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Eh?  It's far more likely to be the Business / Capitalist / Financial consequences here that caused the actual cancellation decision.  What on earth has it got to do the the Communists?  I'm guessing you must be saying that simply because CV-19 originated in China?
Also - businesses now cannot get any kind of "Loss if Earnings" or Cancellation Insurance Cover - because of course Insurance Companies are just glorified Bookies - they play the odds.  The moment they don't like the idea, they withdraw the coverage. This applies now to just about all businesses, not just those in the Travel, Entertainment & Event Sectors - as the industry I work in - our company had these elements of Business Cover made unavailable. So, the financial risks of making a large investment to put on an event, from the Organiser & the Circuit right down to the Concessions Stands - become too great - if it went wrong the losses would probably put them under - so cancellation and try to ride it out, & hope 2021 becomes viable is the lesser of 2 evils. I'm afraid I'm still sceptical about the viability of Jerez etc so far.  Its very possible that Dorna are dangling hopeful carrots to retain their audience in the face of no Racing - But actually delivering those events looks like a long shot to me.
So, the bike was championship capable.. but THE most naturally talented rider of all-time, in his 4th year at Ducati couldn't challenge for a title with it? Casey won first year and came 2nd the second year.. so what went wrong? Was it him or the bike? Have a gleg at this..
Should loosen the technical regulations as they tighten the budgets.
Ok, time to cancel the season. With all these classic rounds now being axed the championship has no more meaning for 2020.
Dan The Man Agustan