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yeah i guess that was an incredible sight when Marquez n Dovi touched at turn 8 makes Marquez went outside to push him slowing down into turn 9 just to be overtaken by Dovi on his left n Iannone on his right at the same time.. amazing moment.
As someone once said “This is racing”.
Dr Thompson
Rossi is such a massive tool, he beat the other yamahas again like the absolute idiot he is!
Hawgay needs to take a chill pill
JLo needs someone to blame for his lack of judgment, he could have easily righted the bike, let five guys pass, then proceeded in the next five laps, to dispose of them all.  He said it himself, that he had better pace than everyone, his (escape) would have just been postponed a little.   He's too much of a Diva to accept the blame for what had happened.    Anyways, he isn't even sure if it was a block pass or not?  and he quotes... "I had to go to the dirt. He went to the grip. And when I opened the throttle on the dirt I crashed. So it was like a block pass. He didn't want me to enter the corner and he didn't care about me, he just braked very late and don’t think about the exit of the corner. Just enter and forget about my line."   Next year should be good, and I'm not even talking about the racing, I'm talking about the Repsol Garage!  Reality TV here we come!
The Honda is at least as good and overall still slightly better, also topspeed is almost identical with the Ducs now...