Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the seventh round of the British Superbike Championship at Mallory Park, it's almost a case of 'as you were' in the overall standings, with barely any change to proceedings.

Up at the front, a win and a second place apiece for Leon Camier and James Ellison means the gap between them is almost identical, even if the half points awarded in the shortened second race means Ellison has in fact nibbled the gap down by 2.5 points.

More importantly for them, the margin to those behind got significantly larger, with third, fourth and fifth in the standings failing to score: Stuart Easton suffered a double DNF, an injured Glen Richards did not race and Josh Brookes was eliminated after his first race mistake.

In fact, beyond Camier and Ellison, only one other rider inside the top ten posted a double finish inside the points, that being Kawasaki's Julien Da Costa, who is also the only top rider to make a move, rising from 12th to tenth.

Elsewhere, four more riders post their first points of the season - Steve Brogan, Tommy Hill, Richard Cooper and Kenny Gilbertson.

Full British Superbike Championship rider standings (After 7 round of 12 - Previous position in brackets)

1. (1) Leon Camier Airwaves Yamaha 299.5 points2. (2) James Ellison Airwaves Yamaha 2243. (3) Stuart Easton Hydrex Honda 1734. (4) Glen Richards HM Plant Honda 1035. (5) Joshua Brookes HM Plant Honda 996. (6) Simon Andrews MSS Colchester Kawasaki 92.57. (7) Karl Harris Hydrex Honda 91.58. (8) Chris Walker Motorpoint/Henderson Yamaha 879. (9) Ian Lowry Relentless Suzuki 8610. (12) Julien Da Costa MSS Colchester Kawasaki 8011. (10) Sylvain Guintoli Worx Crescent Suzuki 7712. (11) Gary Mason Quay Mason C 7513. (14) Graeme Gowland Motorpoint/Henderson 70.514. (15) John Laverty Buildbase Kawasaki 54.515. (16) Michael Rutter Worx Crescent Suzuki/SMT Honda5416. (13) Jason O'Halloran SMT Honda 5417. (17) Tristan Palmer Buildbase Kawasaki 3018. (20) Tommy Bridewell Team NB Suzuki 2019. (18) Jon Kirkham Jentin Yamaha 2020. (19) Steve Plater HM Plant Honda 1621. (22) Peter Hickman Ultimate Yamaha 1622. (25) David Johnson Maxxis Adept Yamaha 14.523. (21) Atsushi Watanabe Relentless Suzuki 1324. (-) Steve Brogan HM Plant Honda 12.525. (24) Tom Tunstall Hardinge Doodson Honda 926. (23) Martin Jessopp Riders Racing Honda 727. (-) Richard Cooper Team Co-ordit Yamaha 5.528. (-) Tommy Hill Worx Crescent Suzuki 429. (26) Aaron Zanotti Red Viper Honda 130. (-) Kenny Gilbertson Jx Fuelcard Kawasaki 1

Full British Superbike Championship manufacturer standings (After 7 round of 12 - Previous position in brackets)

1. (1) Yamaha 325.5 points2. (2) Honda 2383. (3) Suzuki 1664. (4) Kawasaki 130.5

Full British Superbike Cup rider standings (After 7 round of 12 - Previous position in brackets)

1. (1) Gary Mason Quay Mason 275.5 points2. (2) Peter Hickman Ultimate Yamaha 2313. (3) Martin Jessopp Riders Racing Honda 1604. (4) Tom Tunstall Hardinge Doodson Honda 156.55. (5) Tommy Bridewell Team NB Suzuki 1086. (8) Kenny Gilbertson JX Fuelcard Kawasaki 857. (6) Alastair Fagan Red Viper Honda 748. (7) Matt Bond MIST Suzuki 689. (9) Brian McCormack MAR Kawasaki 3010. (10) David Haire DHR Honda 2311.. (-) Richard Cooper Team Co-ordit Yamaha 12.512. (11) Malcolm Ashley MAR Kawasaki 1113. (12) Dan Stewart Wilcock Honda 10