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I think we can clearly say  Covid-19 has put the brakes on Motogp for the 2020 season. But to think Dovi has a MX future at a competitive level at 35-36 yrs is nonsense, if he was to retire. I read last weeks interview with Dovi, saying he was surprised Marc signed on four another four years with Honda. Dovi said and I quote: "I thought he would have changed manufacturers." Fear more than anything was the response in that interview, he knows he can't beat Marquez it sounded like a knock more than anything, and Dovi does have those moments, I remember him slighting Lorenzo manytimes once he had the new contract signed. Dovi just hasn't the week-in, week-outt consistency to beat a Marquez to a world title. I personally think Dovi will weigh up his future, ride out another contract and possibly another. Basically, Ducati need him as the helmsman, they won't let him go without a fight, I'm sure of that. With all due respect to the man, it can't be denied he is a brilliant Motogp rider with 74 podiums at the top level, but he hasn't the rider/driver talent of a Valentino Rossi across many disciplines, and at Dovi's age, that is what is required after exiting the Motogp door, if he wants to be competitive.
Pol is just saying what he and everybody else in the paddock is thinking as well. However, there are a couple of experts on here who know differently. One has a 46 in their log on and another is a large white bird....
It [COVI 19] has infected perfectly fit young people and killed them. That Marko insists his drivers get same is beyond stupid and he wont get a 'licence' to do same any day soon.
That's not how actual man made vaccines work.
You're right Claire... your weakness is your pride, arrogance and stubbornness in not building a pink replica mercedes yourself
@TUPAC0505 “Go read the news" LOL I'll get right on that as soon as I find that damn sheep fur.