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"When [Lorenzo] crashed [at Assen], he got back up and said he didn't want to go on. I understand that, because last year when I crashed [at Phillip Island] I also felt the same," Crutchlow said. "But I'm different because like [in practice at Valencia] when I crashed, I just like the fact I got back up and went faster. That's just me. "So I understood [Lorenzo] but also one hour later [at Phillip Island] I was planning with the surgeon how I could come back and race at Valencia. Obviously it was impossible with the cage on my leg, but in my head I was already wanting to come back. "It's different for different people. I think Marc is more like me and someone maybe more sensitive like Jorge is different, but what is right and wrong I don’t know." I wonder if he forgot the time Lorenzo wowed everybody by racing with two broken ankles, not to mention finishing second ? Or Catalunya 2008 with memory loss for a few days from banging his head ? Sensitive, I think not.
The typical comments you get when it doesn't matter any more at all. Well. JL could still return in a year if his health and fitness do permit it. It would be unique...
nice to say, however the reality is it was never going to work..
Just foolish, simple brainless...  The answer is simple, no Rossi haters here, just yellow brainless boys.
JFWFAN If ever there was an absolute arse trolling, it's you... Read this post of yours and then make sense of what you've written before anyone has posted a word...  "Very quiet from the 46 haters,I sense resentment?" Merry Christmas idiot
Will it be timed? Also Rossi’s has done Valencia in MotoGP bike but Hamilton hasn’t done it in F1 car so how will they compare anyway?