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Well done Marc - ten out of ten for stating the blindingly obvious. I do hope it is not an attempt at mind games on his behalf as he is crap at it.
Yeah,Argentina and Brno were wet and luck was the biggest factor,I concede Australia was a legitimate win albeit with a depleted field,achieved on a factory specification Honda!
I'd say not having him on track on every possiblity is bigger waste of money than going there for just training. So good call.
I like how idiots who have no idea about moto racing or experience think towing is just a guarantee pole or 1st row. To be able to follow someone you still have to be fast AF. You don't just "lock in" like a damn airplane weapon and let the bike do its thing. You know that right? Remember couple years back when Dovi was following Marc in Austin? Yeah... He was losing a 10th on every turn behind marquez cause he was so fast. Get real and stop making idiotic comments lol. Towing and drafting doesn't get you 0.400+. Skill and Speed does. 
How many other Sat riders have 3 wins and 9 podiums to their name?
i'm with you in that but i think we should also considering how the tyres degrade on each riders especially their rears, sure Marquez is one hell of a rider in terms of tyre management but if he made another mistake on tyre options just like in the Austria then anything could happen.. it looks like Yams made a step up on tyres conservation as well so they won't be taken lightly.