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If Dovi can't keep up with an old age pensioner then it must be time to retire. 
It would be an awesome lineup. But again, the Rossi factor plays heavily into FQ's future. All I can say is, if he doesn't stay with Yamaha, please let him go to Factory Suzuki. The guy is a corner-god ala Lorenzo-type rider, and needs the correct weapon at his disposale. He's not a contortionist (MM), or a grin and bear it (AD) sort of rider. I bet him and Rins would do some damage! Yamaha is still the ideal choice though, obviuosly.
IMO maybe if Dorna want to go down this route they should provide some proportion of backing to the Moto3 and Moto2 teams. I figure each team would need a minimum of 1mil euro to stay viable (5 team members per bike + rider + bikes + parts + logistics), maybe if Dorna contributed en extra couple of hundred thousand Euro per team to keep them viable the extended calendar could work. 
2021 (after all the contracts being up for grabs) Yamaha should be targeting MV, JZ and FQ as their main 3 riders on Factory bikes - If they want to win a championship that is... 
Hate to say it, but most of the elite sportspeople in the world are tax dodgers to some degree. MM93, as much as he lives in Cervera, for taxation purposes he effectively lives in Andora, a tax haven (along with the Espagraro's , Miller etc) Crutchlow moved to the Isle of Man, Lorenzo is in Switzerland etc. Going Further afeild, Lewis Hamilton and his plane registration/use... , Dan Riccardo (and half the other F1 drivers) live in Monaco etc even though they all fly under their original countries flags. So yeah Rossi cheated on his taxes, he just didnt do it the legal way like everyone else. And I am not a Rossi fan, and am not making any excuses for his behaviour, just pointing out how the situation stands. 
What a dissapointing attitude. Most of us would give our left nut to ride the aprillia, let alone any of the better MotoGP machines... He should go out there and enjoy it for what it is, figure it out, have some fun. He has already quit, so there shouldnt be any pressure on him. Redding was having a heap of fun with his bike when he knew he wasnt returning, wheelies, getting his head down... have a crack at that!