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Just putting it out there, at the same test in 2017, JZ was third fastest behind the 2 Repsol Hondas on a fully satellite Yamaha. AM finished 20th on an almost factory LCR. Deserves the ride, NO! BB was consistently faster through most of the testing.
From what I heard, not only VR got "specials", other top riders also. Fact is that he was the best and most successful rider of the first decade of 21th century. From 2001 to 2010 he hasn't won championship 3 times: 2006 because of bad luck, 2007 because of Bridgestone supremacy and 2010 because of injury. That injury is also in my opinion turning point in his career - he has never been mentally the same after it.
Pol is fast but for how much laps?  If binder do fabio (beat all ktms) by mid-end season than he will be a hot property. 
If he do better than taka, honda will keep him as cal going to retire, unless maverick decide to join honda.
ah good guy Pedrosa, always lend his hands to they who need him.. he was helping Stoner n Marquez too when they first arrived at Hons, i coudn't describe how fortunate KTM is to have him around.
Put Marquez or Stoner on it and it would be competitive on every circuit.