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 For TalentFan :-
So, you can only support them if they're winning?  It's not really the spirit is it?! One of the riders I 'support' hasn't won in fucking ages, but I still support him.  Another is coming back to form, but I still supported him when he'd seemingly forgotten he was a multiple world champion! Maybe you just need to manage your expectations a bit?
Lets hope the upgrades include a new steering wheel that doesn't suddenly turn towards any cars that are alongside, eh ?
Agreed TOMCO  - lots of armchair GP riders out there - probably me included...... It was a very good ride from Bradley and he got as much out of the package as possible. Let's hope his professionalism and tenacity is rewarded with a couple of top 10's in the flyaways. Good luck
Dickens and my other antipodean topic.....I've recently celebrated my 76th Birthday. My family all chipped in a and bought me a can of Fosters lager. I warmed it up to room temperature and drank the lot, shared it with nobody. Good day all round. ps Dovi is doing rather well too.
Yep.  In a class overflowing with British entrants for all 40 of those years.  Oh, wait...