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There was talk of Casey as test rider  for Honda, hope it happens , It's great to hear his thoughts. I will never forget him on the Ducati at Phillip Island, absolute legend.
I had succes with the hosts file mod, but I still have the annoying pop-out when scrolling past a video. Make! It! Stop!
Lol gazmc. I even read it with an Alan Rickman voice in my head. 
If a team sign up a rider who is tall and heavier in weight they know what they`re getting.They can't then start crying foul because the rider of a rival team is smaller and lighter! We aren't talking horse racing here.Horses with a heavier rider get tired.Bikes are machines.Machines don't get tired.Not when they have 300bhp and a shed load of grunt to play with. A little guy may be able to tuck down behind the screen and get a speed advantage in a straight line but he won't have the mass to move around or the leverage from longer arms that a larger rider will have.Swings and roundabouts. Ironically though,how many times have we seen Ducati's powering past other bikes down the straights regardless of rider size!
Top line bhp is not everything.My old Daytona produced 147bhp from a 955cc engine.My mates all had 1000cc Fireblades and R1's producing around 180bhp.They didn't get away from me around the twisties though! Bottom end grunt is often more important than top end scream!
...maybe a little dated but here's the result of sprintrace we've made back in the early nineties: FZR 1000 exup versus  GTS 1000 , same engine exept turned down to 100 Hp for GTS ( 145 for FZR ) : result  even fast up till  +/-160 KMph ... just to TRY to make "them" understand that power is not everything Moto GP 3 cylinder ... why not !? can't wait to hear the (live) noise of those Triumphs next year ... woooow ! anyway ... merry christmas everybody !