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Someone needs to put a rock over the hole you came from. 
For once I'm agreeing with Marquez, why would Honda want stoner? They have more talent and miles winning in the current era than any of the test riders out there including stoner so it makes sense not to bring him on board. His day in the sun is done and buried guys, sorry.
Yamahas mistake in 2016 was letting the only rider to take the WC crown from MM go to Ducati...
If it remains wet, I wouldn't rule out this man. 
Would be interesting if a team like Suzuki or Aprillia picked him up as a test rider... He is one of the few that can ride around a bikes problems and show its full potential, Ducati were using that data to train Dovi and Lorenzo and get them to adapt their riding styles (both have said they had to learn to use the rear brake far more agressively on the Ducati based on Stoners data).