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It’s Donington & you need to be careful with SatNavs as there are a few Donington’s and Donningtons in the UK and they are miles away from Castle Donington! In 2000 I flew to Italy with a friend, got a hire car and camped at Monza for the weekend for F1 for less than a pair of admission tickets to Silverstone. But having said that different markets are, different. Look at the cost of cars in Denmark for instance(!)... The cost of the ticket manages the size of the gate for traffic, access, facilities etc I’ve been to Donington with 100,000 other people and the atmosphere is fantastic but getting in and out using the toilet, eating and getting about wasn’t and I walked there and back too! See you at the weekend if you’re there (I get paid to be there fortunately).
Scorcher??? its only 30deg - thats a nice spring/autumn day IMO! 
I've been to lots of different GP's ,fav is Mugello for 14 yrs.   But Silverstone no thanks,mainly the risk of weather problems...  but yes would prefer Donnington if I was to go.  Southern hemi person here.
Another team going to want to put icepicks in their ears after his telling the engineers and mechanics how they should listen to him instead of reading data.........
like i said before this is another good chance for Dovi to cut down many points from Marquez, any other results n it'll be Marquez' advantage..
well let's hope so.. it's not Assen though so at some parts Yams have to yield against Ducs n Hons powers but at another parts he could give some headache for the front runners, that of course heavily depends on the grip level at raceday.