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I don't disagree with you at all ALAND. My big issue was more in how the people on here will just turn against someone in a hearbeat, seemingly without reading the article or at least comprehending what they read. My statement about Leclerc having a win taken away was speaking more from his point of view, I was trying to describe what he would be feeling at that point and why he would have initially felt he had been done wrong by the team, as most would have felt in that position initially, unti they cooled down and got the rest of the story.  Either way you look at it, it is nice to see Merc is not the dominant force it once was, even if I'm not a big Vettel fan. I just hope we get to see some real battles now!
Some of that appearance has to do with Marc's dirt track experience.  On equally worn tires, he seems to have an advantage due to his ability to ride around his tire woes.  He makes no bones about it, he likes a dirty slippery track with lots of left turns... just like a dirt track.
Also of note on the points, Andrea Dovizioso is the only other rider who has a mathematical chance at the 2019 WC.  All other riders have been eliminated.  Marc manages to comparitively add 2 points to his total at any of the remaining races compared to Dovi and he's crowned for the eigth time.
Not even this many people cared that Marquez won.
Dr Thompson
Helitack, I don't think the win was "taken" from him. Teams have two cars and only one pit box, so they've got to run different strategies to some extent if they don't want to queue up in the pits. I expect if LeClerc's race engineer had wanted to pit on that lap, being the race leader he would have had priority over Vettel, but his engineer didn't make that call. Once he'd passed on the opportunity, Vettel's engineer made the decision to use it. You can't ask him not to, just in case its a better strategy than the lead car has chosen. Remember, there could have been a safety car just after Vettel emerged from the pits giving everyone else a free stop compared to Vettel so there was no guarantee that the early stop was going to be better, and if there hadn't been two periods of safety car towards the end, maybe Vettel would have run out of tyres and LeClerc and Hamilton would have ended up looking like the smart ones. So no, Ferrari did not deprive him of a win. They didn't even make an obviously bad call. Instead, Vettel's side of the garage made a great call, and LeClerc just wasn't fast enough to handle it.
So much to do with "the doctor", can't even help himself out. The irony...