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Well deserved signing. He could be the new Lorenzo on that bike.
I don't like to generalize. Every person is different and it's up to a human's character and life philosophy how you live your live and what you expect from the relationship, I think. You take your decission and you can have the best intentions but it doesn't mean it will work out. Sometimes it's just too much. Time always shows. I think if someone is really focused on career, especially in such a demanding discipline like F1 is, it's better to be free, not involved with anyone, especially when there are kids. If you want really good relationship you must have time for it, if you don't- forget about it. You can't expect another person would leave everything for you to follow your callendar. It would be stupid and not healthy.
@ YZFR1.  Respectfully I suggest you go back and read the article again?  You seem to have missed completely the part where Yamaha commit to proving go factory lit and support to Rossi, whatever team he is with, if he chooses to stay in MotoGP.  No mention of performance merit or any standard reached (like everyone else, EVER has had to do- Quartararo included). If Yamaha wanted to keep FQ20 - then the lad had EARNED the right to want Factory Status of Yamaha, or to accept such an offer from a rival Factory who would. Rossi- has no such offers and does not have the results nor the potential shown to earn a Factory ride - yet he gets gifted one with no strings attached. And you deny VR46 has any clout nor any free pass priveledges?  Come on!
@ SWANN.  Point out any area of my comment which isn't accurate. Yellow Fever Sufferers.  It does seem to be a malady that damages the brain.
@ HELITACK32F1. Are you in "Big School" yet, or just Retarded?
Yup. Perfect solution really. All the main players are happy. The anti VR crowd will be in tears.. as usual