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Hey Rossi haters,   Where you guys at?     You guys are so creative, please tell me why Rossi should be removed from Yahama right now despite the fact Rossi has more points in the championship right now than all 3 other Yahama's totaled together. 
Looking like Ray will regret staying in BSB this year. Needs to find speed and fast. 
I'm with you on that. They are both lucky it didn't hang up and lock the rear. I think the theory that the CF swing arm is flexing under certain types of loads allowing the chain to come off is probably correct.
Just goes to show how easy the Yamaha is to ride not only foe Syarhin but Zarco too 
I remember Kenny Roberts Sr. running out of gas after the back straight at Ontario Speedway during an old AMA club race in 1972. Watched him in several races (Ontario and Riverside Raceways - both gone now). Yup, he was an up and coming racer back then.
Looking ahead to the final third of this season, Ferrari will come to regret the decisions they have made. Vettel has already been comprehensively beaten by Ricciardo, I can see the same from Leclerc