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I was going to say no good thing lasts forever but to my surprise Hamilton is 2 years OLDER than Vettel so clearly Vettel is missing something. I dont think its nowt to do with the car [his teammate Leclerc has proved this] - swap drivers, i.e Hamilton to Ferrari and Vettel to Mercedes, who would still be winning???
AP is correct. Looking only at WCs Ducati has only won one WC and that was because of CS. Having said that HRC needed the same CS to win a WC with the RC212V and MM is the only rider who has been able to win a WC with the RC213V. The other RC213V riders aren’t close. The last non-super-alien (CS & MM) to win a WC on a Honda was NH in 2006 on the RC211V which was by far the best of the 1st generation (990cc] MotoGP bikes.
@46, yes, what Silverstone demonstrated very well was that cars can follow at racing speeds a lot closer than we've seen before. Maybe that is because it is a higher speed track, so the cars all had a lot of downforce taken off. Maybe they need to simplify the car aero further and cut down the amount of downforce they create, put more emphasis on tyres for grip, but fans have been saying that for years, and F1 says "we hear you,... but the rear wing is prime advertising real estate, so we'll reduce it by a couple of millimeters and see if that works". Silverstone also showed the benefits of a track which was forgiving enough to allow drivers to run wide without ruining their race, but not so forgiving that they could run wide on a corner to gain advantage. Loads of times we saw drivers trying moves round the outside, and also trying cutbacks. There wasn't nearly as much emphasis on passing by DRS. Maybe that's something other permanent circuits could look at. If I remember right, Hungaroring has huge gravel traps on all of those sweeping corners. I'm sure they have room to make the track wider, and put grass verge strips around it and still have enough room for a gravel trap. A problem I find with Tilke tracks is that they always seem to include a "sequence of corners" in rapid succession. There just isn't room between corners for cars to get side-by-side, and the lead car always sweeps from apex to apex, so there is only one line through. Unless a driver makes a huge mistake and misses a gear it is just impossible to pass in those sections. It might make qualifying more challenging, but its bad for the race. Sochi is like that towards the end of the lap, very angular, lots of 90 degree turns. If they smooth those out so that the drivers are spending much longer in corners, I'm sure you'd give more opportunity for drivers to find a way past. At Hungaroring, if they were to cut out turn 13 and just extended the straight from turn 12 to the final corner, would that give more late-breaking opportunities? Hungaroring used to be incredibly dull when it first opened. It sits in a bowl in the landscape and it isn't used enough so it gets very dusty and has low grip, and over a race weekend, you get a narrow racing line and very poor offline traction. Grass verges would trap some of that dust. I think racing has got slightly better in recent years simply because it is used more often nowadays and so the surface stays a bit more rubbered in. Monaco, awful event. It is many years since I last watched it live. It is just insanely boring as a race event. Drivers say its immensely challenging, but its not great TV. I used to say to myself that at least its the only one like that, but then Bernie discovered the big bucks he could make by selling city GPs, and TV producers say "Ooh, forget the cars, look at the scenery".
DUCKYDUCK87, so if another vehicle comes up beside you, cuts you off and side swipes your front wheel as they cut in front of you it’s your fault because you didn’t manage the gap? Really?
This is Vettels nightmare and he has already had it once before at RedBull with Ricciardo.  Time to sorts himself out or his carreer or at least his legacy will be in peril.