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Well the prodigy just put out a new album, so he's alive... but TTC seems to have died.  I wondered what was going on when Hutchy wasn't on a TTC R6 at the isle of man TT this year.
This sounds a strong team.  Congratulations to Sandro, and good luck on this new adventure!  Another good rider without any deal is Jordi Torres, I hope there is something announced for him soon, once he recovers from his injury.
What will it take ever to hear Toto say something along the lines of: "Am so glad we have yet again kicked Ferrari's a**e right out of the park!". For such an adrenalin-based sport, F1 has become way too politically correct and artificially polite. With so little real hard tackling racing on the track, the fan is usually left flat. So, petulant and crude as he may be, seeing Max go native on Ocon and try to barrel a tunnel through his chest brings back some sense of reality that the sport is increasingly failing to provide.
Ya, sure if you think about it.... Repsol Honda haven't many titles until Marquez came around.  Ohh wait! M Doohan, A Criville, V Rossi, N Hayden, Casey Stoner & M Marquez. From 94 to 98, 99, 02, 03, 06, 11, 13 to 18 Ya Repsol Honda haven't been much of a team really. ;-)
This is going to be a really great and competitive championship, lots of my old favourites are in it!
Uh he's not an engineer working for Yamaha, you idiot?