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>Who is the rider 2nd from the right? Dennis Foggia, next to Celestino Vietti
SENNAFTW, you're a typical Audi driver, right? Why don't you get your jackboots on and goose-step over there, if you like them so much?
I absolutely agree with you. I have this summer notice that number of stupid adds grow and u get tired of cheap adds, how I was traveling they just change  name whenu u change country. No, I don't wanna be xpress millionaire! What population this adds aim? They really killed my joy I used to have when I open Crash. 
He won about as much as he deserved, perhaps more given his cheating team.  Every goes on about is 'genius' but he ran from Hamilton and bottled it against Vettel when he couldn't pass Kyvat and was crying on team radio about it. 2 titles is about right. 
WHy wouldn’t anyone value what CS has to say?......absolute legend.....end of.
I thought the headline said  'F1 needs more crazy drivers like Haas'.