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P6x.....I'm wondering about what happens if the old geezer does move on. As you know he'll make his mind up based on whether the Yamaha has improved significantly, how competitive he shows in the early seasons races, and probably how he feels if, the bike takes a leap forward, he still finishes races behind Maverick and Fabulous. Personally I hope he carries on until he's 60, if only to keep going. When the old fella does go there won't be any more 200 plus threads ( if you follow my drift :) )
Sums it up pretty well query though. "..........consistently 0.7-1.0s off-the-pace Rossi........." hmm.....can I ask whose figures you base that on ?
I think the Petronas team got some kind of a dream getting two top gun pilots. One was expected, Franco, and the other was a revelation. They have set the bar quite high, and I expect they will most likely do as much in 2020, since they are retaining the same talent, but will get better support from Yamaha. I can see that 2021 being the crux of the matter. If MV moves to another brand, they will lose one of the two stars. If both MV and VR move out, I expect they will lose the two. Not easy to replace such brilliant gentlemen...
and man never really landed on the moon.....  
I don’t mind events like this in the off season. It’s obviously PR. I suspect Rossi was chosen because of the world championship comparison and the fact Rossi is head and shoulders the fastest and most skilled Car Driver in the grid. His Rally experience and previous F1 appearances show that. I don’t think his skills on four wheels can be disputed. Marquez has had a brief go on four wheels but I don’t think he’s anything like the accomplished driver Rossi is. Most of the other guys have little or no 4 wheel experience there all too young. Don’t know about Dovi or Cal. It’s a comparison many have discussed before there’s only ver been one guy that won both titles before. I personally don’t see it happening again any time soon but you never know!
not a fan of either.but in fairness they both looked like they new what they were doing,fair doos