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It's up to the individual what they take or make of any post. I've no problem with that.  History will reveal the truth of it given enough time anyway.  When that happens either you'll remain in denial with your head up your arse, or you're going to fall apart as your little yellow world gets exploded as a massive, lucrative myth and con-job.  It'll be enough to make you soil your VR46 pyjamas WOSIDEG lol.
Nothing hypocritical here Talentfan.. always happy to nail my yellow scrundies to the mast and de-bunk the twisted story telling your rather disturbed anti-Rossi agenda repeatedly shits out.  I'd imagine most half sensible regulars here see the self-proclaimed declarations of objectivity as a futile attempt to big up your own credibility, and take it all with a huge pinch of salt.
@ WOSIDEG.  You hypocritical so & so.  You have only one narrative and one agenda - to make Rossi the God of MotoGP.  As for you being able to question anyone else credibility - thats hysterical.
@ JUSTPEOPLE.  "I wonder why TalentFan doesn't counter that :)" Because I agree with it!  Rossi's there because of his marketing and sales pull.  Dorna will do anything they can to retain that.  Ezpeleta didn't manipulate and campaign to get VR46 back on a Factory Yamaha after his Ducati horror-show because of VR's track ability - he did it because he has a massive fanbase, and that is still true today. Truth is - Rossi can be average on a front-running bike - and it doesn't really matter.  Rossi is a big character and big news, and has big support.  It ain't good for Grand Prix Racing's standing and reputation as fielding "the best of the best" - but it puts "bums on seats" and sells tickets and MotoGP - and that is all Dorna are concerned about.  As long as VR46 is doing that job well for MotoGP, then those in charge won't give a stuff about his race performances (yes of course its a lot better if VR was winning, but he's still the No1 draw with his fans regardless).
10th titles n more? most likely, but let's do it one step at a time.. next target would be 2020 or Marquez' 9th world titles, he'll need the same hardworks as ever to make it happened. one step at a time, we'll see after that..
Talentfan.. give it up son.. we all know the default filter is red mist and your favourite pastime is not praising Rossi by typing reams of repetitive drivel. All that's illustrated by insisting you're comments are objective and therefore carry some weight, is a slightly desperate need to be viewed as a credible opinion.