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V46R you're so full of hatred you can't even admit your hero has become a mid pack whiner. Find a new hobby
@Zefrenchangle; I agree with you with regards to KTM management. But Zarco should have been more careful when he dissed the bike. I know that he was not aware a journalist was in the box, but in anycase, threre are things you simply keep for yoursef.
@Iamzombie; FQ had a lot of potential during his racing days in Spain. A lot more than what was shown during his days in M3 and M2. This guy had talent, and he could not express it, especially in his early days in Moto2. So utlimately, he was an incombent for MotoGP. Not sure about Remy Gardner.
Paul you're an idiot just like DICKENS, simple as! You just proved it..... he called me an idiot first! But you're such an idiot you didn't realise it. 
@v46r, I don’t know what country you are from and don’t really want to know, but before you start calling people idiots maybe you should know that in some countries tyre (as I spell it in my country) is also spelt tire in many other countries. There is enough people on this site already who think you are an idiot without you showing your ignorance on spelling.