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What all this ultimately boils down to, is the perception of corruption within the governance of MotoGP.  For Aprilia's to be turned down, then to almost immediately have Ducati's approved; it's utterly contradictive, and it smacks of corruption.  It's why the manufacturers skipped the normal protest avenue.  And it's why it's unsettled business still.  However, and in my opinion, if this persists; it's going to be very expensive in ways we can't yet understand....
Great promotion for safe riding... Anonimity is too big burden for some to carry... Or maybe helmets are just additional space for sponsors? 
,,,,,,,what would these guys do without the doctors???
@MAXIMUMSMOKE2, I was just going to say the exact same thing before I even looked at comments, he should go to IndyCar. With its notoriety , - its a brave driver who will do it ,,,who knows? He might try "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" [Indy500] like Alonso but none of then want it [IndyCar] full time
It is round 5 and the daggers are already out for JLo. Never mind that he just had a weekend of huge improvements. His adaptation to the Honda is coming along just fine. I have every confidence that Jorge will unlock the secrets to the Honda and fight at the front consistantly. We are just past a quarter of the way through the season ffs.