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Don't bother Yossarian..... no point. The Luddites yell very loudly, but have no real arguments to back up their uninformed point of view. Bring on the electric bikes. Technology has to start somewhere. It's past starting. It's here......and getting faster and faster.  
Sounds a bit like a sore loser, I doubt he would quit if he were not a backmarker since many years... Must be hard to see how Hamilton who already beat him in his rookie year is doing.
The series will be using a spec Energica Ego Corsa motorcycle, manufactured by Energica Motor Company. Motor: Synchronous oil-cooled with permanent magnets Maximum Continuous Power: 110 kW (147 hp/cv) Acceleration: 0-60 mph in three seconds Top Speed: 155 mph Torque: 147.5 lb.-ft. (5,000 rpm) Throttle: Ride-by-wire Battery: High-voltage lithium-ion Recharging: 0-85 percent in about 20 minutes, via the integrated DC fast charging technology developed by CCS Combo
In 20 years petrol engines will be banned.
@BOBKELSO, worringly because you agree with TALENTFAN. I get where you are comming from, because anyone who posts well and doesn't kiss Rossi's arse would be worringly to you... I think you would agree with this post too. 
I'm more impressed that he can ride as aggressively as he did but manage softer tyres for race distance. Something commentators and lots of others tend to overlook.