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lol.. we all know it doesn't make sense for you because it's coming from Marc, should Rossi said the exact same words in the exact same situation you'll praising him for his wisdom.
I don't see Zarco as the logical choice at all quite the opposite in fact, in fact i see him as the outsider just for the fact he quit KTM when the going got tough. We have no idea that the 2020 bike will be any better to ride than the 2019 and i can't see Honda taking a risk on a guy that walks at the first sign of a struggle. The Logical choice would be Cal as he's ridden the 2019 bike to 3 podiums and has a good working relattionship with Honda. As for Zarco being free from any contract does not mean he'll get a ride, having a good attitude and sticking it out when things get tough will, something he didn't show with KTM thus making him the outsider. I'm not saying the ride should go to Cal but he is the most logical rider to be given it due to his experience on the Honda.
Marc making questions like "Youth or experience" makes no sense as we all pretty much know by now Honda isn't looking for a title from their No.2 bike, they'll keep Marc as long as possibly they can in his carrier for that reason. Progressively the bike is being fine tuned towards Marc's specific needs and its no surprise that HRC does this because every No.2 rider has always had a bad support from factory in past 10 to 15yrs in Honda history. We saw Nicky dropped away when Dani came. Dovi dropped away when Casey came. Dani escaped getting dropped when casey announced retirement. Eventually Dani's championship points gradually dropped every year since the arrival of Marc. All points to one thing, how Honda runs its No.2 bike. I personally prefer to see Cal running that No.2 Honda next year, anyone else boarding that bike with ambitious dreams should be prepared for a rude awakening. I fear Zarco better avoid that trap so as to prevent himself from 2nd heart attack in 2yrs running. For Cal it won't be a shock because he already knows the bike and factory, he knows where to keep his expectations. He has served a lot for Honda, deserves a factory ride for one year before he retires. Marques bros already have a legacy running, signing two of them in same team is only going to spoil that legacy, younger marc will never grow in the shadow of his elder, he will forever become the bridesmaid for his own brother just how Dani was. That RCV has the name MM printed on it in every inch of it, never heard the two brothers have similar riding style. No reasons to believe honda will put effort to modify the bike to find a balance between the two brothers. For a fact - Alex will be the tallest rider of any honda riders in past 15yrs. A rider who rode Honda that is taller than Alex is only Valentino Rossi way back in 2003 that is completely a different era. This bike is built around midgets for more than a decade. Making a common bike to work for two riders who belong to two extreme ends of height spectrum is a tedious task.. Not to mention how honda handles that task.
My vote would be for Cal  to get the 1 year HRC ride, Alex takes Cal's LCR for a year and Zarco goes to Marc VDS for a year. This gives Cal a chance at a factory ride for a year, HRC a year to evaluate how well Alex can ride the Honda and Zarco a chance to once again prove himself in Moto2 and everyone would be lined up for contract negotiations with everyone else. This situation would also work if they gave Nakagami the HRC Repsol ride for a year which I also wouldn't mind. However, I suspect Alex is a done deal. 
The first person you want to beat is your team mate.   I can't see that ending well. Alex is no Marq.    Who knows..... Maybe he's content to just be 2nd fiddle. Can't see it though.    Pick someone else. 
work your start launch just like Lorenzo did..