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By "bad results", I only mean "not on the podium".
I don't have a problem with Dovi. Seems like a nice bloke, can pedal a bike pretty well. That's my caveat out of the way...... The article ? Pre-explaining possible bad results in the next two rounds to his bosses and sponsors. Argentina and COTA.  A fair amount of medium to fast sweeping corners. Jerez and LeMans ? Point and squirt. "Yeah, the season doesn't really start until Spain/France..... and finishes before Phillip Island....and Assen doesn't really count.... Brno and Silverstone also..... so it's really six strange circuits...actually, can we ignore Sachsenring as well ? ".....let's say seven strange circuits...for now...I'll keep you updated ...."  
@SOGGYWOMBAT, Excatly. Although there is also the matter of MSMA politics. Ducati pulled a definate swifty with that aero, or more accurately, played the vagarities of the rule to their advantage. Clarification required. Funny that the introduction of aero seems to be followed very closely by politics, complaints and appeals..... I'm an old fart when it comes to that stuff ( not saying I'm right, just how I am) Minimum weight. Maximum of 6 gears. Maximum displacement. Build something that fits that, go racing.  
Haaaaahahahahahaha. You're a classic @GILLIES,  deadset. Always good for a laugh. Sooooo, that's now Morbi, Mav, Quartaro and Yamaha all now singing from the same book that the old fart has been singing from since late 2016.  But yeah-nah, it's because Morbi chose the wrong tyres. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good yarn. Care to share the race lap times for all the Yamaha's ?  Even just each riders average race lap time ? Didn't think so.... Inconvenient information.
If you think that Cash dot net sucks, please press the like button.  
"But now Dovi has revealed his strategy the others should be able to work together to counter this. Clearly the suzukis and yamahas can run race winning times if allowed clean air and lines." Anyone that watched the Laguna Seca 2007 already knows that setting up your own machine to point and squirt can screw up a race for another rider rider/machine that's setup for flowing speed IF you can get in front. After all, it's supposed to be a race not a lap time competition...