For over 20 years Jack Valentine enjoyed unrelenting success with his V&M Racing partnership but times change and although V&M's skill and reputation would have been more than enough for continued achievement in the sport, it was not what Jack wanted.

Equally, it was not enough for V&M to simply provide a good service to motorcycle racing; it had to be a definitive service or no service at all. It was time for Jack Valentine to make a bold and courageous move.

He did - and with his wife Doris acting as Joint Managing Director, he formed ValMoto.

ValMoto retains all the technical expertise of Jack's previous company, including that of former partner Steve Mellor as Chief Engineer - and more. To this has been added facilities and features that are designed to provide a total racing service, not only for teams but for manufacturers and importers alike. This includes race team management and complete research and development (R&D) programmes.

With its new corporate identity and philosophy, and emphatic technical and management solutions, ValMoto has already proved that it is geared to respond to the new structure and direction of racing.

"The last few years have seen an incredible change in motorcycle racing," explained Valentine. "Technology has surged forward and consequently the logistics involved in producing and entering a competitive machine have become far more complex. Professionalism must be absolute and the commercial viability of a project is paramount.

"We formed ValMoto in order to offer the companies, individuals and manufacturers, who may want to get involved in racing, the resources, expertise and support to ensure that they receive maximum return and optimum results for their budget," he added.