After the traumatic week Rizla Suzuki suffered having their race machines stolen, John Reynolds was more than ready to chill out at the Goodwood Festival of speed and as a self confessed petrol head he loved every minute of the unique event.

He was riding the hill on his 2004 Championship winning Rizla Suzuki and it was his first time on a Superbike since his retirement, "It has been fantastic just to get back on the old bike was incredible and I enjoy the fantastic atmosphere over here as well. We're not being timed up the hill we are just riding the bike basically. It is just great to get back on a race bike that has massive amount of performance, not that I'm doing anything daft on it, but it is nice to be on a closed piece of road on a fantastic bike," he said.

Reynolds was pleased that the runs up the hill weren't timed as his racing instinct might kick in, "You've got to respect this place as there are lost of walls and furniture close by to the track so you wouldn't want to crash here. Of course when the stop watch comes out then it all gets a bit serious but thankfully the stop watch is being kept away at the moment."

"This is like no show on earth," grinned Reynolds, "No where in the world would you get so many pieces of machinery in one place at one time. It is absolutely incredible, F1, modern day right from the word go. It is brilliant to walk around but of course we are all motorsport fans and we just love being here."

Reynolds was as much of fan of the bikes, cars and the aeroplanes as any other punter -
he discussed what had caught his eye, "There is an 500 RG that Barry Sheene once rode and I'd love to have a go on that, maybe one day. It is the sort of bike that I grew up with, and of course having seen the bikes on track when I was a kid to actually have a go one now..... I'm desperate to do that and one day hopefully I will. The machinery here is so exotic it is unbelievable. You think of any car you have ever wanted to own, it is here, I've had a fantastic time drooling and dreaming!"

As a keen pilot he was enjoying the air displays, "The aircraft that have been flying over have been incredible. The Red Arrows have been out today and I think there is a 747 coming later to do a display and I think a Tornado yesterday. It is just brilliant for a petrol head to spend a weekend at Goodwood there is nothing better!" he finished.