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I don't think MM93's arrival in MotoGP would have overly concerned CS27 - if Stoner had wanted to continue his career.  1.  MM93 might well have been mustard in Moto2 - but that does not guarantee brilliance in MotoGP.  2. Stoner had a massive (what 10million) offer tabled by HRC for him to remain - so the one who'd have felt worried is I think Dani, not Casey? Yes its handy that Stoner's retirement made room for Marc at HRC - but Stoner was far too special a rider  - if he'd wanted to stay, he'd have always had a big team chasing his signature.  I'm like everyone though - I'd have loved to see CS27 go toe-to-toe with MM93 - what a spectacle that would have been!  I suspect that both would have pushed each other and pretty much cleared off and left the rest to scrap over 3rd.
The last time there was a head to head Rossi fell off trying to keep with Maverick. If they are in a position to fight then I hope they are both on the same choice of tyre, no excuses then. Wonder how things will go if Johann joins in....that'll be fun for us lot.
  noise might be a saftey issue knowing where the other riders around you are. lots of riders poached from wsbk, that series is on life support
On a personal level the riders concerned no doubt care who comes third, but in essence no one gives a shit. The headline will read, who came first. If Mavs in front on the last turn hope Rossi doesn't take another desperate dive like two races ago...
Very interesting thanks for that. To me also... I always found it interesting  (suspicious?) that Stoner (at 27) retired the year before Marquez joined the club....
This is the finest post TALENTFAN has ever written (it's not essay length) :)