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Its a smoke screen.  Look at what happened with Haas and their sponsor
@ IAMZOMBIE In L'Equipe, in his interview in French here in France it is pretty clear :  he dealt directly with Gigi Dall'Igna, it is a Ducati contract, and Ducati will provide him with "top engineers".  Avintia just happens to be where he will be, and it will be a GP19. Spot in 2021 :  I cannot believe Petrucci will be able to hang on to his factory bike in 2021.  
You’d think that fun fact alone would make JZ super desirable to all factories. 
Gigi Dall' Igna has promised Johann Zarco that Ducati will provide him with a top notch crew chief. At the same time, Zarco will be the only rider to have been on all the MotoGP bikes, minus the Aprilia. That's something too. Especially in such a short span of time.
VONS - I get your comments but Lorenzo had just started out in MotoGP, the same when he crashed at Assen in 2013. As you get older things change, as I am sure they will do for Marquez as well.