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I wonder who they would have got to ride it?
Paul Norris
@ BRAINFART.  I personally detest the term "Prototype" being used - because its been used as a (feeble) justification to exclude participation in MotoGP to Factory Machines only.  It is a "Closed Shop" (in old-school Unions parlance) - you don't get to play unless you're in a very exclusive club. MotoGP bikes and WSBK bikes are both constrained within such a tight set of Technical Rules - that the word "Prototype" is a non-starter.  Its just an "excuse" term (like when the MSMA moaned and got Dorna/FIM to throw out WCM's privateer bike based around a set of Yamaha R1 cases - the excuse for throwing it out was because it wasn't fully "Prototype"). "Bespoke Racing Motorcycles" and definitely "non-Production" though (your key point)?  Absolutely spot-on.  A WSBK machine is a bespoke, custom, racing machine, just one built to a very different set of Tech Rules than a MotoGP one.  I understand that the Electronics used for instance, are at the kind of pre-2016 sophistications that MotoGP was using. Custom forks, Offsets, Suspension, frame alternations, swingarms, engine, exhaust, wheels, tyres - apart from a general silhouette that gives a WSBK an appearance similar to a Production machine - there's nothing Production about a WSBK. Given how powerful and fast a Stocker is now (& how much of a challenge to race one would be with all the Rider-Aid electronics removed) - its lunacy and stupidly, unneccessarily expensive to have the WSBK as it is today (MotoGP too come to that). The reasons they are as they are - has nothing to do with the racing competition, and a LOT to do with making sure that the highest bidder - wins. I tell ya - although I cannot see it being good for Ant West if he ever does - it'd be great to hear those 100 or so stories regarding how MotoGP was manipulated to allow and provide the winners and outcomes that were wanted, rather than obtaining them through pure, fair, racing competition! The FIM are determined to paint AW as a disaffected and ill person with a chop on his shoulder to discredit him, but there's enough out there already to show manipulation goes on - so I'm sure at least some of his stories would have truth to them - and a man with nothing to lose, is a dangerous man who cannot be threatened.  Come on Ant West - spill the beans!  Scare the crap out of any of the Organising Body who really have been salting the stew!
@ NICO1963.  I've not seen anything of late?  Can you elaborate or point us in the direction of what you're talking about please?
Just to add though, are the WSBK machines actualy road based? or are they more PROTOTYPE? There were a few times throughout last season, KRT claimed that they were bringing in new Chassis, new swing arms etc for REA to try out...NEW chassis (because at the time AB was murdering them)? New swing arms? Smells a bit like PROTOTYPE to me! Lets face it, in WSBK, the only series that "was" WSBK was the now defunct World Super Stock! WSBK is as much road bike as me old mum's false teeth are. KRT's ZX10RR in MotoGP, gimmick only, PR possibly, Why did Ezpeleta mention it? Good question, probably gets a kick back from sites like GPone, Crash. etc. Still, be good to see though.
@ IANZOMBIE.  In practical terms, you could argue that MotoGP had Michelin Q-tyres up till the close of the 2018 season. They just made the guys race on the bloody things as well :)
No need for an explanation Dickens... you are welcome to have a pop at me any time :) Thanks for the respect, I am well aware that we don't always agree but that's what forums should be about anyway. Two things to note. I do not see Rossi as a saint, far from it, but then winners never are. And I can't speak for ZFA but as far as I'm concerned you can join us in a romantic tree-lined walk if you are up for it.