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@G - he wasnt the only KTM rider to struggle in qualifying this year, that bike seemed like a random number generator in qualifying sessions for all its riders.  
Good story Tedleaf.  I'm a 6 footer and weigh 14st but preferred 600cc 4strokers. Nowadays my zimmer frame is highly tuned and decked out in Dovi's livery. Quite fast on the straights but rubbish at cornering. ( Cadweller....the first bit is true but the zimmer frame bit is not, in case you are wondering )
Thats a shame. Hes an excellent commentator and always interesting and informative
Things change over time, when I was born in the 1960's,boys & men, all over Europe were smaller/lighter, its also nit just size and mass, a lot depends on metabolism type and what kind of skeleton and muscle  you have been given, DP was not only short and light, but he also lacked upper body strength compared to some others, I was only 52-54 kl, but had very high muscle ratio, specialy in shoulders arms, enough that although I was 20+ kl lighter than mist others, I was a busy full time scaffolder/roofer, can you imagine dani trying that !! it also made me perfect for free climbing, and if Puig thinks dani had a struggle, I wonder what he would have thought of me, I rode kwaka Z1's for 3 years,, nearly 700lbs dry, about 325 kls wet !! that was hard work, but cannot remember any incident caused purely by lack of weight, it certainly taught me how to move around on and hang off bikes, never tried on on a circuit but the twisty little country lanes round our way were bad enough !! (and yes, I could, just, barely pick one up when dropped) hardest part was trying to get toe tip down to ground when stopped, little short legs as well..             I went over to Honda super sport 400cc 4 pot 4 strokers, after a truck driver destroyed my latest z1 on purpose and insurance quotes got silly, not quite as fast top end, but "played" with by good engineers, much quicker than factory standard.. It does seem a bit strange to have a weight system in Moto 3 & 2 but not in MotoGP, but I can understand the arguments for and against one in motogp..  
Cadweller....I assume that you'll be letting us know how the mower handles on the new standardised electronics next year ?
Sky Italy sure do pump a lot of money into VR46 which is effectively their national team. Perhaps now that sky UK are dumping their cheating drug addled bicyclists they could push some of the cash British motogp's way?