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GILLES, SENNAFTW, STACEYCONER27, NOLUCKDOVI and DICKENS are just waiting for VR article so they could post their sad comments how Rossi should retire. Nothing constructive is ever being said other than mockery.
I wouldn't say so... his bike is already very similar to factory one, he could gain few ks on straight. Marquez was much quicker last round even though he was riding behind whole race.
Fabio is on a high, he now thinks and knows he can take it to Marc, he is the flag waver for Yamaha. As for Rossi, doesn't matter what he says, he will be fighting with his ranch hand Morbo back in the pack somewhere... I personally think he might consider moving on after this season, next year is going to be murder...IMO
Give Q an unrestricted Yamaha and I suspect he’d have won last round. 
RU writing about Marquez overtaking? It was clean, it wasnt a block pass, and it wasnt just Honda power, because, if you take the onboard from all corner before, Quertas Yami had better acceleration from corner. It was just good planned and maybe he saved the tires better to the end. To your MX theories...  Someone breaks intentionaly to change line from other rider? In MX? RU seriuos? when the outside line is near the same (about time) as inside? I have to ask again. RU serious? Have you ridden motocross?  Advice: it is not about watching MX races, its about watching and understanding. You MX comparison is wrong. MX and SM is outbreaking sharp by overtaking the opponent and Marquez took just a defensive line (he was in fornt of Quarta (!)) to avoid Quarta making a block pass he made a lap before. Querta thought, it is impossible to make it propoerly by Marquez and he was sure, Marquez cant break and so he have space inside, he went there and? Marquez was still there, 93 risked a lot to stay on inside by using the rear break very strong (watch on board from Quarta), what was just brilinat and secures his win. Its about physics and not intentionally outbreaking opponent. It was Marquez only chance to stay in front, it is just physics (science, you know). If you are to fast and to sharp corner in, you have to break harder and break to lower speed to stay on the right line. No conspiracy teories, just physics. Again: Marquez doenst overtake Quarta, just diffending his position, so you cant compare it with motocross or supermoto... Understood?
Some forum members think that anyone could jump on the Honda and win, but look at the recent WC on the RCV...Marquez and Stoner... exceptional riders and a cut above . If the Honda was so easy why didn’t Pedrosa win a title?.... By the logic of those who persist with the “best bike on the grid” theory, that would mean all the Yamaha titles were because it was the best package and the easiest bike to ride, right?...