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\m/ if you want got it :-)
He's still better bike developer than you are, internet specialist of trolling
i wonder if they already become 3rd best bikes on the grid instead of other blue bikes..
And who chose the 2018 engine? 
Shock news - banging the gas wide open when on the dirty part of the track is very likely to end up badly. Riders following also went on that part of the track and none of them fell. Its called throttle control.
I really feel for Morbidelli and Quartararo, what must they be thinking knowing they'll be getting something similar to ride on next year, especially Quartararo, never ridden a MotoGP bike then his first experience will be with the worst M1 in history. Only positive for them is that they're in a win / win situation, they get top 10's on a crap bike it'll put them in the shop window, they do badly everyone will just put it down to the bike so they can ride pretty much stress free!