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Go Jack Go. 2019 will be your year..........
they were like brother outside the races, i remember Marquez once told the press how Pedrosa was teaching him how to ride that Hon beast when he first got there.. at leastlthat's before Marquez could adapt n develop his own riding style to make him a magnificent rider he is today.
it's the same old feedback from all of Aprils riders on n on again every year, yet somehow they always find their way to end up at the bottom of other manufacturers..
ah yes, last year Assen race.. it was a well prepared last lap fights until they met Rins n everything ruined, maybe that's the best chance for Petrux to win any MotoGP race but hey he eventually got factory Ducs to ride next season.
not expecting much from Lorenzo straight after that nasty injury, only hoping he could make it to the finish line unharmed in respected position..   *ffs guys you're talking about logic with him?