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Philip Island is a great place to ride and watch: but definitley not a great place to crash! Ask Carl Fogarty! Cal's performances were improving steadily this year. Pity his season was cut short. If sports stars wages were based on the possible injuries they could receive then bike racers would be paid way more than those guys kicking a bag of wind around a field on Saturday afternoons, but unfortunately not all of them are. I'm looking forward to watching Cal take on the two Repsol team mates next year. 
Can't understand all the negativity about a new well subscribed race series. A motorcycle engine is just the rattlely noisy bit you attach the chain to and for most of us we'll only hear as much as the TV director wants us to hear. If you dislike electric road bikes it's simple, don't buy one, there are plenty of treehuggers that will. 
Or do you think Ducati treated Lorenzo unfairly, I don't believe they did, if anything they gave Lorenzo everything he wanted. But Lorenzo didn't perform, worst thing Lorenzo did was in Argentina dropping the Ducati into the gravel after he collided with AI.   
9 wins in 8 years? That's sad! Marquez has 70 in the same period, Jorge 47 and Danny 27. Wow just goes to show who the fastest riders are.
I've said it before, other riders have done equally dangerous things in the past and not gotten the backlash Romano got.  What he did was stupid, we all know that, but he's served his time and I imagine has learned his lesson (I suppose time will tell on that second part) so let's give the lad a chance to prove it.
What a waist of Talent this Stonner is ... Its a shame that i couldn't deal with the fame or wasn't srong enough to be in the spotlight anymore ... Regarding leaving Ducati it was expected for a long time now !