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What are the odds that JLo gets dumped by Ducati and amongst the alternatives, gets a seat on a LCR Honda?  That would be a machine I think Jorge could ride to his liking.  Suzuki would be another.
i remember not so long ago people who thinks they knew everything said Tito was done in MotoGP just by what they just saw on his first 2 years with immature team riding bike that a step too wild to tamed.. well look at him now.
well we've seen the best of Brad Smith back in his Tech 3 days but we've also seen that kind of performances have never been returned back so far, it's not a matter of whether he's talented or not but in the end MotoGP is a competition n as one of it's contestant his performances are valued by his final score at every end of the seasons.. in the couple past seasons, his score were just awful n it is what it is.   about KTM themself, i think they need more than Pol or Kallio to materialized their true potential n development directions.. Zarco surely looks promising but i'd rather pick someone experienced enough to know what they really want the bikes to do, i don't know but maybe names such as Pedrosa or Lorenzo seems fit enough n maybe Aleix in a lesser extent.
Hmmm, I think Zarco brings more attraction than MV. Just look at these comments. The only probable reason why Yami's won't take him is VR. MV is more compliant by Zarco speaks his mind and is a rebal, dejavu JL earlier days at Yamaha. Anyway, it'll be a great lost for Yamaha.
Bloodyhell- well said..... I must say, however, that MM did screw up a fair bit in Argentina: he was seemingly out of control a couple times in P and Q, putting others at risk. He should have known the rule to start from pit lane when he delayed the start with a problem. The final penalty should have been for running into AE, not VR. Have to say that Brad Binder running into Navarro was far worse than anything MM did!!  
Bikes are bikes, tracks are tracks and riders have to put it all together to step up on the podium, tricky busines to say the least for each of the motogp riders. And each one of them have one problem, Marc Marquez. They are fighting against where that guys head is at, his belief system and the confidence he has in riding one of these machines, let alone his riding skills and the speed he carries is scarier this year than last. He only missed winning the first race by a wheel, has a brain fade in Arge otherwise he probably would have been on the podium or one step away, and left everyone in his shadow at COTA. His mind only knows how to win, just hope he can stay upright and safe to put on a great show in competing for everyone...