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Hamilton has matured as he has lost his hair.  That said a big part of where he is in this year's standings is down the mistakes and bad luck of his main competitor.  Unfortunately, Vettel is no Schumacher.
Mark _
You first, assuming that you are able to admit when you make a mistake.
Mark _
Maurizio is taking responsibility like the great leader that he is. Of course it is not his fault when Vettel throws away a win in Germany but he is putting all focus on him to allow the team to work. I fear he will step down at the end of the year if Ferrari doesn't win it.
Kostas Zouridis
CODGER, I don't think Marc will turn up and take it easy, it's not who he is, the only thing stopping him from racing on the limit is tire or performance issues. Or by simply being out-riden by Dovi or Jorge, this weekend should be a classic though...  
With the two Ducati riders taking points from each other I can't see that Marc has anything to worry about, the Title is his. The Yamahas are looking as they won't be a threat to him, there is no certainty that Cal will feature every race, and all the others are fighting for top 6 positions, or worse, anyway. The maths are showing that Marc will have to give away 11 points to Dovi every remaining race and he would still win the Championship by 1 point even if Dovi won them all.  In fact there is no reason for him to even turn up to the races. I wonder what he'll do with himself.