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Why would they?  I mean they cant go 'backwards'? The old days of V8's [not forgetting the glorious V12's]! and manual gear sticks are - while they would be warmly welcome a thing of the past. 
I don’t think it’s fair to judge anybody where death is concerned. 
Shocking!!! Maybe he revved his engine, maybe he even did a burn out. 
Is there anything that would make you happy? negativity for the sake of it is pretty lame....
You're right, but I just dont see that as much of an issue.. We can easily identify the cars via #s or just the commentary.. and if the driver gets some opposite lock here and there, that is usually noticeable, whereas the movement of the hands is almost impossible to see anyway
Why do we always have to click on a SECOND LINK to access this crap? CRASH, you are dirty scumbags... everything is about you getting that second click... you disrespect all your reader with these BS tactics....