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Guys a great debate about electronics but the bottom line is this there is not a rider anywhere that could control a 280 BHP bike without electronics even MM.
@ ZFA.  The seamless issue for me.... is that Honda bought-in an incredibly expensive, complex, high-maintenance single-clutch gearbox.... purely to spend their way to circumvent the attempt by Dorna to ban seamless through banning dual-clutch systems.  Seamless through single-clutch is so complex and murderously costly that it has no other commercial application (Honda had dual clutch seamless in the very first VFR1200 anyway). As for "dashboard text messaging" - that's not new either.  Even my Garmin Sports Watch (which has been out a couple of years) picks up my phone messages, alerts me by vibrating, and transmits / displays the message (from Text, Whatsapp and social media alerts) onto the watch face automatically for me to read while riding!   - that's not "new" tech that MotoGP development is bringing to the table - they are just using a variation on an idea that is already out there and in daily use - I know cos I've had it longer than Ducati have!
I think if Leon was to take his own considerable talents to Kawasaki Mr Rea wouldn't be enjoying quite as much of a purple patch as he is now.Leon is doing a similar job to Johnny on the Honda but it's limited in its capabilities. Totally agree with the previous commentors that Leon deserves a crack on a title winning bike.
I am not confused at all. He is making an excuse. If he could have passed DP 4 laps earlier as he said then he should have. You never know what can happen in a race. I said he ran a good race. There was no reason for him to say anything about being able to pass DP 4 laps earlier. 
Petrux has already got the new bit of kit he wanted - a factory contract. Along with Dovi, he'll be the ultimate beneficiary of any development work next season. I'm a Dovi fan and was delighted to see him racking up the wins in 2017 and Qatar. Next year's Ducati line-up doesn't look a match for the Honda pairing though. Lots of questions around the Ducati/Lorenzo marriage and the team's management of their big investment and the timing of their decision to give up on him - if that's what actually happened.
I like your post TalentFan, everything except the very last sentence. Your point about CRT cannot be argued in my opinion :  it felt like a dumb idea at the time but ended up being one of the best Dorna inventions of all times, with the result that Suzuki and Ducati are back eating at the top table, and with their concessions, KLM (and perhaps Aprillia) will be there at some point too. I think BobKelso's point was more about things like the "wings" - when you see some of the versions that have appeared this year you wonder if it ever made any sense to ban them. My disagreement with your last sentence, "every increase in tech has resulted in a harmful result for MotoGP" :  I think the seamless gearbox was one of the best inventions ever, with a direct path to road bikes.  It happened in F1 where the seamless gearbox (dual-clutch) has now found its way into every single manufacturer for high specs cars, and where it will eventually be in all cars.  The  dashboard text messaging  will in time be seen as one of the best technical enhancement of MotoGP.  And there are others.