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Best case scenario, he lands a test ride with Yamaha now that Folger is going back to Moto2.  He'd easily cause some havoc doing a guest start on the M1......IMO.
nonsense is right,the same can be said for 2020,this guy is there to make lewis happy and collect constructor points,sad to say
Merely speculation but I predict in 2021, FQ will replace Rossi on the factory Yamaha, JL on the Petronas Yamaha (subject to improved performances in 2020), AM with his bro' at Honda (a perfect team-mate). I think MV and AD will stay where they are.
That spinal injury could well have finished Jorge's career,so I believe he is doing the right thing and getting back to health slowly but surely.People said he would never win a race on a Ducati in a million years but he eventually shut those people up. Will he do the same on the Honda? Noone can possibly know,but one thing we do know.He won't give up without a fight.We need the likes of Jorge back to full fitness.Someone has to take battle to Marc. Problem is,Marc is on the rampage and it's hard to see anyone taking his crown for a while yet.
what will the millions who've followed gp before Marquez and even Rossi were born think ? will they still think Marquez is a to**er ?