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Well said. Max is definitely a talented, agressive, very fast driver - he just needs to find the proper headspace in the cockpit. As you so rightly point out, Vettel managed to throw away his biggest asset - a clearly faster overall car to that of the Mercedes - by his frequent mistakes.   The championship doesn't always  go to the fastest - but it DOES go to the most professional.
What is this? A Senate hearing? I don't have to address everything in your post. 
Just horrible bad luck all round. Bad luck in the first place to be picked up by a gust of wind just as he tipped into the first corner and be pitched onto damp kerbs, and doubly bad luck to pick up such a nasty injury when those involved in a much bigger accident in the race (Zarco, Marquez) walked away thankfully unharmed. Hopefully the recovery will be uncomplicated and speedy. 
He was a very good rider. One of the best. Maybe top 10 or 100 in the last few years. Only a select few were on equal machinery. Tyres do play an important part.... difficult to judge.
No, nobody did. What I did say was Dovi smoked Lorenzo for two seasons on the same motorcycles. And Dovi would of smoked him for two more seasons if he had stayed. Ducati is complicated and like I said before Lorenzo will gel with the Repsol Honda a lot faster.
Exactly, imagine lorenzo on previous Ducati. Hell even Lorenzo admitted he wouldn't of been able to do anything on the previous version.