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I think THE EAGLE hit it on the head, Rossi could plant his backside on one of the other disciplines full-time, it's obvious Motogp is near past tense, I mean one win in the last 48 races sort of sounds it out... Maybe this weekends podium is his calling card...
Dovi's stats are the best of the bunch. Over the last three seasons Dovi has won 12 over Marc,  with Mav winning 7.   Rossi has 1 race win on a full factory ride, that's not a good look when you consider Marquez has won 27 races in the same time frame.... I think Dovi just needed a break and take a breath, I still think Dovi can pull-out another 2017 effort on the Ducati in 2020...
Yeah, anyone can jump into a GT3 pro-am car for 2x 6 hour races and get on the podium ahead of a bunch of GT3 pro cars... jesus you muppets are clueless.
Yep, I saw the footage, VdM needs to remember that there are racing incidents and the fact is that he triggered this one. It was his bikes movement that caused DiM to react... He should have just let him past, tail him at a safe distance and let his faster teammates take the position back later. Although most racers ego's dont work that way... Also there are a lot of racers that dont play the long game and come up short whent hey had the talent to go much further... 
Luca Marini shares a parent with VR - does that count?
Anyone can drive a car around fast, not so much a motorcycle. Is Rossi finally admitting defeat?