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What Talentfan Said, Really looking forward to BSB this year, Reckon Scotty can shake it up at the sharp end.
Marcquez looks so small compared to Jorge.
Like everything else - it seems that what we see 99% of the time is just the tip of the Scott Redding iceberg - not the other 90% that's below the surface that doesn't interest the media usually or get seen. I enjoyed this interview with Scott the human being - the trials and tribulations and thoughts etc.  He may be rough around the edges and no media-darling, and swears too much for some - but no-one can say SR45 is stupid, or that he lacks ability. PBM is not a picnic of a garage to be in, and the V4 is all new and totally unknown as a quantity with the BSB spec electronics.  It might fly, or it might be a turd without the Ducati sparky-bits (Ducati's have always been tricky beasts in BSB - even Shakey had to fight his Panigale a lot).  But - its a good team and I wouldn't mind at all seeing SR45 be succesful and get his mojo going.  I genuinely think he can be a force on a superbike - and BSB is a tough arena - so I shall watch with interest.
What is the over under on top 5's this year. I will go for 3. Smith will make the team beter, and the official riders are great. (And yes if Mika Kalio gets healthy and gives bad tesing input to KTM, sabotaging the official riders then Aprilia will get beter in relation..... Has to find a way to fit Kalio will fit into this equation.)
He seems to have popular following in instagram. Maybe he can bring a younger audience to bsb? Could be a good thing.   
In a recent interview to, Aleix Espargaró explained "In reality Piaggio is a lot bigger than Ducati. The Piaggio group can invest whatever they want. They are very, very big. It’s in their hands to invest and decide where they want to put the bike. Obviously it’s clear the situation we have right now. If we want to improve and we want to beat the best bikes in the world, we have to improve in all areas." So I wonder if bringing this Ferrari guy is a sign that are going to take the motogp project more serious? So far Aprilia have looked a mess and seem to be going backwards, they have more mechanical failures than they finish races.