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JR is doing a good job keeping it close. When WSBK moves to tracks AB hasn’t ridden before JR will have an advantage. DANNY69, I’d cool it with the “Italians are cheaters and the Japanese have never done anything wrong” arguments.
plus, despite his qualifying record and what people say, Albert Park is arguably one of Hamilton's bogey tracks. He just doesn't go well there. Button beat Hamilton in the same way in Melbourne in the same car, for example.  let's see how the next few races play out before we declare Bottas as the new Captain Marvel.
"Bottas also took home a point for the fastest lap of the race". This new special reward for fastest lap of the race is yet another pointless gimmick that only Formula 1 seems capable of dreaming up as anything meaningful. The winner of the race is the fastest guy on the day, period. He gets top points for his feat, more than any other finisher, and that is all there should be to it. A single fastest lap in itself does nothing to spice up the race spectacle. Viewers will in any case not register anything different or spectacular whether watching at the track itself or on TV. We certainly did not see any added frenzy in the racing supposedly as drivers battled each other for the point. It is even more ridiculous if the winner of the bonus point ended low down in the finishing order and bolted on slicks with a few laps remaining simply to post that quickest time. Awarding the point to Pole Position probably makes more sense but starting ahead of everyone else is already the due and just reward for taking Pole. If the idea is to spice up the racing and increase viewer delight, the bonus point should be awarded for gutsy, relentless overtaking on the track and on the lead lap of the race!
Marc, Cal,  Rins
Ferrari take note. Small wonder Kimi went to a place where he may race whoever he can.
The gap between Verstappen and Vettel was big enough to justify bringing home some points and avoid dramas. I think this also explains Binotto's response on why he did not opt for the fastest lap with an additional pit stop.