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I don't know why did it took so long for him to sign contract. Apparently he was offered better money from honda but what if they delayed signing until all seats are filled that so they can offer him less?
Good points mate, what's the point of debating if we all agree?   
Maybe Ago should be Flo's bloody team mate then?!!! Jesus wept.
I think you need to look at the results over the years a little closer! And since when previous to 2016 was the factory Ducati a 'coveted' ride like the Yamaha? There are so many things you are ignoring that it's laughable. I'm no Dovi fan but comparing the contrasting directions the Duc and Yam have gone under the lead of their no.1 riders, you gotta be kidding me right? And how many other Ducs are beating Andrea week in, week out? Rossi is done mate, back to Ibiza for him I say.
Only 3 men: Marquez, Lorenzo & Stoner, have won the title in the last decade. By your 'logic', no-one but those 3 should be on a factory seat, and since Stoner has retired, the only factory bikes on the grid would be the current HRC riders. And yes, the powers that be (i.e those that know what they're talking about) have decided (for some apparently unfathomable reason) that the most successful rider in history, barring Agostini, is an asset to the team. As I said in my comment above, take a step back before posting the type of nonsense that almost every comment thread on this site is full of.