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Agreed on the comments that an interview with Herve is always worth reading. Always felt like the Mistral was a bit of a Marmite bike - it either worked for the riders or it didn't, and it didn't seem to matter what skill level the rider had. Surprised to see the results showing Ricky Cardus so far down the standings, as I recall he usually made a good showing in the races, just obviously the end results didn't do it justice. Definitely helped the career of Vierge, interested to see how his career progresses now, such an exciting rider to watch and the comments Herve made when he left the team were very high in praise of him.
@PC7 Saw your comment about Oncu on the other article, was thinking the same thing. Also wondered about Vietti after his bright start as a replacement rider at the end of last season? Equally hoping this year might finally be Antonelli's time to shine
@Braaahp +1, agree. Tired of only seeing young Brits getting as far as WSS or WSB
@Hoppy Couldn't agree more, so used to the sound of the Honda, hoping the Trumpet engine is something special
You gotta love Aussies :- Troy the Boy.....I miss him.
For some reason, the frontal shots of Petrux diving up the inside of sats and factory bikes at Sachenring, turn 12, pissing with rain, Ioda CRT bike, are heavily wedged in my brain. I'm the only one that brings it up, but that day told me what was happening, the potential.