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@ DEFROSTEDJAY I second that
Keith great post ,so much sense and a pleasant change from some of the crap we have to read ....
so you confirm the strategy used in moto cross...“ a super cross like exagerated stop which caught FQ out....“  Effective to say the least.  I’d compare it with the surprise tennisbal that is dropped just behind the net to finish of a game... Next time FQ will be more carefull for sure.
NOLUCKCOVI, to be fair to Rossi, the Ducati he rode was different to the one Casey rode. That version was the GP7 which had a carbon fibre “frame” using the engine as a stressed member....not the traditional wraparound frame Rossi rode.  Back to the Honda, I think anyone who views it as a piece of poss to ride is either bias against MM and would seek to brush off his achievements, or they are just stupid. If you want to talk about a sweet handling bike just look at Sunday’s race and see FQ was so much smoother than MM....who made his gains under braking for the most part. The Yamaha was clearly faster getting on the gas out of corners. It’s always been known for its handling prowess, how would JL have won 3 titles on it if it was a pig to ride?....he’s super smooth, that’s the Yamaha style.
Cheaper two-strokes? When was the last time you bought a bottle of Motul 800 or A747...
"@russax, agree. no need for expensive machinery on m3. " well maybe they shouldn't have gotten rid of the cheaper to build and maintain 2 strokes after all???