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Finally Ducati has seen the light that I saw before Jorge even turned a wheel on the bike. He is a very good rider on a near perfect bike, something the Ducati is not, and never will be. Money cant buy confidence, and he is a confidence rider. To all the Rossi knockers when he rode the bike, what do you have to say now ? Stoner only won the title because it was the 1st year of the 800's, and the Ducati worked great with the Bridgestones. After that its been all down hill until recently (2017, 2018).
So happy for the Clog Wog, and Yamaha.
"He sulked himself into retirement!!" When he was racing, Stoner is who I cheered for. If he started racing again, Stoner is who'd I'd be cheering on. That said, you're bang on the money. Pissweak way to bow out too. " it was only for one year, 2007!!" Sorry, 100% wrong. Every year he rode that thing, he rode it like it like no-one else could. In 2007, he got it to the championship win. In all the other years, the bike was too deficient to repeat the feat. That doesn't change the fact that Stoner's effort on that bike was arguably unachievable by any other rider - then (definitely), before (maybe), since (except for possibly Marquez - just my opinion). Rossi's effort basically proved that. Rossi is in the discussion for best ever, and that doesn't happen by accident - he is unarguably massively talented. If a rider of that caliber can't get a bike going well at all but another rider can actually win races on that bike, that other rider is a special rider. Casey Stoner was something special. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his focus off the wrong things and imploded within his own headspace. I'm still pissed about that lol He robbed us of years of watching his talent take on other giants of the sport.
Every time Monaco comes on the calendar one wishes it would be like those exciting rain-spiced festivals of courage that happened a few times during the last 35 years or so that people can still remember. But mostly, it is just a procession of cars, seeing if anyone has an issue at the pit stop, and the odd possible overtake after the tunnel with almost any other attempt ending up in cars meeting barriers and an even slower procession behind the safety cars. I do not know why I bother. They should seriously revisit the layout, Baku has shown street circuits are not necessarily boring, of course this may mean demolition of some buildings that are in the way in Monaco.
The loud videos make me think that the Crash media boys are total douchbags.
quite refreshing sight on podium..its been too long, almost embarrasing, since yamaha last win in 2010..perhaps the new pirelli tire can shuffle the grid thus make the race more exciting..