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Little v46r comedy gold. usually about now in his post loop he'll tell us about how lucky or maybe priviledged Marquez was in his 125 days. 
I believe Lorenzo will gel with the Repsol Honda and when he does Marquez will deploy every dirty tactic he has to derail him, only reason he didn't block Lorenzo is because he is Spanish and it would ruin Marquez. Think about it Marquez blocked stoner as test rider, because he knows Stoner would be faster and he will do all he can to stop Stoner from coming back.
You again, nothing to say...... only just disagree! Lol!
Gigi choosing his words very carefully. There was a huge fanfare when they signed Jorge stating that he was given a lorry load of money to win the Championship for Ducati. The facts remain that in the so called 'disastrous' 2 years that Rossi spent on the bike he scored more points than Jorge. Same for his first 2 years on the Ducati he scored more points than Lozzer. So you would have to think that in gigi's eyes then Jorge has not delivered. In Ducatis' eyes as well. There is no doubt that Jorge pulled up trees with his bare hands trying to get to grips with the bike, but he was a long way from winning the Title on it. It is interesting that Dovi is castigated on here and the old fert is claimed to have 'ruined' the bike, and yet Jorge is feted as a hero. None of this alters my hoping that he gels with the Honda though. The lad is a determined little bugger and is as tough as nails. Let's hope he can handle Marc's 'racing incidents'.
That's a very interesting, candid interview! I really, really, REALLY urge all the idiots who insist on denying the huge scope and intervention of the MotoGP electronics, and how it's so complex and demanding (read as costly) to exploit. Note Dorna didn't want Moto2 to have TC and so m e of the other toys - because they didn't want a wealthy team to be able to buy success - which tells you a huge amount about why it's the wealthy teams that lock out MotoGP. I really hope they don't spoil Moto2 by ramping the electronics up and up. As for MotoGP's comment above... Well funnily enough rider's rode and raced for decades without TC.... and they used this strange concept called "skill" and "throttle control" (as have the Moto2 rider's to-date).  Too much electronic systems and intervention and complexity - just tilts the playing field to advantage the biggest wallet and spoil the Racing.  Read tjis articles words carefully and let them properly sink in.