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If we compare F1 and MotoGP Italian brands Scuderia Ferrari is the team a champion dream to jump in but @DucatiMotor is a nightmare for a champions who dare to try. If we look of the two management regarding their success,Scuderia Ferrari are made up less Italian head than Duc
Can't wait for the first high-speed, Donald Campbell / Mark Webber style into the trees at Le Mans back-flip, where the vacuum sucksion gets on the wrong side of the wing. Be ironic if it's Zarco. Lol. Maybe that's what he's been practicing for?  
The designers are fans of Tim Burton? Who made a nightmareish film starring Johnny Depp.
Bagnaia will racing for Ducati satellite team, Pramac, started next year.. also Oliveira will racing for KTM satellite team, Tech 3, next year.
And if you like racing and not looking at boats and building .. it has always been  nothing more than a boring procession of fast cars in city streets .. worst race ever....
Mir has done nothing in Moto2. The standout guy is Bagnaia. Has he signed with anyone yet?