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Rossi gonna beat it hard next race. He gonna come in front. 
as a long time fan of Italian football, i assume this kind of attitude is normal for many Italians.. Rivola (Aprils) n Brivio (Suzs) take their protest to the court n butthurted Dall'Igna (Ducs) hitback to their main rival Hons, too bad Suppo wasn't inside Hons anymore to made it merrier.
from what i saw, all other 4 manufacturers only want to know if that device is legal or not because they received mixed messages from Tech Director who said no to Aprils but said yes to Ducs.. they're not against the Ducs nor their respective riders, they were against the authority. n i don't think they're interested to take any points from Ducs neither. Ducs on the other hand acting like shit they usually did many times in the past, they ignoring Aprils' Rivola n Suzs' Brivio direct objection to them before the race n now after official protest was issued they said that others are just simply jealous for their success.. now Dall'Igna want to take it further against Hons alone which coincidentally is currently his team main rival in the championship. surprised? not really, i think it just another Ducs' dick move.
Stuufed up with the bold and italics. The copied post ends at the inverted comas. Pointed out so my words do not get confused, or mixed into, the more factual writing.  
Has he not taken into account that he actually finished the race. that in itself, is something he should be happier with. lol.
To me, this does look like Ducati engaging in the sort of F1 bullshit I hoped never to see in this sport. To quote Jake Blues, Gigi isn't lying.....he's just....bullshitting. They knew what they were pulling, why they were pulling it, and how best to get away with it. His statements above nothing more than a diversionary tactic. I have shamelessly copied and pasted the following from a post on the Motomatters site, because the person who posted it is always acurate with his observations and points of view, and more to the point....writes it a whole lot better than I ever could. "From what I read there the teams certainly do have a case to be upset over the handling of this. The rules released March 1st align with the rain deflectors being used in wet only when attached to the body work. Hence Ducati, or should I say the yamaha, soultion can be run in dry since it does not attach to body work and does not fall under aero regulations. Its a shame that the technical directors opinion given just one week prior is contrary to what ended up in the rules. Which suggests at best that Aprilia, KTM and others were left out of the discussions in MSMA, or worse that Ducati deliberately left this clarification unspoken until the last possible chance when it would be too late for others to respond effectively before the first race. If so one could make the case that Ducati are not acting as chair of MSMA but want to be an independent trying to get a leg up on the rest of field rather than seeking out clarity in rules. Its spliting hairs but its consequence of the poor thought put into these rules in the first place. Even the rain deflector rules as currently written does not account for changing conditons, for example, if a race starts wet and then riders changes tires last minute or switch bikes, the team must also change the fairing to avoid from being disqualifed if by accident they leave the rain deflector in place when fitted with dry tires. Hence the beauty of the Yamaha/Ducati design is it is not part of the body work and circumvents this completely, meaning it can be run in dry or wet. In end it was clear on March 1st that what was used by Ducati would be allowed, it just was different from what was said 1 week prior, and Ducati's finger prints were all over suggesting they acted on their own and not through the MSMA. I really do not know what the protocol is for MSMA or even who all the members are, but it certainly won't make for happy working environment or trying to gain any common consensus from here on other issues. Perhaps for the better." Gigi is bullshitting, and trying to play Ducati as the innocent, persecuted victim in this. The factory and their riders ( Petrucci at the very least) have had conficting statements in regards to the part/parts from day 1.