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I think this should be nominated for a Clickiest Subject of the Year...
@TF.Spot on mate.
@ RUSSAX.  Most top rider's are locked-in to contracts till the end of 2020 - so any rider HRC selects is almost certainly only getting a 1-year-deal anyway. You also conveniently overlook that Cal isnt supported by a Factory Team - which as everyone now accepts and acknowledges makes a very significant difference. By the way, being a Rossi Fan - you ought to be bigging-up Cal's win-ratio, because it's better than VR46's in recent history (plus CC35 got his wins on Satellite Team Bikes). So - if Cal in your opinion isn't good enough....
The announcement that AM had signed for another season in Moto2 and​​​​ Honda stating that they were still fully committed to JL? Nah....something was staged there to allow JL to "retire" with dignity, instead of being dropped. 
factory needs long term riders who can win, Cal is of no use to go to repsol since he has injury and he already has latest spec bike and he is nowhere near where he should be.
I stated that I suspected that there could be an end of season surprise that JL would be out and AM could be in....I know, it hasn't happened yet.