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to be fair to Aleix, he was on vastly inferior machinery - you're comparing apples and oranges
The Rossi haters are quiet due to the fact MM could not keep his arse on his bike...All they can say is MM gave the other riders an advantage.... In reality he out rode himself....Now what would Casey Moaner say... Any guesses?
To be fair...last season he scored more points than the vastly experienced Aleix. So if you want to consider 'over rated' then consider him.
Everything works better for everone... that's when Marquez bins it... he's given everyone a head start, now the race begins
At present Oliviera is on top of his game in the Tech 3 garage. Over the last three races Oliveira is beating Hafizh by an average of 20s per race... not good, and going by Herve's latest comment Oliveira's performances are showing Hafizh the door.
Vettel is not a team player, forget the bs pouring from his mouth. Of course the baby defends team orders, because it swayed in his favor... remember team orders at Red Bull, exactly.    Like GILES just mentioned, he better put everything on the line this year, or the young gun will wipe him as Dan did at Red Bull