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Have Your Say I offer the above without comment.
MM article. Must speak about VR.   You are certainly underselling the "other more personal reasons" here nit. And what other things did Rossi go on to do? Pass comments about one rider over the years from being a liar to destroying the sport and trying to...ho ho..knock riders off. While VR slowed and took a good look before doing thatthe rider he was talking about. Even at Motegi hearly knocking JL off - riding for the same Team, riding for a WC and VR was so anti with him too he was very prepared to end it all for him.  Saying JL had no balls to switch Teams. Hey a phrase you used about MM. But why should MM quit Honda? He's just said the Team is great. Not like VR and Honda when he parted. Why don't you think for yourself? Or just continue regurgitating things about VR that bear little resemblance to the truth.
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Rossi orders Yamaha to ban Topgun from talking. Crack is wack.
Why not save everybody time and money, halt the championship after what we witnessed in Austin, hand the WC trophy to MM and Honda and everyone can go fishing for the rest of the year. Hell, may be hand him even next year's championship while we are at it!
Typica COTA yawner.  No track in the world stretches out the field like this one. 
Along with many thousands of other viewers, I DO believe that his Ram raid on Rossi was deliberate. I do not believe the tenuous excuses MM made concerning the incident.You will not convince me, or them, otherwise. But despite that I did congratulate your rider on his win and I find it incredible that you still find something to moan about.