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Love him or hate him, what this guy has achieved will be remembered. Still racing at the top at 40 is an incredible feat. Happy birthday Vale.
@ FANN.  Tyreshave always been critical and always will be.  It's why I've always been a supporter of the single-tyre rule. It's not perfect but it's the best option. Tyres are THE interface between all that super-tech and the track surface - everything the bike and rider do - has to transmit via the rubber. Before the electronics- the biggest Factory's (H & Y) ensured they retained advantages through restricting privateer kit, and by having an agreement/contract with Michelin to ensure only they had access to "Works" tyres (yes, including "Overnight Specials" from Michelin at Euro rounds). By the time Bridgestone became the control tyre - MotoGP already had their own "Control" replacement ready.... Electronics / Sophistication / Complexity. This made the usual suspects unassailable (apart from the insanely talented Stoner in 2007 ruining the plan). 2016- on pegged the electronics back ..... but still allows too much complexity (meaning with enough techs you can optimise better over a short weekend to tyres and track conditions than small teams). It's now more subtle... but there is still built-in advantage that can be BOUGHT (keeping Factories and their very wealthy, very powerful Sponsors happy) - provided by the sheer amount of sensors and data collection that the bikes are allowed to carry and use.  BUT.... even Control Tyres still can be used to manipulate the series - as we can tell if you look closely. Dorna want close finishes with up-front battles - as this engages the audience (who they treat as pretty ignorant and won't catch on to what they are doing.... and by and large regrettably- they are right).  Tyres that are too soft and which have to be "babied" by the rider's to make the flag ..... ensure bunching of the field until maybe 5-lap to go.  This of course means a rider only has 5-laps to pull a lead - not 20+ laps  - so of course the finishes are closer!  It spoils the Racing and the whole point of having GP length races - but it LOOKS good, AND the smaller gaps between rider's over line, convinces most that the Series competition MUST be fantastic (somehow failing to notice that its pretty much the same Factory bikes that finish top 5). So.... having soft, very hard to manage and to extract performance from TYRES..... suits all the big guns in MotoGP very nicely.  DORNA get to manufacture close finishes to thrill the audience.  MICHELIN get to break lap records and gain positive exposure for the Brand.  WEALTHY FACTORY TEAMS & SPONSORS get to dominate and promote their Brands most effectively and get most of the positive airtime, benefit and return from their involvement. TYRES.  There's an awful or more to them than just the very clever chemistry in MotoGP - they can be subtly  used to manipulate a number of outcomes by clever adjustment of compound and construction...... and 99% of the audience would never work that out or notice it, or put the pieces together.
Yeh man,he had a dream when hed walk the ghetto,slums of Stevenage every night.He knew someday hed escape the blight,devastation and poverty of the Staines,Massive,or wherever the idiot is trying to overdramatise that he came from.Id say hes as white as Mothers Pride when hes trying to chat up supermodels.
Bottas only has three small things to worry about;   1) Beating 5 times WDC Lewis Hamilton 2) The fact that the clock is ticking and Merc managemt are watching it closely 3) Esteban Ocon Odds on he’ll be Finnish-ed at Merc by the end of the season
Valterri to take note of how Ferrari took care of the short arse Brazilian driver, making sure he came second to the bloody German.
Maverick Vinales is in his prime and the proclaimed heir to being the next motogp champion and he was beaten by Rossi last year.    Rossi has lost some top speed, but he still has the ability to handle the variables that go on during the season better than other riders.