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The GOAT. An Aprilia ahead of him, now that is really embarrassing. Of course the problem is the bike.. My backside.....
actually george, grojo did not deserve a penalty.  he was alongside and slightly ahead of you  and had nowhere to go !  what did you expect him to do?  crash headfirst into the solid wall.
Total gimmick. All those classic races with loads of great overtaking that I saw in the 80's........didn't need modern motorsport gimmicks like DRS, push-to-pass, weight handicaps or reverse qualifying/grids etc. Such ideas are indeed a sticking plaster. Fix the boring cars and the boring circuits.
Yep, getting a 1-2 finish and keeping Merc off of the podium was really "stupid".  LOL
Mark _
LeClerc admits that Ferrari wouldn't have had a 1-2 if they didn't do that.  If you prefer team orders and fixed results good for you.  Imagine what that would have done to Vettel's morale.  Let them race.
Mark _
Aaah, forgot about that, thanks you two