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Great news. It'll be interesting to see in what direction development of the Yamaha will go now. I'm assuming that Maverick will be the number one rider but will his settings suit Fabio. At their own admission Fabio and his team didn't do much in the way of settings in 2019, the told him to just ride it and enjoy himself........he did that alright. Testing the 2020 bike is going to be very, very interesting. An amusing thought occurred to me, what will happen if the new bike suits the old fella better than the other three riders. A dilema for Yamaha but great fun on Crash dot.
I don't think he will retire, Rossi and Marini in SIC next year...
Wow. That was quick. Can't wait to see the resurgence of Yamaha. Will Jorge take the tester role?
Great news, Yamaha have seen sense and invested in their future with both MV and FQ.  I do wonder whether this means VR will retire, move to Petronas, or even perhaps become Yamaha's Euro test rider in the future?  Interesting times ahead..
I think the rules changed a year or so after that season to stop 3 entries in one team,  now limited to 2 (except for wildcard entries such as Pirro)
Excellent news for Yamaha and for the championship! Good decision and great team for 2021