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And lowering the audience numbers thus reducing advertising revenue for the teams at the same time, genius.
The Aussie chaps leathers raised: $25,700 at auction. I think Andrea could be the big winner on the tire issue, Gigi said, I give you more horse power boys and with Dovi being one of the best at not destroying tires... it will be interesting to look at the results three races into the season.  
Many riders had access to the Michelin overnighters in Europe but if you remember Rossi kept having chunking problems and actually pushed for the switch to Bridgestones. Selective amnesia?
Enough of the Rossi overnight specials. Everybody that ran Michelins had access to the overnights in the European rounds. SMH
Controlled tyre?  Bring on the competition such as Bridgestone vs Michelins.  Back when Ducati ridden by that Ausie chap what is his name? beat Rossi and Yamaha on Bridgestone tyres, Rossi inmmediately cried, " give me Bridgestone and will beat Stoner " and duly Yamaha obliged and signed up with Bridgestone then Rossi won. Monopoly not good to improve the breed. Competition improves racing.