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BREZA27 why telling us ?   nobody is making you do anything... keep it private  ;)
Like I keep saying ... Mattia Binotto and his entourage of flunkies must be immediately fired! The team manager of a weekend club racer would be better suited at divining a winning strategy for Scuderia Ferrari.
Worst season EVER... And I'm not ferrarista... That MerCup is killing the sport.... And joy in the same time! Look at MotoGP... 15 bikes in one second... I'm not paying 13o Euros to stand in the mud to see a boring race... 
No doubt his break from media duties [for being "upset" over Lauda's death]  helped with that. Even John Watson went as far as saying that was 'selfish' but then again its every man for himself in F1
In my head,  I've got that character from the Simpsons going "Ha! Ha!"
Wow - what a lap. Would have loved to see the onboard footage of that one! Seems as though Ferrari are deliberately trying as many ways as possible to embarass themselves in 2019. Max starring again!