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Yes,  I'm aware of the Monster/Red Bull issue,  but let's be serious, it is not a massive barrier. For one,  if he's that good mates with Monster, I'm sure they wouldn't get petty about standing in his way,  and secondly it would be a startling lack of ambition on Cal's part for a soft drink sponsor problem to stop him from making the move to the Repsol bike, if offered.   In truth, i think Cal brings up the sponsor "clash" everytime Repsol overlooks him for the bike, because it hides the inconvenient truth that they don't ask him.  Which is a shame, he's the best man for the job. 
Who else should've got the seat, money where your mouths are with some reasonong behind your opinions.  Should be a good laugh.
Good points Jay, unfortunately they'll be lost on those who can't make an unbiased view though. No one has to be a Marc Marquez fan to see there was no future in promoting Crutchlow or Zarco.  I'd be interested to see them justify their own opinions on who should've gotten the seat. 
Consistently? Don't be a cretin Larry, I'm a regular critic of some of his past moves and to be honest I can instantly think of any in this whole season that stand out.
“It’s not a matter of fining or blaming,” Binotto explained. That's the problem today. Nobody is made to face up to their mistakes or be held responsible for their actions. This has been a disastrous and undisciplined year at Ferrari and the blame falls on Binotto. FIRE BINOTTO!
Cal has stated repeatedly that he's going to sit out his career with LCR. He's become very good friends with Lucio and is very happy there and as stated above; his Monster affiliation would have been a deal breaker anyway. Zarco will never ride a Factory MotoGP bike again and only has himself to blame. Everyone in the world would've killed for what he had but acted like a spoiled brat. He also did nothing in his three race return. Alex is the right choice