In what could be described as a role-reversal, the Rizla Suzuki team are allowing Cal Crutchlow's crew chief and former racer Pete Jennings to take to the track.

Jennings will take part in the ACU GSX-R Trophy on the 1st - 2nd September at Snetterton. "The GSX-R Trophy is for up and coming riders on Suzuki's and running Dunlop's. I just started off with the idea to get on a bike and it is linked to what we are doing with the Rizla team. The idea is to bring young lads through so hopefully I can help them while I'm doing it and have a bit of fun."

Having raced for a total of twelve years Jennings isn't exactly a new comer but he hasn't raced in anger this year, in fact he has had a total of four laps on track! "I've done a total of four laps in the last eight months and that was on John Reynolds' bike which is just a road bike," he said, "I think racing wise I've learned everything I'm going to learn, I've gone past it now. Bikes move on and tyres move on so I'll need to get a feel for how a bike is at the moment. It will keep me sharp as well."

He is hoping for a few words of wisdom from his rider Crutchlow, "I'd like to get Cal interested and get his point of view on my riding. Unfortunately he will be at the Crescent open day so he will have to be on the other end of the phone when I'm struggling," he joked.

The plan is for the Rizla Suzuki team to crew for Jennings at the event and they are even going to run him in Rizla leathers. Will a full BSB team behind him it will definitely attract attention, "I don't mind a bit of attention I'll just do whatever I do. Once your visor is down you are just flat out and forget about everything else."

If it does go wrong then he will be on for a ribbing by his team but he is prepared for that, "I don't think there are any expectations. I'm not making any claims of setting a new lap record and winning everything. I'd prefer to play it down and if I do better then great, rather than play it up and do worse."

Jennings knows the track at he has already raced there and can't wait for the event to arrive, "I've raced there loads of times. I actually was there last year on a track day so it's not too long since I was there. I'm looking forward to it for sure. Looking forward to just being on a bike again, it will be good to be riding rather than watching someone else doing it," he finished.