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He looks like an old lady with a helmet on,talks like one too.eddie the eagle Bradley
I cant understand his "motivation kick"... He fought with Dani so hard and he was fast + Yamaha is in the pack. After 4th in Misano he has a next good chance for podium here in Aragon. Why not? If he is saying that what he said... hmmm... it is a wrong direction in his head...
RUSSAX What do you want to see; a legend walk out the door head head high, or a legend walk out the door staring at the ground knowing the door should have closed 2019? Or maybe it doesn't matter because his ego is such that the PR machine will take care of everything on the way out... Fact is, things are not getting any better for Rossi now that Fabio has the world looking at him, and Rossi is in his shadow, not a good look...
Their rider line up was nothing short of underwhelming this year,  would be sad to see them go though
RUSSAX- I have never said Rossi should retire do I don’t get your point. The fact that you and other people keep on calling him the GOAT is what I am getting at. He hadn’t won a race for over 2 years, yet it is the Yamaha, he didn’t win a race for almost 3 years yet it was the Ducati. Nonsense and you all know it
Kawasaki do this all the time both in BSB and WSB