MSVR firms up BSB 2011 regulations

MSVR confirm the British Superbike regulations will go unchanged for the 2011 season.
MSVR firms up BSB 2011 regulations

The Motorcycle Circuit Racing Control Board has confirmed the technical regulations for the 2011 British Superbike Championship

The current regulations will be retained for next season, though changes could be afoot in coming years in an attempt to keep the show interesting and reduce costs.

Series promoters MSVR has been in consultation with the teams and manufacturers, and as a result there were three possible options under consideration;

1) Retain the current regulations
2) Retain the current regulations along with full imposition of a control ECU
3) Adopt the current BSB EVO technical regulations across the whole class

"Following more detailed analysis it is accepted that Option 1 is the highest level in terms of cost of operation, but for those teams and manufacturers directly affected it was clear that an extended period of use was sought in order to see a return on the investment made to date," said BSB Series Director Stuart Higgs.

"The current range and availability of FIM Superbike specification equipment operated by thirteen teams was considered to be able to utilised in 2011 and therefore continue the competitive spectacle that we have enjoyed this year. This is the majority view of the teams and manufacturers."

Based upon this consultation, MSVR recommended to the MCRCB that the current technical regulations were maintained for 2011 along with those relevant changes in the 2011 proposed FIM SBK technical regulations (raise of minimum weight), and any minor modifications as required to EVO. Areas of cost reduction will also be addressed.

The BSB Evolution (EVO) class has been introduced this year.The entry level peaked at fourteen and has settled at ten (out of an average total grid size of thirty three), with seven manufacturers participating and all using the series supplied MoTec M170 "control" ECU and software. There are some refinements to the technical regulations under consideration following the experiences of the first year and the manufacturers have asked MSVR to look at options for potential equalisation methods between the various motorcycle models, should it be necessary in the future.

MSVR will ensure that the promotional value of BSB EVO is developed to underpin the commitment made by those teams already competing and to attract new teams and riders in 2011.

Beyond 2011 it is clear that more significant steps are required to ensure the long term sustainability and future growth of the championship. This goes beyond the Superbike class, as by definition if there are any potential changes to the premier class then the structure below must be logical in terms of regulations, cost and performance. 2012 will also see the adoption of a 1000cc MotoGP class and possibly changes in other Championships, so a pivotal year at all levels.

A clear message being sounded worldwide is that the proliferation of electronics aids must be curtailed or even eliminated and that Superbike racing must return to its production ethos, not coincidently these are both matters that the BSB EVO class fully addresses.

With this in mind MSVR will continue to work with all interested parties, both locally and internationally in order to decide the 2012 BSB technical regulations, a process which will be concluded and announced in January 2011.

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