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very upset but stil needs to be noticed
Tires! No sure... But every michelin rider got overnight tyres not tires... based on there practice and qualifying times. You understand that ya, every michelin rider. Rossi was faster on them then anyone else.  Rossi in his prime was unbeatable, just like Marquez seems to be now, only Rossi did it on both a Repsol Honda & a Yamaha.   
Eugenes team must have a hefty life insurance policy taken out on him,cos theyre trying their damn best to kill him with that death trap.
Rossi will retire and have sex on the beach. It’s a good drink and no need to abstain once he’s done competing. 
Good to explore options, Alex Marquez wants his bike. 
Rossi brake checked Casey at Lugana, that's what brought him down. Dirty move.