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I trust Yamaha have found new ground with the 2019 machine... couldn't stand another year of listening to Rossi complain about... you guessed it, the engine, the tires, the electronics, their not listening to me, there's not enough power, it's the engine again... Oh please give him a bike to win a race on, otherwise the rest of us have to put up with that other idiot V46R bagging the arse out of anyone who has beaten Rossi wheel to wheel...
"Morbidelli confirmed he was using the frame Johann Zarco had fitted throughout the 2018 season (essentially a ’16 spec M1 chassis) on Tuesday, with a 2018 spec engine." Is that the 'spec A' bike or will he be getting the 2019 bike next year? So far he's looking like he has taken really well to the Yamaha. 
@SENNAFTW Pete Benson cleared up the reason why the other Honda's are shit compared to the Repsol Honda, Repsol Honda get updated spec electronics and the other Honda's don't........ and as we all should know by now, unless these machines are dialed, then it would make it very difficult for a rider to be fast without a good set-up. Now Franco can show how quick he really is, pity he never got a Repsol Honda tho. It must be killing you SENNAFTW...... knowing that only for Repsol Honda Marquez wouldn't be where he is now. Lol! Poor SENNAFTW..... ha ha ha!!! You sound deadly upset over it aswell, lol!  Just made my day, all your nonsense talk is put to bed at last. ;-)  Now bye bye little man, try not to let what he stated as a fact ruin your Xmas........Lol!
Guess I'd better remember to cancel the auto-renew on my videopass before the end of the 2019 season.
Rumors of legal action - lol - Troll rumors that is
LOL - You make stuff up to justify your pathological dislike of Rossi. Troll.