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Fair points and very possibly correct hypothesis regarding H & Y's motivations for their stance too.  These 2 have always lobbied hard and successfully to ring-fence their own advantages through policking the technical regs to suit their own agenda and stymie any direction that genuinely levels the playing field..... and for far too long (IMO) Dorna actually aided them in that process rather than actually challenging it for the good of the Sport. I'm hopeful that with the increased power Dorna are getting as a consequence of the better racing (itself a consequence of Dorna finally managing to rein-in the electronics etc.) - that we will see Dorna taking an ever-stronger stance towards insisting on implementing change that is always improving the competition, and not kow-towing to any Mfr. I still loathe it when I see statements like we have here "we cannot make any technical changes without the approval of the MSMA".  WHY NOT?  Consult them, fine - but it makes absolutely no sense to allow ENTRANTS to take POLICY to a Series.  None.  Come on Dorna - you've made some good steps - strap on a pair and play hardball with the Mfrs..... none of them want to leave and give up the fabulous brand marketing and product placement hours and positive marketing that MotoGP provides - esp. when they know they leave behind all their big rivals to get even more benefit from their absence.
Ducati needs Marquez if they want to be WC again. He has the exact riding style the Ducati wants from its rider. How to get him from Honda is another story...
Ducati can bag on riders all they want but the fact remains only one rider has managed to make their bikes work throughout a season. Dovi will never win a title on it either as he's as inconsistent as the bike and always chokes .
Marques went quicker in a practice session with one wing only at Le Mans last weekend once he'd ridden the dust off his tyres after a minor spill. Also in the last F1 GP I seem to remember Verstappen going extremely quickly with a front endplate missing! Makes the designers look like w.....s. Let's face it. It's just extra space for advertising stickers, when they get around to it.
Only loged in to agree with ROOMAN.