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They are not much improved. Pirelli have said after driver feedback they are looking at keeping the 2019 tyres for next year. -
Its like telling a big magician to take away all the stuff and whatnot before he saws the pretty girl in half!   So F1 has to remove its covers and screens now but to reveal exactly what 'tricks'? 
We dont know that. There's still 75% [or more] chance he'll {Lewis] go to Ferrari.  After all he didnt hang about at McLaren long and if Toto thinks he's a Ron [Dennis] he's very much mistaken
,,,yes it makes sense [@valsp] and Bernie's practically 'on the run' anyways , - its what they go to Brazil to live for.
Thanks for the link - very interesting listening.
Fair enough. Point taken. But sarcasm does require a little bit of creativity and wit, so forgive us if these posts sound like they've been cut and pasted from all the other ones who actually believe this to be true. Most of these aforementioned posters truly believe that you could put anyone into the Merc and drive it quickly. (They said the same thing when Damon Hill was winning in the all conquering Williams during his championship season, by the way.) The point is, even if you have superior machinery, you still have to drive the wheels off the thing, stick it on pole, race it and win in it.  Anyway, thanks.