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GILLES, my comment was tongue in cheek!....
@PO9SEIDON, I picture your sad soul shaking at the keyboard, waiting for a chance to bring up Rossi, just for a fight. Sad human being. 
@ JAKKE and KICKER... What a joke...please go watch soccer ...or horsejumping...please.
A bit harsh there Yearby, what has Dovi done to you ? Ducati listen to Dovi, they always have and they have said so on many occasions. How do you think that the bike became competitive ? It certainly wasn't Casey, he hasn't tested since January, and if Jorge's only input was asking for a change of seat then it wasn't him either. The reason that he won 3 in a row was partly because the bike was already a winner and the seat/tank gave him the confidence that he was lacking. No rider has what it takes to dominate Marquez but Dovi has come the closest.  
Ugh, ugly! Looks worse than a Pott's fracture, where the tib and fib are split apart. At least he's receiving good treatment. Not lying on a trolley in a corridor at Leicester R. I. for hours whilst the ligaments have pulled one's dislocated foot 90' out of joint. Happy days. However,on retirement he may need to move to a warmer climate to avoid arthritis. 
I'll miss this guy  in world superbikes his ridingstyle... To bad we'll have to miss X Fores aswell