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I really hope one of asian/turk rider shine in a dominant way someday.
It can't be as simple as just a 500rpm drop, otherwise a "push-to-pass" button could be installed to release the extra rpm if the rider "needs" it. There must be slight mechanical differences that also help with engine life that won't put up with an extra 500rpm? I'm also wondering if (there should be) a different fuel map for the lower rpm limit engine and that's helping Fabio? On the surface I'd expect it to be able to run a little richer everywhere and that might be making a small difference, but you'd think Yamaha would have tried that with their factory bikes at a test..
Didn’t say that.  Instead I speculate Rossi will be fighting for positions somewhere behind the front. Are 
Chill he’s 40 years old. He’s happy racing so he’ll continue to race until he’s no longer happy. He cares less about losing than you all seem to. Focus your energy on something that actually benefits you.
"...The Frenchman will be exempt from his MotoGP duties but stays contracted to KTM until the end of the season..." Did they really say that in a statement ! "The Frenchman"... oooerrr sounds like they really have fallen out !
Wouldn't mind swapping places. He could take my Hoover and I'd pip Marc in the last bend on his wonky Aprilia.