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Ah Rossi... The only rider in the MotoGP who are very productive in producing drama than winning racing itself (not even competing top 5 every weekend).
did Rossi deny you an autograph that you wanted so badly ?
Look. Rossi is more popular. Marc is faster. That's how it is. Any conflict is just trying to engineer some interest. Marc smashes VR and has done since he came to motogp.
Why did you read it then? You saw the title, you understood it... Or maybe you just went to school to throw stones? 
„may have known“...yes that sums it up. MM was too close to the rider in front. Poor positioning, poor strategy and dangerous passing resulting in no benefit at all.  He should have known that a pass at that speed during qualifying was not going to work. He had 4 FP‘s to get a feel for that. Always the same with this guy. Considering the 40-50 donated points he should relax a little bit. :-(