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bottom of class power is for Yamaha to take...
According to MM, also this time Lorenzo was still fully under control, trying to get important data for the same type of maneuvre in Assen, just a bit unlucky not to hit anyone. :-/ Anyway, feel for the guy a bit, he should learn to master his lawnmower first before engaging in battle next time. He does not belong at the front now.
It won't change the result.  A waste of everybody's time and money. Losers.
Earlier this evening I was watching the football, which France won after scoring from a penalty. The penalty was the result of a video review. The commentator said that from the video, it was clear the Nigerian player hadn't intended to foul the French forward, but nevertheless she had caught the French player, so there was no argument that it was a penalty. Of course the Nigerian team didn't like the decision, but they accepted it. The first penalty kick missed, but again VAR came into play and showed the goalkeeper had moved forward a fraction before the ball was kicked, so it had to be retaken, and the second kick scored. And again, the Nigerian team were clearly upset by the decision but the referee's decision is final and they acted professionally and carried on playing the game. And even if you think the penalty was harsh, that's all the referee can award. She couldn't say "well I know you didn't mean it so I'll give them a throw-in instead", and she couldn't say "Yeah, well France got away with it in their last match so I'll let Nigeria get away with it this time. Then I saw this news story that Ferrari are asking for some sort of review. This leaves me baffled. Ferrari chose not to appeal, but instead are asking for a review of the penalty, (and the hearing might not take place until after the next GP). What do they hope to achieve? They've already been given the most lenient penalty possible, so either they want the penalty changing to an even more lenient one which just happens to allow Vettel to win by 0.01 second, or they want the penalty cancelled altogther. Either way, it sounds like they want to use a legal team to get a win, and I think that's the sort of thing that brings a sport into disrepute. If they think the penalty highlighted a problem with the rules and they want the rules changed for future races, that's a different matter, but as I understand it, they want to present new evidence, which they are keeping confidential until the hearing (assuming one is granted), and that also strikes me as strange, because if the evidence is sound and objective, it doesn't matter who sees it.  
Bernie Ecclestone at a Spice Girls gig? The mind boggles.
Wonder if he was practicing the HRC plan to take the opposition? :-)