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This Guna guy gives me a headache just trying to read his comment, no wonder you all are as confused as him.
Marc knew Rossi had a good speed and that he was in 11th. Rossi tried to slow down to make Marc go as time was very tight but Marc didn't care if they ran out of time because even if he didn't push he would be 3rd or 4th while Rossi had more to lose. In normal condition if Quartararo didn't had problem and Marc was not following Rossi he could have struggled to be on the front row.
Guna4699 I'll say you are really confused. Did you watch it? Rossi was behind Marquez and rightly didn't want to give him a tow. When it became a certainty that Marquez would happily dawdle round he passed him and put in a fantastic lap. Why can't you admire his riding skills to put in a fast lap when everything was on the line? One thing is for sure he wouldn't learn anything listening to you.
What you are in fact saying is " I hope Rossi does not win tomorrow" because, as far as I am aware, nobody has yet been proved to be able to tell what will happen in the future... you are just hoping he won't win. What a sad wee bum basher you are.
yzrm10: Do you even like MotoGp? Are you such a sad individual that all you can do is complain about your life? This man risks all to achieve a dream but in the end everyone has a limit. I suspect you have never had to put yourself through anything like the pain and pressure these guys do. Go and watch F1, seems like your are that type of fan