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great suzuki, and more chalenge for ducati why i say just ducati and not honda or yamaha? because some people have mission for make europe bike take domination from japan bike but unfortunately suzuki as japan bike make more fast development but i hope ktm & aprilia also make jump development to chalenge ducati
@NOLUCKDOVI - I totally agree with you.
Great to see Jules Cluzel still on the pace. A telented and entertaining rider who is also an all round good bloke, I always felt that he should have been successful in Moto2 and then moved forwards mais c'est la vie.
It seems that it's key for really ALL the IL4 bikes to qualify well (where they can run their corner speed to compensate for the slight grunt deficit over a V4) to get a great grid spot.  Then they need a great start to minimise traffic (again so a V4 doesn't baulk them through corners) - so the IL4 can "do a Lorenzo" and clear off. The issue with the Holeshot device though (And the introduction of yet another piece of tech to automate and optimise yet another part of the control element) is that all the bikes will have one - so theoretically all bikes will get an optimal launch. I don't think Rossi or any rider can rely on a holeshot device to save their bacon from a bad Grid Spot start or lack of pace - all the holeshot thing with the already optimised Launch Control stuff - is see to it that he gets off his grid spot no worse than his rivals do - not gain advantage.
I suggested style as to why VR might be chewing up tyres.  It's been suggested here that its likely related to his height, & that Morbidelli has the same issue. The thing is, Rins is tall, as is Morbidelli, and both seem to be adapting their style to be competitive and maintain the tyre.  Petrucci used to burn his tyres and is both bigger and heavier than them all - and he's worked hard to change his style to do the same - and this last test saw Petrux very happy with his race pace. I don't think VR can afford to write tyre degradation off to the bike or to his physiology.  His rivals are adapting their style to run faster and smoother through the turns and make the time on corner exit speed without hammering the tyre as much through hard acceleration to make the pace - so VR has to adapt in the same way.  
Just exactly who does Alonso think he is? Ok he won F1 title twice but has done virtually nothing since then. Hamilton even as a rookie came along and beat him first time in F1.