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Na he already know. When he came first, yes he was like hey this guy is like another rider. Now that he has seen the bike data and MMs performance. Last week he openly said MM was in a different level at Germany.    Cal always says... Marc can do we can't. Even last race he said if I tried it I will be kissing tarmac.    I have been fan of Doohan, Rossi. CS and now Marc. Marc is something special.    And yes Quartararo May be his match but we have to wait and watch. Mm is first of his kind. I am sure more will follow and that is evaluation...    Every time they show him ride, It's special.    Aggressive as Doohan Adaptive as Stoner  Smart as Rossi...
Even you know. Aerodynamic is really really expensive and all Ducati does is that. They are not trying to improve the foundation which is chassis. Yes MM may win on it too.  The biggest joke of all is  Dorna trying to spoil sport with electronic restrictions to make racing closer.. but god given talent of MM says otherwise.. lol 
Agree, It looked like Rea‘s lollypop had been taken away then. A sad sight that a man like him was unable to keep a lid on it. Feel for AB who stayed polite all the time but really seems to have lost the grip on the V4R for the moment.The WC is done and dusted and Rea knows it. We all do...
Looks like Puig is not really acknowledging MM‘s performance and indirectly stating MM can only win on a Honda. tsss. We had that in 2003 I believe. HRC as smug as always....
Well TBH both are kinda right. Honda would be struggling without Marc and they know it. Ducati have invested a lot, especially with the big money signing of Jorge but besides that surely they must spend similar to Honda, if not less. 
When I heard about him getting married a few weeks back I did wonder if that would be a precursor to him retiring to spend more time with family.