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yeah right... if you look at ktm then you can see that they are constantly making progress.
Garcia He asked to be released at end of year and they agreed. He didnt ask for instant. They gave what he asked for. As for the 2020 bike, he said he wouldn't be testing as it was pointless. Not that they dont want him there. Maybe they dont but that's not what came out in media. Also if testing a bike for next year surely KTM want as much data as they can get and its KTMs decision to include him or not, not his, hes the employee
Building carbon fibre part compared to aluminum is a challenge. It is easy to cast, machine and weld aluminum and it had great property as it is lightweight, firm and flexible. Meanwhile carbon fibre is the future and motogp bikes will completely be made out of it as we are seeing right now manufacturers adding mre and more parts replacing aluminum. Difference is that designing carbon fibre part and then manufacturing it is a huge challenge because rigidity and flexibility depends on the structure and fibres direction. Producing such part takes a lot of time and there is a lot of waste. Price of such bike would be over the moon that nobody would be able to buy it. Using such parts on road bikes currently don't make sense because R&D to just produce such part is very expensive while it does not make a huge difference that someone would notice on a production bike. In motogp there are such small differences in tyres and bike parts that if any amateur rider would ride and try to compare difference could never tell that they are riding something different. Top riders use some new parts that they can (sometimes not) feel difference and in the best scenario eventually be 2-3 seconds faster over the race distance which is hardly noticable but in such competitive class makes the difference.
Zarco is toprider..from the first time  i heard he'd go to KTM i knew this was a bad decision FOR HIM , much to young and talented , I sencerely hope he get's a second chance with decent CC material , so IMO  Zarco is not the problem , but KTM could have been there, but clearly they are not (...yet ?).  
Tilke? No thanks
2strokes are past. Nowdays all bikes are 4stroke and there is no need to make riders ride 2stroke and then switch to something completely different. They also cause more pollution so it's not going to happen. 2strokes are fun but they are past.