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Looks like they are finding it hard to find a replacement for Zarco, even Gardner rejected them.  If KTM don't make progress soon, they are quickly going to become stuck as a 'second tier' bike,  together with Aprilia, which is what they are at the moment, and 'second tier' bikes are not atractive option to riders. 
@ GATOFUJI I think maybe because Fabio is on the 19 spec bike, he said that
They would love to - as would any team. Lecuona does rather enjoy the gravel traps though, which Fabio doesn't.
Cal, Big fan. You'll always be known as a guy whose expectations exceeded his talent. And that is absolutely commendable. I am your fan. I say... Well done sir!
Brainfart I like your attempt at educating V46R as many have done in the past but I fear you will be disappointed. As they say you can't educate pork.