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Its a good job that I wasn't comparing a motogp rider to a chess player then.
Watch out folk! The 2019 Yam which is the same as the 2018, with the re-worked 2016 engine has arrived. Mav is happy with engine "This is way to go. The engine braking is out of this world." They seem to have found the solution. Morbidelli looking good too.
It's funny how I remember when Jorge was just starting to establish himself over the bed blocker at Yamaha circa 2010 and at the time I remember the general consensus of opinion in the press was that the Lorenzo/Forcada  partnership was better at solving problems than the BedBlocker/Burgess one.This was particular in Rear tyre life. Maybe the Bed Blocker sometimes wishes I've hadn't levered JL out of Yamaha, he could at least of carried on copying a more reliable source of data than MV?          
HOPPY, nail.on.head. If VR was all conquering on a Repsol Honda for sure it’d all be down to the rider, not the bike. Wonder what he’ll say if JL doesn’t adapt quickly enough?....maybe it’ll be the rider not the bike!!!....
Im a big Lorenzo fan. But title contender is a big ask next season. Better to set my expectations lower so I am not dissapointed. Lol
Dani won races with Repsol Honda, I believe Lorenzo will be a serious title contender next season that Repsol Honda team have serious experience and now has two fast riders to pull everything from that Honda.