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V46R youre writting the same crap since I see your dumb nickname here. Back to your idol. I have to laugh, when rossi said, LS2008 was his best race so far. He on yamaha - best bike on the grid and Casey on pig ducati noone could ride. What a hipocrit the yellow moron is... To 93: MM rides faster into corner, it is his style, has nothing o with dirty riding. Can you understand it? All riders there do not using mind game - this is dirty und you know what? this rider is dirty out there - flossi. In ARG it was only flossi who closed the door. MM was to optimistic, he rides for Wch this year, he want to risk it? Simple as that...
.616 is close?      
Hope that race direction isn't over reacting to the political furore/bad mouthing of MM, and that it's not a sign of things to come. When did anybody last get a grid penalty for accidentally balking a qualifying lap? Especially when it gave rise to no significant risk?
Go MM give us one of your exciting races
What Marc did in Argentina was wrong, what he did yesterday was a mistake that many riders have made. To say they are the same or is another example of his recklessness is nonsense. All the negative comments on here are from Rossi fans as they see Marc as a major threat to beating all his records. The sooner Rossi retires, then the sooner some of his supproters will move on.
They're working on maximum revs, the Kawasakis will likely lose 250 revs shortly.