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ROCKROCK just for carrying a Knive! Regardless of where you live no one should be carrying a big 6" knife around unless it's actually for work ie fishermen etc. It was a 6 months suspended sentence so Kent won't do jail time as long as he keeps on the straight and narrow. What country do you come from where you can carry a sword about and not get jail? You and other's NOLUCKDOVI are trolling making fun of what is a serious incident and one that could of been fatal! 
Amazing how 4 posters can do there best to try and ruin a thread. Same old story only a different day.  
And you've got serious brain damage because inhale too much yellow smoke.
I guess Reiterberger was a chosen requirement by the Factory Team, Laverty seems a strange choice to be going back to tbh. Last year Lorenzo Savadori was as quicker if not quicker most of the time on the RSV4(Thailand Injury for EL noted) He's no youngster I actually think Alex Lowes may have been a better bet. I think Eugene's level personally is BSB now.
Defo +3 to the above comments. Honda just fit for lawnmowers? WTF
@harryx. Must be a good pal of v46r. Both talk utter rubbish