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And yet only a valeban defy his own logic. Ups, valeban don't have logic.
Lorenzo did say that yes, but Ducati management also said it's impossible to know what Lorenzo needs to be competitive, until they found something for him and he won a few races yet Dovi came back fighting again and still beat Lorenzo. 
Hasn't JL also made it clear that he wasn't getting what he wanted from Ducati much the same way your comments about Dov at Honda? Thus making him overshadowed and your equal ruling void
@Hoppy PANDA850 Explained Dovi's dominance over Lorenzo very simply for you. 
Dani did have a weight disadvantage but he would've won the title twice had it not been for injuries. The sole reason why he just fell a step short. Been an absolute pleasure to follow Dani's career for all these years. A classy gent and my favorite rider in the paddock. Will be greatly missed. Have a fantastic, well-deserved retirement you legend.
Wrong again BUB... I explained it in a previous comment below. Chill out, take your time and it might sink in.