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Oh DICKENS, that's so anti-climactic!
It could be quite the wait on that one WH, remember a few years back it was always, Dovi, Dovi, Dovi, with a little bit of Rossi noise in the back grond...
What's this nigga (that is what they call themselves in their "music" isn't it?) whingeing about now? Mr Hamilton should be grateful of the white gene pool he's a part thanks to his mother. It was a white man that got him a job in F1 and it was the white man that created the technology and engineering that Mr Hamilton enjoys and which brings him great wealth. If Hamilton and the rest of his fellow niggas feel so hard done by in the white western world then he and his ilk can pack their bags, renounce their western citizenship and piss off to whichever third world African shit hole is of their choosing, then Hamilton will really come to understand just how lucky he has been to live in a white mans world.
HONESTMUZZ, Have you noticed someone missing from this thread?
This is not a discussion about trends, it is a discussion of performance and capability. Being tall is not an execuse, Rossi is doing alright-ish with his hight in this era.
common Codger, we're waiting for you to throw your yellow bra as well!