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I see your true color... No body talk about Aprilia, MM and FM. This article is about a certain Italian rider. Off course a troll talk not about him in his article.
@CODGER "It is so easy to forget that Rossi and JB was employed to help Ducati make their bike more 'rider friendly'. He wasn't asked to win races or Titles. It is also easy to ignore the fact that the parts that JB was 'showered' with were NOT what he asked for ( many were built to what Casey asked for ) One thing to consider... Although in the following Seasons after Casey defected, Rossi actually rode faster than Casey had (for whatever reason ), he did not throw it up the road in the way Casey had to in trying to get his wins". LOVE YOUR POSTS CODGER. YOUR THE ULTIMATE SHIT STIRRER
@gunna  You really do like to keep it simple,don't you. Ok. Playing that game. Rossi 2005 - 367pts 11 wins 2006 - 247pts 5 wins 2007 - 241pts 4 wins Does this show the Yamaha was in decline. Lets see. 2008 - 373pts 9 wins 2009 - 306pts 6 wins 2010 - 233pts 2 wins No it didn't. It really just proves that your simplistic statistics are shit. Now Nicky's results span 2yrs with stoner, 2yrs with Rossi and 2 years with Dovi. So Nicky had 2009 -104pts with CS - 220pts as team mate 2010 - 163pts with CS - 225pts 2011 - 132pts with VR - 139pts 2012 - 122pts with VR - 163pts 2013 - 126pts with Dovi - 140pts 2014 - 47pts with Dovi 187pts I'm sure you'll interperate these stats to suit your agenta, but to me they don't show any decline in the Ducati towards VR's time there. They just show that he had an average but not outstanding ride at Ducati. @GUNNA "Problem here is Rossi's Ducati days were desperate and looked like a royal failure because" Your expections were far to high for him and even to this day, you can't come to terms with it, so make endless excuces instead of just letting it go.  
Agreed, strange no mention of Guy. That dude is a genius. 
Brad Binder might be a title contender with Luca Marini this year. Sam Lowes and Alex Marquez will probably both be fast, but probable also DNF too often based on their past performances.
Maybe the time off did Romano Fenati some good. Will he be able to keep his head on straight this year to be a consistent contender, or will he throw away what might be his final chance to prove what he can do? Will Niccolo Antonelli ever regain some race winning form? How about Aron Canet, can he keep things together this year? As far as somewhat newcomers, will Jaume Masia be a contender this year?