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I booked my flight and hotel to prague back in february, keeping a close eye on ticket sales for brno. (would be my 6th time there) brno is still selling tickets, so i was thing ok lets wait for a month and potentially pay on the gate, which is something i NEVER do. This week got a email from polish airlines LOT advising my flight from vilnius to prague (via warsaw) has been cancelled .... only the 1st leg mind .... so that means im basically screwed, the stop over warsaw to prague is still available.... the same for the return flight.... so i either drive to warsaw 4hrs+ then get on a flight for 1hr 10mins to prague.... and the same for the return. This has fucked up my plans big time ..... however i feel for the american fan who's splashed out over $1000 only to be met with nothing. seems that all moto gp fans just have to swallow the bitter pill that this year is completely fucked. and better luck next year. i think what skd007 or what it is correct time to contact the bank.... but that aint gonna be easy fo anyone .. millions of claims on a period of financial crisis. Lets be united whoever we are, where ever we are from, moto gp fans rock ... who ever the rider, whatever the colour  
Interesting results. The top 9 are within a second of each other so not too bad. I was really hoping that Williams we be doing better but, guess that is a bit too much to ask. Nice to see RIC up there. 
I booked 2 tickets for Jerez & after a lot of emails to motogp tickets they seem like they're trying to weasel out of a refund. All i get is "we're waiting for Dorna to make a decision" It's a poor response & I'm going to start the refund process through my credit card. This was my last response from We are still waiting for FIM and Dorna to confirm that JerezGP will be held behind closed doors: in order to be able to forward your refund request, we do need FIM to make that decision official.  I trust you understand that, even if we took note of your refund request several weeks ago, we have to wait for FIM and Dorna to take officially their decisions and, afterwards, the promoter of the event will have to confirm how to proceed with our Customers: in case of a refund, we will have to wait for the promoter to refund us completely to be able to refund our Customers. Once again, we confirm your request is very well noted, and we will get back to you once decisions are made and we know how we can proceed. I thought it had already been confirmed as behind closed doors.  
They're Dovi's words, so I don't think you can blame Crash for this one...
Exactly NG.We can speculate and theorise till the moon turns blue.Why don't they just tell us who did what and how it breaks the rules!
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