Actress/model Lisa Barbuscia has spoken of her delight at being a part of the Rizla Suzuki British Superbike team for 2003.

Lisa is a top-flight model, famous for her role as the American love rival to Bridget Jones for Hugh Grant's affections in the smash hit movie Bridget Jones's Diary.

The 29 year-old models for fashion house Moschino in London and is the lead actress in the forthcoming Luc Besson blockbuster premiering this summer, Michelle Vaillant.

After that the busy beauty will be starring alongside Hollywood stunner Neve Campbell in The Four Saints a movie about four nurses in World War 1.

"I have been getting into bikes recently, they are exciting and sexy," said Lisa. "I've been filming Michelle Vaillant and it is all about racing at Le Mans and I am playing a team owner. It's about cars, but it got me thinking about how exciting motorcycle racing is.

"I will be going to the British Superbike races and cheering on John Reynolds and Yukio Kagayama on the Rizla Suzukis," she stated. "This is the team to be seen with, the bike is wonderful and the guys are super fast on track."

Lisa is London based but can trace her drop-dead good looks to her Italian, Irish and Porto Rican heritage. Rizla Suzuki is currently putting her through her CBT and will then supply her with a AY50 team replica.

"I love the freedom that a bike offers you and the speed as well, especially around central London. It is exempt from the congestion charging as well, which is a nice bonus, but I am really looking forward to riding it in the summer in the hot weather," revealed the actress.

"The speed, energy and excitement that Superbike racing with Rizla Suzuki offers me is wonderful. I can hardly wait for the first round at Silverstone, I'll be there supporting the team. I might even go for a ride on the back of a bike being ridden around the circuit by John Reynolds. If I like that, I might want a bigger bike myself."

Lisa's AY50 Rizla Suzuki is a replica of what the team riders used last year in the race paddock. With the race replica paint scheme it costs ?2500.



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