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I'm more impressed that he can ride as aggressively as he did but manage softer tyres for race distance. Something commentators and lots of others tend to overlook.
I understand where you're coming from but i really don't care about the technical aspects [the old bandit rusting away in my shed does everything i need for the odd bit of hooliganism] but a race motorcycle is a race motorcycle whatever the motor and with the right riders will make a great championship.
You might be lucky enough to read my comments on this farce in the future. Have you seen these electric heavyweights go round bends? The riders hardly lean because if they go past 45 degrees they'll fall over. The centre of gravity is way too high and they have the centralised mass of a barge. I'd rather watch grannies pushing trolleys in a super market.
Wow, Dixon really pulled a gap there!  Kawasaki clearly v strong too overall
I do struggle to see how they are going to be of great appeal to an audience, but its happening anyway, and I will give it a chance and watch it YOSSARIAN... maybe it will engage the audience.... but TT Zero hasn't set the world alight (Har!) in the public consiousness. Given the ever-more draconian restrictions on circuits due to noise etc... then perhaps electric bikes is all we will be able to have in future for Racing - but until that day I really think the good old Internal Combustion Engine has nothing to fear from the Milk Floats on the Racing Front. Technolgy-wise - it remains a truth that battery vehicles are fundamentally unsuitable for high-performance, simply because of the energy limitations, and the fact that batteries do much, MUCH better at delivering low-power for long durations, than they do at delivering high-power for even short durations - being asked to deliver big currents and outputs as a percentage of their storage rating - kills them fast..... and you can't just go lumping more cells in, and there isn't much scope (so the word is) at all for pushing the battery tech to get very much more out cells (they are virtual explosive charges already).  So - using Racing for Development - seems to be a cul-de-sac. I've ridden an e-bicycle and its a hoot, and I can see a very practical, clean application and use for them too.... but a battery sports motorcycle?  No (I avoided the old Honda VTR1000 like the plague, as it had a range of 80-miles if you actually rode the thing, meaning filling up every 50-60 miles to save pushing the thing.... so I cannot see a market etc. But who knows - a bike as heavy as my old 1300cc bike, with the engine performance of a 250 single Race bike, and the range of a VTR1000 with the tank stoved in... might actually be a riot lol.  We shall find out next year!