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The Honda's seem to have the top speed advantage even over the Ducati's. Maybe Honda has cought up in the HP war?
"Yamaha Keeps Calm While Rossi Suffering Continues"
Well, this season's a wash...better luck next year guys
so this is moto gp, we only have in the top duc and the honda of MM ,the rest off the drivers are risking there live for nothing, ! and the Yamaha this year is really bad :(
It's not the riders fault. The problem was he had not even sat on the bike until the pit lane opened for FP1 - what do you expect? It is not a suprise that he was 6 seconds slower per lap. Any rider without Motogp experience would not have done much better. Carbon brakes, Michelin tyres and a multitude of electronics to sort without any experience in the caldron of a race weekend must have been daunting to say the least. Clearly Dorna and the team is at fault for allowing this to happen - it was dangerous for the rider and all his competitors. Sorry for the rant.