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Does his grid slot have any indication as to what lap he crashes out on? 
Nice to see Joe Roberts pick up a few places in qualifying. Maybe things are starting to click for him. Last finish showed improvement. Keep pushing Joe. Good luck in Japan
The problem with cal isn't the "god on that tarmac", it's the gravel off of the tarmac.  Cal spends way too much time trying to dirt track his RC213V.
Gene Haas is exactly right, it is F1 & F1.5 - the current series is a bit of a joke. Not fair or real racing against teams with 4 times your budget.
Luke Spook
a bummer weekend indeed for Petrux, friday was a nightmare while he didn't show us much more on saturday.. if he could reach at least top-8 at the finish line i think it's already good for him.
for me he's one of the most interesting riders on the grid for the past few years, not that he could actually fight for the title but if things went well for him then he could deliver much more strong results over his true potential.. like i've said a couple times here, Crutchlow is just a mere mortal trying to fight with the gods on that tarmac.