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He already rode like a demon with his shoulder damaged. He’ll have even more confidence once it’s held up well in a race. 
He wants to bang parts with them privately. 
He does use his arms and elbows a lot. In fact he uses his bum as a brake:
I remember the interview last year on crash, where Marc said, at the dinner table my mother and father always said, "push push" Marc nows nothing else, I hope the only thing that stops Marquez is his own retirement from the sport, then again, how do you stop a freight train at full speed.
Well then change the hannel. Only Honda could get those two old foes together on the same stage...  
I'm not a betting man but i put a bet on Pawi to win the first wet race of 2017... massive odds. Needless to say he finished wayyyy down the order.   Bit of a shame, but those moto3 wins in the wet were incredible!
Simon Cartledge