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Not sure why people are comparing this to the jerez crash, even Neil Hodgson pointed the blame for that racing incident at Dani.  In his analysis of the crash you could see that Dani had already lost it and punted Lorenzo into Dovi.  Shit happens. I think Rins on Petrux was the most questionable move of the race but even that was fairly innocuous.
So Mr. DICKens, V46R last commented 3 pages ago and the comment where he said he was speechless was on page 1 of 6. So he’s the idiot but you aren’t when you come on here a day late and a dollar short for the sole purpose of attacking another commenter? How about you actually try to add something to the conversation rather than trying to live up to the first part of your screen name?!    Lorenzo is an idiot.  I do not believe he has found some speed as many claim. If he had found speed he would have qualified better. I think he was told to get the results or he would be out of a job so he was overriding his rapidly diminishing talent in an attempt to actually finish well. 
Administrator, please give V46R's data to the police. After reading his commnets, I have to say, he will plan in the future something bad. He has a psychiaric problems, seriuos problems. Innocent kids will die (I think he is a frustrated 12 year old kid with seriuos problems, he cant add 1+1 and is very agressive).
Why destroing titlw chance? The seaon is long. Dovi in MM have now 1 DNF each... Crash fomr MM was caused technical problems, so, not rider mistake... If MM hasnt Austin crash and Dovi too, it would be more than 40 point difference... 
Stop this BS please. You could say this same for DP vs NH in 2006 or VR vs CS in 2011... In motogp history it was 1 case with intentionally crashing in other rider - it was by Capirex in 250ccm. No conspiracy, pure rabble...
It so called "fixation".  It happend usually to untrained rider and driver. It was mentioned on a level 1 in CSS... Semms to Rossi forgot it...