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Mind your business little one. 
HYBRID - Nonsense. So many incorrect statements. Rossi never tried to get back with Honda after his disaster with Ducati and why would Honda even touch him after those two awful years. When he started his Moto3 team, it was Rossi who said he wouldn't choose the Honda and he went for KTM. If you recall a couple of years ago, the team manager for VR46 was fired, as there were differences in the way they saw the future. Do you know what the difference was? The team manager wanted Honda bikes. As I said, complete nonsense 
Let's wait and see shall we. 
BT25, NH lucked a Championship? being consistent and getting more points than anyone else?....or the tired old narrative about him not winning "enough" races?
The v4 750 were the previous era's bike to the one I am on about. The vtr 1000 twins which Edwards was riding at the time