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Ah, were those the days when Rossi fans like you could say absolutely anything, but anything not pro-rossi got "moderated" or simply censored out of existence huh? How you must miss those days eh Yossarian- when it was only you and your yellow gang who could say anything and everything.  Welcome to the fickle world of the media pal - who'll support any popular opinion.... just so long as it stays popular.  It ain't gonna get any easier sunshine, & you aren't exactly a saint, are you? (Btw... if someone decides to call someone a communist for wanting sport to be sporting, on a public forum - there's a fair chance people are going to find it to be a dumb comment.  But then - your beef is with me because I don't praise VR46 daily, not because of anything else now isn't it).
Used to be be when old talentfan got back to calling people idiots and using foul language Crash used to ban him.
Not really dude.... only telling the truth. That Repsol Honda was wasted on Dani since 06.
This clown doesn't have a single cogent thought in his head, so why expect anything else?
Predictable, nonsensical.....this comment is just so "you"
Full agree, Lorenzo will win a title on it, I have no doubt as long Marquez doesn't play dirty.....