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...and to add...should we also get rid of Dovi? in the same period of 5 years he has only challenged for the title once whereas Rossi did it 3 times...I do not agree with the statement I just typed..I like Dovi!!! and wished he won the title last year and I am super pumped about his hard earned success and status this year and last...but the standard that would see Rossi let go off of the factory Yamaha should apply to all MotoGP riders too and MM93 should take to the field by himself...If Rossi is not competing at the top on top machinery...then fire him...but I do not see that as the case in the last 5 years...PS he would quit anyway
What many people don't get is the fact Morbidelli did NOT race Moto3 he had no prior experience with the MotoGP tracks. Zarco race 3 years in Moto3 and only in his fourth Moto2 series he won a race he was the last of the pack which made do MotoGP. Morbidelli joined directly in Moto2 that makes a huge difference. By the end of the year it was clear Morbidelli was already faster than Zarco although Zarco had much more experience. Morbidelli is the real deal finishing 12th is his debut with a subpar machinery shows that as he grows and with good machinery he will win races. 
@ Bloodyhell, I could accept what you are saying if Rossi was not finishing in the top positions...Yes he is not beating MM93 to the title but nobody else is either and let's not forget he was runner up in 2014, 2015 and 2016...2017 being his worst year but everyone or most... blamed the struggling yamaha for that as MV25 was also not the best... its difficult to say fire VR46 when he is relative consistent as a title contender irregardless of not winning the title...and your comment about Honda is there to win does not hold all its water completely because DP26 has not won any titles and is more often than not outside the top 3 for the title but he is still there riding a top factory bike performing less than Valentino... I am trying to be unbiased but must admit that I am a Rossi fan...but it seems that anything short of Rossi winning a title is viewed as failure when in the last 5 years only 2 men have won should everyone else quit the sport?..get rid of Petrux..he has a plush factory bike...also get rid of Cal.. he has a factory bike..let's get rid of Lorenzo now too because he has a factory bike and is not performing...MV25 did not win the title so he has failed...I hate to sound extreme but I cannot agree that the rider needs to be fired if he is performing!! what is the standard? Base on the last 4 or 5 years, Rossi has out performed everyone else except MM93..possibly Lorenzo..unless you are counting the 2015 title as a definitive decider!! but of the last 5 years Rossi has beat JL99 3 to 2 and starting 2018 he is ahead also...Please argue with me intelligently...I not here to cuss or call anyone names...this is just my opinion and I am open to your opinion even if I disagree...
I think MVDS are waiting to see what happens with the Zarco sweepstakes. If Honda lose out on him, I could see a domino effect... Pedrosa is already a goner. Cal gets bumped up And all of a sudden, MVDS & Morbidelli are a much hotter comodity. LCR probably loses priority status.  LCR should re-start negotiating with Suzuki.    
So back on topic... MarcVDS would be an ideal option for Yamaha...I believe they can give MVDS the 3 year contract of stability required or requested by Bartholemy and still look to bring in VR46 sometime after. Everyone is acting like the VR46 must start exactly in 2021 immediately after Rossi stops...which I do not think is the case...Rossi may want to focus on his 2 other teams as a direct involved manager for a year or two before standing up his MotoGP team while also playing brand ambassador for Yamaha...touring like hell directly after retirement...and yamaha may still even keep MVDS possibly in a contract like Tech 3 on year old equipment which is arguably more competitive than most others.. I guess all I am saying is that most on here are acting as if this is set in stone when Yamaha has not even decided what they are going to do...MVDS want 3 year contract...if offered by Yamaha they will take it knowing that after 3 years he may have to move different than what he has done now with Honda!! but I also agree he would like more longevity but short of a 10 year contract (which no one has in MotoGP period)...a 3 year contract is probably the most he can get which is in alignment with or better than with all the other teams in MotoGP. He will not press hard as he also knows Yamaha has the option to not run a sat team at all! Whatever he gets from long as it is similar or better than what Tech 3 now has...MVDS will take it...because we see what Tech 3 is doing with this seemingly "inferior year old package" and MVDS will relish this performance and media exposure as this brings in the sponsorship dollars!!
There's an awful lot in that past series of posts that rings true - in that it's clear as day that VR has been supported in the sport way past any normal sell by date by virtue of his perceived PR value. The value of the PR profile is I think primarily down to brand recognition among the swathes of at best casual punters (race viewing/going/bike buying/want to hear about it so they can b***t to their pals/will be attracted by the vibe) that comprise the markets targeted by the various factory, sponsor and Moto GP funded marketing campaigns - for whom he's the only name they are really aware of and never mind the details. It's fairly clear that the factory is accepting significant compromise in pure racing terms by painting it's wagon yellow. We get clobbered on forums for stating this by the fan by the fan club, but it seems unlikely to be more than at best a small subset of the target markets - and not hugely significant in the above calculation. His shortfall in pace has as before been masked by his being on on one of the very few fully competitive rides in the series and other factors (eg tyres that force a less than full on pace until the closing laps)  - but it's clear as day that there's been since the end of the glory days around 2009 a whole swathe of significantly faster riders One to think about. Somebody on one of the other race forums recently quoted I think a Japanese source as saying that racing for Yamaha was about marketing, while for Honda and one or two other factories it's clearly about winning. Perhaps the commercial calculation for Yamaha doesn't require the factory team to win titles...