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Zarco looked good on the KTM, love the colours and the leathers, but then again I am biased toward the man... he'll do just fine
NOLUCKDOVI finally you say something that is true unlike most of your nonsense comments lmfao. 
Wonder how jack attack will go against the same spec Duc's
NOLUCKDOVI who finished 3rd and who finished 4th in the 2018 Motogp standings?? That's right Rossi (even at almost 40) finished above his young hyped up 23 year old teammate :) Infact the last two races Rossi was in superb form unlucky he didn't win both races and finish above your nearly man Dovi in the standings lol.  Next season Rossi will beat Vinales again! Maverick is certainly not lead racer of development at Yamaha :D he moaned like a kid most of last season unlike Rossi who made the most of a bad situation. Rossi and Morbidelli will be steering the development in 2019. 
I am hopeful that he will unravel the KTM... I will guess that he will be given the whole of 2019 to get it together, and 2020 will be the crux...
He needs to win races now