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Just call it off already...
I'm sure that many of the teams are facing a serious financial crisis, but another 2 years of bad racing may do F1 in all together…for me anyway.    
I am not going to second guess him, but this 2020 season is completely different from what we usually call "season". Even if the pilots are training as they normally would in between grand-prix races, it is highly predictable they will need to find their marks again. Three races maybe what some will need to find themselves at the top, but older guys may need more. I would say that Rossi should first get on the bike, once, and decide if he will be able to make a decision in two to three races. And the long inactivity period may even be sufficient to kill his desire to continue, why not? it would be a good time to pull the plug. Just announce that you will ride if and when the 2020 season will start, if ever, and say you won't sign a new contract in 2021. That would be acceptable and completely understandable.
I know someone who died from this virus, no jokes about it
I guess if the virus doesn't kill F1 the team owners will try to do themselves with this continued pushback of the changes intended to save the sport. No one likes change when they are satisfied but the fans aren't satsified with the continued clockwork dominance of the big teams.  The sport needs change sooner than later.
Because the sport is so car dependant the question should be who had the hardest time from across the garage. And on that score Hamilton wins hands down.