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Talentfan.  It's all a bit cryptic.  But it puts me in mind of Casey.  He hated the politicking and behind the scenes shenanigans.  If they had been more straight he might still be with us.  He has managed to have his say since however.
Listen up WOSIDEG.  If Rossi has a genuinely competitive, well-fought and well-earned result at Valencia, I'll acknowledge it. Why?  Because MotoGP isn't a popularity contest, dickhead, and unlike you I'm all about the performance.  I don't like him, but I do not need to - if Rossi wins fair and square I can respect that. Don't tar everyone with the same biased, partisan football-thug mentality that you have.  You're the one who celebrates when a rider crashes (if that rider is better than Rossi and beats him).  Newsflash Fecktard - that list of riders is getting longer and longer. Don't judge others by your own non-existent standards, Lowlife.
HRC should bid MV or Fabio service, now that would be interesting... Left Rossi alone to handle his 'girlfriend'.
@ GRANN1EJANE.  Glad you found the post interesting - but I'm just a motorcycle racing enthusiast with an opinion, nothing more.  I think though that there is generally an awful lot more to learn if you take the time to look past the surface and consider all the information, the motivations and what it all means.  There is far, far too much issued as "truth" that is at best a half-truth, and often a smokescreen for something else entirely.  Often its not that well disguised - but you have to want to see the truth, and be prepared to accept it - and not just see what you'd like to see.
Not hanging on DICKEND, reporting facts..  Look.. I'm not going to sit here and make out Valentino's had a great season, because he hasn't. But what I am pointing out is, that like Fab and Mav did earlier this season, now Valentino seems to be improving too. Setting a new lap record proves Rossi was fast and competitive last time out, so has good current form going into Valencia. From my perspective though, it would be a result if Val had a good race and caused Talentfan to face-plant after tripping over his bottom lip.  
Aren't they all Codger ;o)  Actaully - for me there's only one thing worthy of comment - & it's the usual one.  Exclusively between riders and teams, Rossi gets to choose whether or not he will re-sign with the Team or not.  This was presented to Merigalli, and he made no move to say otherwise. Seems the tail continues to wag the dog at Factory Yamaha then.  Not good news when Yamaha badly need to retain 2 or even 3 young riders with speed and potential, and Rossi's in-charge of one of the two plum seats. I've said it before - but if Yamaha lose Mav and Fabio because of the way they back the oldset and lowest before the youngest and fastest - then they'll only have themselves to blame, for continuing to have Rossi calling the shots, when they are supposed to be doing that.  It seems Yamaha cannot keep their dog on a lead, and it makes them look weak.