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If he does retire it is probably for the best. A great champion
Very smart Yamaha. They figured it out that exit makes all the difference and honda is still struggling with that.. electronics was not as good as Ducati but now Yamaha as well overtook them.. Honda will have to fix corner exit and front end feel for other riders to do good. Hope they do..
i must hear what jl99 has to say, before jumping to conclusions, that being said, he is a great rider, n hope he just needs time to heal. 
+1. Enjoy your time out there Gilles, and I hope your man wins to cap it all for you.
@Wosideg 40 year old Rossi set a new lap record a second quicker than the old one and was faster than anyone else on track. Yes he was quicker - for one lap.  Couldn't possibly be the fastest man on track for the whole of the race and still finish where he did, that's logistics. No-one as far as I know is arguing with that...but it wasn't a pole, a win, or a title which is what a rider of his calibre should be fighting for every time out in a factory seat.