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Or they might have adjusted the suspension so those things don't happen , or at least so the positives and negatives made it worth using.
bri t
Should it really come down to being accepted or not depending if another team protests or not? Shouldn't those in charge have stepped in before? So at the mo looks like you can break the rules and get away with it if nobody complains (assuming it is found to be zero).   Glad others are also tiring of tyre management 'races'. I remember KRJR or Senior saying we should push the tyres as hard as we can and then it's upto the tyre manufacturers to better their tyres to survive the race at higher pace.        
bri t
Yes, its just that, gossip and very expensive gossip
100% legal on race day. Should they choose to outlaw it now, expect many Ducati protests in the future. FIM should have banned all this glue and screw crap when they had the chance. Next thing you know we will be talking about push to pass buttons. Digo yo.
Max's caution that Red Bull should not get carried away is more realistic. The pace we saw from Bottas, nearly 30 seconds ahead of everyone else at the finish is the true calibre of both Mercedes cars. Ferrari is realistically not far away from that. Red bull's performance on the other hand showed the limit of the package, maybe even beyond, due to Max's brilliance. This means that the Red Bull is truthfully around 20 seconds behind Merc and the Horse all being equal. All Merc and Ferrari cars will quickly come back consistently to their optimal power. Red Bull too will definitely improve but I cannot see them closing, never mind going beyond, a performance delta of 20 seconds, even if the opposition were not themselves pulling further forward. Given flukes and fluctuations of good or bad luck here and there, RB, Max in particular, will occasionally finish on the podium and may be even win. But Championship contenders this season they are not.
The trouble will come if FIM decide the device was illegal.Then the shit will hit the fan as the only course of action will to be to disqualify any Ducati that raced with the device in place.That will go down like a lead balloon but will be the only morally correct thing they could do.Hopefully it won't come to that.