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I do appreciate the the post about was directed at somebody disrespecting JL. But stats can be looked at in various ways. Jorge and VR were team mates for seven years: 2008-2010 and from 2013-2016. It's 4-3 to Vale as he finished higher than Jorge in 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2016. Yes, I know Jorge has wins, lap records etc but again, numbers can be looked at in different ways. Either way, they are both incredible at their sport and, these days, seem to have great respect for each other. Long may it last !
You clearly have no idea about racing or the sport. That comments just confirms it. Go watch football or something.
A bit like your "brake checking" comment earlier. Honestmuzz is quite correct.....
I don't get it, if you're able to make the same lap times with completely different settings, you can't really argue that the bike is hard to ride no? I think yamaha would pay good money to have the same "problem".
+ 1,000,000 to CODGER, NAVELGAZER, HONESTMUZZ and a few I forget.  
Guys. Some of you are writting about less RPM by Quartas bike. Obviously, it doesnt make a difference in the bike performance... The same was in case Duc v4 in WSBK... They cut the RPM, but it complely DOESNT MATTER, it was made just for fans to make them hppy aftre bringing a motogp bike to wsbk by Duc. Look at the performance diagramm of each bike and look at the gearing + gear changes logic per track... If you learn to ride, it is nearly NO difference between the bikes... It could be, you need the 500 to not change a gear between two corners (in case your are in red with "normal" bike), but it is just few situation in the whole season IMO, which you can solve by gearing.