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Of course the drivers don't think their exchanges are private, and its quite clear to all of them that the TV companies can pick and choose what they want to air, whether out of context or not, but the fact remains that they are talking to their race engineers, they are not their to provide commentary for you and me. You don't need to take offence on behalf of the team. If they don't like what Hamilton says, I am sure they are quite capable of dealing with it themselves.
Lewis I'm not an f1 expert, perhaps armchair expert... This is definitely not your hardest race... I seldom watch f1 from start to finish but I did last night... The first time ever in my life watching Monaco race from start to finish... The successful overtake over the entire race is less than five I guess? 
After the race: "I’m not coming in, whatever the case - I’m just going to drive around with no tyres until they blow up." REALLY? I suppose that was the idea on each of these occasions: "Does James think I'm in trouble with these tyres? I'm driving super slow now and I'm not sure how long they are going to last." "Have you considered [putting] the hard tyre on me?" "I think we are on the wrong tyre. I'm definitely in a bad way." "I think I'm in big trouble. My left front is dead" "We're going to lose this race Bono. I can't look after these tyres anymore, they're dead!" "I can't keep the car behind, Bono, can you not see that!?" "I don't know what you were thinking putting these tyres on, man. You need to hope for a miracle!"
Never mind your original launch pad about witchcraft and the rest!
@JOE2D you really didnt have to expend your valuable time shining the light on your superior attention to only the racing on the track. The very fact that, notwithstanding that there seems to be no debate as to who took the checkered flag first,  you are here arguing over "off-track gibberish" makes your high horse clear enough to see, doesnt it?
Not a Hamilton fan by any stretch but hes currently, along with Verstappen, the best driver out there albeit in the best car. That front tyre was completely shot in parc ferme so he did a good job of keeping it on the road.