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Really can't understand why Suzuki have signed Mir over Iannone. Crazy Joe has had an excellent season overall and Mir has had a poor season in Moto2 despite being with one of the better teams
harder for him next year, lotta talent coming up.
that's interesting.. Lorenzo was changed his number from #48 to #99 when he was antagonized by his Yams team-mate, he pulled it through n next thing we know becomes 3 times MotoGP world champions. now Vinales riding with that same team-mate choose to also change his number just like Lorenzo did, can we expect the same big thing would happen with him too this time?
Defrostedjay, you mean the whiner, or wiener 
well except you're an idiot like someone here you can't argue with that, being a test rider isn't an easy job as it looks like n Stoner no matter how an amazing rider he is can't test enough both in his time with Hons nor in Ducs.. it's not his fault by purpose though, his physical conditions won't allow him to do tests as much as he want n not to mention racing a whole season as we want him to do.
Mr Dickens, there is a very old saying “TO FINISH FIRST, FIRST YOU HAVE TO FINISH”. You can tell I am not a Jorge lover, he is Li,e Casey Stoner “from my country”, has an excuse for everything. Dovi just gets on with it, no running commentary on him or his rivals.