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Considering some of the injuries and setbacks he has really done quite well. Great job today, he looked on point.
How someone like Abraham stays in GP on a Duc, while AB is out, is beyond me. Must be money and politics.
I agree, and think a privateer Kawi would still be better than the Blade. I can understand his frustration but it might be a blessing in disguise. I'm a Sykes fan but I don't expect much from him on a BMW other than "best of the rest" performances.
You know that old saying..... if there's a choice between a conspiracy and a cock up, pick the cock up. But FFS, this getting ridiculous.  Daniel must be pretty suss about his "team" right now.
True. I concur. VR46 will always be remembered because he put motorcycle racing on the map. He did well, and still does a lot more than other riders. He does not need to compete anymore, he has a successful business that will sustain his family and next of kins for a long time. When VR46 will stop racing, I expect that some of the audience will leave with him. Every race, there are fans who expect him to win. I am sure he will win again before he retires. MM93 will not, and cannot replace VR46. They are not competing in the same level. Anyway, MM93 is an alien. He has got it all...
For the people comparing to Rossi: it doesn't matter if he wins 50 of them, he'll never be Rossi. Numbers are important, but they are only ONE veriable that makes legends. You can simply check the traffic and comments on this website to realize that MM dosn't hold a candle to Rossi.