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He seems to be nervous about the Honda team, mind games are ongoing. I read the Marca article via Google translate and it came up with an interesting interpretation of Dominicalli. "He also has time to put some weed with the new Honda couple. "We'll see if two cocks in the same henhouse are too much or if they find harmony, it's time to wait for the hostilities to start." Well, can't wait to see if Ducati will be running a bike with the number 420 after this statement.
Scott wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He doesn't have a high IQ. So he swears a lot, so what. As someone stated earlier, they are just words. I like to watch Scott's Youtube snippets, he comes across as a really funny, genuine guy. And remember, these programmes are watched by bikers, and I've yet to meet a biker yet that didn't swear, so lets stop the pretentiousness and like the guy for who he is! He's the sort of guy who strips off to his shorts in the wind and the rain and runs to the fence to throw his gear to the fans!! Good luck Scott in BSB
Great table. You give all the start times for ecery session and even give us the time of sunset. The chart would be a little better if you included the bloody dates.
Herve for U.S. President!!! Please! It would be nice to have someone intelligent in charge for a while
i didn't know there are some stories left about Redding on his world championship campaign that worthy enough to read, n after i'm done with this article i think i'm still right..
"he is not prepared to change into someone he is not just to suit someone else's desires." Until the point when he's forced onto social media to issue a grovelling apology for offensive and ill-considered comments? Won't be the last time if he keeps on 'straight shooting' as you put it. Handling PR is part of the skill set required now in this sport, like it or not. And Scott is singularly, cringingly bad at it. I only hope that this becomes evident to him at some point and that he gets tired of sacrificing career opportunities (e.g. Aprilia test ride) and dials down the ASBO approach to his press comments in favour of a little more tact and discretion.