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@ GOOGLEM01.  I think (a bit like the Petronas M1's) right now the Tech-3 bikes and support are pretty darned close to the Factory Kit and Support - basically KTM need them to be for data and development - so I don't think Miguel is too disadvantaged on a KTM at the moment? I think if MO does show "the right stuff" and out-does one or both of the Factory KTM riders, that KTM will promote him.  KTM seem to be rather more focussed as a Factory on Performance Merit for contracts -  and less on the Sponsorship and Promotion package of a rider - than some other Teams are. I think MO is another slow burner with potential - if he shows that potential I think KTM will reward him for it.
@ Codger.  You missed an opportunity to take a pop at me straight after one of my posts on a thread.  Are you slipping?  Feeling unwell maybe?  Or maybe I posted something that for once (no matter how hard you looked) - you just couldn't find anything to wring your hands and take umbrage over! Damn - that probably means it wasn't a very good post at all :)
I can just see a part of the fastest time in this page (unlike the Moto3 page obscured by a big Ad box) - but the previous fastest laps on this page to compare them to - are for Moto3 not Moto2, so as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Crash are doing well today!
There's a stupid, pointless advertisement box blocking the times on my screen, so no idea how good they are going!  Crash OTT Profiteering being over-intrusive & in-yer-face as usual! But, it seems that John McPhee has been consistently at the sharp end in tests so far - promising!
ROCKMOUNT I think it is possibly down to the fact that most of Rea's Irish fans don't identify as British & make their feelings felt that way...
That'll be the same Laverty that rode a Ducati V4R last year and acheived very little!!!!!!