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@PANDA850:  Dovi every time  The Ducati was winning before Lorenzo got on it... so true and the Ducati was winning even before it took Dovi 4 years in the saddle to make a mark.  
To compare viewing figures to Moto GP is a pointless comparison, however regarding excitement there is no comparison Moto GP every time. He was right about f1 it's been boring for so many years, watching the old car racing at goodwood is more enjoyable.
great for Josh Elliott, also would be great see Guintoly here too, or also Elias... or Michael Dunlop... anyway cheers
all this very strange, sorry for Ponsson really, at least Jordi Torres will have a chance to shine a bit...
is a great, i really learn a lot from him, more than from others...  "...our chins up and ready to fight again..."  is a great rider, i just whould love to see what would happens with him aboard a great Tech3 some years ago a rumor,...,  also is sad see Melandri out just for Bautista, now the Ducati V4 is great and Melandri would had a lot of options to go for WSBK title, im pretty sure Melandri, Davis and Bautista are a serious big threat against Rea, rules in WSBK change a lot the stile in last years...