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Because the sport is so car dependant the question should be who had the hardest time from across the garage. And on that score Hamilton wins hands down.
When you are coming to the end of your career as Rossi no doubt is, this uncertainty must be a nightmare. If there is no racing this year, we could have seen the last of Rossi, Crutchlow and others along with certain racing drivers and athletes. Here's hoping we get some sport done this year....
"Improved diagnosis, treatment and awareness are being credited for the fall. But England still has one of the highest rates of TB in Western Europe with just under 5,200 affected in 2017. And TB is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide." That's from the BBC. "Awareness"? Really? I don't see any media hype regarding this and what about the 17,000 deaths due to regular flu in England alone? Has flu and TB gone on vacation and had Kung-flu stand in for a while? 
,,,,,or they could follow Bernie's views and have 2020 axed
Given how terrible the racing is with the current cars that's rather depressing news.
No mention of regret leaving the race winning Suzuki team then. They sorted out their power but did Ducati sort out their turning?