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Two extremes of pedigree showing there, from Gardner on the one hand and Manzi on the other? Lol.
Thanks OldSquid you are a sport, much appreciated.
Some of the rookies from Moto3 not doing bad - Fabio Di Giannantonio, Nicolo Bulega, Jorge Martin. Enea Bastianini a littler further back. Not much from Marco Bezzecchi yet. Who will end up top rookie this year?
Would be interesting if Celestino Vietti can get going well this year. Even with all of the riders that moved up to Moto2 this year it seems like there are still a lot of riders that have been around for a while without doing anything special. Need some of the new guys to shake things up and make their way to the front.
Jorge has little time to see what he can do on the Honda that's for sure.But you can rest assured he will give 100% effort.
I'd rather a cold one Codge! Arguments about riders and equipment will rattle on for ever i'm sure.The only true way to see who is better is to put everyone on an identical machine.Then it would come down to skill.It won't happen of course as we all know.But I would really love to see all these top guys have a few races on the same machine just to see what would happen! I'll leave it there I think,I'm off to the pub!