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The orangey red guy can't exactly sabotage his own brother like he did Pedrosa and like he is doing to Lorenzo. That's why he doesn't want him there. 
No you're a orangey red one, you started Insulting me first for no reason, that my friend makes you a troll.  This is my last comment to you because you're depressing. 
Really happy to see Camier finally get a reliable,safe bike unlike the rubbish hes been on for the last few years.I reckon hell turn a few heads next year.
not her fault but F W and everything partaining to it is a sad joke,pc gone nuts
That is true, he may continue winning non-stop. The most dangerous enemy will be himself, if he gets tired and lose motivation after so many victories. (This year, Marcel Hirscher, a winner in almost 80% of alpine skiing runs he took, decided to retire while at the very top - I guess he got tired of having to work so hard to maintain his winning rate, being over 30 and having a family at home.)