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Reality bites SENNAFTW..... Lorenzo, injured and still faster than he was on the Ducati. Lorenzo looked cool and collected my friend, you must of been watching a different tv, everyone here barr you thinks Lorenzo looked comfortable. Lorenzo will be competitive very early next season I believe.
Depends what he was running, he was a lot quicker through the speed trap than his team mates so maybe a new engine with top end power, but not enough drive from low down. That's why it's called testing, with the test riders testing things.
Morbidelli is riding 2018 M1.. he won't get 2019 bike toll next year. And his 2018 M1 is Zarcos 2016 chassis and 2017 engine hybrid bike. Only shows Cal was right about the difficulty level of Yamaha vs Ducati vs Honda. Miller says the gp19 is smooth and he doesn't even have to push to post competitive laptimes
It’s actually much more realistic that Rossi will be winless for yet another year. 9 years and counting - you clown lol   
lol JL looked anything but comfortable on the bike as it twitched out of every corner entry and he just got mad and kept shouting inside his helmet on video. And Cal rode a full factory Honda you moron lol. LCRs sponsors would sue Luccio if he took money and lied about the contract with Honda.
I hope Lorenzo doesn't win a single race in the Repsol Honda and Retires in at end of 2020. Hopefully next year will go just like 2017 in the Ducati lol    He will no where near Marc.