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Too many times he has demolition pace in fp's and Like in many other races, trying to chase headlines, Marc will play with 2nd best rider to take the race to last lap. This era has seen the frequency of last lap battles higher than ever and Marc features in 95% of those.. Not trying to mount a complaint.. but Look at the big picture.. year 2013, in only one year we saw many iconic moments that happened across the stretch from previous 10yrs getting replicated.. everything featured Marc. 1. Laguna cockscrew (looked to artificial) 2. Jerez last corner pass 3. Motegi under the bridge close moment. 4. Not many remember, Marc tried a last lap last corner pass against Dani, that didn't materialise and somehow managed to avoid taking out Dani in trying to do so... He has the pace, the skill and deep inside feels like is not getting appreciated enough by fans, not getting the massive share of lime light he thinks he deserves. Rossi's presence hampers that. Everybody including Marc believed Rossi would retire after 2014, Rossi's form improved then but Marc was in super duper form that season and their relationship was good, when he lost ac couple of battles with Valentino their relationship started to strain. The fallout may have happened in sepang 2015 but it was already fuming inside from their difference of opinion from Argentina and Assen 2015. Despite Rossi not being a title contender for few seasons now, Marc still picks Rossi to play games with. Marc won't feel accomplished even is he wins 10 titles unless he gains more popularity and fan following... Despite winning so much, he still is not got the clear golden boy status of this sport. Don't say Marc doesn't feel the need to chase popularity... all human does that. He is the Novak Djokovic of motogp.
Almost business as usual, only the domination will be even more significant 
Nice to see Yamaha at the top again. Marc's pace however is in another league. Hopefully some riders can get in front of him. Yamaha should order their riders to team up and harass Marc whilst allowing the fastest Yam to pull a gap. Rain could shake things up.
Lorenzo has already given up on the Honda but he’s not about to admit it and do a Zarco. He doesn’t want to be out of the paddock unless it’s his choice.
There’s only 1 person beating or even competing with Marc this weekend and that’s himself. Yamaha qualifying pace is only as good as Marc’s race pace! Another foregone conclusion!
Clock definitely not lie. But please, believe anything your master tell you. That's how you proof your faith for him.