Sean Emmett on the Monstermob Ducati took the second race at the second round of British Superbike championship at Brands Hatch. HM Honda's Michael Rutter took second ahead of race one winner John Reynolds on his Rizla Suzuki.

Race one winner Reynolds made a bad start and found himself in ninth on the first lap. His team-mate, Yukio Kagayama, moved from third into first by the first corner closely followed by Emmett. Ryuichi Kiyonari of HM Honda had a blinding start and moved from eighth into third.

Emmett quickly disbanded with Kagayama to take the lead on the second lap, closely followed by Hawk Kawasaki's Scott Smart who took Kiyonari also on the second lap.

Rutter, who by now had moved into sixth from a poor start, which found him seventh on the first lap, started to carve up the field. On lap five Kiyonari and Smart, who were now battling for second, slightly touched coming through the left handed Surtees bend side by side. Due to this both riders had to take to the grass to stop themselves coming off. This allowed Rutter and Reynolds through to take second and third respectively.

Kagayama, who is still limping from a previously broken pelvis, showed his lack of fitness and was overtaken by Rutter, Reynolds, Kiyonari and Smart and by lap seven found himself in sixth from his second only four laps previous.

On lap nine Rutter set the fastest lap of the race with a 46.302secs as he started to reel in Emmett's 1.8secs lead. Rutter continued to close on Emmett and on lap fourteen Emmett almost high sided his Ducati, which allowed Rutter to close the gap further.

Reynolds kept a level head as Rutter closed on Emmett and stuck behind the second place rider. With Emmett in sight Reynolds decided enough was enough and made a challenge for second place going into the slow Druids hairpin. Reynolds out braked Rutter going into the corner but run wide as he was carrying too much speed which allowed Rutter to re-take his second position.

By lap twenty the front three, who had pulled a three second lead over fourth placed Smart, started to come up against back markers. The front two disbanded the first backmarker with ease but the unlucky Reynolds got caught up for just one corner, which allowed the front two to separate from him. Reynolds displayed his disgust by kicking out his right foot once he had overtaken.

By now the front two had moved clear of Reynolds and with five laps to go and a two second gap, Reynolds used his experience and backed off, deciding the gap was too much and that he should settle for the third position.

Rutter continued to hassle Emmett for first place until the chequered flag. Emmett, a very experienced rider took no notice of the pressure and kept a level head to take the win.

In the dying stages of the race the struggling Kagayama managed one last push of overtake his Japanese compatriot to finish in fifth.

Top ten

1. Shaun Emmett Monstermob Ducati
2. Michael Rutter HM Honda
3. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki
4. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki
5. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki
6. Ryuichi Kiyonari HM Honda
7. Glen Richards Hawk Kawasaki
8. Dean Thomas Sendo Ducati Dienza
9. Gary Mason Virgin Yamaha
10. Tommy Hill Virgin Yamaha