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Re: Ducky's reasons 're the proportional disadvantage to smaller rider's.... is one reason I don't like a combined bike-rider weight limit.  No point in creating another problem to solve another. Hence my thoughts. Tyres are THE vital interface between all that tech + rider, & the track.  So it doesn't matter how great the tech package & rider are.... if the tyres are totally out of synch with what is needed to USE the bike / rider combo effectively.  Which means.... Michelin HAVE to offer suitable-lasting tyres to race on - with enough variety in compound to suit the rider weight range.  3 options are enough.... But so far compounds are so close that they don't cover that range, AND Michelin have over-compromised on Life chasing lap times.  Sorting the tyres out should help solve rider size issues. To sort out further... dropping a fuel limit is a no-brainer and is a proven way to open options for teams.  Heavier rider? Run a harder tyre and a bit more gas is an option.  Can't afford 20 techs to pore over data and set your bike up perfectly?  Same solution is an option. It's so simple.... and that is it's biggest problem.  The factories KNOW that allowing more fuel with decent tyres.... equals a MUCH better chance for a smaller team to compete..... which means theyll lobby for a complicated solution which means they can maintain an edge... through COST. Lots of issues are "solvable" - often with relatively straightforward steps.  The problem is that Factory efforts will resist any and every initiative that might genuinely work to level the playing field for all entrants.
I would like to see the parameters they used to define "best". I'm sure you are correct Zombie, there has to be multiple things they are measuring. I'd just like to see that list. Along with the data of the other races. Someone at Crash should make a spreadsheet lol 
When you say cleaner than it's ever been you don't mean clean though? 
No, because it is unfair for the other riders. Adding weight will hurt the ligher riders, while they woudn't benefit from the leverage the taller gusy have being able of moving that weight where it counts the most.  If they really want to go down that road, then allow the ballasted bikes to have movable ballast. Let me guess, no good.  
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Not really. Petrucci rode a factory bike for how many years, and not even one victory to show for it. He was lucky and had a hand from Dovi, who's looking for a safe team mate. 
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