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He has a very strange way of thinking. Almost (almost ?) sociopathic. Hope the three in front of him get to stay upright.    And before any of the usuall Rossi-Marquez twits fire off their idiot cannons armed with bullshit shells, this behaviour has been part and parcel of Marquez since he first appeared on the scene.   Having a suspicion that the three in front of him might end up off the circuit or in the dirt has nothing to with Rossi. It is also not born out of some stupid bias or hatred that the usual twits here subscribe to by the shipload. It is based on historical observation over his racing career. You know, sun comes up, ground is hard, water is wet.......    
Well, to be fair the reason they started giving those penalties in Moto3 is because guys were doing it *knowing* they were still getting a huge tow towards the front of the grid....   Marquez needs no tow at COTA :P
One would think someone as fast as Marquez would know not to cruise on the racing line, I can't remember the last time I saw a penalty for this outside of Moto3... you know, where the teenagers just learning to race are?
Wtf boring? What did you watch in the last 20yrs? Cartoon? You shouldn't be allowed to watch motogp as long as rossi there. 
Seems fair enough. Was most likely unintentional by MM but you can't ride slowly on the racing line, that's just not safe and not respectful to the other riders. Just a slap on the wrist really if this had happened in Moto3 it would be a 12 place penalty.
The pole still counts for the record books. He will still win from 4th so no problems. Viñales didn’t cry about it, so respect to him as well