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Play it again Sam. Repeat, repeat,repeat,repeat
They have Marquez on board, so, in case some problems with the hardware they can count for more overriding factor from 93...
Yeah Granado is a great rider, he was in Moto2 a couple of years back as well 
Was Honda the only team to test 2020 equipment this early before the end of the 2019 season?  They had a few things to test for 2019 as well, but it would appear they are extremely confident that 2019 is going well enough that 2020 planning just gives them that added edge for next year's campaign.
Had to look up who Eric Granado was.  This kid's a tremendous rider.  Rides the wheels off his bike against compatriot Alex Barros.  Haven't seen the Valencia race to see how he rode that E bike, but if he rode it anything like his Honda superbike, that thing was sliding.
Oh of course, a few words from the class clown, you never fail us V46R... keep updating us with your mindless speels of your work