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Ooooo!  Please don't tar all us Brits with the daft as a brush Redding!
SKD - Be careful what you wish for. Look at the comments from Cal and JL about the Honda and how the bike has changed considerably since they increased the horsepower. As we saw at Misano, power isn’t everything, Ducati weee nowhere. Yamaha have the best handling bike, everybody who rides it are competitive so it is dangerous to change this. Too many people making excuses about “the bike”, but the best bike at the moment is Yamaha, as can be seen from their consistent races and championships position. 
RDIX, Admirable support for your cousin, but to describe a GP winner as a chronic underperformer is  a pretty special way of undermining your own comments.  A 200bhp tweeked road bike is not comparable to a full on GP bike, and BSB is two leagues down from the GP series.  Redding is dominating on tracks he hasn't ridden before thereby demonstrating just how much better GP riders are than BSB riders.  I really wish Jake well, but at GP level they all have talent.  He has been given the golden ticket.  Let's see if he can take it.  Perhaps in the meantime you could also up your game.
Hons won't appreciate Lorenzo's previous move trying to comeback to the Ducs behind their backs, they did all they can to help him with the bike before but not anymore after what happened.. the damage has been done, i feel sorry for Lorenzo in his situation right now but after what he had done i don't think next year would be a quantum leap for his performance with Hons.
Mean green- why was it underhand from Honda? What a load of nonsense. Nobody twisted JL arm up his back, he was actually close to retiring as there were no more factory bikes available. Jeez.....
I beg to differ with the comment the Honda and Ducati are nothing alike I beleive they have very similar characteristics the Ducati has a longer wheelbase and sits lower than the Honda but is basically a point and shoot bike. Both are poor In  the corner both have enormous power both have poor front end feel. I beleive the Ducati to be a better all round package. I think if Marc was on the Ducati he would win more races than he does now. Honda was never going to be the right manufacturer for Lorenzo Honda for me are an arrogant self centered business that have total belief in their brand the rider is secondary. I cant wait for the day Marc sacks them off and leaves them without a result on the podium for the next 2 seasons. Not that I think that will really happen. I think Lorenzo should try and secure a ride on a Tamaha or a Suzuki if he wants to enjoy success again. There might be an outside chance Ducati take him back if Petrucci carts on as he is as Ducati dont really give their riders too much credence either. I beleive Lorenzo is still one of the riders that could take it to Marquez on the right machinery. I only hope another superstar shows up in Motogp soon it's getting a little dare I say it boring!