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Euro Superstock 600cc champion and Moto2 World Champ in 2017.....he clearly has no idea about tyres. It's all Rossi's fault anyway.
The artist's impression looks nice. But then again,so did the circuit of Wales. And we know how that ended up!
But now Dovi has revealed his strategy the others should be able to work together to counter this. Clearly the suzukis and yamahas can run race winning times if allowed clean air and lines. They need more lean angle to generate corner speed so hence will have geared their bikes accordingly which would then be wrong for an enforced point and squirt technique. I can see swarms of Suzukis and Yamahas going flat out at the start of the next rounds in an attempt to get Dovi to burn his tyres trying to keep up. There's nothing wrong with those bikes that a change in strategy wouldn't resolve.
At the moment, after one race, Dovi is the best rider on the grid......:)
2007 again.....full circle it seems. It is not all about top speed though.....the straights are of a finite length so Ducati reach their top speed because of the engines fierce acceleration. You may have noticed, for example, that the Yamahas top speed varies quite a lot depending whether each rider is suffering 'lack of grip' issues on any given day. I am wondering whether ALL of the Ducati engines power advantage stems from the desmodromic valve accuation or are there other factors at play. Anyone enlighten me ?
He races with the soft tyre, he is fast at the beginning but drops off as the race progresses. Mmmmmm, perhaps he should have gone for a harder tyre. It’s not rocket science is it?