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One of the most enigmatic and talented riders ever. Super exciting to watch, spookily fast and sometimes frustrating in the way he deals with the inevitable fame he receives, the man was simply made for riding not schmoozing. I just wish he'd give it another go, he's still young and fast enough.
He said they didn't listen to his feedback and he didn't want to be just a 'poster boy' for Ducati, but I wonder if Lorenzo's treatment maybe also influenced his decision to leave Ducati? Maybe not, I don't know.
@INSIDE NUT JOB & Co This is an article about Marquez and Repsol Honda..... Marquez fanboy trolls are just unbelievable, you know you lot are the reason not many comment on crash anymore.  It's pathetic really. The jealousy because VR is still competitive at almost 40 is eating you alive.  
I was talking about what Yamaha has to do to take the fight to Honda in the coming years. What is your problem?
Good stuff, racing needs fast, talented and contraversial riders and if they're a little crazy then so much the better. I doubt very much that he'll step out of line in the near future after this sh*t storm!
Rossi has his eyes firmly set on the 10th title. He could join his ole mate Sete in Emoto if he can't achieve it on the Yamaha. Give him a few more years.