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They cant bump MV he’s already signed a two year contract
Iannone is romoured to be going to Aprilia.
If Yamaha aren't willing to invest in Magnetti personnel then I doubt they would put up the money for a fully supported 3rd factory bike. Any seats left in Herve's KTM team? Factory bike and the chance to cement himself as no.1 rider if he regulary beats Zarco...
He has money to walk way and have a good life. He already said when he stops he stops for good. So im just thinking, will he have motivation to go another brand, another challenge? I think he would get the pay cut and prove everyone wrong about "Lorenzo over". Let's see on Itally but Honda doenst have the TOP speed deficit anymore, and from what i read they were the strongest on this last test there. Yamaha was slow. So they will be able to fight for podium
The only realistic view. They’ve paid him millions and he hasn’t improved to the level of what they expected when they signed him. Soundly beaten last year by Dovi a supposedly inferior rider. Now Dovi’s the main man and Lorenzo’s not. If Jorge can’t do it in 1 and half then he’s not going to do in another two year. The Ducati is not the dog it was once. The bike is capable of having both riders win on it. Jorge has improved, slightly but not enough for what they’re paying him. But where does he go? Does he stay a bite the bullet and take a pay cut? Can’t see that happening.
People here saying Dovi is an average You only check the news or do you even watch races? Even with Ducati limitations he beat Marc fair and square couple times. Not many can say that. About Lorenzo the way he speaks about himself, i dont like neither. He is just so confident in himself nothing wrong with it. He is a top rider and has shown over the years. Ducati isn't a cakewalk so he is struggling. I think Yamaha could bring a 3rd Factory bike for him? If so, why they didn't for Zarco? Well Lorenzo has won championships, Zarco just starting