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On Vinales's old bike no less.  Maverick did much better than I thought, but I think everyone was on the limit.  Rin's played his hand beautifully.  With a little luck and the right about of aggression, he pipped Marc for the win.  Pretty good strategic race that could have gone either way.  I really thought Marc had him, but alas Silverstone's layout doesn't give Marc what he needs to take advantage of his strengths.  Now, reverse the flow or the race to counterclockwise and we'll see Marc disappear.
Big fiery crash. So glad to hear the initial news is that both riders are mostly okay.
Awesome to hear.
Angry sure, that's two additional wins he deserved, but Rins and Dovi pipped him in the last corner or two.  Marc's having a WC winning Lorenzo season.  Losing many battles, but dominating the championship.   I could see it burning for the moment, but it'll feel really good when he looks at the stats and points championship. Lose the battle, but win the war.
I agree, dork is not strong enough, should have use your word instead...