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Rossi was right not to do it during the press conference last year just so the reporters could get their headlines. I'm not a huge fan of Marquez, but anyone would have to respect the performance he put on last weekend, gapping the rest of the podium like Bautista is doing in WSBK.
well that bike may caused him n other Ducs riders more trouble in this track, my prediction is there would be no Ducs on podium but i'll be more than happy if they could prove me wrong..
technically it's a challenging track both for the bikes n the riders, shame that those bumps ruin it..
normal gesture in that situation or in any casual situation, someone who refuse to do it something like that in the first place is an arse..
it's ridiculous.. both the no movement rule n the penalty.
Put down the pipe.  Besides the bumps, everyone loves the track.  Austin is brill as well.  Overall its better than Qatar, Argentina, Sachsenring, Silverstone, Chang, and maybe a few others.  If they fixed the bumps, it'd be a top 3 weekend on the calendar.