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No need for the apology Navel, appreciated though. I hate to admit it but I think you are right.....neither is anyone else whilst Meteoric Marc is on the grid......150 points more than Dovi in second and 200 points ahead of Maverick in third. If memory serves there have been 9 riders on the podium this year including the 5 winners. When you have Marc taking one of the 2 top spots every race and the other 8 sharing the podiums, there doesn't seem one among them that can pose a threat next year. Dovi, has been said elsewhere, would have been Champion in the last 3 years if it wasn't for the smiling assassin.
He won the championship in 15
No Wonder. Best kids by far after Marc
Perspectives are different.  On one had we have a man on top of his world and trying to stay that way for a while, before the inevitable transition to something else shows up.  On the other hand we have some sour grapes types who have reaped as they've sown and don't like it.  We're all just human beings.  The range of life experiences and perspectives is fairly large.  We humans have the capability to make and re-make ourselves.  Find what makes you feel good.  If you don't feel good ask yourself truly why, and make a change.  No one else can do it for you.
JimmyJimmy/Navel.....good posts