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You are touching on a very valid point with regards to Dovi; he is unloved, unpopular. I read the Italian specialized press, and even there, Dovi is the fifth wheel of the carriage. I really don't get why. I have a tentative explanation. Before Ducati, he never really shined, and he got his reputation set as such. I am guessing he could win next year's championship, and he would still be an underdog. Even within Ducati, he is not that popular. That speaks volume!!!
I wonder why verstappen wants to be a wingman... Well, At least Benz would have one competitor less.
You're right; it's probably his manager.  If you manager is not out there contacting every good team on your behalf, coming into contract renewal season, then they're not doing their job. I however doubt Mercedes would go with Max.  They're already doing 1-2 in the championship.  They wouldn't want their drivers competing like the Ferrari pilots, or like the Mercedes drivers just a few years ago.
Dovi?  Retirement withinn a couple of years.
His ride on the Suzuki must have been quick. Most of us missed it completely.
Everyone's entitled to their opinions even the 'haters'! Fact is Alonso is basically still a competitive driver doing LeMans, Dakar, IndyCar even if I concede he hasnt got the guts nor balls to do it [IndyCar] full time , only to milk the famous race [Indy500] for all its worth . It maybe that Alonso wants to return to F1 in an ambassador role for McLaren, if he wants to so be it, but I care not.