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JLo is always very homest of how he's feeling through free practice. He'll be extremely hard to beat in this mood.
i think you are what possible reason is there for bringing him back, what does it add to the series, there are plenty of young talented riders that can replace him so why give him a fourth chance?
totally agree
It was reported at the team's launch that they will get 1 full factory 2019  bike and the other will be a 'lesser' version, details are sketchy on the 2nd bike, but it not a full factory M1
All the Yam riders are such a bunch of maoaners. It's them, not the bike, right? All they need to do is knock it down a couple of cogs, give it an 'andful, and all their probelms will be solved. Eh kids ?
If he does get a ride somewhere,you can bet your life savings that every rider on the grid will give him a simple warning. Try that stunt on me sunshine and you`ll get the biggest beating you can imagine! comprende?