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One Marquez is more than enought for a lifetime !!!!!
the talent is there somewhere inside him, he just don't have a winner's heart.. he's a stiff classic rider who oftenly thinks too much, when something went wrong most of the time he had no answers to improvise the situation.
Marlboro, Fortuna, West, Rothmans, Camel, Lucky Strike, HB, Gallouises, Chesterfield, Rizla, Kool - there's still probably more, but there's definitely been a few!
Blimey there's a flashback!  I think Camel sponsored both Honda and Yamaha at one time or another.  There was also Gauloises (sp?), Rothmans, Lucky Strike... just the ones I remember, there were probably dozens of others!
Your episodes are hilarious. Hugely entertaining haha :'D
I know these drinks are bad, but once in a long while, mid summer day, drowsy at work, I grab a small can of Red Bull. All these ads they do must be working, somehow make its way in subliminally. Support your sport & grab a can once in a while! haha. Remember the days all the bikes were running cigarette ads?