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Funny how the interview with Pol said Marc did not break hard, that he had really fast corner speed... I feel for Lorenzo... but Honda will build a bike to continue putting MM on the top step! so what if only one guy can ride it... hes won how many chamionships on it? an hes only 26 lol If JL wants to win, he needs to get back to Yamaha or Ducati...
lean two
In any case, Fabio will certainly end up to be Rookie of the year. If he could double it with top independant, that would really be incredible. And if he also could manage a win...
Lol! Poor old GILLES....... He hates Rossi because he has achieved more than any rider on the grid. GILLES is having a field day now because ROSSI finally got old, just like Marquez will. Must of been some wait for ya! Sad sad little man. 
Alol No rider in the history of the sport has had special tyres just for him. What you are saying there is a complete fabrication. Having worked in a race paddock fo the last 30 years I know what I’m saying is right. The other manufacturers an teams simply wouldn’t stand for that at all. This rumour is tripe. There were overbite tyres but a number of factory riders had access to them not Rossi alone!
Telling ALOL to grow up!!that's a big ask, he's a troll & jealous little man, nothing more. 
So, with current tires the smoothness style is at it’s peek end and Yamaha should follow to be able to extract more speed.