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Wrong everyone said it was the motorcycle he was on but Rossi proved them wrong & beat the Repsol Honda with an uncompetitive Yamaha.  The competition was less ha ha ha.... Ya right, we're in the Era of electronics dear child, it's teams that win races now not the rider, MM has the best of electronic guys around him as Repsol Honda always had. And again every michelin rider got overnights based on there practice times and qualifying, Rossi just extracted the most out of them. Pedrosa said he couldn't get any feeling ftom them because he just wasn't fast enough.  So keep trolling dude. 
Exactly, what VR was doing for Honda was even more impressive he also won the very last 500cc title with ease.  Rossi in his prime was a totally different animal. Tech support wins races now not the rider & MM has the best team of electronic guys around him. 
You clown! every michelin rider got overnights based on there practice times & qualifying. Just because VR could get the most out of them, DP said he couldn't get any feeling from them because he just wasn't good enough. Were talking about a prime VR not a past his prime one & that little fact must depress the MM fangirls. A 25 year old Rossi on a Repsol Honda would easily beat Marquez. 
He did block Zarco but couldn't block JLo because he has won titles.  And look how it turned out.... JLo is playing catch up, only a matter of time dear child, only a matter of time.  MM was just lucky JLo missed so much testing due to injury. 
Just pointing out what a clown he is & his knowledge of motorcycle racing is laughable. 
I have to laugh when idiots come out with stuff like “No, unless you need good tools when your competition have the best tool. i.e Repsol Honda”.....Of course, when Rossi was winning his titles it was the rider only, not the bike...right?!!!....Let’s face it, the competition wasn’t at the same level it is now and there are no more Saturday night specials for certain riders.