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That post, as do all your others, just proves what an "arrogant self centred pr*ck" YOU are. Give it up and watch the might find that you enjoy it. ( I doubt it though )
Compare please sector times from Rossi lap by lap, Marquez doesnt slowed down Rossi, but the "overtake" from Rossi was intentionally to break Marquez his lap. Are you blind? Do you see just a yellow colour? Waht is wrong with you guys. Rossi deserves a penalty, but one more time he got nothing... This is spot for you, put hate on best rider ever Marquez is? Start thinking please.
He cant have them and it's not Yams 'fault' but Petronas. They bought him 5 engins instead of 7 and reduced the revs to make them last longer in theory. He cant have more nor lift the restriction in season. Let's not forget FM was supposed to be the 1 rider and Fabio the riskey 2nd 
AR- at last some common sense spoken. Try telling that to the people who are constantly shooting down Yamaha about their top speed. 
But, if we cant have more tracks and finances wont lose more boring tracks, how about a calendar shake up at least? As far as I know only 4 tracks have dates set (Valencia last, 2nd last, Qatar first and Silverstone in Aug I think?) Might be wrong, but the start feels weird with a race then 3weeks off. Same after summer break a race then 3 weeks. I know logistics will play their part to an extent but would be good to stuck to 2 weeks between until summer then again untill flyaways
Like others have said, I would love to see it, but the expense for smaller teams in lower classes would be more, and that in turn may shorten the grid as is. Trouble is some of the more processional tracks ie COTA bring big bucks so wont loose them. I'd say 21 is realistic to loose a test, but no more, just emptying a grid, riders burn out, less development = less competition so more boring races and more of them.