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I am surprised that he is surprised. It is actually the other way about. It's amazing that the gap was closed because if one starts at a much higher level and they all keep developing it stands to reason the gap should continue to exist not that it should vanish.
Don't give up your day job!
Yeah here here NOLUCK well said...
Hmmm can’t wait for season opener. I for some reason feel Dovi is not happy either with team or teammate.. something is off.. it’s evident on his face which most failed to notice. He is good but never was consistent. But this year something was bothering him for sure. If Zarco gets some serious help, he will take the fight to Marc. I am 100% sure. But hope he won’t give up so soon.
Not because the driver is male or female, but because the driver is the BEST! Maybe it would be better if we stopped having the sons of millionaires and billionaires, I would bet money not one of them would be in the top 100 drivers in the world if the sport was open to EVERYONE. Amazing how in every sport where money has little relevence, the best are working or middle class!
If you actually read the article you would have an answer to that.