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Its going to be awesome seeing you beat your old mentor next year. Good luck to you and Mav the best Yamaha could have.
Sounds a bit like he's finding out just how good the M1 chassis really is too?  Dovi & Cal, then Lorenzo got off a Yamaha to find that a Ducati (& then a Honda too for Cal - too early for an injured Jorge to say much maybe) dont have as sweet and forgiving handling traits as an M1. Interesting that it's turn-in / corner entry Zarco states as his issue, but no issues with the back-end of the bike or rear tyre.  It sounds like maybe KTM are another who have found that to make the Michelin tyre allocation work with current Electronics and get rear grip and rear tyre life - that they have to compromise a bit on the front-end?  It does tie-in with how Yamaha have had a great turning and corner-speed bike, but struggled all year with rear-end grip, and why MV improved when he had more rear bias introduced on his bike? It'd be good to see both KTM and Aprilia make a step and close in on the other marques - the more the merrier!
What kind of sabotage? I think Maverick and his team is not stupid to let it be.  Only a stupid opinion and not proven.
Come on Petrux. Hope u make a big differense in '19
He's a class above KTMs other riders from this year , sure he'll be just fine in 2019