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To simply fly an RC plane then it doesn't have to be complicated.  To fly an RC plane with precicsion throughout a wide performance envelope, then it certainly reduces the pilot workload to automate as much as we're allowed within the rules. With regard to the ECU issue, If they were required to calculate PID parameters for certain functions, then I could understand things getting messy very quickly if sombody doesn't know what they're doing.  Also once you have the option to try and fix something in software, you've created another resource consuming pathway to solve the problem.  I'd like to see the instruction book for the ECU and see just what it can/can't do?  
I bet he planned to be among the elite to win races with 3 different manufacturers all along. And he did it by doing the difficult task furst after the easiest, which is winning races with Ducati.
Can someone explain to me why they won't let us watch a replay of the livestream once the test is concluded for the day??  Some of us a) don't live in europe and b) work for a living.
actually i won't look at the timesheet at all, i means nothing at this stage..
Yeah, because Maverick Vinales comments during testing and his comments during the season are always the same.
unfortunately "stead" and "calm head" are not the first words that come to mind when you hear the name Miller. Nevertheless, I fully agree that he needs some guidance & coaching. I hope he's mature enough to take it, when he gets it.