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Luvtheracing - errr.... every racer is a trailbraker! They would be very uncompeditive if they didnt do it! Trailbraking is braking (using the front brake) all the way to the apex while at lean. Are you thinking of guys that use the rear brake? If they use the rear brake they are not going to harvest the energy, so I think you are just talking about dialling in engine braking - but making the rear slide doesnt mean more energy will be harvested, it will be less.  Back on topic - yep one make series, no tyre longevity issues / tyre management. Should produce cracking racing. Good for the future of the sport too, too many people complaining about noise from race tracks limiting their opening hours and operating days etc. Also less maintenance required for electric bikes, so they will be significantly cheaper to run. 
Wow this is pretty awesome 
Great driver. But the way he portrays himself as Jesus can get a bit nauseating. Wolfe doing his best to encourage it too.  "Still I Rise"... (Jesus did it in his first incarnation,  but he wasn't a 5 time world champion that time, just sayin')
I've just put a tenner on Mav and Zarco.
Charlie needs to open his own eyes first. Too many inconsistancies in decision making imho.
Every bike on the grid uses spec electronics supplied by Magnetti Marelli and spec ECU hardware. Crutchlow is a rider with an HRC contract. He gets more support than any other satellite rider on the grid.  Yet. Rossi has been beaten by Zarco in races with a 2-year-old motorbike with lesser revs and zero support this season. Same goes for Vinales. Dovi has been beaten by Petrucci, Miller, Rabat and even Bautista. Lorenzo the same. Marc is the only rider to not be beaten by his satellite counterparts so far.