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At least I can count on you for a great reply thanks
I saw part of the race at beginning, then switched over another channel, then watched the end. It was as boring as the Australian GP
AB19 is a class act. He always has been. The machine disparity and control exercised to ensure the big sponsors do the winning on the factory bikes - always made sure that he (& many others) were never permitted to show well. For sure the new Ducati is a missile - but before that Rea's Kwak had a massive edge - but few tried to claim it was "just" the bike there.  Look at how AB was riding - sublime.  He's brought the very tight discipline of racing a GP bike on iffy chewing-gum tyres - to WSBK, and he's making that experience count, on (for the first time in his big-bike career) a highly competitive machine that suits him. I really rate Chas - but Alvaro is relishing being truly backed and supported for once to win - and he's going to take some stopping I think.
Think you'll find us Brits are the past masters at losing......especially in sports. If you had watched the complete programme at the weekend you would have realised that the first 2 tracks are both unusuak tracks. PI for it's tyre wear and Chang for the huge long straights. Everyone interviewed at the track and in the studio agreed that the Ducati excells in the tracks with long fast straights but might not have such an advantage at the twisty tracks. Very reminiscent of Max Biaggi on the Aprillia a few years ago, losing out in the twisty's and blasting past on the straights. All respect for AB though, the Ducati may be derived from a pure MOTOGP bike but he's riding the wheels off of it. Give Chas time, he'll get to grips with it. 
I think from where i sat, that after losing out on the drag to the first corner, Hamilton knew his race was done, and therefore sat back and took it easy, just doing enough to keep ahead of the Ferrari and Red Bull. Saving the engine this early!. 
"Beat down"? "No more Mr Nice Guy"? Wait a minute, let's keep our hats on. One swallow a summer does not make as they say. Bottas was roundly beat down by Hamilton in Qualifying, which will happen again. Hats off to him that he sped past Lewis at the start. The race was over at that point. He did not come from behind in combat to take the race from Lewis. Had Hamilton gone first into the first chicane, that would also have been game over for any story of a Bottas win. There are 20 more races to go. My bet remains firmly on Hamilton not Bottas. Moreover, should push come to shove, the Team will, I think, more likely call orders on Bottas if Lewis is at that point ahead in the championship battle than on Lewis should Bottas be ahead.