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I can't understand why the Tories voted for Machiavellian, Remainer May to be PM in 2017. The woman's a zombie on drugs! As G. Osbourne said 'dead woman walking', but she's still walking! Check out, Deals will be done before and after we leave the EU. The main thing is leave the rotten, sinking, stinking EU.
Finally someone that sees the complete picture!!
For people who clearly hate him to the bone, you sure love talking about him. The post is about Morbidelli for those who haven't noticed :-)
I think this is just a bit of fun for him. Good as he is,I don't think he'll turn to it full time when his Motogp career ends. He'll probably have more than enough on his hands with his teams. He'll just take part in the odd rally as a distraction.
It's a stone age series (regarding tech rules) these days with an odd points scoring system to boot. To someone outside the Empire's remnants, it is approximately on the same level of interest as IDM or even CIV. GP series fans need not be enticed about it any more than F1 fans about DTM.
Unfortunately, while it will block the noisy videos on Crash, it also blocks a lot of other video sites - iPlayer, ITV hub etc. Easier to install Ghostify into the browser which can selectively block by site. I now get a little message where the video was and no sudden racket. Bliss...  With Ghostify and adblock the site is far more useable.