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Will be interesting to see how Mir goes compared to Iannone in 2019. This year I was comparing Mir with Fenati. (Say no mir, more!). 
Maybe it was the 'glamour' photos on instagram, or something? The Japs are still a bit straight-laced with their employees, apparently. Also, Suzuki will be delighted with the way their gamble on Rins has gone.
Is this situation similiar to the one where Rossi blocked Stoner coming to Yamaha in 2007? Wanted Lorenzo instead... then looked what happened? Article is here if you want to read it V46R
Yeah I understand that, whicj means: For whatever reason Dovi didn't get what he needed at Honda so was unequal to team mate That same statment applies to JL at Duc, so this whole equal machinery comment is void Dovi also been on there a lot longer where JL coming in from 9yr on Yam Dovi is a great rider dont get me wrong, but not better than JL, and unless JL & MM keep taking themselves next year out may well join DP on greatest to never win a WC
@ dickhead Lorenzo had every chance to outscored Dovi 2 years  He didn't do it
I agree and that's a nice title, but you don't need to convice me of that :)