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He did make some bonehead mistakes that's for sure.
To add... IMO if Michelin do bring better life tyres to the table as they state in 2019... it will be at the behest of Dorna asking for them.  And - Dorna will have asked - because of the sheer amount of audience negativity to the racers having to "put off" the business of actually racing one another - for most of 2018's season's races until 80% of the time on track had elapsed.  It was too much and the audience disapproved- hence the "tweak" and Dorna very publicly announcing it to win back audience (& to a degree rider and team) favour. That's the thing.  Audience power is huge. But... the audience is too busy bitching and breaking into factions - and not caring HOW a title is won, as long as "their guy" wins.  But - when collectively the audience wants something - they'll get it.  So - if the audience truly WANTED a fair chance for all rider's and Teams - the chances of the rules adapting to provide truly equal conditions and opportunity - would be far higher! That's the thing about people - they don't really want "fair". They'll simply associate and affiliate with the most successful instead,  and then be happy that "their" rider and team "wins" (cheerfully ignoring the fact that "their" rider "wins" with unfair advantage - they'll even go to amazing defensive  lengths to insist that it's all due to the talent of their chosen successful talisman - to reinforce their own denial - say something often enough and it gets adopted as "truth" etc.).  No-one likes to believe or accept that they've been "had", "played", or "conned" - so they'll deny any such notion when it's suggested to them - a form of self-denial and self-protection that just makes the job of those who ARE pulling the strings - so much easier to pull off. Strange creatures, people, by and large, and far easier to manipulate than they'd ever, ever suspect or accept was possible.  Interesting social behaviour stuff (& of course why our political system is able to be nothing like its meant to be  - I.e. not really acting in the best interests of the Electorate - because it just manipulates people into factions and renders the public vote to be largely ineffectual. (Hence why I don't vote cos it's pointless, and why I don't take things on face value - and prefer to look at it and make up my own mind - and why I have the opinion I have on how and why MotoGP has the rules-sets it has, and for the reasons given).
Happy Birthday Valentino ! i remember seeing you in your first year of 125 and wondering who you were and it did not take long to find out. And here you  are still going strong all these later. Good luck.
Look at 2016.  Two huge variables changed at the same time and to a large degree.... electronics and tyres. In effect it gave MotoGP a full "hard reset", as it took all the massed accumulated Data, and Data-solutions and setup solutions of the wealthy..... and rendered it all irrelevant.  Clean slate. Result?  Open season, 10 different race winners, and the first Indie Team wins in over a decade. 2017and 2018 have seen a steady return of the status quo. As the wealthy can afford to analyse far more data, and spend far more time developing data-solutions and so on - the Spenders are again steadily dominating.  This is no accident.  Had Dorna greatly cut,back on the allowable sensors etc... then it would make for fairer competition, as the greatly reduced hard data would mean BUYING advantage through having 10x the electronic techs in pit boxes was nullified.  For sure Dorna KNOW this better than I do.... but they aren't doing anything about it.  Instead, they tinker on the fringes and make a huge deal out of it (like the spec IMU thing) to give the APPEARANCE that Dorna are working hard on a fair Sport, rather than actually implementing measures that really do something meaningful. Dorna I suspect feel they have things about where they want them in 2019 I think.... and won't want to mess too much until the audience catches on and dominance becomes too obvious for even the most dozy fan to miss.  The races look good, the big spenders are mostly happy, and the audience is engaged right now - everyone (or at least the vast majority) are happy with what they are getting - so Dorna have no motivation to alter things.  That situation though (IMO) is most certainly cleverly manufactured and manipulated by Dorna through clever use of the tech regs (as outlined) - it's no coincidence.  There's way too much (circumstantial) evidence as well as commercial benefit for the situation in MotoGP to be anything else.
Dont worry yourself Lulu, Vettel will just screw it all up again as soon as you put him under a lot of pressure as he seems so adept at doing in previous years, he knows you are quicker on the day and it rattles him.. he had as fast a car as you last year and a easier car to work on all tracks but still didnt manage it did he. You are being polite to him and Ferrari will lose patience with him this year if he manages to drop the world championship into your hands again through his own mistakes..
i cant help but still feel  Zak Brown is still not the man McLaren need. I agree enormously with the appointment of De Ferran as sporting director as he has a wealth of experince  however I just cant see how Zaks CV over the past 2 decades makes him the best man for this job. He cant even seem to get any sponsorship etc despite moving to renault power as the mountain of sponsors he was going to get wouldnt support him if he stayed with Honda.. . what has Zak done which is so great ? The Jury is out in my eyes.