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@ NG.  Dunno about "adding a bit of the 2017 to the 2019" (who knows except Ducati -but the bike is such a snall evolution that they must be pretty close?). I was thinking more about (esp. as Dovi insists the 2018 is a better bike than the 2017) Ducati wanting to see how a fast AB19 on a 2017, can pedal the full-fat factory 2018 bike.... and just what the resulting data and feedback will give them? (the other bit about "motivating" the 2019 Ducati pilots... well that would just be the icing on the cake and a side-benefit of AB19 having a great ride (or two? or three?) on the 2018 Desmo). The thing is... is that if AB19 is super-fast and gives great feedback - that Ducati are still going to want him on the 2019 WSBK aren't they?  After all - they really need that Panigale sorted and up the sharp end, and they really want to take a title away from Kawasaki and Rea. With AB19's V4 experience on the Desmo, AND being damned fast - who better to try to bring that ambition forward for Ducati in WSBK than Alvaro?
I don't think there can be a question that Yamaha are all at sea with their package (albeit only by a tiny degree, but tiny degrees count for a lot in today's MotoGP).  Maverick proved at the start of 2017 that (with a bike he is happy with) that he has the potential to be the fastest guy out there - and he is not by a distance. But... there is alos a reliance on their riders to aid the process to FIND those missing tenths too - so I don;t think that VR and MV can just "chuck Yamaha under the bus" and lay all the blame at the engineers and the bike either. Let's face it - you've got to be pretty much perfect in bike and rider performance (and do so every round!) - if you're going to take a Title away from MM93.  Both he and Honda seem to be at the very top of their game and working in harmony to devastating effect.
Dovi crashed be ause he over rode his bike...MM won over riding his bike as usual.  Common point is in this rule structure designed to make racing more equal the rider has to make the difference and when they do they are going to be at the front at the end.   Of engineers never see their bike on the ragged edge they can't understand how to imporve its performance at the limit.  Buriram was an anomaly because no one on the grid understood the limits of their bikes or the tires well enough to push at the end . In this new era of MotoGP where team with huge budgets don't get huge advantages success is more about skill and bravery not the best bike with a magical setup.
BA will have to eat some humble pie now!    sometimes the knowledgable know better!
How does that work? If Sheene was Steve Parrish, he'd be famous for being his own mate!
If you're not allowed to use more than 105kg of fuel, why put more than that in as it is merely additional weight? Unless the idea is to finish, knowing you have exceeded the permitted amount of fuel, and then whine about it hoping to garner sympathy.