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Two wheels were always for the lower income and the kids, four wheels for those a step up in finances and for adults.  This has always been true worldwide -- Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere, maybe even Antarctica, too.  Those who transitioned from 2-wheeled racing vehicles to 4-wheelers were "on the way up" so to speak on the ladder of professional racing -- it generally cost more, and paid more.  Two-wheelers were the entry level drug for many racers in the old days, and then karting took the place of that as it was safer for kids and eventually proved to be more relevant to a future of 4-wheeled competition.  You still see this division in the relative youth and lower socio-economic status of the fans of motorcycle racing vs. F1, DTM and WRC, also in IndyCar or NASCAR, etc, for that matter.  Nowadays, I think the youth/socio-economic gap of fans of 2-wheel vs. 4-wheel competition is smaller than ever, but it is still there.  But I guess you all knew that.  Some of us old farts still keep up with 2-wheeled sport, though -- keeps us feeling young!!  -- plus it is lots better!!  ;-)
Great to see vr (the only one who beat mm,jl just picked up the pieces in 15)and lh swapping toys,it’s a shame resentment gets the better of some people.
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There's no problem with VR having a try out in an F1 car if he wants to, and it's likely positive that the top F1 driver is interested enough to try a bike. The difficulty with this kind of story is the spin and distortion of racing and wider values that inevitably comes subtly packaged within it. Why didn't they if the objective was truly just a try out take themselves off quietly to rent a track for an afternoon? Why was VR the Moto GP rider, and not the undisputed great of the current era Marquez? Or if it was a Yamaha mediated deal why not MV or FQ who are consistently and massively out performing him? It's a self fulfilling prophecy/the faded rock star phenomenon so prevalent in these times - he's famous because he's famous so he gets handed the goodies and the exposure. The sport in seeking to artificially extend the life of his brand (and we've seen an unprecedented flurry of PR puff pieces kick in in the second half of the season as his performances declined, the bike improved and there was nowhere left to hide) in doing so demonstrates time and again that it prefers expediency and short term gain over the maintenance of its integrity as the showcase of the best of the best. The PR machine, the journalists etc who pretty clearly feel they have little choice then fall in line... This in business management terms is sometimes referred to as eating your seed corn. Companies get a good product going, but as it nears the end of its life cycle they repeatedly divert the resouces they have available into life support for it rather than than prioritising the development and commercialisation of its successor(s). They fall off a cliff when the market (as it must) eventually awakens to the fact that the old product no longer cuts the mustard/the emperor has no clothes...