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Marc seems to fear nothing and noone. And it's this trait that makes him such a formidable adversary. The other riders have to push more than they are often comfortable with and make mistakes as a result. Marc finds his limits and that of his machine during practice. It's not often he makes errors during the race.
This is part 2 to the other one above....part 3 is to come I believe.
Ditto on the yellow & Black NG, although I owned an Fz600 that was a Japanese import 600cc aircooled engine in a 400cc frame. It was released with Red & White speedblocks. I'd settle for those colours too, I loved that bike.
I agree he moved to Moto2 too soon, I liked him in Moto3 and his wet weather riding was incredible to watch, pure seat of the pants stuff. I'd like to see an what he can do with the "home" team, hopefully much better than last year but depends how he adapts to the Trumpet, a real open playing field next year for the whole grid. Can I see Pawi in MotoGP?  Nope. But then I didn't think Syahrin would get there and what a rookie year that was!
I always enjoy watching FP as it usually shows Marc testing the limts of himself and the track...mostly he makes it but sometimes he doesn't. I think he enjoys seeing how far he can go without actually destroying himself and the bike and he appears more than content to keep going way past the point when other riders would have exercised caution and backed off... that doesn't strike me as a rider who is afraid of anything, and considering how Marc rode with a dodgy shoulder last year I don't see him changing anytime soon now it's fixed. With regards Yam colours, if it's a wish list can we go back to the yellow and black speedblocks please?
I think he was pushed too early to moto2. Sure his win was incredible and some flashes of brilliance in some dry races albeit crashing quite a bit but quite impressive for a debut season. He should've raced moto3 for at least another season before moving up. We'll see how he does in the new team. Hopefully he improves.