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Charlie needs to open his own eyes first. Too many inconsistancies in decision making imho.
Every bike on the grid uses spec electronics supplied by Magnetti Marelli and spec ECU hardware. Crutchlow is a rider with an HRC contract. He gets more support than any other satellite rider on the grid.  Yet. Rossi has been beaten by Zarco in races with a 2-year-old motorbike with lesser revs and zero support this season. Same goes for Vinales. Dovi has been beaten by Petrucci, Miller, Rabat and even Bautista. Lorenzo the same. Marc is the only rider to not be beaten by his satellite counterparts so far. 
Good points, well made Talentfan. Smart cookie, that there Poncharal. 
It will be competitive, for sure. Everyone would love to go into the history books as first ever MotoE Worold Champion.
Get McPint in there, he knows those things. Loving 'milk floats' and 'Moto Elderly' comments. It's the future, they reckon, but I'll always prefer vinyl.
basketcase.  i was just going to post that link too.   it shows a very interesting lap !  at the start of the lap, verstappen is actually being shown blues !!   so it was obvious to him that a car was coming from behind.  and the force india was so fast, that ocon just HAD to pass.  it would have been downright stupid to slow down and stay behind..  and through the corner, as i said earlier, ocon was fully alongside verstappen, mainly front wheel to front wheel.  verstappen could not have missed the car alongside him yet still turned in !  the more i look at it, the more i think that verstappen was 100% responsible for his own misfortune.