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Interesting article. I think more people should read this b4 they discredit AB19. 
...And after 6 races they are separated by a little more than 1 DNF , so we' ll see what happens.
No big deal, it wasn’t as though Leclerc was asked to give up a position just to maintain station. Loads of teams do this.
I' m not a Rea fan , never was though, but come on , he en the kawa was the best pakkage for 4 years, no ? so why all this negative talk about him ? , Good that he has some competition at this moment, but apart from Alvaro..., who does ? but we'll see what happens the next rounds in Europe, I hope there will be more riders at the front , cause that's what we want , no ? Good ride and try from Alex  though.
exactly. great venue, but unfortunately, almost as hard as Monaco to overtake. So usually a boring race.
Formula 1 has been this way since the early 90’s.
Dr Thompson