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It was reported at the team's launch that they will get 1 full factory 2019  bike and the other will be a 'lesser' version, details are sketchy on the 2nd bike, but it not a full factory M1
All the Yam riders are such a bunch of maoaners. It's them, not the bike, right? All they need to do is knock it down a couple of cogs, give it an 'andful, and all their probelms will be solved. Eh kids ?
If he does get a ride somewhere,you can bet your life savings that every rider on the grid will give him a simple warning. Try that stunt on me sunshine and you`ll get the biggest beating you can imagine! comprende?
I am wondering what will the "SIC" team taking over the M1 from "Tech3" thinking will happen next year. The non factory team usually gets previous year's chassis and engine; but with such a disastrous season, maybe they should get a 2019 version, if one decent one comes up.
Cheers Meangreen.Jorge often gets flack for being arrogant,but there`s a difference between arrogance and self belief.You have to believe you can do it or you WILL fail. All top sportsmen have that belief in thier own ability.
This isn`t good for Rossi,Mav,Yamaha or the sport we all love.Yamaha really need to sort this out.They should be at the top with Honda and Ducati where they belong.It`s not good to watch.In fact it`s painfull.For Christ sake Yamaha get your bike sorted!