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I often wonder if he regrets messing up his much sought after (first) factory ride at Ducati...  He moaned for years about not getting factory parts or factory rides. Then once he got one, he only did 1 year of a 2 year contract with Ducati.
Good post AlanD but on push to pass they are allotted so many seconds of running at higher boost, not how many times they can push the button now. I think the allotted time varies from track to track, but I remember hearing the announcers say around 200 seconds of PtP at one recent race.
How Fans after the last race play the „ I want to believe“  game when commenting that the only reason that Mercedes is at the top is „Hamilton“ and that it would look the same would the cars and teams be switched. Go figure...
Says Hamilton who keeps avoiding pre race press conferences 
To be honest I was at the circuit and he looked a stick on for a podium... until he did his usual and threw it at the scenery... still had seven laps to make a move much faster than the riders in front why not just wait and make the move at the right time? Nah just chuck it into the gravel.
Curiously, in the 2 wheeled equivalent of F1 (motogp) there has been a greater dominance by one person (Marquez) since he first came in in 2013. Since then he has won all but one championship but no-one suggests he should retire, the sport is still exciting and the changes made by Dorna over the last 10 years have improved the sport a lot. About the only downside was putting it on BT Sport behind a paywall, although they make a far better job than SKy does in F1 despite its vastly bigger budget. The real problem is that F1 is held to ransom by the big makers whereas Honda went all Ferrariesque when the idea of a common ECU and software was proposed for MGP and said they would leave. Once they realised that their flauncing wasn't going to work, they decided to stay. The FIA/FOM produced their plan which was (and still is) chopped about by the teams to fit their own agenda resulting in no new engine makers and almost zero chance of any more - much to the delight of the existing ones. 2021 rules should have been published at least 6 months ago and if an existing team decided to quit, so be it. Now, we have the prospect of the same old thing until 2026 unless the teams stick to doing their job of producing great cars and the FIA/FOM do their job of producing a sensible set of rules. I just can't see it happening and, by the sound of it, neither does Hamilton. He's right but about 5 years too late.