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Can say I am suprised by KTM's decision, if anything I am suprised it took this long... I wouldnt hire anyone with an attitude like that at my workplace and if anyone developed an attitude like that I would find a way to fire them. If you want to work in a high performance workplace, you have to commit, never give up and keep fighting, and definitely do not air any dirty laundry! There are only a few factory rides capable of winning a championship, lets say 6 or 7 bikes in total, you have to prove you are deserving of a ride if you want to get on one. 
I am hoping that once Carbon Fibre swingarms are developed properly in Moto2 and MotoGP and the technology comes down in price, that this ban will be overturned. Currently it is expensive, but it is just the development and prototyping that is expensive, manufacture itself once a design has been settled on isnt that bad. Make a mounld (same as aluminium) layer up the carbon, bake in an autoclave. vs Make a mould, cast the aluminium, machine it... The difficult bit is just determining what that carbon layup should consist of. 
Herve Poncheral and KTM have both indicated that Oliveira would not be moving up, but we'll see how long that lasts.  If I was in charge of KTM, I'd be calling Bradley Smith for 2020. He'll never give up and he was able to get decent race results on the RC16.
@ Harry Nah you got it wrong. People often see or interpret things to suit their bias. On MotoGP dot com website you can see and hear Fabio saying he thought Marc was going to run wide to keep his speed so he took a tighter inner line. Marc was clever.
On my coverage, a 3 second penalty was being displayed across the bottom of the screen and the commentators were getting all hot a sweaty over it, so I assumed he had been dropped back to 4th place? It's not like there wasn't crystal clear video of him doing it? There's more to the "rule" or race direction are just making stuff up on the fly.
Marc got on Casey's bike in 2013 and won the WC on it.