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@TalentFan I am with you I reckon you got it spot on.
collapse could be exceeding the limit but JM did mentioned about feeling the handle moving which he said was weird feeling. They're not disclosing alot, here maybe keeping it a secret. JL front steering setup is odd, i remember CC when he was in Tech3, mentioned that only JL run a weird front end setting. Plus JL talks about moving around the bike and using more rear brake. Maybe shifting his weight around to minimize rear end lifting. JL doesn't want to explain this when he was asked after Muggelo race, must be his trade secret.
it's hilarious.. Lorenzo asking for some update but they never listen, when he finally show them masterclass n already point him the exit door NOW they start give all those things he needs.   i think now i get it why this team rarely won a championship..
well they said engine n electronics set first then move to chassis, they're just doing exactly according their plan..
now it proved ,,, he was always copying JL setting and development now he was blatantly confused, now what he do is blame everything as he can