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Probably realised he's just another manufactured champion. Time he came out of the closet and admitted the truth to himself, shaved off that glued on mop of brillo he uses for an excuse for hair and realised his Mercedes doesn't run of f@#$%^& wildflowers and springwater! What a chump. 
time for a geat big, bleeding steak and fries. cheers lewis.
not sure your imaginary friend has anything to do with it, but original man was a vegan.
Short memories guys, the Ducati was said to be hard to ride, and we all saw what happens when Lorenzo hangs in there trying whatever is required for the bike to work for him.   I want him to be on the Honda 2020, and give it a good crack. The world of Motogp smash a rider when they are down, he knows it and he is back in the saddle this weekend... best wishes old mate do yourself proud...
here's an idea to try.......retiring.  
is it now 2 years or 3 years we've been hearing this stuff from VR? Time to go my friend. Time's up and so is your ride.