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Ever since NBC in America only breadcasts the Sky coverage of the race there has been a 90% increase in the use of the mute button anytime Crofty starts talking.
Dovi challenged 2 years running? The only reason he ''challenged'' in 2017 was because the 93 Honda blew up at Silverstone (first time in 10 yrs) 2018 he crashed 4 times and was not in the hunt whatsoever.   
Yes Ponti, the same Dovi that crashed 4 times last season?
looking forward to seeing Danilo in the factory team. There has been doubters about his talent for probably 6-8 yrs now. He keeps proving them wrong. Now he has the best of everything, so lets see what he can do.
@TOMCO   Spoilt brat How so. He always had the shit bike and did the most with it. Fast guy on a slow bike made those moto3 years so interesting.    
The only reason Dovi wants him is he knows he'll beat him. He didn't like it when Lorenzo picked the pace up and he couldn't take that chance on Miller.