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Could be more interesting than WSB
Really, Charlie? I'll keep this explanation for future reference on any Max-related incidents. There will be many to come, don't worry. I hope this one doesn't bite you back in the future.
Rud Devil
This is very disappointing from Gasly. I've lost a lot of respect for him. How many times did Hartley let him through this year? Gasly cost the team a potential point today. Can't wait for him and Max to be in the same team... in the midfield.... They'll destroy each other! xD
Big Azza
How in the hell does one unlap himself without "battling against the leading car"?    
I hope they install a whistle or an air horn to produce sound from the air speed. Different sound for a different team. The E-bike is too silent and less exciting without a bike sound.   Oh, they could install a musical instrument to if they want because is easy to set the different sound base on the controlled air flow. Better set the sound start at 61kph so when the rider enter the pitlane, the sound stop and the bike is 60kph or below speed.  
Elderly, or Excluded. Total Odd-Squad with this series thus far, but hey it's kind of intriguing nontheless. The "Once-was" vs. the "Not quite". The "Who's Next" ? (not to be confused with the epic album of same-name) factor is good fun!