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The next big talent in MotoGP will be: drum roll.... Valentino Rossi Junior... At some point, Valentino senior is going to procreate, and I am almost certain he will want to have his son to pick up where he left off. Of course, by that time MM93 may have left the stage, but who knows...
I say it too Cadweller, just not Dovi's.
Alien...well, at least we know the after burners on the HRC Works Honda are clearly alien material allowing to decide a few races in their advantage. :-)
"Fabio is not alien material" Well, let's at least give it a full year on a Factory-Level bike before we decide that. Watching Fab dance on the front wheel at a crazy angle and speed, side-by-side with MM (doing the same thing), into a corner while battling for the win gives me more indications of "alien material" than just some guy having the odd-good race. When the "Aliens" existed they were a new breed and clearly a step above. Now others have rose to similar levels... the line is not as clear as it once was. If Fab cracks and goes backwards next year, Ok. My money is on more podiums, battles, and potentially a win or two..
So, he's not concerned about his brother on the same bike? Funny that. Know thy place, Alex. Who knows what we'll see over the next couple of years from Mir, Bagnaia, Lecuona, Morbidelli, Olivera. Give Jack a crack on the factory Ducati, say I!