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Such a non issue. Good post above and what a bunch of communists commenting here mostly
MRDONUT..... apt  moniker. A comment lacking in any real substance, with a great big hole through the middle. Right about where the facts should be. Try googling "Gilberts Syndrome".....then come back and tell us all how that corresponds to "mental collapse", or his "head not being in the right place". Maybe read articles, instead of listening to "rumours".... Go Folger. Hope you do get the wildcards, and a slot back in a team.
Yep +1. Firefox and uBlock Origin. No more Youtube ads either.
Sebastien Loeb was one of the few capable of beating Valentino Rossi in the final at the Monza event. You can't really blame Rossi for losing against Seb Loeb, one of the all time best WRC World Champion. That was in 2011, and you can watch it too:
There was talk of Casey as test rider  for Honda, hope it happens , It's great to hear his thoughts. I will never forget him on the Ducati at Phillip Island, absolute legend.
I had succes with the hosts file mod, but I still have the annoying pop-out when scrolling past a video. Make! It! Stop!