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It could be said that if Ducati can't just yet win a WC, they could look to at least build a fast team with celebrity racers, which Miller and Zarco. Sadly, no one gives a damn about Petrux or Dovi. On paper alone, Dovi should have job security, problem is the fans don't take to him nearly the way they do JZ or JM. The Ham and the Mistery Man.. it's a more compelling plot than the two nice guys they currently employ.
Another thought, while it's obvious Zarco is likely to be great for Avintia's profile in the paddock, becoming a satelite team and such, it's got to sting a bit how poorly Zarco speaks of the team to the media.
Since winning the title, Danny Kent has made one bad decision after another. It's not like he had injuries or bad luck with teams folding etc, it's pretty much all been self-inflicted. He surely can't have many, if any chances in bike racing left so hopefully he grabs the chance with both hands.
Hamilton would be mad to go to Ferrari as they are slipping back to their unreliable days.  
Beamish Suzuki
Alonso was better than Lewis from 2008 until 2012. He was the only true challenger to Vettel in the 3rd best team. Alonso also never had a dominant car for more than 50% of a season. 
I still say Zarco is dreaming to think this is a route to a factory ride... Unless he's in the fight for podiums/wins on a regular basis he'll be lucky to step up to Pramac for 2021.