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Tom Sykes will be a waste of a ride on hopefully a decent bike. He can't beat Rea on a similar bike what chance will he have on a BMW. 
Great to see Suzukis up front and beating the Yamahas every race.  Think they should have kept Ianome for another year. Rins is good Ianome better.
Baylis would be a great choice, would swell the crowd and provide even more interest.
I am glad Baustista has the ride. Judging by his form he is the only Ducati rider who deserves it. Big error not getting him alongside Dovi next year. Petrucci is not the man to support Dovi. Ducati in the wilderness for the next two years.
AB19 is a good guy and a great rider - was unlucky to be on a non-competitive bike.. and now that Ducati is a capable bike hes forced out to WSBK.. i hope he kicks ass there
Silverstone has gone from the dead duck of the series to one of the eagerly anticipated on the national circuit,bringing it forward to the first round will bring even more fans in after the long winter drought. This is a good calender for us northeners,i'll be doing quite a few rounds next year.