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2003 No Rostrum for Yamaha incorrect, Alex Barros on the Gauloises bike @ French GP. As for Ducati not listening to the bedblocker and JB another Myth to be debunked. Bike went from Carbon Chassis right way up swingarm to Aluminum frame inverted Swingarm within 6 months of them being there,Didn't CS say you have to lose a bit of your pride to win on the Ducati? Anyway back on topic if HRC hadn't have got incorrect engine spec in 2015 and COVID hadn't have come along MM would be well on his way to 8 straight premier class crowns by now.All bar 3 on a spec ECU and all on control tyres, Anyone who knows anything about the sport (And Ago isn't a bad yardstick) knows that MM is the best we've seen ( up to now) & would win on everything with the possible exception on the up to 2019 RS-GP)
Well well what a surprise.The king of yellow panty pissers.What sticks in your throat is the fact that Marquez is going to surpass your hero's tally of titles.Can't handle it eh fuckwit? 11 years and counting chump.11 years and counting.How many titles has Rossi won on a KTM or Aprillia. Oh that's right..none. When was the last time he even won a fucking race shit head? On a full fat,all singing and dancing factory Yamaha? We're laughing at you mate.
Not into "conspiracy theories" but Fosters Beer, now owned by Heineken, has upped it's stakes in Bridgepoint, which owns Dorna.
at this time it's really doesn't matter, neither Petrux nor Miller are championship material like Dovi.. but surely Miller is a lot younger than Petrux n he's showing some really good sign that he's gonna be better than Petrux did last year. so overall i think it's a good call, n who knows in the next 2-3 years Miller could fulfill his potential as Dovi's rightful successor..
from haters point of view it doesn't matter if he won it with any other bikes available because there will be more n more reasons to deny him as one of the most talented rider ever born in this earth (with Hailwood n Stoner).. if he win with Ducs they'll say "Dovi already prove it's already a winning bike", with Yams it'll goes "Vinales n Quartararo would've done it anyway if he doesn't showed up", even if he become champion with Aprils they will find another 'smart' reasons like "Dorna conspiracy!".. so yeah haters gonna hate, Marquez don't need to prove anything but collecting another championships one at a time.
If it wasn't for the machine on the Honda, Yamaha and Ducati would've cleaned up since the other machine, Casey won in 2011. The Yamaha has been the best bike for a long, long time. Never mind the fiasco of Yamaha apologising for their duff bike. The problem was in the pits with team and the riders. That's why RR has said he is prepared to take only two of Rossi's crew, Munez and one tech guy. Trouble is that Rossi's crew have been together for a long, long time and he wants to move more of them over. That's the sticking point. Razlan doesn't need Uccio's pasta recipe.