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There’s nothing wrong with that Yamaha, it’s all a smokescreen to try and show it is Rossi who is making the difference. The only difference is Marc, as shown where the other Hondas are. Yamaha 2nd and 3rd today and in the championship. Honda 1st and nowhere else in the championship. If you want to know about acceleration problems, look at the Honda from 2015-2017, but two WC along the way
DYOR but 9th consecutive victory from his 9th consecutive Pole at @sachsenringcircuit ... the 9th race of 2018 and his 99th career #motogp race. Passing only #9 and #99 to do so in front of 90,000 spectators...
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Tracks more like Assen or PI. Not fidgety processional tracks like this.
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Ain't that a fact! Put the Yam boys on Hondas and they'd be fighting for top tens like Dani and Crutclow.
What's the saying about being a tryer?
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Sandbagged to another fortunate podium. To be as close on lap times shows it isn't electronics. Fact is give the Yamahas their factory electronics back, MM will still smoke em on a spec ECU. Or if MM was on a Yamaha he would probably win every race instead of only 80 per cent of them........