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Dirty rider haha, Haslam is one of the cleanest riders there is. He dangles his legs in a lot of corners, including when he passed Dixon on the same corner on the lap before. He simply blocked the line and wether haslams leg was there or not Dixon was way to hot in to the corner and would ran on regardless. Looks at where Haslam brakes compared to Dixon. Great ride from both riders regardless.
Absolute89 Jesus! Hope the dude is ok
He should have punched Haslam in the face for that rubbish. Haslam looked like Bernie Clifton (look it up younger boys and girls) with that leg literally blocking Dixon. Absolute toilet move.  I hope Haslam doesn't win the title. Dirty rider. 
WHAT A TOSS!  Leg 'dangling' is one thing. LEG ACROSS THE ENTIRE TRACK is another. Totally twatty behaviour from Haslam. Put your feet back where they should be-on your pegs. 
Sorry sad Poldarn, watching Formula E is about as exciting as watching football, sorry football in the dark, both cures for insomnia. Jo Saward, one of the few F1 journalists worth reading, is on holiday, but when returns to his laptop, I don't think Jean-Eric Vergne's imminent return to F1 will be among hs first headlines. Or ever.