Reigning British Superbike Champion Steve Hislop left a lasting impression on young riders and parents alike at a recent ACU Academy training day at Pembery, South Wales.

Virgin Mobile Yamaha star Hislop spent the day coaching and generally advising some of the Academy's young riders on what was a largely a wet weather session.

"You must be very smooth and relaxed," explained Hislop, "If you are tense, waiting for the crash, then it will happen."

In the afternoon the clouds parted and a flash of sunlight had steam rising from the track surface, with a dry line developing in a matter of minutes. This gave some of the riders a chance to push a bit harder, especially those like Yamaha R6 Cup racers Kieran Clarke and Oliver Bridewell who are not allowed to run full wet weather tyres.

Kieran was especially pleased to get some advice from Hislop: "Steve has explained a lot to me about how to get out of slower corners on the R6. I am sure it will make all the difference next time we race in the wet," he said.

One of the riders to benefit most was Team UK1 Racing's 125cc prodigy, Jon 'Boy' Lee. In his first season in the 125GP class, Lee has struggled to get to grips with riding on wet weather racing tyres, but during almost the whole of the morning session Steve watched and advised 'Jon Boy' as he pushed progressively harder and harder, exploring the potential of the sticky Dunlop's.

Some younger riders were also invited to train with the Academy regulars at Pembrey and most were completely star struck to be able to talk to and get advice from Hizzy.

12-year-old Matthew Hoyle was a prime example, the Cagiva racer joining the other up-and-coming stars in picking Hislop's brain before each session - then rushed out on track to put his words into practice.

The day ended at 5pm with a big round of applause from the riders and parents. There was no doubt that Hislop gained a whole new set of fans and make an indelible mark on some young men who may one day equal - or perhaps even exceed - his own achievements.



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