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Agreed, and would rather it be Zarco, but something tells me otherwise. Hope I'm wrong.
If it was my money, I wouldn't be looking at Cal or Zarco. There is already a lot of young talent bottle-necked from moving up that are worth giving a try on the bigger bikes. I would be looking at Alex, but also Binder (who doesn't seem to mind a bike getting a bit loose) and even Jorge Martin. Fabio has definitely shown there is talent in that (very competitive) class that could shine on a larger bike that may not be shining ATM.
10 years and counting lamebrain.
My point is Rossi is average at best but knows how to manipulate the press & fans & you're proof of that. 
Marc himself has said in the past that he thinks his brother would do best entering the class on a Ducati.  While it is a big opportunity for Alex it's also a potential double-edged sword.  If he comes in on a one-year contract and fails to come to grips with how difficult the RCV is to ride fast, he will be lucky if he can get a contract with another team, IMO.