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Another team going to want to put icepicks in their ears after his telling the engineers and mechanics how they should listen to him instead of reading data.........
like i said before this is another good chance for Dovi to cut down many points from Marquez, any other results n it'll be Marquez' advantage..
well let's hope so.. it's not Assen though so at some parts Yams have to yield against Ducs n Hons powers but at another parts he could give some headache for the front runners, that of course heavily depends on the grip level at raceday.
missed Rins on the podium lately, with this circuit's character i think he's having a good chance to be there.. but it's not an easy task to beat Yams, i'm not sure about track's condition for MotoGP bikes after the resurface but if the grip level is good then he should be allright.
to be honest i'm not surprised at all, consistencies on results were never been his strongest area.. sure on his good days he could fight for podiums or even wins but on the other days he'll be nowhere to be seen, still better than Miller though.
You can spend a fortune here at Phillip Island but we usually go Sundays general admission which can give you great views due to the elevation differences  and thats  $89 aud from the MotoGP website but we usually get it about ten bucks cheaper from their own site. Just bring camping chairs. Oh and baby is free or flat rate of about $170 aud for whole family