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Ask a silly question , ,,,,,,,get the best artist like the best engineer
,,,,,,,so no more speedways for IndyCar then [other than Indianapolis] ? Michigan is 3-4 cars wide too and far too fast so no surprise they axed that one , AutoClub is the same, thats off calendar. 
Well if Zarco could put this together as a run back to getting on an M1, that would be fantastic. Anyways we know what he has done in Moto2, I woudn't fault him a bit for getting back into that series.. just hopefully it is with Petronas.
Lodge, what's your beef with Irwin?  He's certainly not a wanker, seems very down to earth and if you saw him trying to goad Redding into a headbutt you should be appearing in the Specsavers adverts.
I think "Tilke" should be classified as a swear word and its use become socially unacceptable. "Thats a load of Tilke", "You're talking Tilke" ... has a nice ring to it doesn't it. Hanoi sounds like the Birmingham Superprix circuit - wonderful...
It looks like a go-cart track with a mile long straight and a few bends thrown in. Who designed this? And who approved it? Much rubbing of hands and patting on the back. "We are proud...." Bla bla bla. Not saying we should bring back the guillotine but some heads should roll.