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What a top bloke he is!.. Acknowledging Folger like that. He could have easily just said he was awesome but he shared the moment. 
what a great act from a great sportist, to approach fans doesnt matter whoos fans they are, this is  as it should be. Fan's should like all of them even if they like  one more than another. bravo Mark   
And what makes you think that Honda is hard to ride. Honda is a bike build around MM and needs to be riden aggressively in 2015 when he was not able to be aggressive he was falling in races. Honda made the bike work form him because he is the one not dani or cal. And da. I said that he lost the edge so he wont. Continue to race.  
Lorenzo was on of the best yamaha riders in history but I don think he could win on this yamaha and not long ago you where saying zarco is the man so make up your mind Garcia. 
39? It doesn matter, Bayliss won WSBK at 40 (Rossi won the WCH at 30?), than he won straight a motogp race. As Rossi said, 39 is not to old, it is a huge advantage in experience, but some lack of braveness... Why his fans are using the age actually? I think, till 45 and a good training you have clearly advantage over guys, who are riding 5-6 years in motogp (and, nowadays, the manufacturer are making the decision after few races for a next year...). Experience counts, not only riding, but setting the bike, analisys etc. Experience of crew chief counts as well, a Rossi picked up Galbusera, best TC expert worldwide in this days. Look at the 24h races, look at the national series, most of them have a experiences, "older" riders on top. So, whats your point? 
Obviously the pressure to gain results is off,not fighting to keep his ride, more accomplished rider in Bautista looks to be over and done with at the top level,so why not enjoy it.....there only seems to be Marc M,and Jack who actually have any fun in what they do for a living. At age of 57 wish I had done half of what these 25 year olds have already managed to fit in to their time.