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What F1 is really missing these days is a couple of deaths per season. Modern cars are too safe, modern tracks are too safe. A lot more people would tune in if there was the chance of a top driver getting killed every week. It would stop any one driver dominating the sport if we had some regular deaths.
Don't forget there's also the element of bluff going on while on track.  Lorenzo has displayed twice now he's prepared to close his eyes and swing back onto the racing line, so if you're the following rider you'd bloody better make sure you're far enough up the inside so that when the contact happens you're not the one coming off 2nd best.
Petrucci Didnt get far up the inside enough to make a proper block pass - probably only  a foot or two from having it done, but you have to be at least 2/3rds of the way up besides a rider and they have to be able to see you. Once you are there they have the choice to either yeild or turn in on you and crash. 
Yeah the people F1 have lost are watching MotoGP now and want to ruin it in the same way. The over PC crowd
Hockenheim has been ruined, like Assen, like Spa, like Silverstone.
Dr Thompson
..And not a mention of, or from, Paddy Lowe. Odd that...