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Here is an interesting one after 4 races : Top Honda - Marquez Top Ducati - Dovisiozo Top Yamaha - Rossi The times change, the bikes change, the starlets come (Zarco, Quartararo, Bagnaia), some riders get factory bikes, some riders go to a better bike and yet, over the last six years it is still the same riders at the top :  Marquez, Lorenzo, Rossi, Pedrosa, Dovisiozo, Stoner  - the best riders. By that logic, staying on point as per HONESTMUZZ post :  it is only a matter of time before Lorenzo does what he did at Ducati and starts finishing races in the top 3. He is class and he will get there because he is part of that unique group of riders that simply have  "something else better"  than most riders not in that group.
KMAG, the Ja Rule of the F1 world.... does he have a single fan outside of his own country??
Useful extra laps and familiariastion of the current state of Barcelona's tarmac for the upcoming Catalan MotoGP.
It obviously makes no difference what we think, but it matters a lot what Puig thinks and how long he is willing to give Lorenzo to come good. Will he give Lorenzo most of a season or a whole season to adapt or have enough before then? He doesn't seem to be a guy that is known to have tons of patience. It doesn't help Lorenzo's case when youngsters like Quartararo come up from the lower classes and cause a buzz. I'm sure Honda would love to get in on the act of having a young sensation on one of their bikes. After all, it worked out pretty well last time.
You gotta laugh at VR fanboi,spends last season slagging off JL and now can’t wait for him to start winning!!... 2018 - JL is Dovis teammate (VR46R is a Dovi fanboi) = Slag off JL 2019 - JL is MM teammate (VR464R hates MM) = Big up JL. itd be funny if it wasn’t so obvious....silly boy.
He only did a track day as sort of preparation for next race.. Did them earlier in the season as well, putting laps with Folger and Schrotter around Misano few weeks ago actually.. It had nothing to do with any potential Superbike switch.. :D