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I can't imagine any team wanting to deal with this level (almost complete lack) of professionalism when there are so many fast riders out there.  Folger had brief glimpses of promise, but IMO, If you left your bride standing at the altar, few ladies would be lining up for the next time 'round.
Strange situation this....Is there some problems within Tech 3 that we are just unaware of? No contact with former boss, who showed great faith, in my opinion, bringing him to MotoGP..? I was not impressed with this move initially....but it turned out pretty good until the fatigue thing...then the sudden quitting of the team. There are some underlying issues but you do not walk away from a top team with a decent bike especially when the results look good. Certainly not to come back testing Moto2! But can't knock a man for an honest living.
Good on ya mate. He has shown pace on & off. Hope he can be more consistent before talking big game. A lot of these riders show brilliant pace only to not be consistent. Guess, they need a stronger support system, can't go at it alone.  Look at Scott Redding, Pol Espargaro, BS ...... - They all fought with MM at some point, but couldn't continue to grow. Mentorship & support systems were missing ? The VR46 riders are growing well, MM under Alzamora, Zarco under Aki Ajo. Magic formula perhaps ?
Everything has a natural limit.  And/or a sensible limit. For Racing and Sport - the natural AND sensible limit - is that which the human being can manage without external assistance or moderation of his/her physical inputs. The TRUTH is - is that this naturla limit was ALLOWED to be exceeded by Dorna, who were weak when letting the MSMA dictate rules in what became an "Arms Race" backed by funding very few could hope to match.  The Sport got railroaded and the riders marginalised by a mass of technology. Whenever something has "gone too far" - it HAS to be reined-in.  Simply put - 260bhp is too much, and can only be "controlled" and ridden by even the best the world has.... with a raft of electronic so-called "rider-aids".  Tyres cannot cope with the OTT power well, and iconic circuits are being ruined or cast aside in favour of ever-faster, artificially controlled sppeds - in some stupid numbers game for the hard-of-thinking (who confuse Top-Trumps impressive numbers as being "better").  Are fans really so ignorant that they failo to appreciate and understand that in doing so the quality and integrity of the Racing and Sporting Competiton is being damaged and diminished, and rendered more and more irrelevant? Throwing out "quality" just for "quantity" (big speed figures and low lap times) - regardless of just how that is achieved and what damage it does - is plain stupid. Technology CANNOT always be allowed to progress and erode the himan element in Sport.  Once you do that, the Sport itself becomes meaningless. The "technical challenge" must be in optimising the power and the chassis to suit a particular rider, on a particular day, in the existing conditions, with the available tyres - as close to perfect as you can.... and then your Rider has to go out and make the very best use of what is matched to his needs (against a field full of others trying to achieve the same thing)..... and RACE.  If that means that the best power is "only" 220bhp (i.e. what the Rider can manage, and what the tyres can cope with) - then that is what the Team needs to put out. I'll say it one more time... "as soon as you need to employ electronic "active & autonomous" systems changing (adjusting, moderating, whatever) - the actions of a riders physical inputs - THEN ITS GONE TOO FAR! It's basic common sense.  It's really not so hard to understand, is it? 
As my father used to say, RIP, "One in a row doesn't count."