-pack at best as he himself said he is riding better than ever. He has grown as a rider which is admirable but he's no Stoner or Marquez, never was.
Morbidelli and especially Quartararo show more potential than Rossi. Yes they finish behind him for now but the plateau is for Rossi. How you could say that about the youngsters is beyond me but typical of a rabbit yellow fan.
I've read and re-read the article quite a few times now, and I'll be buggered sideways with a telegraph pole if I can see the names, Stoner, Rossi or Marquez anywhere in it. V46R, you are an antagonistic, petulant fanboi troll. How, in the name of logic, do you "think"  ( I realise , for anyone else reading, that this is probably the wrong discriptive) comparing different riders across different era's is some sort of diffinative statement on either (or any) of the people you refer to ? Again, you seem to miss the FACT that this is/was an article about JORGE LORENZO. You truly are silly. .....back on topic, I really thought he'd turned a corner this race. As said in a comment above, it seems it's now  really a question of whether HRC lose patience before Jorge finds what he's looking for. Somewhat ironically, it struck me as weird that Marquez is pointing out this years Honda is more about higher corner speed and handling than late braking, hard on the front type stuff......which is exactly the sort of bike that suits Jorge.....usually.  
5 points behind KTM. That sounds bad. In reality, it's still a poorer reflection on KTM. 4 bikes vs 2 on the grid.....and strangely enough their only points ( KTM and Aprilia) are  due to the name "Espargaro". Okay,.....Iannone chipped in 4 when Aleix DNF'd.....value for money ? Pol, 31 points in  the riders championship. KTM, 31 points in the manufacturers championship. Aleix, 22 points in the riders championship (one DNF). Aprilia, 26 points in the manufacturers championship. Both brothers have only finished behind Jorge Lorenzo once this season. I agree.....and I don't like to have such strong opinions on people I don't know, or a world I look at through a tube.....but Iannone (if he keeps this behaviour up) will , or should, be gone. Schwantzs' harsh critique of Iannones' personality and work ethic are rapidly becoming unquestionably irrefutable. I'll put 50 imaginary computer cents on Aleix beating him home at Mugello by more than two places. Is there a third Espargaro brother that KTM or Aprilia can sign ? ;-)
Casey was a young Rossi I don't know about that... if memory serves me correctly Rossi: "I make a mistake" Stoner: "Yeah. Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent." Rossi: "Eh?" Stoner: "Ambition is more than the talent." Rossi: "I'm very sorry." Stoner: "No problem."