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KTM have alot of experience with trellis chassis and they will persevere with it as it's one of their trade marks. @P6, I think you are correct about the suspension but again they own White Power so it makes sense for them to develop the brand. They will get there, but as has been said before it may take a few years before they are regular podium visitors and given that the others have decades of experience KTM management were daft to think otherwise. I like the fact that they are trying a different approach, racing is all the better for it.
If this story is true it is simply a continuation of KTM's management mistakes in 2019.  Ducati criticized Jorge last year, albeit in a veiled manner, then decided to listen to him, and he spectacularly rewarded them with race wins.  But it was too late - they had pissed off Jorge so much he had contacted Honda.  Not learning from Ducati's mistakes, KTM went and did exactly the same thing with Zarco, but this time it was not even veiled, straight out in front of the press after just 4 races.  That was shocking :  everything that happened afterwards, Johann being caught on camera saying the bike was a pile of rubbish, Johann's heart not being in it, was a consequence of that shoddy egotistical management.  And it has now come back to haunt them with riders injured, finding no-one really wanting to ride their bike next year, so falling back on not-really-fast-rider Kalio.  The only thing they can be commended for is allowing Johann to walk away without any ties. It is amazing that manufacturers keep making that mistake of thinking that the rider they pay €2M+ a year has to adapt to the bike rather than the other way round, particularly when it is an open non-secret that Honda have been trying extremely hard to make a different bike to suit Jorge, and that Ducati are trying very hard to make their bike more rider-friendly. I bet KTM are finally realizing that very very few riders ride a bike like a dirt bike like Casey Stoner or his latter day reincarnation, Pol Espargaro, and they probably wish they'd done things differently with Zarco.
He's got nothing to lose and everything to win so I am expecting win it or bin it.
Stacey instead of running down the VR46-threads the JL99 threads need some filling with doom scenarios...feel free :-D
At least there's an upwards progression but yeah see previous comment.
I'm not surprised KTM approached him, with his stellar results and all...  I mean, with championship standings such as 32nd, 30th, 26th, 21st, 19th and this year, 12th, how could KTM not want to hire him?