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I always thought he was a special rider, but never knew if its just because he was my favorite rider in the class and i was looking through rose-colored glasses. I will say seeing his responses and how quickly he has adapted and seems to understand the race as compared to some like Vinales is really impressive. Never really been a huge lover of Suzuki motorcycles in the past but i love their current riders and how hard they push and with limited excuses. Definitely becoming a favorite of mine to cheer for on the weekends. I'd be a happy man to see Lorenzo and the two suzukis on the podium this season.   
I really dont get all the JR hate. Yes he has clearly dominated but for the same reasons everyone is loving AB is the same reasons they hate him.  Rea out performed sykes every step of the way while sykes battled back midish pack. Yet all you heard was how clearly Rea had the most dominant machine even though his team mate couldn't clear away from the pack even from pole. Now we see the same thing with AB clearly setting himself away from the other Ducatis and yet he is magically loved.  If this domination continues AB will get the same hate as JR soon. The two are clearly the best in the field and their compatriats on like machinery cant get on the same level. The Kawi was already held back and i dont think even with a limiter its as capable as the ducati right now, although id love to see them both be a little closer in competition as i dont really think AB is THAT much better than JR given what we have seen from both of them in MotoGP and on different machinery.    Just my $0.02
I wouldnt think Chaz would help Ducati cheat it's way to a world championship, I met him once and he seemed like a stand up bloke to me.
ditto the above remarks. the article is fake news.
JR is doing a good job keeping it close. When WSBK moves to tracks AB hasn’t ridden before JR will have an advantage. DANNY69, I’d cool it with the “Italians are cheaters and the Japanese have never done anything wrong” arguments.
plus, despite his qualifying record and what people say, Albert Park is arguably one of Hamilton's bogey tracks. He just doesn't go well there. Button beat Hamilton in the same way in Melbourne in the same car, for example.  let's see how the next few races play out before we declare Bottas as the new Captain Marvel.