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I remember the interview last year on crash, where Marc said, at the dinner table my mother and father always said, "push push" Marc nows nothing else, I hope the only thing that stops Marquez is his own retirement from the sport, then again, how do you stop a freight train at full speed.
Well then change the hannel. Only Honda could get those two old foes together on the same stage...  
I'm not a betting man but i put a bet on Pawi to win the first wet race of 2017... massive odds. Needless to say he finished wayyyy down the order.   Bit of a shame, but those moto3 wins in the wet were incredible!
Simon Cartledge
They had his shoulder heavily taped up since Aragon to stop it from falling off basically. It was that bad. Was popping out in all directions. Right now he is in better physical condition than he was back then. Then he went on to win 3 races in a row with that shoulder. 
P09seidon That was a long time ago . He was a baby practically,  thought he was indestructible. Maybe this is the first slight crack in the armour. Personally I don't think so.
If his confidence was going to get affected, it would've happened when he almost went blind.