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NLD HM didnt call for MV head... in other articles he even states he might leave anyway.  HM makes a point, its VR who will make the call not Yam rightly or wrongly. He doesn't say he agrees with it. Also never had HM down as VR elite fan
I didn't bother to read the article, was maybe riding better and faster among his "Ideas to try"? Retirement is a good option as well, though there are a few more bikes he could try and fail on if he's ready bored. 
Sorry, the link I posted doesn't appear to work. This is what Jarvis said.. "Marc’s championship is over so it looks like he is risking a lot for a race win. Clearly he didn’t win Assen, he should listen to race direction on that one. And we have seen on several occasions this year Marc’s very aggressive riding style sometimes puts other riders in a difficult situation. In the Assen press conference with Marc being 100 percent totally convinced he was in the right when clearly he was not then that unquestionable belief can be dangerous. It is very important to have respect for fellow competitors so I’m concerned about that. Marc can take risks by himself if he wants but I just hope he does not disturb the championship contest between Rossi and Lorenzo."
Talentfan and his chums ignore motive and don't want to look at the big picture. Marquez had the hump with Rossi over Termas and Assen. People knew this and way before Australia voiced concerns. Here's what Lin Jarvis said at the start of July 2015..  As you say, Race Direction were asked to cool things down, but refused..
Rossi and Iannone were faster and had better pace than Lorenzo, yet finished behind him. As you say unwittingly, this isn't the idea of racing. It happened though, because Marc Marquez decided sandbagging and involving himself with the battle for second would suit his purposes better.  Allow me to quote esteemed journalist David Emmett, who wrote this in his 'Saturday Roundup' blog for Phillip Island 2015.. "His supremacy in qualifying was vast.. the gap between Márquez and Iannone in second is almost as much as the gap between Iannone and Aleix Espargaro in eighth. Márquez was fastest all day on Saturday, by four tenths in the morning, six tenths in the afternoon. His race pace is just as superior, three or four tenths a lap quicker than the rest of the field." So where did that superior pace go during most of the race when he was battling with Rossi and Iannone, which allowed the slowest rider a gap to ride unhindered at the front? The reality is, it didn't go anywhere and was in Marc's pocket all along as we saw on the last lap, and on which he was over a second faster than Jorge. Strange how Lorenzo moved out the way at MG, without defending, to let him through too, innit?