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Aleix is the only CRT bike to ever lead a race! Unfortuately, that and $5 will get you a hotdog.
I guess you're right. I have nothing against Espargaro brothers, but I think that both of them underachieved in MotoGP, especially Pol.
Crazy race indeed.  Verstappen deserved the win. Vettel has a habit of squeezing people off track.  Just happened to bit him in this case.  
Who interviews Aleix Espargaro and asks for his opinion? As I mentioned before, 15yrs in the series (125, 250, Moto2 & Motogp) and not a single win in any class! Check the Motogp website and look at his and Zarco's record!   
Agreed, he's lucky the bike was basically skimming along the ground so it took his legs out from under him instead of hitting him in the thigh like Rabat in Silverstone last year.
Because they're from Spain, obviously...   Aleix and Pol are hard workers, but neither has has the results Zarco had in the lower classes, oir that he had on the M1.