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Surprised you lot didn't jump on VR for calling Cal's Honda a Non factory Honda........ Because apparently you guys/fanboys know more about this sport than even the riders themselves! ;-) 
That's like saying 'I'll tell you the lotto results.....when it comes out tomorrow'  
This is gold, i"Rossi felt he was at an equal level to Crutchlow but the pace of Suzuki’s riders prevented him from challenging for the podium." He raked up the, 'equal level to Cal because he beat Cal here last year.' So if Rinns and Mir who took it to Rossi, if they weren't on track he would have beaten Cal, it's always something with Rossi, thing is Cal was on the podium and Cal beat the most improved bike on the grid according to Rossi.. gold
Rossi gonna beat it hard next race. He gonna come in front. 
as a long time fan of Italian football, i assume this kind of attitude is normal for many Italians.. Rivola (Aprils) n Brivio (Suzs) take their protest to the court n butthurted Dall'Igna (Ducs) hitback to their main rival Hons, too bad Suppo wasn't inside Hons anymore to made it merrier.
from what i saw, all other 4 manufacturers only want to know if that device is legal or not because they received mixed messages from Tech Director who said no to Aprils but said yes to Ducs.. they're not against the Ducs nor their respective riders, they were against the authority. n i don't think they're interested to take any points from Ducs neither. Ducs on the other hand acting like shit they usually did many times in the past, they ignoring Aprils' Rivola n Suzs' Brivio direct objection to them before the race n now after official protest was issued they said that others are just simply jealous for their success.. now Dall'Igna want to take it further against Hons alone which coincidentally is currently his team main rival in the championship. surprised? not really, i think it just another Ducs' dick move.