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I was hoping Suzuki would have signed AM as I believe he would have suited that bike. Hopefully he will pick up a decent ride soon he can’t stay in Moto 2 forever and he is still very young. To all those “experts “ on here who were so adamant that it was the wrong way for Jack Miller to go to MotoGP directly from Moto3 well you can see how that has worked out. JM a MotoGP race winner, pole winner, regular top 10 finisher and a GP19 factory bike next year. AM still in Moto2. I wonder who that worked out better for.  
Sure... reduce front tire width and automatically also reduce mechanical grip which will then put more enphasis on downforce... which will make it harder to follow the car in front... which somehow "will improve the racing spectacle”!! It's like the whole thing is being run by monkeys
It goint to be Hankook. No question ;-)
Yes because Pirelli is already making tires for the 13 inch rim...
@JFWFAN +1 (with an underperforming bike might i add .. speaks volume to his talent )
Worrying about the Yamaha's is the least of Dovi's problems, the issue is notihing more than a smoke screen.  Dovi is three points in front of his team mate with ten races to the end of season. Dovi bad mouthed Jorge after signing on for the big $$$ earlier in the season, telling the world who should be in the garage next year and who shouldn't. And then came the announcement coinciding with Dovi's condescending comment where the Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali, expressed his regret that Lorenzo's stint with the manufacturer has not been successful.  Surprise surprise, Lorenzo and his engineers make a few changes to the bike with two back to back wins to bite them both on the arse, coupled with a clever strategised new Honda deal. Thing is, Dovi needs to beat his team mate not be smashed by Lorenzo as he walks out the door, which would leave Dovi and Domenicali with such a long faces. First and foremost beat Jorge, if Dovi gets on top of the Yams great, but beat Lorenzo and save face for next year...