Daniel Ricciardo is undertaking a shakedown test with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s 2018 Formula 1 car, the RB14, at Silverstone after its launch ahead of the new season.

Red Bull revealed its new F1 challenger with a special edition camouflage livery of black, dark blue and white which has become an instant hit with fans on social media. The Milton Keynes-based squad has confirmed the livery is a temporary colour scheme with its race-ready livery set to be unveiled in Spain during pre-season testing.

Ricciardo has been selected for driver duties for the RB14’s track debut at Silverstone, described by the team as a ‘pre-season filming day’, which is permitted within F1 rules.

“We'll be filming at Silverstone and the footage will give fans an early-season fix across our channels before testing proper begins next week,” a team statement explained.

“Alongside the formal group tests, teams are allowed to conduct two of these promotional events each year, within strict guidelines that limit running to 100km and mandate the use of a specific tyre compound developed by Pirelli for this type of running.”

The Silverstone test provides the first on-track look at a new F1 car equipped with the Halo cockpit protection device while all eyes from rival teams will be on the RB14’s aerodynamic and chassis configuration with a noticeably narrower bodywork packaging compared to its 2017 car.

Red Bull, who starts its new title sponsor partnership with Aston Martin this year, has also explained it was keen to launch its new F1 car early in order to fix any teething issues before heading to Circuit de Catalunya for pre-season testing which begins on February 26.

“It's preferable to finish the car early and deal with any snags now, when the car is on a track a short drive from the factory, rather than using up one of our eight ultra-precious test days doing the same at the Circuit de Catalunya,” Red Bull confirmed.

The next time Red Bull’s RB14 will be seen is on the first day of pre-season testing in Spain, while the team is yet to confirm its testing programme for Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Typically the drivers take turns with alternate days in the car during the two four-day tests with the more experienced driver on track for the opening day.


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