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Lack of competent management is Ferrari sole weakness. They need a better system and I believe that only someone from the outside could do that.
That's the way I see it too Dickens.
Michele Pirro said the track was rubbish. Might be okay for moto3 he said.  Got me stuffed why they made it with so many slow corners with these kinda bikes.. How the hell is that good for spectators. 
You already told us he was going to get fired when he hurt himself. Let's wait and see ay? HRC are quite outspoken in their support of Lorenzo 
Not sure if they have less funding these days, but in theory they're a great team. Winning pedigree across the junior classes and the best part of a decade in MotoGP. Aspar knows how to put a team together, they've just got a duff chassis from KTM this year.
Weather this year is meant to be great so here’s hoping. Got absolutely drenched last year on Saturday and Sunday