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People have been massively lenient with Syahrin. Im not sure how this 'paid for' ride is any different to say Abraham's. And we all know Karel has had to put up with a fair amount of stick! I think Syarhin is more or less the worst rider on the grid by some margin and undoubtedly the likes of Binder would be a better candidate for the ride. But as we all know, it's not all about talent. That SE Asia market is huge and Syarhin is more or less the only possible represetative around right now.
Simon Cartledge
I rate Binder but honestly feel he needs to improve in moto2 before moving up to motogp. For some reason he fades over race distance  
Two great pieces of news! The return of Team Ten Kate with Loris Baz - and no more boat anchor Honda's to stifle the aspirations of all involved!
Reality shows you who is underrated... and overrated
Don't beleive any progress made by Yamaha... They have the trend of starting strong and going backwards gradually over the season and pickup a little back in last couple of races.  No matter what struggles/issues they had, atleast one of the Yamaha bike had good promising result in 1st 3 races in every year starting from 2013. Jerez will be an acid test for yamaha to know if the bike has really seen any slight improvement. Jerez wil set the tone for remainder of the season upto Germany..  How strong Yamaha is making it's presence in Championship figjt will only be known in Brno, silverstone and  Austria.  But to be honest, Rossi is looking more happy after these 3 races than in same time during previous two seasons. 
Helps if daddy is very rich!