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Wow. One race in and the Bile Spewing has begun. Just enjoy it for what it is. Well done the top three.   Its Good to Talk.
Part of it is this track.  Has there ever been a really exciting race there?  
Mark _
As team orders go holding position is not near as bad as being asked to give up a position.  Plus when it is for 4th and 5th who really cares?
Mark _
If they want to manufacture excitement in the current environment, then they should invert the grid after qualifying. Award points 10 down to 1 for the top ten qualifiers to keep qualifying honest. Then award points as usual for the top ten race finishers, plus a point for the fastest lap and another point for the driver who makes up the most spots during the race. It would at least make the first half of the race fun to watch as the fastest cars worked their way through the rest of the pack.
Amusing how all those complaining last year and previous years about JR running away with the title after 3 races and it was all crap and never watching WSBK again blah blah blah !! are now getting all excited because Alvaro has won the first 6 races this year. Hopefully he still goes as well on the twistier tracks and we can see some sort of revival for WSBK. It should act as a feeder from domestic series around the world to MOTOGP along with MOTO2 and MOTO3. Imagine if CC35 had been denied the chance to play on GP's or Ben Spies, Bayliss,Toseland etc. Maybe if next year some of the GP riders without rides will look more favourably on WSBK then we might have a full grid.
What if Bautista completely dominates WorldSBK this year and takes the title, while Petrucci fails to live up to expectatations on the factory Ducati. Would they even consider giving the factory seat to Bautista and leaving Miller and Bagnaia at Pramac? I guess that would also depend on how Miller and Bagnaia live up to expectations this year. The season has just started so it's really too early to make wild guess yet, although with a just a 1 year contract Petrucci probably doesn't have too long to impress the boss this year.