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I don’t see anything stating it is a ventilator in the article. It is the group’s design of a CPAP machine that supplies oxygen. It requires no tube down your throat. It has more than one bleed valve. Check out article which shows some photos.   Making something functional that is easy for them to mass produce is wonderful. We should applaud all efforts by any team to help during this difficult time.
I'm sure it was a challenge to bring the 'virtual race' to our screens, with no production staff in homes and limited staff in the main studio. Thinking back, I guess all of the riders were also interviewed in different languages, too?  That must have been tough.   BUT, it could've been so much better than it was. Let's get footage of the riders practicing, let's see some of them full screen, let's see split screen comparison of them on their real bike v virtual. Let's get a prize fund, with each rider competing to win for a charity of their choice.   Let's have a bonus 'Superpole' where three riders are picked at random to set one hot lap, and we stay 'onboard' for that whole lap. Let's have some wild cards.  A mystery racer.  Max Biaggi, John Hopkins, Colin Edwards, Bradley Smith etc etc...      
In reality, marko was actually correct.  any vaccine produced does expose the receiver to the virus so as to create immunity.  and giving it to young and very fit  athletes  would ensure that they could be less affected. it is like any vaccine, be it mmr, flu jab etc....all do expose a person to a virus but under controlled conditions. but i suppose it was the unknown  factor around covid 19, that caused the health officials to advise against it.
whereas every bit of additional equipment is important, what merc produced is NOT a ventilator, but purely a small  bleed valve for an oxygen supply.  other f1 teams are working on actual ventilators.
It certainly sounds like Dovi is seriously thinking about retiring from MotoGP.He is looking at options in other fields so you never know.
All due respect. Horse puckey!