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I am sorry but this argument is really naive and completely incorrect. That would only cause even more protests. Like someone said, everything is an aero device, starting with the fairing, even including the airbox. The helmet and camel hump on the rider are aero devices. Actually the only one way to stop the protests would be the policy to allow any and all aero devices. No one could argue then!
We’re not crying at all, we are laughing at the GOAT qualifying 14th and finishing 5th. If you guys are happy with 5th place then you need to look at your own standards and expectations for Rossi this season.
You're still going to finish 5th in the championship.
Gigi in the photo is thinking, I have more money to spend than you hahaha!
Oh Oh Charles! "team player" is Ferrarispeak for number two. Keeping Charles behind Seb cost the team the fastest lap point opportunity. Conservative strategy cost Charles and the team scoring chance. The cover your ass culture at Ferrari is intact and will once again cost them a champoinship.
Looks fancy... Something between Macau and Principality?