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Don't worry  as BMW won't give the team much in the way of updates, as the smr team know from previous years they ran BMW 
Beamish Suzuki
I often think about that. On the last lap he was 1 second behind Jorge. ONE second!.. Then he decides to win... Just, amped it up and, win.... And he did. It was really annoying, How the hell can he do it then but not earlier. Almost like Someones told the riders to put on a show for the first 95% of the races then go for it. I hope it's not becoming more show than real.   
On a very sad note, neither will Brad Baker who he battled with both races. Brad was paralyzed during the X-Games.  Help his recovery, he is a great guy ~
Can't you monkeys read? He says the Duc has incredible off corner acceleration and speed, this very difficult to pass
Rossi is 3rd in the championship but yet can barely get on the podium. Sadly championship positions don't tell the full tale. 
Marquez has impressed me beyond belief. There is no question that he is the best rider of his generation. But so was Doohan (IMO) and he impressed me as much. With all probability (even because races are safer) Marquez will obliterate Doohan and Rossi's records and hopefully he will race till his mid to late 30's...