The Dundrod 150 road race is considered as a warm-up for the Ulster Grand Prix which will be held this coming Saturday. It is a good way of judging the racing to come and this time round it was a dramatic race.

HM Plant Honda's Ian Hutchinson lead for four out of five laps but it was Guy Martin who came home in the top spot. Martin put a hard, but what he considered fair move on Hutchinson at the high speed Joey's Windmill corner to take the lead.

Hutchinson wasn't happy with the move which ultimately relegated him to third place as his team-mate John McGuinness also managed to pass him.

"I lined him up out of Budore and into the Windmill. I'm here to race so fair enough," said Martin, "I want to win as much as the next man, if that is what it is going to have to take, then that is what it will have to take. So I'll carry on riding like that."

Fast Australian, Cameron Donald was in fourth place on the Uel Duncan Honda, he was just ahead of fellow antipodean Bruce Anstey on the Relentless Suzuki. Young Manx Man, Conor Cummins, who is making a name for himself on the pure roads was in sixth place.

Keith Amor on the AIM Yamaha was in seventh, he felt he could have had a better finish but a big moment which saw him run wide and onto the grass slowed his pace somewhat.

The second Relentless machine in the hands of Adrian Archibald was in eight with William Dunlop in ninth while Martin Finnegan completed the top ten.

The first new comer over the line was Gary Johnson on the Speedfreaks Yamaha in thirteenth place. He qualified in fifteenth but due to an official hic-up on the grid he had to start from two rows further back. He showed impressive form at the TT and is hoping to follow it up with a similar result on his Ulster Grand Prix debut.

UGP Dundrod 150 Superbike race results - Dundrod:

1. Guy Martin
2. John McGuinness
3. Ian Hutchinson
4. Cameron Donald
5. Bruce Anstey
6. Conor Cummins
7. Keith Amor
8. Adrian Archibald
9. William Dunlop
10. Martin Finnegan