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@Wesley, I’ve got a spare ticket for Saturday and Sunday buddy £50 would buy the pair if your interested! Cheers guys here’s to a great British GP let’s hope we get the weather and some great racing!
Exactly.   But since most of these articles appear to be written by twelve year olds, things like spelling, punctuation and basic grammar often escape them. 
Whilst it is good to see simplification of front wing aero, it feels like the rule makers would like to provide a big plastic mould for the cars with instructions to fit your engine and choose your own colour, and even the colours would come from an approved palette specified by the official paint sponsor.  
was just thinking this is the first thread in a long time without the rossi hate/love stupidity, thought we had turned a corner . .oh well
How about Rossi?  That would be different relative to recent success. 
Sad to see so many armchair experts comments about Dans driving expertise .at least we dont have the poisonous comments comments from Tricky and tiepin any more.