John Hopkins feels a double points finish is fair reward for Moto Rapido Ducati after battling through the pain barrier with a broken foot at Brands Hatch Indy.

After breaking three bones in his foot at the 2017 season opener at Donington Park, Hopkins has been struggling with the injury but endured the pain to grab 13th in race one before improving with ninth place in race two.

Having been boosted by Moto Rapido Ducati gains, Hopkins says battling through the pain somewhat held back his progress which was made worse when banging the injured foot against the kerb at Graham Hill Bend in both races.

"I accidentally smashed my foot in the curve coming into Graham Hill Bend in Race 1," Hopkins said. "It's only been two weeks since I broke three bones in the foot so it's obviously not healed and that made it quite sore.

"I got a pretty good start in Race 2 and started making my way up through the field. But I was fighting through the pain and slightly clipped my foot again about a quarter of the way through Race 2. I kind of started to let the pain get the better of me.

"I think Bradley Ray came past me and just gave me that extra burst of adrenaline, I just said 'screw it' and fought through the pain and went for it.

"The end quarter of the race we were doing the same lap times as the lead group. We finished the race strong. It's an improvement. Obviously not where we want to be yet, not where we are capable of being.

"But we finished 2 races today and we made some improvements from Donington and we're going to some circuits I really enjoy, so I'm looking forward to the next few races."