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@HA, @TF Agreed, countryside around bottom of Austria/top of Italy is beautiful. Great bikers hotel in Malta, Austria where they can help with recommended tours etc, well worth looking up - not far from the Grossglockner either!
This is almost true, but riders gain their status mainly by beating other riders on track. Today if you put Marquez on satellite KTM, propably he would have performed better than other KTM riders but not scoring over 400 points in one season like riding factory Honda.
Facts can always be spun around depending which side of the fence you're on. What I remember is when the 990s came out Honda were a step ahead of the rest.  The only real competition Rossi faced were other Hondas. But the bike wasn't perfect and VR and especially JB could see that the others were catching up. That was when they asked for improvements and Honda made their 'bike not the rider' comments. Rossi moved to Yamaha and had what I consider his best ever season. Honda got lost, which they have habit of doing, for good few years. Putting all their eggs in the Dani Pedrosa basket. But you're right. Honda did learn a lesson.
One 'snippet' you missed was the Honda made more changes to the bike last year than they did for Pedrosa in the entire time he was there.
Looks like lecuona doing the quartararo at ktm. But it's the first test anyway. 
I understand how they intend to try and offset it. To claim carbon neutral they're going to have to produce fiugures that show something like we generate x amount of carbon but in changing how we function in other ways we no longer generate y amount of carbon, therefore x-y = 0.  Y is going to have to be an impressive saving to offset emissions from the factory of every supplier to F1, transportation emissions from travelling all over the world on a fortnightly basis and the emissions from vehicles/planes/helicopters ferrying fans, corporate hangers on and officials to every race.  And who validates these figures which can be made to present any way necessary.