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Just how far can you get by burning motor oil? If I was an F1 engine designer I'd create a system that mixes 99% fuel with 1% oil, claim that is "contaminated oil" and burn it in the engine when extra power is needed. Unmetered, of course so I could use the allotted amount of fuel as well as my "contaminated oil" on top.
Is it just me or did Van der Mark take the last lap in such a way as not to put his teammate to risk? Sure he was some way behind coming to the start of the last lap, but at least he did not pull any dive bombs or such. Too bad for Mike though, he was looking strong! All in all a brilliant race except for that Sykes-Rea incident which was a bit strong in my opinion, however that's racing and Johnny will know to keep a lookout from now on for good ol' Tom.
Yet again Sykes gets it wrong, bad tyre choice and punts Rea off track, and shows his dislike and regard for the 5 times world champion. Sykes knew his tyre would not last but selfishly put others at risk by his riding, time for him to grow up and become a safe mature racer. My opinion of him has dropped dramatically.
both are racing incidents, shit happens n this time Rea become the victim of this occasion..
Daimler couldn't handle the fact they were slower. There was an investigation and obviously the situation is finally not that clear, meaning both the FIA and Ferrari are partially at fault regarding the objective rules. ? The "spirit of the law" and any morality is anyway ruled out by "alternative facts" since the Trump-era, So nobody cares about that anyway.
As usual I can't wait around for the proper can I draw attention to the fact that Joe Roberts is now second fastest in the tests. OK so it is just testing but a good improvement in the lad's confidence, which Hopper says he is helping Joe with. I miss John, I rated him.