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Like I said, some words you cannot translate. The article said 2006. Going into the final race he shoud have won the championship. He is annoyed with himself for throwing that race away. Anyone in the same place would not be able to sleep after that one. The mistake that he made is apparently a big part of his desire to fight on.  You assumed the worst, no he talked about a completely human reaction to a mistake. He did not deserve to win 2006, but you understand the feeling - what word do we put there?
@talentfan I respect your opinion but I think Dorna "tweek" the rules for the good of all racing. Though I do remember Honda were screwed one season from a late change in front tyre compounds. When they brought in the single tyre manufacturer, it was for closer racing. the single ECU was the same. They can't put a cap on how much the big end of town spend, so they tweek the rules to make sure the racing stays close.  They are between a rock and a hard place. It's prototype bikes and that's the sole purpose of this series, so they have to be careful not to stifle the progress. I have had my doubts about many of the things they have done,but to thier credit, the racing just gets more intense,and with their tweeking of the rules, have helped Suzuki get back to the podium. Now Aprilia and KTM still have those advantages which will help them. And now this season I hope your right with the tyre compound being tweeked. Lets hope they got it right and we see flag to flag flat out racing. Oh! And please tweek back two strokes on a fair playing field.
I get a kick out of all the Rossi flag wavers out there reminding everyone on nearly every thread of how many titles Rossi has won and how he won on different machinery, and how old he is, bla bla bla, for nine years we have had to listen to that echo. The only thing that counts at this point in time, is this seasons championship, forget the past, forget the machinery, forget the victim sh-t of,  "I deserve to win my tenth," because right now, Marquez, Dovi, Mav, Petrucci, Rinns and Lorenzo don't give a shit, they will bring Rossi right back down to earth very quickly if he's got victim rattling around in his head, victims lose. Those guys are over listening to all the noise coming out of the Rossi garage, they are in the game to win not listen to someone crying about how i should have won my tenth... when does it stop...
I like Rossi, but the many excuses that keep being forced down my throat by those self proclaimed "Defenders of the Legend", are annoying as fuck. Stop pretending that his going to Ducati was some kind of accident. He went there to win titles as he percieved the Duc to be a great bike, but was being riden by talentless riders. He was mocking Stoner once he signed, telling him how he'd show him how to ride a Ducati. In 06 he didn't win the title because he crashed. That's it. Cracked from the pressure. In 15 after one of the best GP races of all time at Phillip Island, he came home 4th. Could of still brought home the title, but again he cracked under the tremendous pressure that the Italian press put him under. He fucked up 2015 by his own doing. Get over it. Vale is a legend with incredible achievements. He doesn't need propping up with all this  "If he stayed with Honda he'd have 4 or 5 more titles". If he didn't crash in Valencia in 06, he would have won the title. Stop making excuses for him. He doesn't need any. I think and hope about 6 riders will fight out this years title and i really hope Vale is part of that fight. Would be incredible if he won it, that's for sure. Personally I'd love to see Petrucci step up and win it convincingly, as his journey to a factory ride has been remarkable. But whoever win it, will deserve it.
Yes, happy birthday Marc!  But all the party stuff aside.  I'm beginning to get that itch.  That itch for the season to start up again. Don't fret it if Dovi takes another win in Qatar while you're still recovering.  As you've seen, the season is long and once your 100% again, the wins will begin to once again stack up.   One race at a time, like you've always done it.  Oh man, this season's going to be awesome!
Alv on top and Sykes getting up to speed on the BMW (right behind Rea), exciting stuff in the world of SBK. It's time for some shake-ups and change.