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MM & JL won't be 100% for Qatar, that's a given....only 3 weeks until the opener.
You wrote on Valentino thread ON THE DAY then write this a day later on this thread... by accident? Funny how you call people a troll on that and here you are... Go celebrate the 10 years without a world champion on his thread 
In Italian - avrei meritato di vincere - means I could have won. Or, a bit stronger - I did the work neccessary to win. It does not mean one to one deserved. Deserved gives a sense of entitlement which is missing from the Italian meritare. 
Go on Alvaro! Hopefully this year will be more competitive than the last few, nothing against JR but would be nice to see some close racing for the wins. As an aside, the small tail peice on that Ducati makes the swingarm look MASSIVE
@TF That was all very deep, but I largely agree with the gist of your comments. I'm much like Fann in the sense that I'd rather see a tyre last race distance and to hell with the lap times - situations like the enforced bike change for lack of a durable tyre @ Phillip Island (which caught out Marc Marquez and the team, didn't count correctly)... and I seem to recall another race more recently where a tyre was withdrawn from the allocation due to unusually hot weather but can't remember where it was - my point is it felt like a constructed change to directly affect the result rather than the lights go out and the bikes keep going flat chat till the chequered flag.
"Can I get an Amen??"