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McCoy! Incredible slide show! Jack is doing great, showing the aggression that Dovi is missing
Brilliant race! Great to see a number of front runners all riding out of their skins. Tommy has got his mojo back and I'm sure Ollie would be proud of him and I'm also glad that Josh wasn't badly injured in that horrible highside - roll on race 2.
I am glad that the Merc went another 1-2 for Niki in qualy at Monaco. I hope they finish that way too. It would be a storybook end for the legacy of Niki at the Mercedes team.
Mission idiocy is more like it. That was an idiot call, not sending Leclerc out for another qualy lap. The calls they have been making from the top have been so amateurish this year. Just freaking ridiculous.
because if you have a 'disease' then that absolves you of personal responsibility or something.