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The Moto2 class Is THE "Axe-Murderer" class where its so competitive that being a couple of tenths off an put you 15-spots down a grid.  You need every possible chance and thing you can get in your favour to show well and stay there.   I don't think that McPhee had a CV in Moto3 quite strong enough to command that top ride, plus he looks like the might lack the heft to muscle the bigger bikes about? I know Dixon doesn't have the CV in GPs at all - but he was very impressive on a BSB Superbike without rider-aids and even more poke than a Moto2 - and he was available for 2020 after his team were happy to let him go. To me it all makes sense for SIC Petronas.  Now they have a strong, experienced & improving Moto3 pilot in McPhee, a strong & experienced Moto2 guy in Vierge, a rider with potential in Dixon as the M2 No2, and a stonking pairing on their MotoGP team with FQ & FM. That's one hell of a strength-in-depth line-up for Petronas right across all classes, with reasonable youth mixed with pace & experience in all 3 classes for 2020. Looks like they know exactly what they are doing to me!
Now, instead of the avalanche of bitchy name-calling and counter-insults bandied about by those on here who think they are witty but can't put together a reasoned opinion or come up with some original suggestions , I'd like to comment on what was written in this article ... and what VR has said. Most riders and team management would be overjoyed at a top ten finish at Aragon. VR46 himself, however, is not satisfied and is still urging the factory to provide a better bike for not just himself, but for all the other Yamaha riders. It is good to see VR46 using the new kit which the boffins have developed - some of you may recall several weeks ago when I commented that after Suzuki copying the Yamaha, maybe the time has come for the Yamaha to copy the Suzuki, and it looks as though that is what has happened with the exhaust and other parts. Noting VR's comment about rear grip - I notice that his bike does not feature a "tyre cooler" attached to the swing-arm - maybe that is an area to develop a solution? VR also talks about "set-up", and how he lags behind the other M1 riders. Maybe it is time for another change of crew chief to break the status quo and provide fresh insight?
While I'm sure Jorge would love to get back into the M1 (I couldn't see Rossi getting anything other than hammered on this RCV too tbh though - while Honda's Brass would sooner eat worms than have Rossi in their Garage sweeping the floor) - I'm concerned that JL99 may have just taken one beating too many now? The Desmo smashed him up hard, & the RCV hit him harder before he was fully recovered and really knocked the stuffing out of him. It's a shame for Jorge & for MotoGP. Another victim of the Rossi Effect.  JL99 only left his ideal ride - to get the hell away from VR46 & his reach, politicking & entourage at Yamaha - and despite modest (by his standards) success at Ducati - Jorge's had to pay a very high price.  Dovi and arguably Zarco are two others (among many) who've also had their careers take a drastically different & almost certainly less succesful paths - as a direct consequence of Rossi returning to Yamaha and sinking his hooks in so deep that TNT couldn't shift him out of that garage.
More fake news from the Crash Motorsport Rag.
I here you YZ.....good post. Another link for you and anyone else with a proper interest in Yamaha and/or Rossi problems :-
"equally competitive bike" Mind you, that would be fun. Marc and Rossi as the 'Dream Team.'