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Viñales is really good, but Dovi also was taken out twice , so Viñales would not have been second.
It's pretty safe to say that the only thing that is a gaurentee at Ducati is that your motogp career is over. Maverick knows that. He is one of the most intelligent riders on the grid.  Ducati need to start building bikes to complete in the lower classes so they can establish junior teams and train riders that adapt to Ducati characteristics. Even if they do and with Marquez being Marquez. Ducati are still 10 years off winning a title.  Ummmmmmmm maybe 9...
You are the most uneducated one eyed yellow brain pathetic parasite that has nothing logical to add. All you do is make up crap and make others angry by your ignorant comments. You must of had your head kicked in too many times. Such a loser I can't even deal. And I haven't read comments for months because of you and I thought yeah have a read then you pop up with the usual crap. I reckon you have Rossi bed covers and vr46 pj's, room painted yellow, drive a little hatch back with no. 46 stickers all over it. Man I can go on loser. I need to take another 3 months off from reading comments. Argh. 
@ TOMCO.  Very true and the only fly in the soup.  However an I review with Yamaha engineer did state that Fabio is very good at adapting and riding what he has got (where he said MV12 needs the bike to be perfect for his style). But yes - still a gamble.  Mind you, Ducati would still stir up their own riders with the signing, and of course deny Yamaha a key rider.  Interesting variables!
I don't think Marc will have any difficulty adapting to another bike as he has shown how he adapts his style when Honda have dropped the ball in the past. Shell and Redbull have been mentioned in replacing Repsol don't think any of those companies have a budget fall off and I believe it is Honda who are initialising the change 
No he will be fastest through every session until Fabio does a time attack and one really quick lap