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hang in there - wait for this to pass.. if anything it helped buying time to recover health and gain some experience.. cant wait for him to show the Honda can win without MM style extreme riding. which will make CC claims the Honda only works for MM look foolish 
Rossi rode a fantastic final lap trying to catch him, but he didn't crack. Well deserved!
Someone wants to sell more 600LTs in the States... McLaren splitting with Honda gave it a huge headache because it will fast run out of money without the backing of a car company (or energy drink). Ask Williams, Sauber or what-was Force India. McLaren either needs to strengthen it's brand and bring in enough dough from other sources to cover the costs of it's race teams, or it puts it's very future at risk. Even Ferrari have a serious amount of money still coming in from Phillip Morris.
I baled out ages ago in frustration with the whole deal, but took a quick look in now. A website that runs nothing but stories put out by the Moto GP PR machine, resorts to abuse of position to force feed unwanted video plays etc, and is as utterly indifferent as the sport itself to user feelings is surely representative of the utterly sterile and money driven circus grand prix motorcycle racing has become. As is probably a readership a large part of which can't seem to lift itself above fan boy sentiments. Not sure where Kenny Roberts is coming from. Yes, the sport is at a very high level of rider performance and technical sophistication, but most of the 'close' racing as many times before is down to the fact that pace is heavily determined by bike capabilities and set up, and the need to cruise to conserve tyres for the shoot out in the last few laps. It all makes me sad. Back in the day there was if not informed commentary at least genuine opinion, riders every now and then spoke out (and since they were not contractually hobbled had something worthwhile to say), riders raced for most of the distance, and inderpendent journalists actually sought out news stories. There's little coming out now but a flow of homogenised PR speak.  There's at least three websites for example printing precisely the same stories with at most minor variations in headings. Us humans in our efforts to 'improve' as I've said before always destroy the things we love. 'Improvement' somehow always results in the imposition of a homogenised sterility - the forcing of their will on whatever by those we foolishly allow to 'own' what by definition cannot be owned by the most authoritarian of means. We somehow can't think big enough/be open enough to avoid turning the natural into a prissily and over maintained garden... The typo at the top is by the way down to site, it's not present in what I've written. Anyway. Just thought I'd drop that lot (which I've expressed many times before) and feck off again...
Rins will be strong again, MM is a demon at every track on the calendar, Dovi will be there, Vinales will qualify well....but VR not won since Assen 2017, has the hunger for a victory, has the machine under him after not having it for almost 2 years, is in good form - can see a scrap with MM and can see the old dog doing it.  
I think he'll be replaced by Binder for 2020...