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Just goes to show what you know! Motorcycle racing was all they could afford back then, read his autobiography. 
Until I get my engine back from NASA I've enough time on my hands to look into some stats to see if there is any merit in the thought that Rossi is a waste of a Factory bike. Taking the last 10 years I've split it into two parts to see what decline there is in the old goats performance. In the first 5 years, (blighted by a dismal performance on the Ducati ) he put together :- 1 Title... Wins 9... seconds 10....thirds... 13. Average End of year position... 3.5. In the second 5 years, ( according to Yamaha the bike wasn't good enough over 2 seasons ) :- No Titles... Wins 9... seconds 20... thirds... 21. Average End of year position 2.6. Considering that the top of the podium was often not available to anyone because of Marc's dominance, then Rossi's fans might be justified in saying that the old fella ( happy burpday btw ) has shown a resurgance in form. Alternatively it would be interesting to see Grandad's non-fans say who they would give his bike to next year.
Happy birth day Valentino!
Worse, I thiink if he  hasnt improved dramatically half way through the season he will be replaced by Ocon.
Happy birthday Vale - racing at this level past 40 is a hell of an achievement, good luck for the coming season
Only in Sepang MM accepted VR's challenge. In Valencia, JL just unstoppable. When condition is perfect, JL still the fastest rider. That is why he got HRC contract.