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 Yoy meanlike the ECU that Mclaren supply to all the teams. MES-Microsoft-McLaren Electronic Systems TAG-320 I think is the current one.
Brother Rossi fans won't change...They are Jealous of what MM is achieving...Its waste of time replying them...
Just another rich man's son in his fancy toy.
P09SIEDON and this what you two on day release ? What a load of uniformed idiotic crap. Can you just stock up on lube and lock yourself in your respective lubes with your posters and fantasies, and leave room for some fans of the sport to contribute something interesting in the way of comments or debate ? The two biggest idiots with access to a keyboard I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Now,  BILLACE, I can see that....... I can also see Rossi and Lorenzo at Yamaha MkII if Zarco were to go to Repsol. Before those other two idiots chime in on that, I'll quantify it with "none of us will know, unless it happens". Zarco is doing really well. So did Vinales.......and according to twits, Vinales was going to shame Rossi and a whole lot of others. That's the thing about the future though isn't it ? The childern will chime in with tin-foil hat bullshit.....seems to me, Vinales is his own worst enemy at the moment. I hope he sorts it out. I'll quantify that for the kids also. Last year he was convinced it was the chassis. Grandpa thought it was a a bit of that, but mostly electronics. Now Vinales is convinced it's in the electronics. Vinales wasted two days testing in Quatar chasing himself with settings. Went back to the Same ball park time as anyone. So to say Zarco is going to do this, shame this person, do that is just a load of utter uninformed rubbish. Bring on the race, bring on the season. Hope it's a ripper........and we'll see where they all finish up at the end. :-)   
Ruining yamaha bike ? you mean last year ?, you kidding me ? what wrong with this guy ?, they said vr fans are the worst. But this ass is just as bad !
Marquez wants team-mate like Zarco but Rossi does't want him give even factory equipment...