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I have a feeling that he will end up on a wheel chair someday. just said
It’s a shame Lorenzo is finding things difficult put at Honda. I wanted him to challenge Mark head to head. It’s pretty obvious the bike doesn’t suit him and most of this game is north of the eyebrows. Lorenzo has just had a crash that could have paralysed him for life this isn’t helping his current mind set. I’m not sure he will ever recover. Lorenzo shouldn’t have let Rossi get under his skin and took the move to Ducati in my opinion. The Yamaha really suited his style he would I’m sure have won more championships on that machine. I think he may give it until the end of the year then take stock to see where he is at mentally. It might be the end of his career unless he wants to take on a new challenge with another manufacturer but I very much doubt it. Sad to see really I’ve never been a massive fan of Lorenzo just didn’t gel with his personality but job have to respect the guys out and out speed and talent. If you had a son in racing you would be pointing him in the Lorenzo style when he was winning on the Yamaha it looked effortless!
It appears that most of the abusive posts on here are coming from MM fans not Rossi fans. I am quite natural with my rider support to be fair. Having watched the premier racers for the last 40 years I’ve seen them all come and go but had the privilege of witnessing some really special talent come through the ranks on occasions. Some guys really stand out and some that could have been just didn’t get the right breaks in the premier class. what really gets my goat is bikers or so called bikers in this last few years the feeling of community seems to have disappeared and the almost football type fan behaviour has stepped in from almost obsessive fans. Or rather Facebook mentality has stepped in. Regardless of who you support or want to win I don’t think there is any need to resort to insulting someone just posting an opinion on a foram like crash! Most of the guys doing this wouldn’t say boo to a goose if you were speaking to them face to face. It’s cowerdly immature and doesn’t represent the biking community I so much love. Marquez is probably the best I’ve ever seen however he isn’t the most popular due to some of his antics on track and the fact he has come along in an earer where Rossi is still ridding. Rossi has the hearts of the majority of the fans because of his charisma and how he changed the face of modern MotoGp. Rightly or wrongly like him or hate him he has been good for the support for the most part. His behaviour with Marquez over the last few years however leaves very little to be diseased and personally I think he has had his day and should step aside to let younger talent have a go. When you get to the stage your ego outweighs your ability it’s time to either re-asses where your or call it a day and this unfortunately is where Rossi is at in his career. I believe the sport needs a rider right now to challenge Marquez on a regular basis another top gun as this always brings out the best in the sport and also brings fans to the tracks. My final word for those who give a shit is drink it while it’s fizzy guys, because it won’t be around forever things move on riders change and we are coming to the end of an earer! Try to keep the abuse to a minimum it just makes you look immature and obsessive!
Also won equal number of premier class victories at VR46 home turf... May win many more
No one can really be called the GOAT until the end of all time when everyone whoever raced results can be compared, 'all time' includes the future. Is Rossi the greatest up to this point? - debateable, greatest of his era? - definitely, greatest current rider? - probably not, although that will most likely need to be confirmed at the end of next year.... 
All Yamaha in top 5 and look the other Honda all in top 5 also but from the back :) but all moans about bike coming from all Yamaha rider, what kind of riders Yamaha has?