's Superbike reporter Louise Cain had the ride of her life at the Audi and Rizla Suzuki track day at Silverstone in Northants on Thursday - when our usually chatty reporter was stunned into silence by a pillion ride with BSB star James Haydon - an effect we here at Crash would be keen to replicate!

As well as racing in the Bennetts British Superbike championship, the Rizla Suzuki team like to keep busy with other adrenaline packed events. The Audi Suzuki track day is one such event, where bike and car fans - and general adrenalin junkies - get the opportunity to play on the Silverstone race circuit with John Reynolds and James Haydon.

The day is split into track time on your own machine, with tuition and tips from Reynolds and Haydon, pillion rides, and then passenger rides in the Audi RS4 Quattro - which won't be on sale until November 2005.

There were a plethora of bikes there and all were out on track; everything from Multistradas to RC45s, Honda Hornets to Aprilia Tuonos. Eurosport MotoGP commentator and columnist Toby Moody also made the trip down from Worcestershire to take his BMW K1200 on track, not a usual track machine but - judging by his grin - Toby and the Beemer were having a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, the pillion ride with Haydon was undoubtedly the high point of Louise's day. "I've always wanted to do a pillion ride, just to experience the speed and the lean angle. I have done a track day in the past but I'm just not fast, so the only way for me to go fast on a bike is riding pillion," she explained.

"I wasn't nervous at all, which I was surprised at. James explained that I put one arm round him and put the other on the tank to support myself during braking," added Louise. "What really got me was the force on you during braking and accelerating - I was exhausted after two fast laps and all I was doing was hanging on!

"It has given me a whole new perspective on what riders go through when out there racing. I know we weren't at full race pace, although we did touch 159mph, but it is just so physically demanding," she enthused, "the changes of direction were incredible, and I now understand fully why the riders aren't keen on the little chicane before the start and finish!"

It took about an hour before we could get sense out of Louise - and before she stopped shaking from the adrenalin...

It was an enjoyable day for all, with Reynolds and Haydon - who were essentially working - practically fighting over who got the first go in the new Audi.