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Marc continues to break new ground. A four year contract is unusual (unprecedented?), but smart from both sides. Marc just wants to win and  he knows he can do so on the Honda. Honda just wants to win and right now it appears the only way to do that is to pay Marc. If someone comes along and beats Marc straight up, or if injuries get him, the deal won't look so good, If, if, if...  It's a disappointing deal for me because I don't really want to see the same guy win everything for years. I'd really love to see him win the title on a KTM, but knew it was never going to happen.
I have read all the comments up to that point, and I have a different look at that 4 years contract. What is the long term impact to those other riders who usually knock on the MotoGP door from Moto2? This is a big reshuffle of what has been the contract norm in MotoGP. Established riders had a two years deal, and those whom had to prove themselves, a one year one. That gave a possibility to other riders to move in eventually. Also, let us not discard the fact that once a team innovates with something, others follow. That could actually slow down the renewal of talent inside MotoGP. We are aware of the potential as it is, but what about new riders that we have not seen yet?
everyone bar (or should that be baa?) the sheep...
,,,,,a Ferrari deal or retirement. He's nothing to prove where he is and has more money than he will ever know what to do with
Or - MM93 just guaranteed himsself a very, very lucrative employment future of an unprecedented duration, on the most successful team in MotoGP - off the back of a phenomenal and unprecedented success record.  Honda aren't sentimental or motivated by anything other than potential success - so if they broker a 4-year-deal, they are doing so for some very solid reasons. If there was anyone "afraid" - you could argue that HRC were "afraid" of losing an MM93 at his very peak - to a rival Factory - so they have pulled out the stops to make sure that cannot happen. So now, while injury or loss of form could theoretically end the MM93 career at its zenith and end the MM93-HRC success story as an asset - its now far less likely that MM93 will ever be a threat to HRC.  I can't see there being any need for any fear from MM93 in this 4-year-deal.  If anything, it'll have boosted Marquez to know that HRC have so much faith in his talent, that they are willing to table and sign him up for so long.
"We all know'? Who is this "we" you're talking about