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Gosh... listen to those teams whinging and whining. They sound as if they reckon that if they moan enough the changes go no further, which is probably way more than they would have liked. The teams should not be making the rules, they should be deciding whether they want to compete or not and then get on with it. For the hipsters... #stopbloodymoaningandgetonwithit
A sensible and reasonable response to a problem - especially in moto3. Can you imagine how F1 would react to a similar problem? Several dozen committees, Mercedes complaining, Ferrari threatening to leave and a minimum time scale of 2 years (with adverts). The last time they tried to change qualifying (for all the wrong reasons) they made it hilariously stupid and abandoned after 1 attempt. Here, they have assessed the problem and produced a simple alternative. No drama. No muppetry. Well done FIM. It may need some minor tweaking but I have full confidence that it will work.
Did I hear correctly? Grandpa beat him with zero wins while coasting to third in the championship? While Jorge was injured for 4 races?  Man, what an over-achiever this grandpa is!
Mark said ,it was  his mistake ! , he didn't blame anyone else for crashing out . There is the difference
I'm still a Rossi fan, and when he retires I'll still be a fan, regardless of whatever he goes on to next. That's what fans do.  It's easy to be a fan of somebody who wins all the time, but real fans support their team\rider\brand\make etc regardless of whether they win or lose. Fans of racing (as well as fans of Rossi specifically) were robbed of seeing the spectacle that would have been Rossi on the top step, but that's racing for you.  Yeah it wasn't a typical race, and yeah Marquez was already out etc. etc. but he's already won the title so what difference did it make?  Seeing Rossi on the top step the same weekend as some unknown kid wins Moto3 at 15 years old would have made the weekend even more memorable.  I agree with the man himself in that it was a great, great shame. Shouts to Pol Espargaro too.  Really pleased for him.
It is not easy to seperate 'faster' from 'better' where riders are concerned. If one rider finishes higher than another in the Championship it doesn't automatically mean that he is 'faster', all that it does mean is that he has scored more points. But conversely it doesn't mean that he is a 'better' rider either. To illustrate my point, history will now show that Rossi scored more ponts in his stint on the Ducati than Jorge has in his stint. How you break that down depends on who you support, I suppose. To put it into Valencia Dovi was not only the 'best' rider in the World, he was also the 'fastest' Alright, alright, I know......the last bit was me getting in a brag about my rider.