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@YEARBY23 You did read this article right? Petrux was testing these parts for the factory team. He said the factory guys had some of the parts already and he was testing some new parts that he may not get...although he hopes. Of course they gave him the parts that the factory already have....if you are testing new parts for other riders then you must first, at least, have the same configuration of equipment to give relevant feedback to the part you are testing. So, to me, it seems Ducati are following the script...using their satellite test rider to trial new parts for the factory of the part, by they way, is something Petrux says him and Lorenzo had asked for, which then leads to the logical...that they are testing it to support Lorenzo and Petrux is unsure if he will even get the part.. Although he hopes...your link supports the not sure why your comment about throwing parts at a SSTK runner up is relevant...Factory team is not at this test...more likely to preserve the limited test days for their race riders....the very reason Yamaha need to get a factory bike to Zarco or any satellite team they end up speed development and have overall more testing days!
Ducati painted themselves into a corner. Having signed Bagnaia and placing him in Pramac very early on they then found themselves potentially losing Petrucci who, notwithstanding his average record was a liked and loyal Ducatista. Avintia and Angel Nieto team both carry some dead weight, albeit paying dead weight but I'm sure Aspar would have been happy to take Bagnaia for his apprentice MotoGP period, these two having had a succesful relationship in Moto3. Under that scenario Lorenzo could have been given more time as according to Ducati management they were always sure JL would eventually win. The works team with AD and JL (on a lower salary which he would have accepted) Petrucci and Miller on GP 19's in Pramac and Bagnaia with Aspar would have been a winning scenario and avoided massive egg-on-face upstairs at Ducati. 
Unfortunately, electronics are here to stay.  Whether it's MotoGP or retail retail bikes, the engines we have today are capable of incredible power and performance, and those are two things that manufacturers want to increase, not decrease.  Unfortunately though, whether you're Valentino Rossi or Francis Rossi the rules of physics still apply and the contact patch on the tarmac is still the same.  So until somebody figures out another way to cheat physics (or at least distract it!) it looks like electronics is the only answer.
Totally agree TalentFan, good post and good insight.     ps....The above is NOT a joke.
As a Ducati fan thanks for the link. If I read correctly then all effort on Ducatis' part is to help Jorge win the Champioship, and so they should. He has worked hard to get where he is, sucked up the criticism of not living up to expectations and also it is what they invested in him for anyway. Unfortunately it looks as though it will be at the expense of Dovi. I'm pleased that your guy has finally come up trumps, so enjoy it....but don't bash my guy while you are doing it :).
@TALENTFAN I agree with you 100% about F1 I never watch it either but I see here on the news that Red Bull is going to use Honda engines and that makes me a bit nervous that they might put more into that project than the bikes I  hope not.