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Pete Benson just said the other Honda's don't get updated spec electronics and that's why they struggle so much. Maybe you should take it up with him, because you apparently think you know more than him. You're a troll, along with all the other Marquez fanboys, who try to make a magician out of Marquez.... only for Repsol Honda Marquez wouldn't have half the titles he has now. He always had the best team and motorcycle in ever class and when Lorenzo is fit he will prove my point by winning on a factory Honda.
That was bad writing, it should read "We’re not lying, [we are not] just putting something in the world which isn’t true,” Verstappen said.
Aleix is doing well on that new Aprilia.  Also Bradl put in 57 laps!
I thought the same thing, smiling and looking relaxed. Heal up well JLo!
Talentfan , you have had too many Tizers....You are getting worse with your desperation for the old fert to retire. 18 times he has finished in the top 3 at the end of the year and he is still doing it. 21 riders behind him wish they could end up 3rd. Give us a rest please.
So Petrux should be, he rode a similar bike all 2018 season and now gets on the most upto date version. He's had enough time to start pulling out results. 4th year with Ducati starting in 2019.