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Modest chap. Good driver in best car. Morbidelli 34 Hamilton 3. Say no more  
As all the factories still seem OK with riders getting injured riding motorbikes between GPs, how about they send them to Cadwell Park for a Bank Holiday International meeting, or Donington for a Transatlantic Trophy race? Hey, if it's all about going up and down hills to keep fit, how about the TT? 
nah it's nothing, i mean the stats is already there for everyone who wish to see it.. IF they want to see it of course.
I am slowly getting into the festive mood as of this weekend! I don't know about Dovi, he's a lost case. based on what we've seen, he simply doesn't know how to win championships. Also his head is so far up his *** without having the credentials to earn it. it has become hard to vouch for a snake like him, despite doing for years.
Not sure where that comment came from, clearly Yamaha doesn't hold any grudges against folger, why do you? If you're commenting based on him getting an injury from motocross, almost all of the top riders have done the same in recent years.
Got to LOL at this thread. Not only do we have keyboard warriors, we now also have ultimate building championship competitors onboard. God bless you Tedleaf. God bless you.  I do think this shoulder thing is perhaps a little overblown though. Being an ultimate keyboard warrior I once tore my rotator cuff in on a MTB and literally couldn't move my arm the next day. I made a full recovery and was back typing only weeks later. These motogp guys have it easy.