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Even though the last four races have been pretty entertaining it doesn't change the fact that we have two different classes racing in F1. The top six in Class 'A' and the rest racing for team 4th place honours. It would be better to have all of the teams racing for the win. I know historically this was not either the case but since we are aiming at a more entertaining sport they may as well go for a more equal playing field.
sorry mate but if it werent for the crash you wouldnt be known at all.fair play to you though
Honda: Jorge will break out of 'negative spiral'   hasnt he broken enough lately?!? Now a broken spiral?!?
We understand, you don't like or probably you just hate the world but it's all optional? 
If Jorge can get in sync with the bike and believe in it them he can definitely take it to Marc. I think that the Honda is not such a great bike. Marc makes it look better than it is. The real pace of the bike are probably where Cal and Taka are placing it. jorge needs a bike that he can gel with for his smooth style. Currently the Honda is a wild bucking bronco that is trying to kill the rider which is how Marc seems to like it.
People that criticize Ricciardos move to Renault need to take into consideration that he now earns 17M USD compared to Max 13M USD, The move made him the third highest paid driver in F1. At the end of the day he is a professional racing driver with a limited shelf life. He was never going to win the title in the Red-Bull and Renault may just come good from 2021 so definitely the correct move for him personally.