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So winning at the Sachenring is the goal now?   folger hasn't proved to be better than the factory team but should be better than running around in Japan . Mav and Rossi need a bike that works for them on the limit consistently so they need to provide data on how the bike behaves when they themselves are there
Ahh my last comment struck a nerve with you ALOL, I don't mean to be dragging poor Dani into your shit comments but I'm going on your logic.  Why do you keep changing your user ID from, ALOL TO SENNAFTW to UCCIO IS STILL... etc etc... Sad little boy.
For shore medium was wrong decission as heavy rain starts in the race. What is good , Mark learns from mistakes and so this is one more leasson from which he just get stronger.   
Folger has beaten both the works riders on a satelite bike in a straight race.
I don't know about you guys but I'd much rather be a "bed blocker" than a shit fly! Shit flys stink and spread filth everywhere they go, yuk!!!!! You smell something? Anyhow hell of a race from Rossi, after all he has done its hard to believe he still has a hunger to fight. Btw, can someone please close the window.
That shoulder seems to dislocate from sneezing. Hopefully surgery will correct it as much as you drop it and as many saves as you make pushing the bike up with that elbow.  If Honda improves and you are stronger you will be the clear favorite next year. Testing will be interesting to watch