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Maybe Francesco Bagnaia was their hope for the future best-rider-suited-to-their-bike based on winning 8 out of 18 Moto2 races in 2018, along with 4 other podiums. Too bad 2019 didn't turn out so well for him at Pramac Ducati on a GP18. It will be interesting to see how Bagnaia on a GP20 compares against Zarco on a GP19 next year.
nothing spells success like 2 losers getting together.
Say what you will but this statistics show Valentino Rossi is truly a great rider. He has the least number of falls in general in the last 5 years. Sure he may be slow(er) but he stays on the bike most of the time, regardless of bike. 
I would underline a fact that Gigi still missed the loss of JL99 as such exploring other rider with similar riding characteristic. Having JZ5 will expand their option for 2021. Remember, all ducati riders will finish their contract by end of next year and its critical for ducati to pick the future best-rider-suited-to-their-bike if they still dreaming that world title.
I am not too worried about Ducati's ability to poach someone else from Magneti Marelli. The real big loss here, it what other knowledge had that guy gathered while working for Ducati. My company sutained a similar incident. Competition managed to hire the scientist that designed a revolutionary oilfield equipment. Of course, that equipment was patented, but it is always painful to know all your secrets are going to be divulged.
I really wish they were both going to be on the most recent and best examples of each vehicle in their espective discipline. However, with Rossi driving the older Mercedes and Lewis being limited on tires on the Yamaha,  it just kinda takes the fun out of it. I also wish they would each get a full day of practice before setting a lap but apparently I'm not in charge.    I wish them both the best and I hope they have fun. And I hope no one gets hurt.