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"Michelin have strong rear tyres and crap fronts, Bridgestone had very good fronts and meh rears. Most of the falls we see nowadays are the front folding having lost grip and that is probably why so many records still are Bridgestone set." Yeah, that has always been there M.O., right down to the tires we buy for street bikes. I've always been a Michellin guy I suppose as a result of just trusting the rear tire so much... they might step out slightly every now-and-again when pressed hard, but I always know they will grip again and come back in line. I know a few extremely aggressive riders that won't rub Bridgestones as they have crashed on them. Predictability is a Michellin trait.
Vettel is finished. Sack him now and put a proper racer in the car. Fernando Alonso
Well then ..let Rossi stay on..I do enjoy reading what the current problem with the bike is..
I think Red Bull will be the to catch Mercedes, not Ferrari.
It was other riders that nicknamed Rossi the goat, would be about the time you started your toy collection.
Fabio Quartararo - How I Ride